Anti-Freedom ‘Communist China’ is determined to build a Fleet of Aircraft Carriers by 2050.

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Anti-Freedom ‘Communist China’ is determined to build a Fleet of Aircraft Carriers by 2050.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

I would not get too concerned yet by this report, China has a long way to go to match USA Nuclear Technology Standards in Aircraft Carrier performance and that includes airstrike planes equal to American Standards.

Never-the-less it would be foolish to be complacent and refuse to push full steam ahead to upgrade ‘Australian Aircraft Carrier Construction’ that can equal American Standards. We need to work hard ahead with America and Japanese skills to upgrade our Naval and Air Strength.

Al Jazeera posted a report on the 13th, March 2021, titled, ‘China’s next aircraft carrier ‘likely nuclear powered’. (i)

“China is building its fourth aircraft carrier as it seeks to boost its naval power in the Asia-Pacific region, and the vessel is “likely to be nuclear powered”, a new report revealed on Saturday, citing sources close to country’s military.” (i)

“The South China Morning Post quoted a person close to the Chinese navy as saying that shipbuilders “are keen on making a significant breakthrough” with the construction of the fourth carrier.” (i)

“Another unnamed source also told the publication that Chinese officials are studying a proposal “to use nuclear power for the fourth carrier.” (i)

“Currently, there are two Chinese aircraft carriers already operating and a third one that is expected to be launched this year… none have nuclear capability.” (i)


A.I. comments…

How many Aircraft Carriers does China have?

‘Communist China’ has two aircraft carriers… Liaoning and the Shandong. The ex-Soviet Varyag 60,000-tonne carrier purchased from Ukraine was refitted to become Liaoning. And as the first Chinese aircraft carrier it has become a design guide for more carriers. Liaoning currently functions as a training carrier, establishing techniques and procedures for Chinese sailors in preparation for war. However, both aircraft carriers are combat-ready and can outperform Australian aircraft carriers which are now non-existent due to the history of incompetent Australian Politicians since 1975 pertaining to Australian Defence.

A ‘White Paper’ bureaucratic system, slowed down the needed growth of Australian Military Defence System, choosing the path of Political Incompetence. Thus, now in 2021, Australia is seriously handicapped as ‘Communist China’ persistently speeds ahead to build an invasion war Offence in Army, Navy and Air planning to conquer Australia.

Xi Jinping Beijing has a Third Aircraft Carrier being built, near completion.

The first Three Chinese Carriers do not have Nuclear Capability.

The Fourth Carrier is targeted to be a Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier in a bid to match USA.

The ‘Communist People’s Liberation Army Navy has been focused on the building of Aircraft Carriers since the 1970’s. When they launched the Liaoning in 1988 it should have woken up Australian Intelligence to lift Australian Naval Strength. Instead, Australian Politicians went to sleep.

In 2012 the Liaoning was finally Commissioned due to the driving determination of Xi Jinping. Again, Australian Politicians have underestimated the willpower of Xi Jinping.

Rapidly thereafter Xi Jinping, Beijing, launched the second aircraft carrier the 50,000-tonne Shandong in 2017 and Commissioned it in 2019.

The third aircraft carrier estimated 85,000-tonnes is expected to be launched by 2021 and commissioned by 2023.

The fourth aircraft carrier is now under construction. TBA unknown. The ambitions for this aircraft carrier are higher in performance.

It was reported in 2017 that ‘Communist China’ was building a carrier of 100,00-tonnes in a shipyard near Shanghai, focused on being a Nuclear-powered vessel, with flat flight decks and catapults to allow planes to launch with more bombs and fuel aboard, like USA Nimitz carriers.

The Nimitz-class are a special class of ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service in the United States Navy. ‘Communist China’ is struggling to compete with America but right now China can defeat Australia. The only thing protecting Australia is our friendship loyalty relationship since World War II which offends Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’ in Beijing.

Meanwhile, Australian Politicians like Rip Van Winkle are still asleep.

Australian idiots after the decision to sell the HMAS Melbourne for scrap in 1985 had the aircraft carrier towed to ‘Communist China’ for breaking up. The Communist, People’s Liberation Army Navy, (PLAN), took advantage of this opportunity and delayed the scraping of the Australian Aircraft Carrier as part of a secret project at the time to design and develop a Chinese aircraft carrier. And used the carrier for training of PLAN aviators for carrier flight operations. No doubt some were killed during training process. The HMAS Melbourne Australian Carrier helped the ‘Communist Chinese’ learn more on how to build an aircraft carrier and land planes on one. The fact that China delayed the scrapping of the HMAS Melbourne should have sent a warning message to Australian Politicians and Intelligence but again as usual since 1975, they went to sleep enjoying complacency.

In addition, since 1985 the PLAN acquired ex-Soviet carriers Minsk, Kiev and Varyag for study. As mentioned earlier, the ex-Soviet Varyag carrier was refitted to become Liaoning, Chinas first operational aircraft carrier. Therefore… It was Australia and the Communist Soviet Union which collapsed in 1991 that gave ‘Communist China’ the learning opportunities to build an Aircraft Carrier Fleet. We can understand Russian Communists helping China; but Australian Leaders helping ‘Communist China’ to plan the building of a fleet of Aircraft Carriers to help (PLAN) invade Australia decades ahead, proves how stupid and thereby treasonous in their thinking are some of our Aussie Leaders.

“Aside from the two aircraft carrier in operation, China already has in its arsenal over a dozen nuclear-powered submarines.” (i)

A.I. comments…

It is not clear in reports I have seen as to how many Submarines does Australia have in its fleet, and how good are the Collins Subs planned for replacement? One thing is sure we ordered 12 new submarines that will not be available for another 12 to 15 years. This ‘White Paper’ concept published in 2016, tells me it will take us near two decades to upgrade our submarine needs and by then they may be out-of-date in technology performance. Why should I trust the ‘White Paper’ system that is so slow in action, when ‘Communist China’ can upgrade its Military Strength two to three times faster than Australia. Why? Because the ‘Red Communists’ have a will to win, which seems to be lacking amongst Australian leaders.

It is true that American experience in building Aircraft Carriers is decades ahead of Chinese skills, but then Australia is behind ‘Communist China’ we no longer have any aircraft carriers, due to the negligence of our leaders since 1975.

Australia needs to lift its game and build several aircraft carriers and establish more missile bases in Australia and begin by doubling its Airforce Strength.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Master Communist China Military Threat

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