Japan, France, USA, and Australia… United Military Training because of the aggressiveness of Beijing. The sharks are not saying anything.

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Japan Tokyo

Japan Temple Pagoda

Japanese Girls wearing Kimono that value the eternal right to live free.

Source: AFP.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/japan-launches-first-joint-military-drill-with-us-france/ar-BB1gB14T

Japan, France, USA, and Australia… United Military Training because of the aggressiveness of Beijing. The sharks are not saying anything.

“Japanese, US and French troops kicked off their first-ever joint military drill Tuesday in southwestern Japan, as concerns rise over China’s growing assertiveness in the region.” (i)

“An Australian naval ship is also taking part in the week-long air, land and sea exercises involving 300 ground troops from the three countries.” (i)

“It comes as Tokyo looks to deepen defence ties beyond its key US ally and with eyes on Beijing’s moves in the East and South China seas.” (i)

“The drill is no doubt a deterrent to China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour in the region,” Takashi Kawakami, head of the Institute of World Studies at Takushoku University, told AFP.” (i)

“The drills, which include fighter jet and amphibious operation exercises, will be held in the Kyushu region and at sea with virus countermeasures.” (i)

“A Japanese submarine and 10 surface ships – six Japanese, two French, one American and one Australian, will be used, a French naval official told AFP.” (i)

“China claims the majority of the South China Sea…” (i)

“Japan has rarely held joint military drills with European counterparts, but both a British aircraft carrier and German frigate are expected to be sent to the Indo-Pacific region later this year.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The below statements we already know from past posted news reports, but I republish these important points for people that have not read those historical articles.

“Japan has long said it feels threatened by China’s vast military resources and territorial disputes.” (i)

[Japan] “It is particularly concerned by Chinese activity around the Japanese-administered Senkaku islands, which Beijing claims and calls the Diaoyus.” (i)

France has strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific including territories like Reunion in the Indian Ocean and French Polynesia in the South Pacific.” (i)

“The nation [France] unveiled its own Indo-Pacific strategy in 2018, describing Japan, Australia, India and the US as key strategic partners in the region.” (i)

A.I. comments… This report presentation is simple compared to more complex presentations I have posted, passed forward for readers and history books. All academics that care about protecting the eternal human right to live ‘Free in Speech, Choice and Equality, need to read my collected works.

The good news, the one thing that is really important is that anti-freedom Beijing has aroused the concern of every Nation that values it right to live free around the globe.

The vanity of Xi Jinping Beijing and his ‘Communist Comrades’ are now on the table facing a stronger ‘United Free Nations Force’ that ‘Marxist Communism’ cannot defeat.

If Beijing attacks Taiwan, it will be the beginning of mandatory World War III. Every Nation around the world will be duty bound to stand up against ‘Communist China’.

If Beijing is ruthless enough to invade a ‘Free Democratic Nation’ like Taiwan then they will be stupid enough to attack every other Free Nation Beijing wants to invade, including Australia, PNG and New Zealand and the rest of the South Pacific and South Asia.

Beijing wants control of Africa and they have made that objective openly clear.

‘Putin Russia’ is not too bright. Because he has foolishly chosen ‘Communist China’ as an ally. Vladimir Putin will bring down his own credibility and defeat his own right to survival. Vain people are their own enemy, history has proven over thousands of years that those who follow the path of vanity striving to deny others the right to live free, always do in the end perish.

As for Kim Jong-un North Korea dynasty ‘Communist’ leader his loyalty to Beijing will bring him to the loss of existence, in World War III.

The Nation numbers now ready to fight Xi Jinping Beijing are Taiwan, Australia, United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, and no doubt other NATO ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’ members.

Beijing’s commitment to establish military bases around Africa is about giving Beijing the opportunity to leap-frog into gaining control of all Nations facing the Atlantic Ocean.

This coming ‘World War III’ is not about fighting 1.4 billion Chinese in China. The majority of the Chinese people want to live free of the dictatorship of ‘Marxist Communism’they are Pro-Democracy they proved that in 1989 Tiananmen Massacre when thousands were cruelly killed by the Communist People’s Liberation Army’ for standing up for the right to live free.

And like Taiwan, the people of Tibet and Hong Kong, also want to live free.

The words ‘Liberation’ means ‘freedom from limits on thoughts or behaviour’ it also means freeing someone from slavery or oppression. The Chinese Communists from Mao to Xi Jinping have all deliberately lied and are hypocrites for calling the Chinese Army and Navy as People’s Liberation Forces. There is nothing Liberating about the oppression of ‘Marxist Communism’.

The use of the word ‘Liberation’ used by Communists is a deceitful lie and proves that communists are low-life individuals not worthy of respect and it is justified to have complete contempt for all Communists. Marxists do not have the sense of honesty to admit that they are low-life inferior thinking criminal creeps.

Our war with Beijing is a fight against only 92 million ‘Chinese Communists’ led by gangster Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. Like the coward he is, true to the mentality of all Despots, Xi Jinping will never risk his life fighting on the front lines with his troops. Xi Jinping will hide safely in the background true to his vanity, cheering on his ‘Communist Military Forces’ sacrificing them for his vicious cause.

Beijing claims that outside of their active military forces of just over two million, that they have 500 million in reserve. That projection is a lie. The reserves includes millions of Chinese that are loyal to a ‘Free China’ and are not loyal to an anti-freedom ‘Communist China’. Given the armed opportunity the majority of those reserves are ‘Pro-Democracy’ freedom lovers and with training and arms would readily attack and kill all Communists. Beijing overestimates its military strength. The majority of Chinese people given the opportunity with arms would fight Beijing and the Communists to the death just like the Taiwanese will.

When push comes to shove Beijing will be snookered # by forces on both sides they choose to fight. Beijing in its hours of desperation cannot win World War III both allies of all freedom Nations and the majority of Pro-Freedom Chinese people will rise up against all ‘Communist Forces’.

In other words, # snookered in this sense of use means, “being stopped from an intended series of plans to oppress others and the world of Free Nations.”

And Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of ‘The Global Times’ the mouthpiece puppet of Xi Jinping will also like the coward he is, hide behind the lines in a safe position. He will not be in the front line of combat.

The difference between Xi Jinping and Hu Xijin and me is that even though I am now crippled for life at the age of 72 years being forced to use a walker and for short distance crutches, I would as a volunteer ‘Mascot’ serve on an Australian Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer or Frigate, if approved and requested by the Royal Australian Navy.

Unlike Xi Jinping and Hu Xijin, I am not afraid to die in combat for my country and even though my physical fighting days are over, I would be willing to stand in frontline battle against ‘Communist China’ on a Royal Australian Navy Warship as a Mascot.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The human struggle in war sadly often repeats itself generation after generation.

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