‘Communist China’ Demands Australia to Submit

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This year starting in early 2020, The Despot President Xi Jinping of ‘Communist China’ has been regularly threatening Australia. He has made it clear that if we do not submit to his demands, he will treat us as enemies. He has demanded that we leave our friendship Alliance with the United States of America. Our friendship with USA has been strong since World War I and we will not give up our friendship of USA, nor will we ever submit to the gangster style bully dictatorship of anti-freedom ‘Communist China’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Australian Freedom has a Superior Philosophy to China’s Marxist Communist Philosophy which oppresses cruelly their citizens.

Click on Here and choose to read different articles on a journey of enlightenment about enemy Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. Any person that wants to make friends with ‘Communists’ cannot be trust.

Rule one… “Never Trust a Communist.”

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