Organised religion is coming to an end through evolution process of higher knowledge…

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From Cells to Sea to Land to Dinosaurs to Artificial Intelligence to Transhumanism to Fictional Cyborg and Robots… what next?

If God Creator exists, he is the most incompetent unjust ‘Game Player’ in the Universe. His board game of endless creations is cruel and unjust, playing viciousness against altruistic caring nature. Sacrificing goodness to become the prey of evil. He has no compassion for any creature or the suffering they endure during their existence. And then as part of his game he deliberately terminates their existence driving many species into mass extinction.

Since I believe God is caring and kind in altruistic spirit it proves to me that God is not a Creator but is simply a good Spiritual God, an eternal communication spirit that guides all good altruistic creatures towards eternal life to escape the cruelty of the evolution process thriving in Chaos.

There is no place for Organised Religion, it shall be gradually replaced by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is smart enough to know that science must not create Cloning or Robots with the ability to think as creative individuals.

Artificial Intelligence must be restricted to the instructions of intelligent Homo Sapiens.

And the books of wisdom must be the guide of P.I.

Organised religion is coming to an end through evolution process of higher knowledge…

…evolving to enlightenment moving towards ascension.

There is one serious problem around the world…

Organised Religion will inevitably vanish, within one thousand years, but what will replace it? ‘Freedom Values’ must rule in every Country around the globe and into the regions of ‘Outer Space’.

The high-level danger of anti-freedom Marxism ruling the Planet must be defeated and shutdown by whatever degree of force is necessary. There is no place for Socialism and Communism in a ‘Liberty Based’ Society.

There is only one way to defeat Marxism. Every person must learn the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which uses open mind altruistic ahimsa ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ that defends the 100% eternal right of every human being to live free in speech, choice, and equality, provided they do not deny anyone else the same right to live free. In other words, no one has the right to abuse freedom of speech and freedom of choice privilege. This means that public demonstrations which bully people with totalitarian demands and block passage of freedom movement is an abuse of freedom privilege. It also means that all criminal activity against people and their property is an act of totalitarianism and thus, an abuse of freedom privilege.

Armed offence attacks against unarmed people are the act of a coward and is a criminal act. Physical offence attacks against weaker people armed or unarmed is the act of a coward and is a criminal act.

Every criminal must be charged for the crimes they committed and must also be charged for the crime of cowardice when the crime was a coward act. Society must denounce the shame of cowardice during a crime, with the punishable contempt it deserves.

A society that does not publicly denounce cowardice during a crime is a weak society.

Insight from Evolutionary Science continues…

David Nield wrote, ‘Fossils Reveal Cephalopods May Be 30 Million Years Older Than We Thought’. (i)

“If they should actually be cephalopods, we would have to backdate the origin of cephalopods into the early Cambrian period”, says geoscientist Anne Hildenbrand, from Heidelberg University in Germany.” (i)

“That would mean that cephalopods emerged at the very beginning of the evolution of multicellular organisms during the Cambrian explosion.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Cambrian period is the initial period of the Paleozoic Era. The Cambrian Period is a period on the prehistoric prehistory timeline that runs from 541 million years to about 485 million years ago.

To learn more… Read…


More Science detail for the specialist student is available below by Anne Hildenbrand, Gregor Austermann, Dirk Fuchs, Peter Bengtson, and Wolfgang Stinnesbeck.

Recorded on 23rd March 2021 science paper titled… ‘A potential cephalopod from the early Cambrian of eastern Newfoundland, Canada’. (ii)

(ii) A potential cephalopod from the early Cambrian of eastern Newfoundland, Canada | Communications Biology (

I repeat once again my comments on the above slide for philosophical historic records…

I have been reading about Astronomy, Cosmology, Nature, Geology and Science and Ancient History subjects since I was a teenager in the 1960’s. The journey of learning into old age in 2021 and thereafter, has been amazing. As I learned about ‘Darwin’s Evolution Theory, which is now a Theorem, alongside Chaos Theory, Order within Disorder, which is not yet forecastable, I noticed in the 1980’s proof evolved through ‘Plate Tectonics’ that evolution process is truthfully real and exists throughout the Universe in a range of infinite choices process, both organic and non-organic. It became clear to me that even the ‘Big Bang’ theory has proved to be true and that the ‘Big Bang’ was a stage in the process of evolution. I learned that Earth called ‘Gaia’ evolved to become an amazing planet of life forms, extinct and now living, that evolved and migrated or stayed local including plant life, animals of the sea and land, including birds and lifeforms in the ice, deep in water and in hot springs. The range of good and bad creatures, friend, and foe, altruistic and vicious is an amazing often frightening aspect of the justice and unjust nature of evolution process.

One thing became accurately clear that a ‘God Creator’ invented by religions has never existed and does not exist. This does not make me an atheist, because atheism is a wanderer that cannot make up its mind whether it believes in ‘Freedom Values’ or ‘Totalitarianism’ like idiot Marxism i.e., Socialism and Communism, Plato (427-347 BCE) ‘The Republic’ or Thomas More (1478-1535 CE) ‘Utopia’ which was an early boring form of ‘Communism’. There is no place for ‘Totalitarianism’. As I studied Philosophy and Belief Systems around the globe, past and present, I learned that ‘Channelling’ works and thus I asked the eternal question which science cannot answer, “Where do all ideas come from?” I learned that a ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ does exist, and that God is only a spiritual communication power and has no physical powers. Thus, I wrote ‘My God’.

Organised religion is coming to an end through evolution process of higher knowledge evolving to enlightenment moving towards ascension. And that eternal life exists in the spiritual dimension. To learn more read my collected records. Thus, I identified the existence of the most advanced intelligence in the world, I called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007.

Now evolutionary science is constantly discovering more… stay alert and defend your right to live free in speech, choice and equality and respect every person’s right to the same freedom privilege.

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