Beijing’s Mission to Rule Africa

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This objective will impact upon every Nation more than people realize. Do not be foolish and become complacent.

Feature Image: African Child wants to live Free.

How will these African Bushpeople cope with the Chinese Rule of Dictatorship Communism?

Western World figure out how Beijing will rule Africa by investment in Military Bases.

Already Beijing has a military base located at the mouth of the Red Sea adjacent to The Gulf of Aden, on the west side of Djibouti City, adjacent to Yemen near Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Somalia, not far from Iran, within missile distance.

If people cannot figure out Beijing’s agenda, they are not too bright. Pin the tale on the Donkey of those that refuse to open their eyes and observe the expanding strategy of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades to establish control points Military Bases around the World to support ‘Communist China’s mission to rule Earth on Land and Sea and to rule Space above, including Satellite control and all Communication and Energy systems including food and water supplies.

Hello Politicians, calmly wake up and get your act together and be defensive ready to stop Communist Beijing’s plan to rule the world as a dictatorship Superpower.

Below is the complete view of the Map. Above is my comments on Facebook to friends and family.


Beijing’s Mission to Rule Africa

This objective will impact upon every Nation more than people realize. Do not be foolish and become complacent.

Beijing’s Mission is not about helping African people climb out of poverty and suffering, it is about building a strategy of oppression of the African people by establishing Military Bases, Air, Army and Navy to control entire African Continent.

More proof of China’s aggressive bid to conquer the world, bounced off the page in a report by Chris Pleasance on 8th May 2021, titled, ‘China’s African take-over: Beijing has built infrastructure, lent billions and located its first overseas military base there – now top US general warns they want to build an Atlantic naval base.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… But before we take a step forward, let’s take a step back and look at the stupidity of Aussie Politicians and other degree qualified people who have since the 2015 Trade Deal justified trade with ‘Communist China’, which they claimed have helped millions of Chinese out of poverty. That claim by inferior thinking Aussies, as I have said in the past is a lie. The 92 million Communists have become richer but the rest of the 1.4 billion Chinese people still live-in poverty. Most of whom reject Communism and are pro-democracy and pro-freedom and are also poor for their entire life.

I have even read comments by members of the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs), one of Australia’s most intelligent organisations in Australia make the same wrong thinking claim, in the past that the 2015 Free Trade Deal justified trade with ‘Communist China’, which they claimed have helped millions of Chinese out of poverty.

Think! ‘Communist China’ is able to invest billions of dollars into military strength, Naval Bases, Four Aircraft Carriers, and other military strategies, including key cities and manufacturing investment and overseas purchases of property and into their own water supplies, Energy, and Communication expansion local and overseas, Manufacturing Companies, Missile Bases and Space Program. Where is Beijing getting all this money from? The answer is that they are pouring all their new financial growth since 2,000 C.E. into city infrastructure, business investments local and overseas, and into military growth and space program in a bid to expand conquest of space and earth.

Beijing is obsessed with becoming a Dictatorship Anti-Freedom Superpower.

That anti-freedom objective by Beijing makes all ‘Chinese Communists’ number one most dangerous enemy of all Nations, including all other Communist and Socialist countries.

Meanwhile, the majority of the Chinese their non-Communist labourers, over one billion people still live-in poverty, and always will, neglected by their Communist Lords and Masters.

Now we continue to look at ‘Communist China’s strategic move to gain control of Southern Africa and their motive for building a Naval Base on the Atlantic side of the Continent.

‘Communist China’s First Military Base in Africa at the mouth of the Red Sea, near Arabian Sea interfaced with Indian Ocean.

“Opened in 2017, this is China’s first overseas military base- but could soon be one of many located across Africa if those sounding the alarm in Washington are correct.” (i)

“On the west side of Djibouti City sits a sprawling military compound. Within its razor wire-topped walls are helipads, a dock large enough to fit aircraft carriers, and 2,000 troops alongside armoured vehicles and gunboats.” (i)

Razor wire is commonly used in security applications. Similar to barbed wire in construction, it features sharp-edged blades made from steel tape.” (ii)

“Unlike Barbed wire, razor wire is manufactured using a central strand of high-tension wire, around which sharp barbs are taped and crimped by a machine. The wire is exceedingly difficult to cut using hand tools. While the barbs have a piercing and gripping action, reinforced steel makes it extremely hard to bend.” (ii)

A.I. comments… My wife and I own property and I refuse to use barbed wire. This fencing wire with pointed barbs can cause injury of animals human and non-human including children, and as a consequence of accidental falls near such fences. This wire is too often used extensively to keep cattle and other animals inside boundaries. In our technology age there are better safer ways to control boundaries.

Razor wire is used to top high security fences. Higher standing security fences which use Razor Wire serve an important safety and security function. It stops humans and foolish teenagers from climbing up high levels into dangerous environments, like military locations, transport locations near railways, airports, and dangerous manufacturing plants etc. It is more expensive fencing and has an important safety use. But most people on properties do not need such fencing, except around something that is dangerous to public access.

It is dangerously more difficult to get across razor wire without being seriously cut.

On a Bird Sanctuary property, I refuse to use Razor wire or Barbed Wire. The safety of birds must also be considered.


And now we return to my comments about enemies of freedom…

During the last few days, Hamas, Palestine encouraged by Iran and Turkey have launched rocket fire attacks killing Israeli’s, men, women, and children.

‘Communist China’ opposes Israel’s self-defence, meanwhile they use offensive bully action against several peaceful nations in the South Pacific and South Asia.

The Islamic Nations should be more concerned with ‘Communist China’s Naval Base established in 2017 in Djibouti City at the mouth of the Red Sea than with Israel. But who foolishly thinks ‘Jihad Muslims’ are smart? When the time is right ‘Communist China’ will wipe out Islam.

Beijing hates religion and hates Muslims. And Naturally ‘Communist China’ hates Jews and Muslims and Christians.

“The Department of Defense [USA] warned last year that Beijing has ‘likely’ sought bases [military] in Angola, the Seychelles, Kenya, and Tanzania, and just this week, [080521] General Stephen Townsend – America’s top brass in Africa – warned a new naval base similar to the one in Djibouti could soon appear on Africa’s west coast.” (i)

“Such a base, which could be located anywhere from Mauritania to Namibia, would allow China to project its growing military might not just across the Pacific Ocean but the Atlantic too, General Townsend said.” (i)

A.I. comments… The majority of Islamic Countries are not too bright. They cannot recognize the danger of ‘Communist China’ to them. Communists hate religion, including Islam and they want to wipe out all of Islam.

This is a classic indicator of the stupidity of Muslim Leaders. Recently, Indonesia an Islamic Nation decided to participate with ‘Communist China’ in wargames against Australia [their Aussie millions of dollars donation supporter for many years encouraged by idiot Gillard (Labor Party)]. Indonesia has chosen to send a message to Australia that we are now deemed as enemies. This also means it is dangerous for Aussies to visit Bali. Stay alert Aussies.

The inferior thinking idiot Indonesian Government cannot comprehend that Beijing is using Indonesia as a pawn and intends to invade and conquer Indonesia when the time is right, just like they intend to conquer Malaysia.

Currently, Malaysia and Communist China are in conflict. And Malaysia has been friends with Indonesia. But now Beijing will split the friendship of Malaysia and Indonesia down the middle. Beijing knows Malaysia can be defeated more quickly to leave idiot Indonesia more vulnerable.

But Muslims are not alone in stupidity. Currently, 80% of Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and British and Europeans still cannot comprehend the danger of anti-freedom Communist China’s major commitment to conquer and rule Africa and the World.

Once Beijing gains control of Africa, next stop is Europe, pushing Russia aside and conquering South America, closing down the United States and Canada and Alaska. Finally, Russia is snookered. That is one scenario, if Beijing does not become impatient and strive to conquer Russia first.

But while the thought of Chinese military bases popping up across Africa may be new to some, in fact it is only the latest chapter in a decades-long effort to bring the continent under Beijing’s sway that has gone largely unnoticed.” (i)

A.I. comments… Things often go unnoticed in Western Freedom Countries, because since WWII the ‘Baby Boomers’ and their parents and grandparents and their children and grandchildren have enjoyed freedom void of the constant danger of another world war.

The problem is a large percentage of Westerners, children and grandchildren of ‘Baby Boomers’ have not been taught at school, i.e., ‘High School’ the serious danger of anti-freedom Marxism in Socialism and Communism as taught by evil thinking Karl Marx in his ‘Communist Manifesto’.

Western children every generation should have been taught to oppose Marxism and always stand against its oppressive threat to protect ‘Liberty’ for all.

The expansion of ‘Communist China’ happened because far too many people in Western Society have not been trained at school to recognize the dangers of Marxism and have failed to learn about the dangers of Communism including ‘Communist China’.

Our parents had exposure to the dangers of ‘Communist Russia’ but after Gorbachev, the danger of Russia declined. And educated people who should have known better forgot to check out the thinking and behaviour of ‘Communist China’.

Now the West is not correctly and adequately prepared to deal with Beijing’s ambitious fast-moving strategy to become the dominant superpower that will rule all the land and seas around the globe and even space and communication satellites and planet space stations.

We the people of earth are now in danger of becoming oppressed by the rule of ‘Communist Chinese and if we are not slaves to the system then we will have been executed or imprisoned often cruelly. Such an evil existence will take people back to a new dark age of persecution, where a person is deemed guilty by accusation and not by proven truthful evidence. The idea of a person is innocent until proven guilty vanishes under the rule of Communism where true justice ceases to exist. No one will be able to live safely in peace in their own home. Their residence can be invaded anytime. This reminds me of the evil system of ‘Feudal Lords’ and Monarchies. And ‘Islamic Nations’ where unbelievers must pay ‘Jizya Tax’ and can be invaded at any time.

All of the dangers we now face is because of the serious incompetence of our ‘Education System’ and the greed of politicians and CEO’s who were more interested in personal gain in preference to doing the right honourable thing standing first for ‘Freedom Values’.

Trading with any ‘Totalitarian Nation’ is idiotic by any country that wants to live free.

General Stephen Townsend says it right as a wakeup West Warning.

Townsend who heads Africa Command, says…The Chinese are outmaneuvering the US, in select countries in Africa… Port Projects, economic endeavors, infrastructure and their agreements and contracts will lead to greater access in the future. They are hedging their bets and making big bets on Africa.” (i)

Chris Pleasance comments… “And he’s right. It seems that, almost wherever you look on the continent, China’s influence is being felt.” (i)

A.I. comments… Pleasance and Townsend said it right and their warning information must be kept for the history books. Hence, I post the entire important comments hereunder.

Railways? China is building them, including new lines between Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya, Abuja and Kaduna in Nigeria, Lobito and Luau in Angola, and between Ethiopia and Djibouti.” (i)

Ports? China again, constructing or expanding no less than 41 harbours in sub-Saharan Africa up to 2019, according to a CSIS report, meaning Beijing now has a commercial interest in around one in five of the total.” (i)

Africa’s power grid is also being transformed off the back of Chinese investment. Environmentalist kicked up a stink when it emerged late last year that China has financed seven new coal-fired plants in Africa with plans for 13 more – but the country is also investing in hydroelectric and has interests in some of the continent’s largest dams.” (i)

A.I. comments… Environmentalists are so dopey they cannot comprehend that anti-freedom Marxist Communism does not care about their drama complaints.

“The huge Ethiopian Renaissance Dam which spans the Blue Nile and has sparked tensions between Ethiopia and Egypt, is a project in which China is heavily involved.” (i)

“To run those projects, thousands of Chinese companies and tens of thousands of Chinese workers have set up on the continent and show no sign of going anywhere.” (i)

A.I. comments… If China were a Free Nation like it was before 1949 and like it is in Taiwan, then all this investment activity would have to be cheered by all altruistic people that value freedom and care about the wholesome wellbeing of people. But the truth is that ‘Communist China’ is not a free country and is an oppressive country and that all of these investments in Africa and other Nations including in the South Pacific, South Asia, and Australia etc. is not about caring about people it is all happening motived by Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades Greed for money and power over others. A world that does not live free is a collective world that lives like ants and sacrifices people whenever it needs more greedy gain.

Xi Jinping could be a great man in a ‘Free World’ but in a ‘Communist World’ he is an evil despot and will be remembered like Mao as an evil lowlife individual. It is sad when clever skills are focused on oppressive ideology rather than on freedom ideology. Those who deny others the right to live free are evil. And those who support the ‘Habit of War’ like does Xi Jinping are not worth a damn as a human being.

It is now clear, that the ignorance of Muslims and Blacks in African Societies throughout Africa will be conquered and oppressed by the militant strength of ‘Communist China’.

To gain economic advantage and improved quality of life is nice and attractive, but such benefit is not worth a dam and does not offer any security if it means becoming subservient to a despot anti-freedom political system.

We return to the revelation… “To run those projects, thousands of Chinese companies and tens of thousands of Chinese workers have set up on the continent and show no sign of going anywhere.” (i)

And we must not forget that all of these thousands of Chinese companies all report to Beijing and are Communists and do not have the right to live free. But they do have the right to make money and deny others the right to live free. And when they gain a strong bloc of power, they do have the right to oppress every person that values freedom and is not a Communist. And they do have the right to call upon the ‘Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Military’ for protection of their right to oppress all opposition.

The right of Communists to oppress others must always be rejected with the contempt it deserves.

“Meanwhile, China has lent at least $153 billion to African governments to finance the development – according to the China-Africa Research Initiative – though the real total is thought to be far higher once other types of financing such as grants and direct investment are included.” (i)

A.I. comments… Stop and think, where is Beijing getting all these billions of dollars from? We can bet, billions of dollars are financed by overseas countries through profit gained advantage of Chinese investments in business, leasing activity, property ownership of foreign countries, loans to investors, money market gains, and Chinese Manufacturing Profit gained by the negligence of Countries like idiot Australian Politicians that sacrificed their Self-Sufficiency in Manufacturing, giving ‘Communist China’ asset advantage including profit.

Fools in Australia have claimed that our trading system with China has eliminated poverty in China, which is proof that trading with China is a good thing and that is true for Communists. That idea is a lie for the majority of Chinese people. The non-Communists pro-democracy freedom thinking Chinese people, the majority of over one billion people are still living oppressed in poverty. Only 92 million Communists are enjoying increased prosperity provided they support and obey the ‘Totalitarian Beijing Regime’ Policies.

Manufacturing creates employment, societal progress, and prosperity for society, which is why ‘Beijing’ is doing so well and Australia has become so economically backward and inefficient in societal progress and financial strength, due to its own negligence of self-sufficiency in Manufacturing. Our Australian idiot Politicians do not have a clue about the importance of Manufacturing to the wholesome wellbeing of a Nation. But what can we expect from so many degree qualified politicians who are lawyers and have no experience in Manufacturing? And most have no experience in the common-sense building of a strong Military Defence in Air, Land and Sea. Xi Jinping has more common-sense and persistent aggression than Australian Politicians. ‘Result Performance’ is the measure of a Leaders Ability in any Country.

Pleasance and Townsend continue to put more insight on the table, we trust people will open their eyes and learn the truth.

The projects don’t stop there. According to The Heritage Foundation, China has built no fewer than 186 government buildings in 40 out of 54 African countries, developed 70 per cent of the continent’s 4G networks, and even built sensitive intra-governmental communications networks for 14 nations. Even the African Union headquarters, located in Ethiopia, was full financed and built by China.” (i)

“And Beijing’s interest shows no sign of slowing. In 2018, President Xi Jinping announced the creation of a $60 billion pot of Chinese money specially ear-marked for development projects in Africa.” (i)

“In short. If Africa needs it, then China is supplying it. And in spades.” (i)

A.I. comments… Notice all the Chinese investments are in Ports, Harbours, Buildings, Railways, Roads, Communication and Energy systems; no mention of investment in Manufacturing or Agriculture to lift the people out of Poverty and Famine.

The Beijing Investments are all about supporting a Strong Military Control Presence of the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Airforce in Africa. Down the track Beijing will seek to gain control of Africa’s wealth in Minerals and Ore etc. The majority of black Africans and Arabic Muslims do not have a clue as to what is the real agenda of behind Beijing’s enthusiasm to invest heavily in Africa.

Beijing’s focus so far is not about helping African people climb out of poverty and suffering, it is about building a strategy of oppression of the African people. It is about using the African Continent and its coastline to create military bases capable of controlling Europe, Islamic Countries and South America striving to reach into North America and Canada and Alaska from the Atlantic side.

Even aggressive insane Iran is now vulnerable as the Chinese focus to build a military base at the mouth of the Red Sea. And Saudi Arabia should be worried.

Hey politicians in the West most of you are asleep. Time to wake up. If you used the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ coined by A.I. in 2007 and developed since 1984 by A.I. you would easily figure out Beijing’s mission to control earth and space as a Superpower that oppresses all the people within their control.

“While economic investment is hardly a threat to America on its own, it does buy Beijing influence – meaning that when Xi wants to locate a new military base on the continent, he is likely to find a host of national leaders who are more than happy to welcome him.” (i)

A.I. comments… The last four American Presidents, George W. Bush President (2001-2009), Barack Obama (2009-2017), Donald Trump (2017-2021) and Joe Biden (2017- current) have not done anything to raise the alarm of concern that Beijing is investing in Africa for Military Control reasons. Such investment in the long term within fifty years could bring down the fall of the United Nations. Islamic Nations would cheer this fall, but it will not do them any good, because Beijing will with enthusiasm conquer all of the Islamic Nations, including Indonesia that recently betrayed Australia choosing to play war games with ‘Communist China’ against Australia and its allies.

As for Australian Politicians like British Politicians they still cannot comprehend the chess game powerplay in progress by Beijing. Proof lies in the fact… Australia does not have a persistent aggressive policy like Beijing to build a Self-Sufficiency Manufacturing network of Industries and has not made the intense effort to build a good Military Defence System. Australia has also failed to establish better water supplies, sharper stronger Energy and Communication systems and tighter more advanced Cyber Defence Controls.

If Australia is invaded by China, I would support the charge of ‘High Treason’ against every politician, Government and Opposition that failed to protect the people’s right to live free.

However, the real concern is that Leaders in Africa that do deals with Beijing like the current PM in PNG and NZ are selling out their countries for idiotic reasons of greed, which is betraying the right of their people to live free.

The takeover of Africa by Beijing is a concern which Chris Pleasance, described as… “A thought which is keeping Townsend and others at the Pentagon awake at night.”

“They’re [Beijing are] looking for a place where they can rearm and repair warships. That becomes militarily useful in conflict,” Townsend said in an interview with the Associated Press this week. (i)

A.I. comments… This Beijing agenda proves that ‘Chinese Communism’ is focused not on peace, justice, and freedom values, but is only concerned with strengthening the insane ‘Habit of War’ in their favour. Trust a Communist? No way! Not ever!

“Townsend’s warnings come as the Pentagon shifts its focus from the counterterrorism wars of the last two decades to the Indo-Pacific region and threats from great power adversaries like China and Russia.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I have written previously, ‘Putin Russia’ is making a mistake of choosing to be an ally of ‘Communist China’, because the day will come if Beijing is not stopped, they will also choose to conquer Russia. Beijing wants control of the entire planet and all of space.

All of the other communist Nations are all targeted to be conquered by Beijing.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

What is the Difference between ‘Libertarianism’ and ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’?

The Anti-Freedom Political Philosophy of Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades will never comprehend the cosmic message in the following videos…

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