Australia is Duty-Bound to Cancel the 2015 Port of Darwin lease with ‘Communist China’.

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Throwing a Net in Darwin will not stop Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades from fighting to gain control of Australia. The only solution is to become tougher than the Chinese Communists by cancelling all ‘Trade’ and all Property Ownership Deals and focus on building a stronger military strength with the support of USA & Japan.

Xi Jinping is persistently striving to bully us, Jinping is a coward that hides behind the protection of his own military regime and does not care about all the Chinese citizens that value ‘Freedom Values’.

Do not ever submit to the whinging tantrums of coward dictator Xi Jinping and his evil ‘Communist Comrades’. Dump ‘Global Times’ a deceitful Chinese Newspaper with the contempt it deserves. Toughen up Australians and all Allies. Be ready to fight full force. Do not wait until we are attacked. Get ready now, he who hesitates is lost. Expect the unexpected. And be willing to destroy Beijing head-on. Do not listen to incompetent weak minds like Malaysian Australian ‘Penny Wong’.

Australia is Duty-Bound to Cancel the 2015 Port of Darwin lease with ‘Communist China’.


The Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press reports, ‘How Australia could take the Port of Darwin back from Chinese hands after the controversial Belt and Road deal was scrapped.’ By Aidan Wondracz, dated 26th, April 2021. (i)

“Marise Payne could tear up a 100-year lease between the Port of Darwin and China after the foreign minister sunk Victoria’s Belt and Road initiative last week.” (i)

“The Northern Territory Government signed a 99-year lease for the Port of Darwin to a Chinese-owned company in 2015.” (i)

“Defence minister Peter Dutton said on Sunday it was just one of the thousands of leases with overseas companies that Ms. Payne was examining. (i)

“There are literally thousands of these cases to look at and the Foreign Affairs Minister is working through all of that,” he said. [Dutton.] (i)

“I am not pre-empting or suggesting that she’s looking at it. I think it is a question for Marise to look at these individual cases. If it is not in our national interests, then obviously she will act.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is good news; the Federal Government is starting to think about protection of Australia’s national interests. How well they do the job is a big question mark that the public probably will never get to view the performance result. Thorough checking of all ‘Communist China’ deals is absolutely essential. The invasive bully aggression of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades must be rejected, backed by zero tolerance of his harassment threats.

The concern is that there are thousands of cases to look at. This objective sounds too onerous for one person to successfully review all leases for decision. How did we create a situation where thousands of leases need checking? This suggests high levels of incompetence in past decision-making process. By whom? State Governments?

These lease concerns need to be sorted into one Nation groups. Starting with ‘Communist China’, we need to give priority to resolving every lease and property purchase by Chinese Companies that report directly to Beijing. All business deals with ‘Communist China’ must be cancelled.

Honourable people never cancel a deal except when corruption is revealed. In the case of ‘Communist China’, Xi Jinping Beijing has proven they have no honour when they cancelled in 2020 ‘Free Trade Agreement’ deals founded by commitment in 2015 signature. Thus, by Xi Jinping reneging behaviour in an act of dishonour, we Aussies do not owe the corrupt shifting thinking and behaviour of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades any loyalty in deal-breaking response.

Xi Jinping Beijing betrayed us to force Australia to panic and submit to the demands of ‘Communist China’. Beijing wants complete control of Australia and wants us to reject our alliance with America and all of our Friend Nations that value Democracy and Freedom Values as Priority One. There is no place for the rule of anti-freedom Marxism, Communism and Socialism in our National Heritage.

All State Governments in Australia need to be reprimanded for doing business deals with ‘Communist China’ that are clearly not in the national interests of Australians.

“On Wednesday, Ms. Payne announced the decision to tear up Victoria’s ‘Belt and Road’ deal with China, saying it wasn’t in Australia’s national interest.” (i)

A.I. comments… About time, every country that signs ‘Belt and Road’ deals with China is being played by China, who is using the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ invented by Chinese Communists, to infiltrate countries and gain control of the economics and property of those Nations, thereby giving ‘Communist China’ the opportunity to increase its control of all the people of that Nation.

It is time for every country including Papua New Guinea to cancel all ‘Belt and Road’ deals. A leader is thick as a brick if they refuse to close down all ‘Belt and Road’ deals with Beijing ‘Communist China.’

“The decision ended a long battle between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over the $1.5 trillion Chinese-funded infrastructure project.” (i)

A.I. comments… Daniel Andrews is a Marxist Socialist which is why he chose to betray Australians by becoming a close buddy with Marxist Communist Beijing. He sold Australia out for the income investment of $1.5 trillion.

“In December, the Federal Government passed a law allowing it to torpedo deals between individual states and foreign powers.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is about time a Federal Government made the important initiative of striving to control what incompetent State Premiers have been doing. There has been too many deal-breaker negotiations with Beijing ‘Communist China’ giving them power control over Australian interests. The incompetence of many of our State Premiers selling us out to ‘Communist China’ must be identified. And the people need to wake up and recognize the dangerous stupidity of those Premiers who have agreed to business political deals with Beijing.

Never vote for a Politician that supports anti-freedom Marxist Communism and anti-freedom Marxist Socialism and anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

“In addition to two deals related to the trade agreement with China, Ms. Payne has also canned a scientific cooperation agreement between Victoria and Syria, and educational cooperation deal between Victoria and Iran.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus, we learn more about the treasonous behaviour of Socialist Daniel Andrews, choosing to do deals with ‘Totalitarian Governments’ like China, Iran and Syria.

“I consider these four arrangements to be inconsistent with Australia’s foreign policy or adverse to our foreign relations,” Ms. Payne said.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus, did Ms. Payne speak the truth.

Beijing has been ruthlessly truthful in their agenda goals; they intend to invade democratic Taiwan and retake Taiwan. Problem is the Communists are lying, they never owned Taiwan. Communism came to power in 1949 led by evil Mao. And previous history of Taiwan floats back into the 19th Century when people in Taiwan treasured freedom values and the ideology of ‘Liberty founded Government’.

Yes, there are valid concerns that Beijing will trigger war by its determination to oppress Taiwan and force the people to submit to the despot dictatorship of Marxist Communism.

We of the ‘Free World’ must not ever tolerate the invasion of Taiwan. If we do nothing ‘Communist China’ will attack us next, country by country. Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades want ownership and control of the entire South Pacific and South Asia. Beijing is greedy for money and power and we have no choice but to fight back in a battle to the death.

If the Chinese Communists attack Taiwan we must all attack China before they come next to gore us. True, no one wants war, in the ‘Free World’ but the truth is that Communist Beijing does not care, they want war to rule us all.

If Xi Jinping starts a war then Beijing must be destroyed and all Communist Military Bases must be wiped out in a First Strike. Never give an inch when fighting ‘Communism’. They will not give us any quarter.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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