Communist China Trains for World War III

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Feature Image: China Live-Fire Drills

Communist China Trains for World War III

Newsweek delivered a ‘Chilling Report’ by John Feng on the 16th, March 2021, titled, ‘Chinese Navy Holds Intensive Combat Drills in Three Surrounding Seas’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… “Chilling?” Yes, because the motivation behind the combat drills by ‘Communist China’ is that they want to become a Superpower who can conquer the world starting with control of the entire South Pacific and South Asia including every Nation in the region. To achieve this, China must defeat USA and to win ‘Communist China’ must be a superpower capable of defeating American Military Forces. When Xi Jinping and Beijing become overconfident that they can win, they will attack USA and all allies in the region and thus launch World War III. The United Nations will not stop them because as I have previously reported the UN has already been infiltrated by ‘Totalitarian Group of Friends’ Nations focused on elimination of all ‘Freedom Valued’ Nations.

Meanwhile, Australian Politicians are so intellectually backward, they have failed to prepare for war. The Australian Military has a team of great people, but it is led by a Defence Minister who has no skills in combat. In addition, Australian Self-Sufficiency is weak and almost non-existence. There is no strong-willed ‘Master Plan’ in place for Australian Survival in the event of war. We Aussies are sitting ducks waiting to be wiped out.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy has conducted “intensive combat exercises in three major seas surrounding the country, Chinese military channels reported this week. The Chinese navy’s simultaneous release of information and images from its Northern, Eastern and Southern theater commands came ahead of the Biden administration’s first overseas diplomatic visits to Tokyo and Seoul.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping and Beijing are opposed to USA and Australia being friends with Japan and South Korea. In the UN ‘Group of Friends’ Communist China is friends with Communist North Korea, who in turn wants ownership of South Korea. This obsessed ambition has existed in the minds of North Korea since 1950.

The reason for this PLA Navy combat display is to frighten Joe Biden to walk soft with ‘Communist China’. These live drill exercises are a warning message to Biden.

Last year Xi Jinping demanded that Australia walk away from our friendship with USA. At least Scott Morrison had the courage to reject Xi Jinping’s demand but then not one Australian Politician has started work on a ‘Master Plan’ to get Australia ready for WWIII and that includes Morrison.

“According to China’s state broadcaster CCTV, PLA warships and warplanes took part in recent live-fire exercises in the Yellow Sea, as well as the contested East and South China seas, where the Chinese government has territorial disputes.”

A.I. comments… The Greens who are supposed to care about environment are now more concerned with ‘Renewable Energy’ and ‘Climate Change’ Activism than about environment. For example, the Greens have not asked what is happening to all the shells fired into the sea. The bottom of the seas must be laced with material waste. What happens to sea life, are they killed? Poisoned? No one seems to be looking at this aftermath of Live-Fire Drills.

The PLA Navy used autocannon firing and practiced with torpedoes. Anti-submarine aircraft were also used during the drill. To read more click on link below…

(i) Chinese Navy Holds Intensive Combat Drills in Three Surrounding Seas (

The Naval exercises planned by Xi Jinping were deliberately scheduled to send a message to USA during American visits to Japan and South Korea by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

These Biden officials arrive in Tokyo on Tuesday and will be in Seoul on Wednesday. Jinping could not resist the commitment to use Navy Drill in the sea regions nearby to awaken the Biden Team to watch out.

On Thursday Blinken will be joined by Jake Sullivan national security adviser, as the pair host the Biden administrations sit-down with Chinese diplomats Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi in Alaska.

There is nothing diplomatic about ‘Communist Diplomats’. They take their orders from Xi Jinping Beijing and they are ordered to never allow USA and Australia to reject ‘Communist Chinese’ policies and objectives.


Lest We Forget

“The leaders of these ‘Totalitarian Nations’ are justified despot targets. Remember our enemies in ‘Communist China’, Putin Russia, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Laos, Nicaragua, North Korea, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Syria, Venezuela, and Palestine. All these Nations have banded together to wipe out the United States, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, India, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the Third World that wants to live free.”

What Vladimir Putin does not comprehend is that Xi Jinping is using him. When ‘Communist China’ no longer needs Russia as an ally, the Red Communists will declare war on Russia and attack to conquer. Putin is making a stupid move supporting the Red Communists. He should be united as an ally with the United States of America.

(ii) Source: ‘Totalitarianism’ is now fighting to takeover control of the United Nations and the World. – Allan Ivarsson Author… of Books

To understand this better read the above link.

Never Forget that anti-freedom ‘Communist China’ wants to become a Superpower to rule the world, not to replace the ‘Liberty Protection’ given by USA since WWII, but to do the opposite; ‘Communist China’ wants to eliminate every person’s right to live free in every land around the world and in Outer Space exploration.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2021


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Don’t Worry Most of the Politicians in Australia and America do not have the ability to keep up with me. My ‘Belief System’ thinking is too advanced for them. In ‘Communication Battle’ it is easy to defeat someone that refuses to learn the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Even the best intelligent organization in Australia, the IPA, ‘Institute of Public Affairs’ cannot keep up with me.

Australian and American Media still cannot keep up with me.

British Media, New Zealand Media and Canadian Media cannot keep up with me. They are even weaker than Australian and American Media.

Even the ‘Communist Media’ is afraid to publish my comments to their people in English Language against me. And I know their propaganda media is watching me and reporting my opinions to Xi Jinping Beijing.

There is good reason why Xi Jinping should be afraid of me. As I reported in my profile VIII at the end of my presentation I was appointed by…. to do a job… I have done that job.

Allan Peter Ivarsson 2021

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