‘Communist China’ Plans to Invade Taiwan

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Feature Image: Taipei City Capital of Taiwan

Little Girl in Taiwan that Xi Jinping wants to conquer.

‘Communist China’ Plans to Invade Taiwan

Allan Ivarsson comments…

MSN News posted a brief report on the 17th, March 2021. Titled as above in FB image. (i)

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/chinas-military-modernisation-poses-taiwan-threat-us-officials/ar-BB1eCVpp?

I have read the concerns in other news reports floating around the Internet; hence I will keep my comments as brief as possible.

It is clear that ‘Communist China’ refuses to allow Taiwan the right to live independently free of the dictatorship tyranny of ‘Communism’ in China. Xi Jinping and his Beijing ‘Communists Comrades’ want to rule Taiwan.

Communist China’s rapid military buildup since 2012 is focused on gaining control of Taiwan and the entire South Pacific and South Asia region.

The only thing that has stopped Xi Jinping from invading Taiwan is the United States of America. But it is feared that Xi Jinping will ignore USA and attack Taiwan to gain control of this tough-minded Nation that wants to live free of ‘Totalitarianism’ by 2027 C.E.

China’s persistent acceleration of the modernization of its military over the last decade is a clear indicator that the ‘Red Communists’ are not just out to conquer Taiwan… they want to conquer the entire region which includes Australia.

It has been alleged that U.S. intervention might intensify pressure from Beijing, but that idea is misleading, because Beijing has been focused by its own agenda policy of building a stronger military to gain control of all the land and sea in its objective to rule. USA intervention is mandatory to stop all Nations within Beijing’s target from losing their independent right to live free from the tyranny of Xi Jinping and his Red Communist Comrades.

All this pressure confrontation simply means that without the defensive intervention of American protection that ‘Communist China’ would have attacked Australia and all the South Pacific and South Asia region by now.

We are still living free because of the strength of Superpower United States of America.

When ‘Communist China’ achieves it military objective of becoming a Superpower that it naively believes it can defeat USA then World War III will begin. And the Communist commitment to claim Taiwan may be the trigger point for the start of WWIII.

Several news sources have reported that Admiral Philip Davidson has warned that Beijing could invade Taiwan within six years. The question flying around is will USA and allies opposition to this invasion trigger war in the region and will that make Australia, PNG, and New Zealand immediate targets for invasion by ‘Communist China’?

Beijing’s authoritarian ambitions to conquer the region and eliminate ‘Freedom Values’ proves that Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades have no honour and have no sense of decency in caring about people’s eternal right to live free. The ‘Communists’ are only interested in their own greed and lust for power to control others.

The spark of conflict will continue to exist because the Beijing Gangster Government falsely claims that Taiwan and the surrounding waters is its own territory. But the ‘Red Communists’ lie because like once upon a time Tibet in 1950, Taiwan is a free society. And therefore, the Communists have no right to claim land or sea which lives free. And they had no right to invade Tibet.

In 2020 China added 25 new Naval Ships to increase its military strength. They were destroyers, frigates, cruisers, amphibs and ballistic-missile submarines.

The allies United States, Australia, Japan, and India do stand united for the protection and preservation of a free and open Indo-Pacific. A goal which ‘Communist China’ obviously rejects.

The Truth and Wisdom in this song for ‘Freedom Nations’ does not work with ‘Communist China’.

Communists do not love anyone who stands for ‘Liberty Values’ – they want to oppress them.