War, Secession or ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

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War, Secession or ‘Philosophical Intelligence’

Which path would you choose?


We are what we believe. Our thinking it not about inner subconscious, as Psychology tries to sell society. Our thinking and behaviour are simply about our Conscious ‘Belief System’ true or false, right or wrong, just or unjust, influenced by good or bad experiences during our life. What we believe is what we are until we change, adjust and correct our wrong thinking and subsequent behaviour.

Racial Conflict or Belief System Conflict?

In America there have been countless incidents of gang street warfare; Whites, Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Native Americans and others all fighting in-groups against each other. If you look closely at these conflicts using philosophical intelligence, it may appear to be racial conflicts, but it is not about race. The race presentation front, is only a cover-up, hiding the real problem. These conflicts are not about race, for the idea of race is an illusion, which even exists in the minds of those, fighting each other. The true problem is about creed. Each conflicting group has a different belief system, which is their creed. Only by justice, fair play, encouragement, and good manners and given respect, can change of beliefs be achieved, which inspires with enthusiasm, unity between races, and thus creates a new belief system that which is a united creed for all. This has been proven to be true.

It is evident many times in human history that some people of all races can get along with each other peacefully, and many even become friends. What is different about these people versus those gang street wars that fight each other in the name of fighting for their race against other races? Is the hatred between races really about race? Or is it a cover-up disguise to hide a true hatred that is more about their belief system, than colour itself? True enough, colour hatred is the excuse loaded into their negative belief system, but the issue goes a lot deeper, where individuals need power to rule over others and race is just an excuse to grab power leadership over others, including over naïve blind thinking followers and enemy opposition, they fight hard to oppress. Yes, a person’s belief system is their reason for the creation of harmony or conflict, race is just the frontal excuse to justify launching conflict. The insanity of the ‘Islamic Belief System’ proves that is true. Races of all colours are united as Muslims, against races of all colours of non-Muslims. The global conflict between Muslims and Non-Muslims is not about race, it is about belief system. The conflict is about ‘Islamic Anti-Freedom Apartheid Totalitarianism’ in conflict with ‘Liberty’ values that demand and support the right to live free in freedom of speech and freedom of choice. And the very instructions in the Koran, Sharia Law and the teachings of Islam as verified in the Hadiths, and the Sunni living example of Paedophile Muhammad, proves that Totalitarian Belief Systems are not compatible with Liberty Based Belief Systems not now, not ever.

Erin Gruwell a teacher in the late 1990’s USA proved that all the problems were about wrong belief system. She succeeded in creating unity between races. A focused belief of effort, believing in a better way, and that change can be achieved, creates the opportunity to change and upgrade one’s life. It is all about having the right pragmatic belief system.

The right creed creates a wholesome life; the wrong creed creates misery and destruction. This does not mean that life will be easy. It does mean that better opportunity begins with effort, confidence, the right beliefs and the courage to effect change.

But it must be remembered that Erin Gruwell succeeded in a ‘Liberty Based Society’, if fifty percent of the class were Muslims, who believed in the totalitarian apartheid teachings in the Koran, she would have failed to achieve unity in the classroom.

Source: 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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