Vladimir Putin gains Lifetime control of Russia, creating a New ‘Totalitarian Russia’ i.e., ‘Putin Russia’.

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Will USA and ‘Putin Russia’ continue to be friends? Not likely because Vladimir Putin has chosen to be an ally of ‘Communist China’ and North Korea.

Will USA and Xi Jinping Beijing ‘Communist China’ ever be friends? Not likely, because USA stands for ‘Liberty Values’ and ‘Communist China’ stands for anti-freedom values.

As I have written in the past. China and ‘Putin Russia’ are allies now, but when ‘Communist China’ achieves its ambition of becoming a global ‘Superpower’ it will rise against Russia and Beijing’s black anti-freedom Nation will seek to conquer Russia and oppress its flag.

The dumbest move Putin can make is to support ‘Communist China’ in preference to the United States of America.

Vladimir Putin gains Lifetime control of Russia, creating a New ‘Totalitarian Russia’ i.e., ‘Putin Russia’.

Disturbing news reaches out as a warning to the ‘Free World’. Sam Clench posted on the 6th, April 2021 the following headline, ‘Vladimir Putin signs law letting him stay in office until 2036’. (i)

His subtitle also jumps off the table in bold, yes highlighted bold, also emphasizes the bold grab for power by Putin.

‘Russia’s autocratic President Vladimir Putin has tightened his grip on power further after signing a new law to keep himself in office.’ (i)

(i) https://www.news.com.au/world/vladimir-putin-signs-law-letting-him-stay-in-office-until-2036/news-story/ac5a71ee6fcceb6a4c9b7eb7e6b7b72e#.f0opx

Allan Ivarsson comments… Clearly, the Russian Constitution and Laws are weak and neglected, which allowed a Dictator to gain control of a Nation, void of opposition, the return of ‘Communism’ from the Soviet Union to ‘Putin Russia’ is now evolving.

“As the first writer in the world to do so, I started calling ‘Russia’ ‘Putin Russia’ because his Russia has slid backwards towards ‘Soviet Union’ mentality, reducing ‘Freedom Values’ of the people, ignoring the previous years agreed U.N. reduction of Nuclear Weapons. The danger of a ‘Nuclear Winter’ is increasing.”

After Putin’s death another Despot like Stalin could grab power using the politics of a weak Russian Constitution and its associated laws.

Why would Russians be happy with Putin’s power grab? Why cannot they see the danger?

“The law sets a two-term limit on the presidency, but it also resets Mr. Putin’s record so that his four terms to date do not count. Therefore, he can run twice more once his current term ends in 2024.” (i)

“The new law also lengthens presidential terms from four years to six.” (i)

A.I. comments… Referendum approved by the people? Just implemented by Putin because Russian Law is weak in protection of the people’s right to live free.

“Mr. Putin first became president in 2000, then switched to the role of Prime Minister in 2008 before returning to the Presidency in 2012.” (i)

It is recorded on the Internet that Russia is a ‘Federal Presidential Republic’. “The executive power is split between the President and the Prime Minister, but the President is the dominant figure.” [A.I. comments… This political structure suggests that Putin was unchallenged by his dominate seat power. It also suggests that the Prime Minister in Russia is like the Vice-President in USA, powerless until the President stands down or is ill.]

The legislature is represented by the ‘Federal Assembly of Russia’, a 628-member parliament. It has two chambers: the 450-member ‘State Duma’ – the lower house and the 178-member ‘Federation Council’ – the upper house.” [A.I. comments… It seems like a toothless parliament if it approves of Putin signing a new law to keep himself in power for life. Such a weak Parliament makes the ‘Freedom Values’ of Russia vulnerable to a Despot takeover after the death of Putin. There is something fundamentally wrong with Russian Society if they cheer such a totalitarian decision by Putin.]

“Russia’s legislative body was established by the Constitution approved in the December 1993 referendum.” [A.I. comments… several amendments were made to the Russian Constitution, in 2008, 2014, 2020. The decisions made need closer study, but it suggests that the President had a dominate authority to make those changes. There was a Referendum from 25th, June 2020 to 1st, July 2020. A Nationwide vote took place, 78% of voters voting in favour of amendments, with a turnout of 65% of population voting according to official records. The people who voted did not propose those amendments they simply decided whether they agreed with the proposed changes. Politicians are not duty bound to do what the people voted for, they can simply use the votes as a guide of public opinion and then do their own decision about wording changes to the Constitution. Thus, the danger of totalitarian decisions exist even with the wording of the Russian Constitution. Is Russia a true Democracy? Not in its current political structure and strategy.]

Mr. Putin, who is 68 years old, could now remain leader for even longer than 20th century dictator Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union for more than two decades until his death in 1953.” (i)

A.I. comments… The problem with Putin’s grab for power is that it is not relevant whether he is a benevolent dictator or not. After his death, this precedent behaviour would encourage another despot to seize power, like evil Stalin.

The history of Monarchs is no different to Communist leaders for every benevolent dictator, hundreds of uncaring self-centred despots follow.

“The legislation formalizes changes to Russia’s constitution, which got public approval in a national plebiscite last year. Election monitors said the week-long plebiscite was tainted by pressure on voters, propaganda, a lack of opposition and a lack of transparency.” (i)

A.I. comments… This report tables the use of the wrong word. The vote was not a Plebiscite, it was a referendum. The results of a plebiscite, an opinion vote, does not have to be acted upon. A Referendum is related to the Constitution, a polling vote, which says yes or no to changes to the constitution.

In Ancient Roman law, a Plebiscite was used to gain public opinion. Australia uses the same method.

“There was a Referendum from 25th, June 2020 to 1st, July 2020. A Nationwide vote took place, 78% of voters voting in favour of amendments, with a turnout of 65% of population voting according to official records.” (i)

Only 65% of the population voted, which means that not all the people voted. And of that vote only 78% voted in favour of Constitution changes which gave Putin absolute power to stay in power for life. Knowing human nature, we can safely discern that 50% of the people that voted yes, did so by ignorance, not understanding the anti-freedom constitution change impact upon their lives. And we can safely discern that a large percentage of people were motivated by misinformation populism, not comprehending the danger of totalitarian absolute power control by one ruler. And no doubt many people were afraid to vote against the Constitution change. In reality, they should be more afraid of losing their right to live free.

It is obvious that Putin had already made his decision to seize power and that he used the ‘Referendum’ as a ploy stunt to stop any hindrance from preventing his grab for power.

“Mr. Putin has argued that resetting his term count will prevent other politicians from “darting their eyes in search for possible successors.” (i)

A.I. comments… Putin’s argument for grabbing power is a false knowledge statement. Democracy works on the essential principle that successors can be voted in by the people. And his fear of being replaced reflects his own cowardice to accept the people’s decision.

It was reported that lawyer Alexei Navalny an anti-corruption activist, was a political opposition figure who was imprisoned in January after returning to the country. The story says that he recovered months after being poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent. It is believed by US intelligence that he was poisoned by Russian intelligence. Thus, corruption thrives in Russian political circles.

Alexei Navalny was founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). He is the leader of the ‘Russia of the Future’ Party, he was also a ‘Russian Opposition Coordination Council’ member. Vladimir Putin fears him most and avoids tabling his name in political discussions.

Navalny’s belief system needs study to identify the character of this man. But one thing is clear, Putin’s grab for power is unethical and is anti-freedom totalitarian behaviour, and that is not acceptable in a good decent society that strives for justice and doing the right thing by the people.

The tactic of Russians using chemical weapons to poison a political opponent striving to silence them is an evil act of dishonour and must be condemned by all decent folk.

He is still serving in prison and that is where Putin wants him to stay. Putin fears being challenged by opposition.

So why am I an Australian professional ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ writer concerned with ‘Putin Russia’? Because any man that supports Marxist Communist doctrine is an enemy of ‘Liberty Values’ and Vladimir Putin does support ‘Communist China’ and ‘North Korea’ as an ally and that fact makes him dangerous to the Russian People and all other Nations that value freedom and cherish democracy.

As every common-sense person knows, every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ must be challenged. Thus, Vladimir Putin cannot be trusted, not now, not ever.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

‘Totalitarianism’ is now fighting to takeover control of the United Nations and the World.

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