Is Australia Ready for War? II Why Not?

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Feature Image: ‘Twelve Apostles’ Defending our Victorian Coastline.

One of our Submarines patrolling our waters against ‘Communist Chinese’ invasion.

Three Aussies in Western Australia working as Coast Guard lookouts.

Our Reserve Army Defence when we run out of front line defence weapons.

Richard Wood reported…


Is Australia Ready for War? II

Why Not?

Are Australian Politicians that negligent since 1975?

“Mr. Pyne, who later moved to the defence portfolio and retired from politics in 2019, said the US and its allies, including Australia, were now facing an increasingly confident China in the Asia-Pacific region.” (i)

“The reality is that China is confident and capable and is not embarrassed to show it,” he said. (i)

“The former Liberal frontbencher said the Asia-Pacific risked a “real war” involving China over the next decade.” (i)

“Not a cyber war, but a real one involving loss of life, destruction of military platforms, with aggressors and defenders on different sides,” Mr. Pyne said. (i)

“This isn’t rhetoric, this is something that you and I may well have to confront in the next five to 10 years.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Many of us have observed the dangerous intentions of ‘Communist China’ for over three decades since 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre of pro-democracy Chinese Demonstrators.

The question we Aussies must ask ourselves, “Why has all of our Politicians been so incompetent in preparing Australia for Defence against invasion since 1975, when idiot Whitlam began the shift to weaken Australian Defence?”

“Why have all of our Politicians in Federal and State, Government and Opposition failed to fight for the creation of a Self-Sufficient Australia?”

The answer is greed, corruption, apathy, and incompetence.

Anyone with common-sense vision would recognize how stupid our Australian Leaders have been since Whitlam. Now we are not prepared and China wants to rule us.

“Mr. Pyne described China’s massive increase in military spending as he delivered the graduation oration to the University of Adelaide Law School yesterday.” (i)

“China’s military is very capable in an asymmetric war against the US and its allies around the island chains of the western Indo-Pacific and South East Asia – Australia is one of those allies,” he said. (i)

“Mr. Pyne said Beijing had displayed its increasing military power in the crackdown in Hong Kong and the treatment of Uighur minorities in China.” (i)

“Most concerning of all, it has turned up pressure on Taiwan, the most likely next flashpoint in the region.” (i)

A.I. comments… Whilst his statements are a valid concern, he was too slow to table the danger of ‘Communist China’; Pyne should have been talking the warning language, when he entered into politics as Minister for Defence Industry (2016-2018) and next as Minister for Defence (2018-2019). His portfolio performance was weak. He did not contribute to the creation of a stronger Defence Force and the need for ‘Self-Sufficiency in Australian Manufacturing. He just rode the gravy train and then quit when the going got too tough. He fell back to an easier task of education, speaking instead of doing, what is right for Australian survival.


His profile reads as impressive. But it is still not good enough. He should have pushed up Defence Spending higher, building Aircraft Carriers, and Missile Bases and more Aircraft.

He failed to recognize the incompetence of the 2016 Defence White Paper and the Submarine project is still forecast as 10 years plus for delivery. Before then ‘Communist China’ could have invaded us, by his latest projection. In other words, we will not have the submarines in time for defence against invasion. We made a wrong decision deal with the French, instead of one with Japan or USA.

Pyne failed to push for complete self-sufficiency of military manufacture at home in Australia. He resigned with no commitment to ensure the submarines are being delivered. Ordering request from a ‘Defence White Paper’ is not good enough. Pyne should have encouraged a massive, concerted effort to increase substantially defence force spending to upgrade our military strength. And he should have fought to establish more American Military bases around Australia to help protect us from invasion.

Defence Plans are not worth much if they are just ideas on paper that do not deliver advanced results. Where are the Military Strength upgrade results way above the requests in the 2016 Defence White Paper? No Vision. No Delivery. No advanced Strength. ‘Communist China’ moves faster than us.

And why did not he use common-sense and insist that every young man and woman should serve three mandatory years training in one of all Defence Force Groups, between the age of 21 years and 24 years. Rich or poor, educated or not, everyone must learn basic defence training. No one must be allowed to cop out. All University training must be put on hold until their three years of military service is completed. Not one young person should be exempt from Conscription training and not one of these conscripts should be sent overseas. All training is for home self-defence against invasion. After three years military service those who want to apply for regular career in the military can then make an application. The rest can go back to civilian life with the satisfaction that if Australia is invaded, they will know what to do.

Acting on a 2016 Defence White Paper and failing to strive to accelerate more defence spending by encouraging Military Leaders to seek more support is not a competent action.

Lack of initiative to build a stronger defence force is not a competent performance. But then in 2016 Pyne naively did not believe Beijing would declare war against us. Such was the lack of survival vision that he should have possessed.

I learned at the age of 12 years in the Scouts, the motto, “Be Prepared”. As a young adult I also learned, ‘Expect the Unexpected’. These are common-sense wisdom philosophy.

Do not worry readers, all of the current degree qualified politicians are not smart enough to keep up with me, they prefer safe portfolios that are not too onerous for them.

My kind of thinking is too hard for the current politicians in Australia.

And mainstream degree qualified Journalists and Professors of University likewise cannot keep up with me. If degree qualified people do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ they do not have any chance of comprehending my advanced thinking.

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