Taiwan will fight to the very last day if attacked by China.

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Taiwan will fight to the very last day if attacked by China.

This courageous conviction fighting to the end, in a last stand, reminds me of the Americans that fought to the death in the Alamo and the Australians that fought to the death on the Kokoda Trail and the 300 Spartans that fought to the death at the Battle of Thermopylae.

‘Lest We Forget’.

“China claims Taiwan as its own territory to be won over peacefully or by force.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Such is the dictatorship deceitful statement made by President Xi Jinping Beijing about their claim that they the ‘Communist Chinese Government’ own Taiwan.

Xi Jinping hides behind the protection forces of his military forces. He will never fight in combat defending his ideas to the death. He is by character a coward without honour.

People like the Taiwanese who value their right to live free, will fight to the death to fight for freedom, whereas Xi Jinping will only send others to fight for his despot claim to rule others, without risking his own life in frontline combat. Respect a coward like Xi Jinping? Never!

During the Communist started civil war in 1949 lead by evil Mao Zedong, the Taiwanese rejected anti-freedom Communism and stopped the evil dictatorship of Marxist Communism to take control of their island. Thus, Taiwan built its country into a free happy peaceful nation. And now after 70 years of freedom, Gangster Xi Jinping wants to invade Taiwan and force the 24 million people to give up their right to live free and submit to the despotic government of Beijing.

If ‘Communist China’ invades Taiwan then the USA who has the weapons power, in the name of protection and preservation of ‘Liberty Values’, is duty bound to destroy the city of Beijing and destroy all Military Bases that are involved in attacking Taiwan.

Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, and India are duty bound to support USA against ‘Communist China’. The ally war cry must be, “No hesitation to fight!” We must use full aggressive force to shut down Beijing ‘Communist Dictatorship’ and free the good Chinese people forever.

In a war with ‘Communist China’ there is no room for procrastination, we that value our right to live free must fight to the death.

Never forget that if ‘Communist China’ conquers Taiwan, Beijing will turn its attention to goring other countries. And the first country targets will be the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Taiwan’s foreign minister said the island will defend itself “to the very last day” if attacked by China.” (i)

(i) https://www.9news.com.au/world/taiwan-will-fight-to-the-very-last-day-if-china-attacks/44e108f6-b655-4be8-9d62-6452cd789db1?

We Aussies must make the same statement as the Taiwanese; we shall defend Australia “to the very last day” if attacked by China.

‘Communist China’ has been regularly flying warplanes into Taiwan’s ‘Air Defence Identification Zone’ to intimidate and harass the Taiwanese people with bully threat tactics. In addition, aircraft carrier group exercises have been deliberately located near Taiwan to threaten the Taiwanese people by fear into submission to Xi Jinping demands.

“China does not recognize Taiwan’s democratically elected government, and leader Xi Jinping has said “Unification” between the sides cannot be put off indefinitely.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping Beijing lied. This deceitful ‘Unification’ claim is not about bringing together a ‘One Nation of Freedom’. It is about destroying Taiwanese Freedom and enforcing Marxist Communism down the throats of the survivors and cruelly executing every person that stands strong for ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom Values’.

Xi Jinping is a very dishonourable man. In short, his gangster style dictatorship demands makes him to be an evil insidious creep.

Never forget the mass murder of good Chinese people who were pro-democracy and pro-freedom at Tiananmen Square 1989, by the evil Beijing ‘Communist Government’.

The Communist Party Government still forbids people to discuss the Tiananmen Massacre and persistently strives to censor all discussion and information about the massacre, to hide the truth from new generations of Chinese people. Hundreds of freedom activist people were cruelly murdered in Tiananmen Square, thousands died in surrounding regions, all controversial films, books, and newspapers are banned about this subject by Beijing.

This ban is no different to the ban of information when Tibet was invaded by Gangster Mao in 1950 and over a million Tibetans have been cruelly murdered by ‘Communist China’. And still the Communists are childishly offended if anyone challenges their deliberate cover-up of these genocide mass killings.

Evil Mao Displayed image in Tiananmen Square.

Anti-Freedom Communist Creep Mao Zedong

  • (ii) Source of Tiananmen Summary is….


“The 1989 Tiananmen Movement, known as ‘June Fourth’ (Liu Si) was a nationwide nonviolent citizens’ movement calling for reforms in China” (ii)

A.I. comments… The ahimsa Chinese citizens were oppressed by the evil violence of ‘Communist Chinese’. The subsequent military violent enforcement became a massacre using combat military weapons against unarmed peaceful citizens. Such is the ‘Coward Character’ of ‘Communist Leaders’. This massacre stepped outside of Beijing into other rural locations where people in unity fought for freedom reform. Thus, the cowardice of the ‘Communists’ became a truthful reality and even today the cowardice of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist comrades still rules threatening violent force against any person that has the courage to challenge their insidious thinking and behaviour.

For that reason, the hundreds who were cruelly executed became thousands because the Communist oppression spread around the countryside.

“The movement ended on June 4 when the Chinese government deployed over 200,000 soldiers, equipped with tanks and machine guns, to crack down on what the regime called a “counterrevolutionary riot”. (ii)

“The general secretary of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] at the time, Zhao Ziyang, who refused to order the crackdown, was dismissed and lived under house arrest until his death in 2005. General Xu Qinxian, commander of the 38th Army of the People’s Liberation Army, who refused to participate in the crackdown, was court martialed, imprisoned for five years, and expelled from the CCP.” (ii)

“Immediately after the crackdown, the government carried out mass arrests and purges throughout the country.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Thousands of good peaceful unarmed Chinese were murdered by Communism. In 2005 when Zhao Ziyang died, denied the right to live free by ‘Communists’, I was busy getting organised for the delivery to the world of the most advanced intelligence in the world, which I called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007. A dynamic intelligence which rejects every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ including ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ and Marxism, Socialism and Communism.

I completed the First Stage of my work by 2017 and published a book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ on the 25th, June 2017, ten years after I coined the name P.I. Since 2017, I have continued to expand my work motivated by ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ accompanied by ‘Cosmic Law’ which I identified exists in 1981, first referenced in my true story ‘Red Light’.

“The Tiananmen Mothers are prohibited from openly mourning family members who died in the massacre, and exiles are prohibited from returning home, even for a parent’s funeral.” (ii)

And Gangster Xi Jinping approves of silencing all talk tabling the truth about the 1989 ‘Tiananmen Massacre’. And approves of denying the right of mothers to mourn their family members, men, and women, who were murdered because they had the courage to stand for freedom values. Such is the cowardice of Xi Jinping.

Chen Yunfei, a student at ‘Beijing Agricultural University’ in 1989, was arrested after visiting the grave of a Tiananmen victim in 2015 and was detained for two years without trial, he was sentenced to four years of imprisonment in 2017.” (ii) [The year I published ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.]

Such is the bully oppressive dictatorship of ‘Communist China’.

Karl Marx was an evil man and all despots that rule by Marxist Ideology are evil men and women.

“… the students themselves called their movement a “Patriotic Democracy Movement” (Aiguo minzhu yundong). They were mainly hoping the regime would transform itself from within and not seek a radical regime change. The actions by intellectuals and students in 1989 were rooted in the Chinese tradition of Confucian dissent — helping the rulers to improve but not seeking to overthrow them. Sinologist Perry Link observes that a “worrying mentality” was pervasive among Chinese intellectuals in the 1980’s. “Those who work to improve society, whether they succeed or not, represent the courageous ideal of the Chinese intellectual in its purest form.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Whilst the Philosophy of ‘Confucian dissent’ is a good honourable objective, such ideals only work in a society founded upon ‘Democratic Freedom Values’. The intolerant ruthless belief system of Marxist Communism is founded upon a commitment to oppress and destroy all ideas which threaten the dismantling of Marxist Dictatorship. The tragedy that followed by the massacre execution of good peaceful freedom loving Chinese people is a forecastable consequence of the evil authoritarian nature and character of Marxist Communism.

Sadly, as expected, the idealist Chinese people failed to achieve change and establish a better society because the evil regime they were trying to encourage to change their political dictatorship philosophy viciously refused to listen to the people and were focused on response of oppressing all opposition by ruthless violent force. Even today in 2021 the Communist Government of China, does not care about the Chinese people and what they want and need. There is only one way to ever stop ‘Communism’ and that is by the use of armed violent force. Peaceful methods will never work with ‘Communists’ they only understand counter-violence. Those like Xi Jinping who thrive on the ‘Habit of War’ must be executed to free people from the rule of despotic oppression. There is no place for Marxism in a good wholesome decent society.

If ‘Communist China’ launches war with ‘Liberty Founded Nations’ then all allies that stand for freedom must not only counter-fight by war activity in defence against the Chinese Communists, but they must also help all the Chinese people that want to live free in a Pro-Democracy society by helping them, with supplies of weapons to defeat tyranny from within by revolution for independence i.e., guerrilla’s combat against Communist Forces. Remember, out of a population of 1.4 billion Chinese people only 92 million are Communists in 2021.

“The iconic image of the Tiananmen Movement, the “Tank Man,” who stood in front of a column of tanks on June 5, became a symbol of the power of the powerless. The spirit of the Tiananmen Movement inspired citizens around the world, including those in Eastern Europe in late 1989, to confront and overthrow their respective Communist dictatorships and to set out on a democratic path.” (ii)

“Many Tiananmen veterans, both at home and abroad, have continued efforts to promote change in China, often in the face of political pressures and at high cost.” (ii)

“Among them is the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, who died in 2017 while serving eleven years in prison. The Tiananmen Massacre and its aftermath are also a reminder to world leaders that the “Tiananmen solution,” using guns and tanks against unarmed citizens — even if it achieves short-term stability and preserves the power of the ruling elite — is never a lasting solution to problems of social and economic justice and governance.” (ii)

“June 4 as a watershed epitomizes the relationship between history and memory, power and politics, and intellectual freedom and human rights in the Chinese context. Indeed, it is not possible to understand today’s China and its relationship with the world without understanding the spring of 1989.” (ii)

Communists are not listening they don’t care just like evil Karl Marx did not care.


This paper should be mandatory reading in every High School to reveal the danger of anti-freedom Communism. (ii) #

# Click Here to Read

A ban was placed by Xi Jinping and his Communist comrades on import of Norwegian salmon simply because a Chinese rebel Liu Xiaobo that rejects Communism and defends democracy as a campaigner won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 2010. He was denied by China to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. L.X. sadly died at the age of 61 years from liver cancer in 2017. He spent a quarter of his life behind bars in China for being an activist for freedom. Liu Xiaobo was a writer and political commentator and a non-violent activist against Communism- he courageously fought for freedom values. (iii) & (iv)

Wikipedia recorded… “Liu’s writing is considered subversive by the Communist Party of China, and his name is censored. He called for multi-party elections and free markets, advocated the values of freedom, supported separation of powers, and urged the governments to be accountable for its wrongdoings. When not in prison, he was the subject of government monitoring and he was also put under house arrest during times that the government considered politically sensitive.” (iii) & (iv)

(iii) https://allanivarsson.com/2020/06/08/support-cold-war-with-communist-china-but-not-against-traditional-china-itself-that-wants-to-live-free/


His story is amazing and needs more reading. (iv)

Imagine how great trading with China would be if the people lived free under democracy, void of the tyranny of Communism. (iv)

As we move along into history it is easy to understand coward tyrants like Xi Jinping who are afraid of Liu Xiaobo’s ideas because he stood for ‘Freedom’ which is a far stronger belief system than the tyranny of Communism that thrives on the oppression of others and relies on the misguided courage of supporters to do the fighting on behalf of their coward leaders. (iv)

History will always remember Liu Xiaobo as being a great far better superior in thinking man, than Xi Jinping who by his enforcement of tyranny is no better than a Gangster and shall in the end be forgotten as a bad memory that has no place in the lives of people that value their right to live free. (iv)

(iv) https://allanivarsson.com/2020/06/06/communist-chinas-dangerous-cold-war-threatening-australia/

Allan Ivarsson 2020 (iii) & (iv)

A.I. comments…When Communists are nice to the Taiwanese people and for that matter to any business trading person in any country… be careful, never trust them. They will smile and be friendly until it suits them to stab you in the back. Communists are like scorpions its in their nature to kill when it suits their needs.

All threats by ‘Communist China’s strategic tactics must be treated with grave concern. Expect the unexpected ‘Communist Beijing cannot be trusted.

Beijing is determined under the leadership of Xi Jinping to increase persistently its activity to strengthen its military capabilities so that Beijing can rule the world as the dominant totalitarian superpower. If Beijing achieves this objective, they will not need allies like ‘Putin Russia’ and North Korea, they will rule these countries as well. And the United Nations will be abolished because every country will report to Beijing.

Don’t think it can happen? It may not if everyone stands up strong against Communist Beijing, but if you hide in apathy, you will be conquered by ‘Communist China’.

China lies when it claims that new naval drills are meant to help Taiwan safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests. Anyone with any common-sense intelligence knows that Beijing is only interested in dictatorship control of Taiwan.

Taiwan values its seventy years plus freedom and independence and genuinely does not want to be oppressed by the anti-freedom dictatorship of Communist Beijing.

Wu summed it up well, “We are willing to defend ourselves, that’s without any question. We will fight a war if we need to fight a war, and if we need to defend ourselves to the very last day, then we will defend ourselves to the very last day.” (i)

Xi Jinping and Beijing Communist Comrades do not care about the Taiwanese people. They want to convert Taiwan into a Military Naval Based backed by Nuclear Missile Capability.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Postscript Extracts of Tiananmen Square Massacre

Read extracts below then read the entire paper

The Communist Government refused to talk to the students seeking a discussion, wanting ‘Free Speech’ and Democratic Elections.

The Beginning of People’s Request to Government for Discussion with Students.

The authorities, expecting that those under their rule would be compliant and loyal, felt insulted. The students in turn felt humiliated by the leadership’s reluctance to talk to them.” (ii)

A.I. comments… ‘Communists’ are always insulted by questions and challenges by the people and by overseas countries. The very nature of anti-freedom Communism demands that everyone obeys their laws and instructions without question, such is the immature vanity of Communists.

The good young Chinese students inexperienced in philosophy did not understand the true character of ‘Communist Doctrine’ as taught in the ‘Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx.

In the weeks ahead the Communist Authorities chose to cruelly persecute the Students and Workers who using ahimsa methods simply sought discussion with Beijing.

The Black Dragon is known for its power and vengeance and is often connected to storms and is a truthful colour, identifying the character of ‘Communists’, like those who murdered innocent people in Tiananmen Massacre 1989. The red with black is not the flame of fortune, it is the flame of hell, misery, and suffering, as always delivered by Marxist Communism.

Absolute evil thinking and behaviour by Communists…

Fang lost his legs helping save the life of a female schoolmate. She betrayed him by cowardice, refusing to support him by telling the truth. Such is the betrayal nature of cowards.

Be careful who you call friend.

The next history extract reveals how insidious ‘Communist Leaders’ are in persecuting people, including even the media. Hence by this history, it is accurately clear that all existing Chinese newspapers, like ‘Global Times’ have been approved by the Chinese Communist Government in Beijing because they specialize in propaganda deceit. The truth is denied. The outside world and the people of China who are not Communist are constantly lied to and the truth is hidden from the world.

Such is the evil of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades.

The propaganda ‘Global Times’ deliberately lied when it claimed that “Chinese society has reached a consensus on not debating the 1989 incident.”

Even today in 2021 millions of Chinese are not happy with the oppression of ‘Communism’ and want a freedom of speech pro-democracy government. The gangster nature of ‘Communist Regime’ will never let the unarmed freedom loving Chinese people live free from the rule of Communist Dictatorship.

The Chinese people will always remember the sound of machineguns fired ruthlessly into crowds of people, men and women and children. And the screams of people in 1989 being deliberately run over by tanks, as instructed by the Communist Regime Government.

Even today in 2021 Xi Jinping is okay with this cruel Tiananmen Massacre, after all the peaceful non-violent Chinese young and old were only seeking a fair discussion of need for changes to support the rights of the people.

Xi Jinping does not care. The people may have been non-violent and unarmed, but as far as he is concerned, they were dissidents and were enemies of the ‘Communist Government’ and they got what they deserved. If history of the people’s discontent walked again requesting a discussion, they would still get the same response… cruel execution.

The ‘Free World’ must unite and reject ‘Communist China’ Beijing with the contempt these Communists deserve. No Quarter!

Allan Ivarsson makes no apology for his tough cosmic philosophy when dealing with anti-freedom Marxists.

This is some of the Music and the People that Xi Jinping wants to kill by invading Taiwan and eliminating its Democratic Freedom.

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