PNG submits to ‘Communist China’

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What will happen to the Cultural Lifestyle of the people of Papua New Guinea when ‘Communist China’ invades the Island?

Answer: They will be ruled by a dictatorship ideology. ‘Communism’ gives no mercy to any person that does not follow orders.

What will happen to all the Native Children of PNG? Answer they will become oppressed by the rule of ‘Communism’, they will not be allowed to live free.

Chinese Communists since 1949 have murdered over eighty million people, including over one million Tibetans and hundreds of pro-democracy Chinese during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

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PNG submits to ‘Communist China’

Meanwhile an Australian Politician down under also submitted to ‘Communist China’



The boat image in this post is the Chinese fishing boat Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010, which was sunk by the coast guard of the Argentinian Naval Command while the vessel was illegally fishing in Argentine territorial waters in March 2016.

I cannot help but wonder, why was a Chinese fishing boat so far away from ‘Communist China’. Were they really there to fish? Or were they sent forward by ‘Communist China’ to chart by surveillance the defence strategies of the South American coastline?

I do know the ambitions of Xi Jinping to conquer other Nations knows no boundaries.

And ‘Communist China’ does use the cover of ‘Fishing Boats’ for military purposes.


An ABC News report by Laura Tingle on the 12th December 2020 jumped off the page into my eyes. The subject title… ‘As the Australia-China Relationship deteriorates, a $200m PNG ‘fishery’ deal raises eyebrows.’ (i)

“Last month, Papua New Guinea signed a memorandum of understanding to build a $200 million “comprehensive multi-functional fishery industrial park” on Daru Island. There isn’t much there, including fish.” (i)

“As Jeff Wall, a long-time adviser to the PNG Government, wrote in the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s publication The Strategist this week, the town of Daru is the closest PNG community to Australia. Even though it is around 200 kilometres from the Australian mainland, it is very close to the islands of the Torres Strait that are within our northern border.” (i)

“Wall noted that there was little doubt the MOU with China’s Fujian Zhonghong Fishery Company project was sponsored directly by the Chinese government as it was announced by China’s Ministry of Commerce, supported by Beijing’s powerful ambassador in Port Moresby, Xue Bing, who declared that the investment will definitely enhance PNG’s ability to comprehensively develop and utilize its own fishery resources.” (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… It does not need much intelligence to figure out Xi Jinping’s intention for investing $200 million onto Daru Island, a poor people location, using the pretend cover of a fishery industrial park where there are not many fish. His real agenda is secretly anti-Australia with goals to conquer us, change our flag and constitution and make us a province of China.

Clearly Xi Jinping wants to establish a Military Base there in Daru… Naval Airstrike Task Force and Chinese Military Troops that can be shipped across. Maybe down-the-track a Missile Base. The PNG Government is not worth a damn for allowing this ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ deal with ‘Communist China’ to be approved.

Australia has over the years poured in a lot of financial aid into Daru Island only to learn that now PNG Government has handed a large slice of control of the region to ‘Communist China’. Which for the people of PNG is one of the dumbest mistakes that the PNG Government could make.

Australia has provided more than au $14 billion in terms of official development to PNG.

The Contribution of Australian Aid to Papua New Guinea’s Development 1975-2000 is recorded in this Evaluation and Review Series No. 34 June 2003. Click on Link to read.


One of the biggest problems which I have mentioned previously in other writings, many territories that are poor are vulnerable to being blindly attracted to big dollars offered by ‘Communist China’ not comprehending that they are sacrificing their freedom to a short-term gain of money only to become poorer, like many Chinese are in rural regions in China.

The good news is that the Australian Government is upgrading Manus Island to a Naval Base. Whilst that is a good start, our Navy and Airforce needs major upgrades.

The Torres Strait is a strait between the Melanesian Island of Papua New Guinea and Australia. At its narrowest extent it is 151 km wide.

You will notice that the Melanesian Islands include four independent countries Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands. French New Caledonia and parts of Indonesia, including Western New Guinea and Norfolk Island; are parts of the Melanesian people groups.

So far it is PNG and Fiji that have submitted to doing deals with ‘Communist China’.

I hope other locations do not make the same mistake.

Federal MP Warren Entsch, whose electorate covers the Torres Strait, is just one figure in Canberra most alarmed at the development, and who questions why you would build such a huge fishing operation in a place where there aren’t a lot of fish.” (i)

“He says there is currently an under-utilised mackerel fishery, a bit of trout and some lobsters. The fishing rights in the Torres Strait are shared under a treaty between Australia and PNG and Entsch says the fishery has been well managed to avoid over-fishing.” (i)

“His concern is that a big Chinese fishing operation would ‘just come in and vacuum everything up’, putting at risk, apart from anything else, the subsistence living of many of the locals.” (i)

A.I. comments… I have noticed that the ‘Communist Chinese’ do not have much respect for care of environment. They take and take and don’t think about care of environment and species. They live for the moment without any concern for others. They have no respect for those Chinese that are pro-freedom and do reject ‘Communism’. They float acres of ‘Solar Panels’ on water that should be kept clear for environment protection. They allow tons of rubbish to be dumped into the ocean without any concern of impact upon environment. They over-fish with no thought about driving seafood into extinction in a particular region. A study of the bad living habits of ‘Communist Chinese’ is needed.

Chinese Shipping Vessels have been known to invade an area and haul in thousands of tonnes of fish and other sea life. Over-fishing the entire area.

The Australian Border Force, based on Thursday Island, backed by Patrol Boats in the region will face additional difficulties of policing the Strait with ‘Communist Chinese’ now invading the area. Their job includes stopping illegal fishing, mostly by Indonesian fisherman and the importation of drugs and other illegal goods from PNG to Northern Australia.

Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ already have spat the dummy, with temper tantrums several times against the Australian Government over Trade issues, Chinese company investments in Australia and resentment of Australian involvement with our allies USA, Japan and India in war games.

Hence, when incidents occur which they will, with ‘Chinese Fishing Boats’ in the region, we can bet that Xi Jining and his team will harass Australians with more bully temper tantrums.

There is also the security risk that some of these ‘Chinese Fishing Boats’ may be espionage fronts for strategic offence surveillance of the area as part of ‘Communist Chinese Intelligence’.

Xi Jinping has no honour and will use deceit to gain advantage.

A PNG BRI ‘Belt and Roads Initiative’ agreement with ‘Communist China’ signed in 2018 has empowered China to impose intense activity contracts in the region for roads. This might be helping the poor people in the region move more freely, but inevitably will become strategic movement locations if Chinese Military take control of Papua New Guinea. Which is one of the many objectives of Xi Jinping.

Jamie Seidel on behalf of on the 13th December 2020 posted the following subject title, ‘China’s bold new fishing plan on Australia’s doorstep increases tensions.’ (ii)

“It’s one of the closest towns to Australia and China’s taking a keen interest in fishing there. But there’s no fish to catch. So what’s the real agenda?” (ii)


Allan Ivarsson comments… We have all been asking this question since we heard about this objective and we keep coming back to the same conclusion we are suspicious of ‘Communist China’s motive.

It has been claimed that China’s hunger for fish is growing. But is this true? Or is it a cover for Spying tactics to seek out new conquest opportunities, using ‘Fishing Boats’?

The answer may lie in the fleet’s militia # nature. China’s Communist Party controlled fishers are trained to assist the ‘People’s Liberation Army’ (Regular armed forces of the ‘People’s Republic of China). Political Commissars (officials of the Communist Party) stand by their Captains. And they have a history of being used as diplomatic shock-troops to assert Beijing’s territorial claims.” (ii)

# Those civilians that are raised to supplement a regular army in an emergency.

More truth comes to light as the following insight is tabled. It is clear to me now that Andrew Robb betrayed Australia in 2015 for ‘Greed’ gain. He should be arrested and charged with ‘High Treason’, but it will never happen because our Politicians and our Political System is weak and lacks the toughness of mind which exists in ‘Communist Chinese Government’. We clearly in Australia do not have tough enough Federal Laws to stop ‘Treason’ and ‘High Treason’.

This is the brief report on the incident, no doubt more detail is floating out there… as yet I have not found it.

“Access to the narrow-and shallow-waters to Australia’s north has been a bone of contention in recent years.” (ii)

“In 2015, then Trade Minister Andrew Robb signed off on a $506 billion, 99-year Port of Darwin lease to the Chinese state-owned Landbridge Group. A year later he resigned to take on a $880,000-a-year “high-level economic consultancy” role with Landbridge despite its ties to the People’s Liberation Army. (ii)

The United States was furious. It had plans to use Darwin and the Northern Territory as a major Marine Corps and Naval base to counteract China’s ballooning regional influence. Those plans were now at risk.” (ii)

“The rosy days of 2015 – when the Northern Territory government decided to lease the Port of Darwin to Chinese-owned company Landbridge for 99 years – now seem long gone, but such deals cannot be undone.” # Source…



A.I. comments… I agree with the anger of the United States Government. We Aussies need the additional protection of American Marine Corps and a Naval base. And we in the West that value our ‘Freedom’ need the support of America. We have valiant courageous Australians in the Military ready, able, and willing to defend our country against ‘Communist Chinese Invasion’, but we do not have the population numbers, nor the finance and self-sufficiency strategy to fight a War. The reason for this weakness has been caused by the deliberate incompetence of our Politicians over the last two decades, both Federal and State, both major parties Labor and Liberal, have neglected protection of our Manufacturing Industry and Primary Industry and have chosen a path of greed submitting to ‘Free Trade’ deals with ‘Communist China’. I deem these acts of trading with an anti-freedom ‘Totalitarian Nation’ an Act of ‘Treason’ against the Australian people that have strived to trust our Politicians, who failed to do the right thing by the people and their country.

“Then treasurer Scott Morrison insisted he had been “acutely aware of the sensitivities regarding foreign investment in strategic national assets and critical infrastructure”. But the fallout continues to be felt even as the US Navy seeks an Indo-Pacific base for its freshly formed First Fleet.” (ii)

A.I. comments… The problem is that Scott Morrison was only the treasurer and clearly the Prime Minister in 2015 failed to stop this ‘Port of Darwin’ deal. The Prime Minister in 2015 was Tony Abbott backstabbed by Malcolm Turnbull; the latter Turnbull demonstrated he was in bed with Islam.

Image source:

The years between 2010-2018 were unstable years in Australian Government. Backstabbing in both the Labor Party and the Liberal Party was a common event. The entire backstabbing attacks were a disgrace and weakened Australian Government Control of Australia. ‘Communist China’ took advantage of this Government weakness and invested in Australia through ‘Communist Chinese Companies’ that reported to Beijing to get control of Australian Property. Xi Jinping President of China encouraged the ‘Free Trade’ Deal for Imports and Exports to get more control of Australia. In 2020 Xi Jinping reneged on the ‘Trade Deals’ imposing Tariffs of 80% to 200% and banned many of our export deals. This information is available in different reports published by A.I. Jinping used the excuse for the trade conflict because he was angry with our Prime Minister Scott Morrison for having the courage to call for an ‘International Investigation’ into the origin of COVID-19. But in reality, Jinping lied, his real reason for stopping sections of the Trade Deal was because Australia’s exports income exceeded import expenditure ## and the ‘Free Trade’ deal was helping Australian Finance becoming stronger. Jinping did not want Australia making profit from our trade deals with China. A.I. has tabled this truthful reality in other previous reports.

## “Australia now has a current account surplus – where exports exceed imports – thanks to China’s insatiable demand for iron ore, the commodity used to make steel.”

## Source:

## Source:

Hence Jinping went after many of our Exports including coal to slow down our incoming profit. He still wanted iron ore to make steel to build his military forces stronger, including several more aircraft carriers planned by 2050.

Julia Gillard (Labor) backstabbed Kevin Rudd (Labor) who latter overthrew Gillard.

Tony Abbot (Liberal) was backstabbed by Malcom Turnbull (Liberal). Finally Scott Morrison overthrew Turnbull. Fortunately, Morrison established once more stability in Government and he inherited the now out-of-control ‘Communist Chinese’ invasion tactics of ‘Chinese Foreign Investment’ in Australia. This year Scott Morrison started the fight back against Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrade’ tactics which is not over yet, because ‘Communist China’ has increased its attacks against us leaving a persistent warning that they are willing to wage war against us.

Andrew Robb took advantage of the years of unstable Australian Government and made a private deal with ‘Communist China’ for profit, which betrayed Australia by giving ‘Communist China’ control by lease of Port of Darwin.

In addition PNG submitted to Xi Jinping by giving ‘Communist China’ control of Daru, which gave Chinese Military Logistics the opportunity to establish additional militia coast guard vessels, many disguised as ‘Fishing Boats’. Now ‘Communist China’ has an open gate to build a stronger military presence near Darwin and the Torres Strait between Papua New Guinea and Australia. Thus Australia is now more vulnerable to easy invasion by Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades military forces.

We can thank Australian Andrew Robb and Prime Minister of PNG James Marape for this increased danger of ‘Communist Chinese’ presence. Personally, I would ban all financial aid to PNG given this PM decision betrayal of Australia. He should have had the intelligence to know better. Obviously Marape’s University of Papua New Guinea education is not worth a damn it clearly lacked training in common-sense decisions.

For the history books, I am charging Andrew Robb with ‘High Treason’ against Australia. It clear, our Politicians will not have the courage to enforce this charge. But it certainly is now a historical record. He should not be allowed to get away unnoticed with his act of ‘High Treason’.

I report to ‘God of Creation’ ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Universe. Who condemns treasonous behaviour and by ‘Cosmic Law’ supports the right of every person to live free from tyranny. I was given my first instruction by God at the age of 12 years, on March 3rd, 1961 at 3pm. I reluctantly followed the instruction to focus on learning truth. I had no idea what that meant then. I was told that I had something important to do during my life. What that activity was, I had no idea. I learned the hard way during my life what I was called to do. Often during my life, I was reluctant, but the ‘Force of Wisdom’ kept pushing me down a path. Thus ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ evolved, ‘Cosmic Law’ was identified, and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ was recognised.

I did the job as instructed by God.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

It is well recognised in many political circles friend and foe that the following remarks are correct… even though the thinking of ‘Communist Chinese Government’ is not correct.

China’s armed fishing militia plays an instrumental role in Beijing’s strategy to enforce its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea and East China Sea, the Rand Corporation noted in a recent report.” (ii)

“It does this on the principle that possession is nine-tenths of the law. So simply having ships on the water is its way to challenge control over disputed territory.” (ii)

“These classic ‘grey zone’ operations are designed to ‘win without fighting’ by overwhelming the adversary with swarms of fishing vessels usually bolstered from the rear together with (coast guard), and possibly (navy) ships,” it reads. (ii)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ are determined to gain control of the entire South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.Communist China’ also wants control of all South Asia. One step at a time, Xi Jinping is going after the South Pacific with priority focus on conquering Australia. Then he will deal with South Asia. He is testing India, with fights in the Himalayan border region.

Thus I support the United States Navy increased presence in the South Pacific all areas. This is what the Jamie Seidel report said…

“The United States Navy is increasingly busy in Australian waters. And it considers China’s fishing militia a threat.” (ii)

“The US Navy would respond to aggressive acts by those ships as though they were part of the armed forces … as they engage in a variety of peacetime missions and receive military training to conduct operations during armed hostilities,” James Kraska, Professor of International Maritime Law at the US Naval War college recently warned.” (ii)

A.I. comments… This truthful statement made by James Kraska, is good common-sense strategy.

“Professor Kraska says Beijing’s fleet is the world’s worst biggest offender for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. It’s also a major tool in Beijing’s aggressive territorial expansion policies. (ii)

A.I. comments… it has been reported that China’s fishing militia approved by Xi Jinping, uses deceitful tactics to ram vessels to encourage an adversary into striking back. They do this in a cowardly way, knowing that over the horizon they have Communist Navy and Coast Guard on standby to rush to the scene to eliminate the ‘Communist Fishing Boats’ target. As I have said several times previously in my collected writings… ‘Never Trust a Communist’.

Beijing’s investment in the PNG village of Daru is focused on driving a wedge of conflict in Australian-PNG relations. Xi Jinping is also trying to destroy Australian USA relations.

Xi Jinping found it easy to invade PNG territory because of the incompetence of the PNG Prime Minister.

But Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ will fail to destroy the Australian United States Alliance, we have been loyally standing together since World War I decades before the insidious rise of the ‘Communist Party of China’.

To protect Australia from the aggressiveness of ‘Communist China’ Australian Government’ needs to promptly move fast and build up military strength of our Navy and Airforce in this area and needs to encourage a stronger USA Presence in Marines and Navy Base upgraded development.

And while we are at Andrew Robb should faces charges of ‘High Treason’ against Australia.

No doubt down-the-track we will now experience more conflict in the Northern Regions when ‘Communist Chinese Aggressive Fishing Boats’ and their supporting ‘Coast Guard’ cause conflict problems, colliding by intended force with Australian Border Force Coast Guard and PNG fishing boats.

Xi Jinping wants this conflict… he is deliberately pushing to increase his power of control over PNG and Australia. He true to his Gangster Nature must be stopped.

PNG and Australia have mostly been harmonious both countries have in the past respected our ‘Fishing Treaty’ for the area. Now Xi Jinping wants to create a conflict so that he can push his aggressive agenda further.

Andrew Prentice for Daily Mail Australia also published a similar overview report on the 16th December 2020, titled, ‘A bit fishy: Mystery surrounds China’s plan to build a $200 million fishery complex on Australia’s doorstep – with fears communist state has other intentions’. (iii)

“Experts warned the Chinese government could have secret plans to turn it into a naval base right on Australia’s doorstep, amid rising tensions between the two nations.” (iii)


Allan Ivarsson comments… We have already identified this serious concern by Xi Jinping’s intentions. I would not call our serious concern ‘Fear’… I would call it common-sense survival concern. As I keep saying, “Never Trust a Communist.”

The good news is that all allies and Aussies are now on ‘Red Alert’.

Xi Jinping has telegraphed his intentions on his shift. To save millions of lives this Gangster Creep must be taken out.

Australian Coal has been blacklisted by Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ at a Beijing meeting recently.

Personally, I believe that despite the loss of money from export business, we Aussies will be better off, if we seek alternative markets for coal. We survived years ago without ‘Free Trade’ with China’ and we will be better off if we get rid of all ‘Trade Deals’ with China. That includes stopping exports of iron ore to China. And all imports.

“With relations deteriorating rapidly, there are reports our biggest allies could jump to Australia’s defence in its escalating trade war.” (iii)

“Nations such as New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States could join forces with Australia and hit back to Beijing by imposing their own retaliatory sanctions on Chinese goods and produce.” (iii)

A.I. concludes… I believe that last suggestion when I see it. I doubt other Nations will back out of trade deals with China and sacrifice profit. Donald Trump last President of USA would have. But Joe Biden new President of USA is a Socialist, I doubt we can trust him to do the right thing by Australia. We shall wait and see which way he moves. Whether the current Prime Ministers of New Zealand (Jacinda Ardern) and United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) have the guts to stand up for Australia against China remains to be proven.

I doubt Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has the courage to stand up strong against ‘Communist China’, he is too gentle for a leadership position. He might be okay running a Kindergarten or Pre-School, but as a Prime Minister he is incompetent.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

To be continued… ‘Communist China’ will be persistent in its struggle to conquer Australia.

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