‘Communist China’ Persistently Lies…

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Feature Image: ‘Communist China’s Mission to Conquer Australia and Force Aussies to Submit.

Part of the Communist Mission is to alter our Australian Flag and Country Constitution to become a Province of ‘The People’s Republic of China’. At present Xi Jinping is trying to do this by forcing Australians to submit to the dictatorship of Communist demands.

‘Chinese Army obeying orders by Xi Jinping.’

‘Communist China’ Persistently Lies…

Jinping claims we Aussies are dependent on China desperately trying to bully us into submission. Coward Gangster Xi Jinping has politically engineered all threats to Australians.

Allan Ivarsson comments… For decades and centuries, we Aussies generation after generation survived well without China. We have never needed China and we certainly do not need ‘Communist China’ who has constantly persecuted and oppressed their own people since 1949. ‘Marxist Communism’ has been responsible for the murder of over eighty million Chinese who simply true to their ancient culture, wanted to live free of the despot dictatorship of ‘Communism’. The ‘Internal War Crimes’ of Communism are a disgrace, and Communists will never recognise the evil history of its crimes against its own people.

Low life editor Hu Xijin of ‘The Global Times’ refuses to criticise and condemn the mass murder of over eighty million Chinese by Communists since 1949.

Hu Xijin was born 7th April 1960, now aged 60 years, in Beijing China, the headquarters territory of ‘Communism’. He is a member of the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. He has no problem with the insidious execution of all Chinese that are pro-Democracy and did reject the dictatorship of ‘Communism’. His published thinking in ‘The Global Times’ is founded upon an evil belief system. Hu Xijin has no honour or integrity and no sense of decency.

The Global Times logo says, “Discover China, Discover The World”. This message is subtle deceit. What it really means is… read the propaganda false knowledge published by ‘Global Times’ and discover ‘Communist China’ the oppressed Nation, where Pro-Democracy Chinese people are denied the right to live free and discover the World, which is not about the truth of the world, but is a dishonest version invented by ‘Communists’ and the inferior thinking ‘Chinese Communist Party’ as posted by liar editor Hu Xijin.

Xi Jinping (born 5th June 1953, now 67 years) feels no disgust and no sense of guilt for all the heinous crimes that ‘Communism’ has cruelly imposed upon his own people during his lifetime.

So when ‘Communist China’ falsely accuses us and threatens us by striving to bully us into submission; our priority one response shall always be “Scram Scumbag” … We do not need your deceitful dictatorship.

There is no diplomacy here… Xi Jinping has no honour and has chosen to lower himself into tantrum fighting tactics. Deliberately hitting us below the belt in ‘Trade Attacks’ and in a fight to gain control of Australian Property. I don’t tolerate ‘Australian Hoodlums’, so why would I tolerate ‘Communist Hoodlums’ encouraged by Xi Jinping.

We Aussies are not economically dependent upon ‘Communist China’. Xi Jinping is clearly one of those vanity fools that enjoys standing in front of a mirror saying to himself, “I Love You.”

Charlie Moore Political Reporter and Levi Parsons for Daily Mail Australia wrote on the 3rd December 2020, a News Post titled, ‘Beijing’s chilling threat: Communist media warns Australia is ‘economically dependent on China’ and that plans to diversify exports will never work.’ (i)

“Chinese media has warned that Australia is ‘economically dependent on China’ and that attempts to diversify wine exports are futile.” (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9011901/Beijing-warns-Australia-economically-dependent-China.html?

A.I. comments… “Liar Liar Pants on Fire”. Desperate insidious ‘Communists’ are striving to frighten Australians.

“The Global Times newspaper, which is overseen by the communist government, made the claim in response to pledge by politicians around the world to buy Aussie wine after Beijing effectively banned it last week.” (i)

Global Times said… “Beijing can easily replace Australian wine and other products like barley – which have been hit with heavy tariffs – but Australian exporters cannot find enough customers without China.” (i)

Global Times striving hard to bully threaten us said in an article… “Don’t forget when China imposes tariffs on Australian wine and barley, other countries can replace Australia’s market share in China, and almost immediately.” (i)

Global Times said… “Many wine makers whom only export to China – will struggle to sell into Europe and the US where domestic wine is preferred.” (i)

A.I. comments… Global Times expects Australians to panic and to submit to the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist China’. Our response must always be as I said earlier… “Scram Scumbag”.

It is common-sense that every Nation is going to prefer its own domestic market in wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks. This scare tactic by ‘Global Times Communists’ is a victimization of Australians strategy.

‘Communist China’ be frightened of Aussie Allan Ivarsson because he will smash your credibility using the excellent Irish word, to smithereens. This is easy to do with people that deliberately specialise in deceit as does the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ and the ‘Global Times’. Dishonest people always destroy their own credibility and are easy to identify as liars. And bully tactics makes it easier to identify which people are bullies who are temporarily foolish, which are hoodlums, and which are gangsters. Be afraid ‘Global Times’ because he is the ‘Communist Parties’ worst nightmare. One of the serious flaws of Asian Culture is their fear of losing face. People afraid to lose face are often deceitful rather than have the courage to table the truth, consequently it is easier to identify their deceit. Being untruthful is not wise.

Courage does not worry about losing face. Courage focuses on being truthful defending the eternal human right to live free.

Smile ‘Global Times’ you are on transparency ‘Candid Camera’.

“Exporters have been advised to diversify their customer base as relations with Beijing decline – but this takes time, and some argue the Chinese market of 1.4 billion increasingly wealthy people can never be replaced.” (i)

A.I. comments… So what. The rule of life true to an adage I learned in the 1950’s as a Primary Schoolboy, was never put all your eggs in one basket. If you drop the basket all the eggs will be smashed. And if a bully deliberately attacks your basket, you lose because you failed to think, “Be prepared, Expect the unexpected, never put all your eggs in one basket.”

Those fools who put ‘Greed’ before common-sense deserve to lose, and I have no respect for weak-minded whinger’s.

As for the increasing wealthy Chinese remember they are all ‘Communists’, the people who are pro-democracy are always poor and oppressed by ‘Communist Dictatorship’ and are used as slaves of the ‘Communist Regime’. If any Australian submits to the demands of greedy Communists, they are not worth a damn as human beings.

“Freedom Before Greed”

“However. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Wednesday said that exports to China are not crucial for Australia’s economy and that domestic spending is more important.” (i)

“Consumption is 60 per cent of GDP. So consumption is absolutely key.”, he said. (i)

A.I. comments… Josh Frydenberg a great ‘True Blue’ Aussie said it right, calmly, and truthfully.

The flaw in some Aussies who panic is caused by their focus on ‘Greed’ failing to recognise that protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ is more important than submitting to the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist China’. If they put all their eggs in one basket, they deserve to lose. Everything comes to an end for people that cling to ‘comfort zone’ mentality and fail to live with a dynamic mind.

“China has cancelled a whole range of Australian imports in an attempt to bully us into abandoning our values,” Australian Senator Kimberly Kitching said. (i)

A.I. comments… Thus ‘True Aussies’ reject the aggressive false knowledge abuse by the ‘Chinese Communist Party’ using the ‘Global Times’ and anti-trade abuse.

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OiOiOi.”

All this tension conflict was started by Xi Jinping to bully Australia to submission because Communists in China want control of Australia.

Enemy Labor opposition leader Anthony Albanese in bed with ‘Communist China’ true to his ‘Socialism Mentality’ has criticised Scott Morrison for having the courage to reject Beijing’s bully abuse. True to his coward methods, Anthony Albanese blamed Scott Morrison for the deterioration of the relationship with ‘Communist China’ and with Xi Jinping.

Anthony Albanese has by his refusal to condemn the bad behaviour of Xi Jinping and ‘Communist China’ proven that he is an enemy of every ‘True Blue Aussie’ that stands strong against the bully tyranny of all ‘Communists’ in China. Why anyone would vote for this creep is to me a mystery that people could be so stupid.

Albanese told 2SM radio… “Anything that hurts Australian jobs is not a good thing. So, we need to work on the relationship.” (i)

Thus Albanese suggested that we Aussies to keep our jobs must submit to the demands of Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Communists’ and obey their dictatorship rules. Such is the cowardly thinking of Anthony Albanese. This creep needs to be sacked from the Labor Party.

So when ‘Communist China’ falsely accuses us and threatens us by striving to bully us into submission; our priority one response shall always be “Scram Scumbag” … We do not need your deceitful dictatorship.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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