Secession is Not a Smart Move

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Civil War insanity

Is this what we want?

My thinking gets sharper as the years pass, by learning better ways of common-sense thinking. Hence, I have made minor amendments to this paper which I recorded in 2012 and 2016, published in my 2018 book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Secession is Not a Smart Move

The following e-mail sent to global friends, on November 11, 2012 explains why…

The Danger of Negative Thinking

Secession Is Not A Solution


(Revision 1:2016, 2:2021)

By Author Allan Ivarsson

When Obama won a second term election appointment on November 6th, 2012 [U.S. time] by a narrow margin to become once again, an incorrectly alleged 1st Muslim President of the United States of America, a lot of people around the world opposed to Obama, became negative about the United States of America. However, the most negative thinking reaction came from many Americans that correctly voted against the reappointment of Obama as President; most wanted Mitt Romney to take the seat. Obama’s victory was it seems, the consequence of many of the Latino population that became the swinging vote in favour of Obama, because of his soft border policy, which allowed more ‘Latin American’ relatives and friends, the opportunity to migrate easily into America, be it a legal or illegal process. Obama was not re-elected because of his loyalty to the United States of America; Obama won the election, because of naïve thinking by many Americans that did not understand that Obama’s appointment threatened what they valued most their ‘Freedom of Expression’ in ‘Speech and in Choice’.

Note insert 2021 by author: “That anti-freedom threat still exists because Obama supports Socialist Joe Biden in 2021.”

One of the major problems of protecting the right to live free in America, is the high level of apathy percentage, which averages 40%, give or take a couple of percent at each election. A large percentage of Americans are intellectually lazy and refuse to make the effort to vote. Totalitarian thinkers will always vote, freedom lovers tend to become too complacent and take ‘fragile freedom’ for granted, failing to recognise the serious dangers of not bothering to vote. Freedom can easily be lost when able bodied people refuse to vote. Refusing to vote is the height of ignorance and naïve stupidity. The only people that oppose ‘Compulsory Voting’ are those fools that argue that they have the freedom of right, not to vote. It never occurs to their limited thinking that such an argument is a misguided fallacy. For if they lose their freedom by not opposing the election, of a totalitarian negligent government, how smart is that? The protection and preservation of Liberty, and the wholesome wellbeing of a Nation, does demand at times, mandatory attendance, when our freedom and survival is at risk of being lost.

Netherlands and many other Nations suffer from the same negligence of not enforcing compulsory voting, and thus they are now losing their right to live free, as anti-freedom apartheid ‘Jihad Islam’ invades Europe, not stopped, because the wrong politicians were voted into power by supporters of totalitarian left thinking.

Yes, it is true, in ‘Compulsory Voting’ countries like Australia since 1924, we get our share of idiot, irresponsible ‘Donkey Votes’, but the majority of people, do make the effort to vote correctly, true to their convictions, when they are forced by mandatory voting to turn up at election sites.

Note insert 2021 by author: Logistics float around on the Internet, but in reference to the 2020 USA November 3rd Election, I believe these rough logistics were reasonably accurate that 159 million ballots were cast in the Presidential Election of Joe Biden versus Donald Trump.

This accounts for 66.7% of the eligible voting population of 239 million Americans of 331 million in 2020.

The Sun News tabled the following logistics…

Refer below slides…


As I said in 2016… “One of the major problems of protecting the right to live free in America, is the high level of apathy percentage, which averages 40%, give or take a couple of percent at each election. A large percentage of Americans are intellectually lazy and refuse to make the effort to vote.”

The percentage of eligible voting people who turned up to vote in past USA elections was too low as above logistics reveal. The protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ was neglected by over 40 Percent of the eligible voting American population. That is a scary incompetence logistic. To expect to live free without protective effort is naïve and lazy.

This is the big debate… “Should voting be compulsory?” Both points of view in opposition debate are valid. The real concern is protection of ‘Freedom Values’ against the danger of ‘Oppression’.

Many Americans became so negative after Obama’s re-election victory that they lost their confidence and sense of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and began to think deep in negativity saying, “America was Finished” and that idea is simply not true. America has experienced a serious setback that is all. Some Americans started talking about States seceding from the Union and others wanted a second Civil War. One man in a comment line, was so negative that he said, “I will be praying that the Mayan calendar is right, and that the world comes to an end in December.”

No one with true intelligence wants ‘Civil War’ such a conflict only leads to chaos, anarchy and senseless waste of life. Civil War is only justified when a society is being denied the right to live free and as a consequence they fight, because they have nothing more to lose. Civil War is a last stand response when your back is against the wall and you have nowhere else to go. The American Civil War (1861-65) was a senseless war; no one’s back was against the wall, the differences between North and South could have been solved, but unfortunately lack of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ rose high and the States did not have the modern communication technology we in the early 21st Century now enjoy.

The only true danger of ‘Civil War’ risk that exists today, years ahead, is the risk of an internal war with Islam, because Islam wants to destroy Freedom.

Note insert 2021 by author: In 2021, the insane expansion of anti-freedom Socialism is even more dangerous than anti-freedom Islam. We can easily defeat the peril of Islamic Sharia Law Doctrine, but the madness of Socialism is not so easy to stop. The young generation are being brain-wrecked with the naïve false knowledge belief that Socialism is a better fairer system. That idea is a lie. Socialism is the transition step to anti-freedom Communism.

In response to this temporary negativity, the author posted a global comment on the Internet. The thing that concerned him most was the constant negative mentality that has raised its ugly head during the 20th Century and now again in early 21st Century; and that dangerous negative idea is the obsession with the goal of ‘Secession’. A ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ with a commitment to protect and preserve Freedom is the only solution- Secession is not wise and is not an option and shall never be a good solution.

Hence the author wrote to encourage common sense to prevail and for record in the history books of philosophy, the medium for development of wisdom. Thus, he wrote why…

Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia – “No Islam!”

November 8, 2012

BNI Readers,

I have read comments about proposed ‘Secession’ of a State or States not only on BNI but also over the years even in Australia. I have and always will oppose ‘Secession’ of any territory in any country; the process of secession weakens a country and the state choosing to secede. There is no strong future for any state that secedes. Economy is weakened, defence is weakened and vulnerability for invasion is increased. I urge every person to always throughout history stand strong and true and united loyal to their Nation, even when wrong leaders are in power. Bad Leaders and Wrong Laws can be deposed, and united good people can always rise and rebuild potentially great nations. The strength of a Nation is its people, not its leaders. A good leader is simply an asset to help the Nation prosper- sadly throughout history good leaders have always been hard to find; when bad leaders exist, the people must stand united not divided. Corrective action of wrong can only be solved by organised unity of the people.

It is better for states to fight against wrong inside a Nation than to secede. If Texas or any other state for example, achieved the goal of secession, it would weaken Texas and strengthen inferior thinking leaders. A smaller Islamized United States would give Islam victory. Once Islam’s position is consolidated, they would then turn their attention to those states that succeeded from the union- they would attack and invade. The only way to defeat Islam’s anti-freedom objectives and to stop the expansion of Islam is to fight head-on from within. Islam invaded countries sending in ‘Trojan Horse’ tactics; now we the ‘Freedom Fighters’ true ‘Warriors Against Islam’ must establish our own ‘Trojan Horse’ tactics loyal to an International Resistance against Islam. There shall be no freedom, no peace around the globe until the false knowledge dark ‘Totalitarian Belief System Islam’ is driven into extinction. Never secede, unite all pockets of resistance and fight the fight, until victory is won. ‘V’ stands for Victory; post this letter as a symbol everywhere… it now means ‘Victory Against Islam.’ –End of statement.

Note insert 2021 by author: This fight now includes standing against the rapid expansion of Marxism, i.e., Socialism and Communism, also watching carefully the dangerous oppressive ambitions of ‘Communist China’ to expand its power of control over other Nations. ‘Communist China’ is now even more dangerous to the world than the past ‘Cold War’ threat of ‘Communist Soviet Union’ before Gorbachev encouraged change, fighting for freedom of the Russian people.

# Authors 2016 Note: In 2012, it was believed by a lot of activist people against Islam, including I that Obama was strictly a Muslim, because he supported the existence and expansion of Muslim immigration into the West. Obama did not have a strict Islamic upbringing by his parents as they were non-religious. Obama’s support of ‘Islamization of America’ and the West was not a deliberate negligent act but was in fact a naïve consequence of him not understanding the clear and present danger of anti-freedom apartheid Islam. And yes, his enthusiasm for Islam is a consequence of his childhood exposure in Indonesia for four years, from the age of 6 years to ten years, however even then, his education was delivered two years in a Catholic Christian school and one and a half years in a Muslim public school, followed by home-schooling by his mother. Many people falsely claimed Obama was not American, but he was born American in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961. His father was a “confirmed atheist” a belief which Obama rejected, when he became a Protestant Christian during his adult life. I am just as guilty sometimes of making wrong judgements about people, as I did about Obama’s religious beliefs, I trusted information and it was wrong. I later corrected my error, by acknowledging the truth that many others still have not recognised. But despite that reality that does not alter the truth that Obama is true to many Christians naivety, who believe that there are two Islam’s a peaceful moderate version and a radical violent version. It’s a tragedy that so many Christians refuse to read the Koran that rejects all other ‘Belief Systems’, including Christians and Jews.

The following statement by Barack Hussein Obama explains his soft acceptance of Islam… “I was raised as an Indonesian child and a Hawaiian child and as a black child and as a white child. And so, what I benefited from is a multiplicity of cultures that all fed me.” Obama’s Father was black, and his mother was white, thus Multiculturalism, with no house rules, was the lifestyle that Obama experienced.


Source: 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Void of Revision 2.

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What have we learned throughout the 20th Century about the Insanity of War?

Answer: Nothing. Like born again idiots, people and politicians are still obsessed with the crazy conviction that civil violence and war will solve our problems. That idea is a lie, tabled by fools.

Anti-Freedom ‘Communist China’ now wants to rule the World. Thus, forcing every Nation to upgrade their military defence strength. As long as anti-freedom ideologies exist, peace will never be secured.

We humans must change the way we think.

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