Beijing Communist China threatens the Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia.

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Feature Image: Philippines Boracay Island Peaceful Beach Sunset

Boracay Island in the Philippines 7 km long 1 km wide. Located in the Western Visayas 315 kilometres south of Manila and approximately 0.8 km off the northwest tip off Panay Island.

Boracay Island

The Republic of the Philippines in the Western Pacific Ocean consists of 7,640 Islands. The Geographical divisions are from North to South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The International Flag of the Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines stands for ‘Freedom Values’ and has a Democratic Government and is a ‘Constitutional Republic with a Presidential political system.

Manila Capital of Philippines

Population of Philippines 107.2 million @ 2018

Beijing Communist China threatens the Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia.

Australia has been slow to wake up.

Beijing is not doing well in friendly relationships with different countries. No doubt because the Dark Policy/Philosophy of ‘Marxist Communism’ as taught by German Karl Marx (1818-1883) is to use violent force and overthrow every person that values ‘Freedom’.

Beijing is a ‘Hypocrite Government’ because Marx taught Communists to wipe out ‘Capitalism’ and Beijing has done the opposite; they approve the existence of ‘Capitalism’ but only as controlled by Beijing rules. Thus, even though ‘Capitalism’ is allowed to exist in conflict with Karl Marx ideas, nevertheless it is not a free society. No Democracy exists, no freedom values exist, in speech, choice and equality and the people are unjustly oppressed and do not safely enjoy a life of security into old age.

And now because Beijing wants complete control of the South China Sea, naturally the Philippines are protesting.

And even Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam are not happy. We already know about the threats that Xi Jinping Beijing has made towards Taiwan and Australia.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

This report dated 23rd April 2021 vanished deleted from the Internet.

In a brief article Al Jazeera reported what many of us already know, which should be reported again, as Al Jazeera has done, titled, ‘Philippines protests China’s illegal South Sea presence’. (i)


“The Philippines has protested China’s continuing illegal presence and activities near islands it holds in the South China Sea.” (i)

“In a statement on Saturday, the Philippines Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it had lodged a diplomatic protest against the incessant deployment, prolonged presence, all illegal activities of Chinese maritime assets and fishing vessels in the vicinity of Thitu or the Pagasa Islands.” (i)

“It demanded that Beijing withdraw its vessels from the area, saying: “The Pagasa Islands is an integral part of the Philippines over which it has sovereignty and jurisdiction.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Thitu Island is also known as Pagasa Island is the second largest of the Spratly Islands. These Islands are Philippine administered islands since 1971. A Philippine Naval Jetty exists on Pagasa Island.

“There was no immediate comment from Beijing.” (i)

“The latest petition was at least the 84th diplomatic protest the Philippines has filed against China since President Rodrigo Duterte took office in 2016.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades does not care about anyone in the world except themselves. They do not even care about their own Chinese people that simply want to live free in speech, choice, and equality in a democracy. The complete agenda of Communist Beijing is founded upon Greed and lust for power to rule the world and space, several steps at a time as an Authoritarian Dictator. Their mentality reminds me of the insidious behaviour in history of the Ancient Roman Empire that persistently kept expanding its anti-freedom rule over many countries.

“It comes amid escalating tensions over the presence of hundreds of Chinese boats in the Philippines 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Manila says it believes the vessels were manned by militia, while Beijing has said they were fishing boats sheltering from bad weather.” (i)

“Thitu/ Pagasa is located some 451 kilometers (280 miles) off the Philippine coast. The island is the biggest of the eight reefs, shoals, and islands in controls in the Spratly archipelago.” (i)

“Just 25 kilometres (15 miles) away, on the Subi reef, China has built a mini city with runways, hangars and surface-to-air missiles.” (i)

A.I. comments… Communist Beijing led by Gangster President Xi Jinping, is striving to take control and ownership of every Island near every Nation that Beijing wants to conquer. Beijing plans to control all the Islands around the world, as a steppingstone to invade the associated nearby country.

I posted the following report on April 10th, 2021… (ii)


Extracts of the report…

It was reported that ‘Communist China’ chose the Whitsun Reef, in the Spratly Islands of the West Philippine Sea, so that Beijing could seize ownership of eighty percent of the South China Sea. The crucial international shipping lanes for commercial activity uses these waters near Whitsun Reef. ‘Communist China’ wants control of these shipping lanes and is focused on bully pressure of Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia until they back down and submit to the evil dictatorship of Beijing. China must be stopped by all United Allies tabled in the United Nations. If the UN fails to stop Beijing than the allies must stop ‘Communist China’s invasion aggression, by whatever degree of force is necessary. (ii)

“When Manilla took its case to an international arbitral tribunal at The Hague under the ‘Un Convention on the Law of the Sea’, the tribunal found in 2016 that China’s claim had “no basis in law.” China ignored the ruling, seized more territory claimed by more countries and built seven islands on disputed reefs. An American admiral said China was building a “Great Wall of Sand”. (ii)

After manufacturing 1300 hectares of land on the seized reefs, China’s regime actually has built a string of military fortifications on them, equipped with hardened shelters for missile launchers, radar and communications bases, and runways on which one of its heavy nuclear capable bombers has conducted demonstration landings. The bases serve to project China’s military power and enforce its further claims to territories also claimed by its neighbours.” (i) Refer this (i) link on above report link (ii).

A.I. comments… ‘Communist China’ has no legal claim to this region of water in the sea. This region belongs to Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore. (ii)

Gangster Xi Jinping intends to invade these Nations and take control of these countries. He is a vain, evil man without honour. (ii)

These children of the Philippines live free and anti-freedom Beijing is planning to invade the Philippines and deny 107 million people including children, the right to live free. Communist Beijing must be stopped.

Allan Ivarsson Tables Global Warning…

The establishment of ‘surface-to-air missiles’ on the Subi Reef by Beijing proves that ‘Communist China’ is intending to attack the Philippines, and all of the Southern Asian Nations in the region. There is currently nothing stopping Beijing from constructing ‘surface-to-surface missiles’ to travel further distances stationed in the Spratly Islands, to even attack Australia, New Zealand and India. From this position Beijing can attack Taiwan, South Korea and Japan and Indonesia and PNG if they refuse to submit to the dictatorship of ‘Communist China’.

A surface-to-air missile i.e., a ground-to-air missile, which is a surface-to-air guided weapon, is a missile that is designed to be launched from the ground to destroy aircraft or other missiles in flight.

Surface-to-surface missiles are per Internet information, broken down into a number of categories. Intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) or Long-range ballistic missile (LRBM), with a disturbing frightening range of 3,500 km and 5,500 km.

Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), launched from ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs), have intercontinental range. This is the focus capability of all current submarine designs.


Missiles is a term used for defence purposes. Rockets controlled are used for outer space to leave the earths gravity. A rocket needs initial guidance to leave the earths atmosphere. After that once in space the rocket follows a programmed path. Both missiles and rockets have very high velocities. Rockets may be used in attacking countries, but they are not as accurate in hitting their targets, like missiles. Rockets have been used recklessly by Hamas against Israel.

A rocket can be termed as a missile, but a missile may not always be called a rocket. Missiles require constant instructions to work in a variety of different conditions. On earth a missile has more accuracy than a rocket. You may remember the invention of fireworks by the Chinese, Rockets only need some initial guidance but once they take off, they travel to any target without complete control. Hamas often used rockets because they were only interested in random reckless bombardment of Israel, killing as many Israelis, as they could, men, women and children.

The first use of rockets as weapons used in war was when the Chinese fought a war with the Mongols in 1232. The Chinese drove the Mongols back with a barrage of ‘flying fire arrows’, during the battle of Kai-Keng.

Adolph Hitler used rockets to attack England during WWII. The British called them ‘Buzz Bomb’ as they dived at random targets. These rocket bombs killed more than 6,000 people in southeast England by use of VI vengeance weapon. Later the V2 rockets killed another 2,855 people. In movies, we learned that Londoners feared the moment when the flying rocket sound stopped and dived towards its target. Allied armies finally destroyed the German launch sites.

Hitler did not use missiles, he used rockets because the targets were hit at random and were not delivered by guidance accuracy, like missiles.

As I have said previously inferior thinking ‘Climate Change Activists’ are more interested in fighting CO2 a friend of planet Gaia then worrying about the real serious danger a Nuclear Winter’. Fighting ‘Climate Change’ will not save us if we fail to stop the ‘Habit of War’.

Every person on this planet is now facing a serious danger of extinction. A ‘Nuclear Winter’ will wipe out all above ground Mammals and Reptiles, in much the same way the dinosaurs were driven into extinction by an Asteroid hit on Earth 65 million years ago.

The way war is engaged in the future, will be an insane battle of unmanned missiles fired at each other. No one can win such a fire fight in the air, below the sea, or surface to surface, land to land, overseas, oceans, lands and over mountains.

Threatening each other like Iran, Hamas and Communist Beijing do, will not achieve anything. A battle of missiles will obliterate both sides in the conflict, there will be no survivors.

Unfortunately, caused by ‘Communist China’ and ‘North Korea’ and Iran and Hamas, every country is now being forced to create volumes of missile bases and equipment and defence strategies to create deterrents. The problem is that crazies like Hamas and Iran will trigger a missile attack simply because their dictatorship mentality is insane. Fortunately, Beijing is more cautious, but given the opportunity without much resistance they will launch first strike and their first priority strike points in 2021 plus years, is Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, and Japan.

Low-life Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of ‘The Global Times’ the mouthpiece puppet of Xi Jinping has already threatened Australia with Missile attacks by Beijing, if we Aussies do not surrender to the dictatorship demands of Beijing. The ANZAC spirit will never surrender to the bully demands by Despot Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

It is time to learn the most advanced intelligence calmly and logically, in the universe, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. There is no place in the universe for any form of totalitarianism. ‘Freedom Values’ must prevail backed by rejection of all ‘Authoritarian Belief Systems’, Philosophical, Political or Religious.

Only in a ‘Free Democratic Society’ founded upon caring altruistic values, and good manners in sense of kindness and decency, can the human race survive. A global increase in population numbers, demands a major change in the ‘Belief System’ of all Homo Sapiens. We need to wake up or we all, will perish.

We return to the beginning statement before we move on…

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Subject posted February 5, 2014. (iii)

“The map shows the disputed claims in the South China Sea, specifically the Spratly Islands. While other countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and the Philippines claim portions of the islands, China wants everything (see the red line).” (iii)

“China claims nearly all of the South China Sea!” (iii)

“The diplomatic tensions are rising as the Philippines perceives the Chinese effort to control the disputed territories as bullying.” (iii)

A.I. comments… This knowledge was available in early 2014 and yet idiot Australian Politicians in 2015 supported the ‘Free Trade Deal’ with Beijing which shot all Politicians and CEO’s, in the foot during 2020. We have to wonder what goes through the minds of many Degrees Qualified Politicians and CEO’s who are supposed to be more intelligent. How could they think and behave so stupidly in 2015 after being aware of the strategic politically philosophical thinking of Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades in 2014 in the Spratly Islands. Where was ASIO supposedly our warning intelligence, asleep?

Common-Sense says, if a despot hunts one Country after that they will seek to gore others. It seems our Politicians do not understand that a persons Belief System is the reason for their thinking and behaviour.

An important report on the subject of Politics, Society, was published on June 26, 2011, titled, ‘Chinese Navy vs Philippine Navy – Statistics Are Clear!’(iv) Recorded on the Website Brain contour.


A.I. comments… There are so many alert people around the globe that understand the dangers of ‘Totalitarianism’ and are alert about the dangers of threatening imposition of tyranny, and yet many Politicians including Leaders of State and Federal Government are asleep making incompetent decisions neglecting the advanced building of National Self-Sufficiency and Stronger Military Defence and then wonder why decades later they are facing becoming victims of invasion. It seems today even in this early 21st Century many countries still have not learned from World War II experiences. And Politicians who are supposed to be our smarter wiser leaders are not that good after all. Their incompetence shows up when a Nation is weak in Self-Defence Military and weak in Self-Sufficiency.

One such Nation is Australia a great country with many great people that suffered political negligence by incompetent Politicians that failed to ensure the Nation grew stronger and wiser. A lot of Australians over the years have been more alert than the Politicians and that historical observation is disturbing. For it is the people who suffer when led by political incompetence.

“Statistical numbers are clear – the Filipinos are outnumbered! The Philippine Navy force is no match against the powerful Chinese Naval force. Well, that is expected. China is now becoming one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world. It is right for the country to modernize its naval forces to defend its seas and coasts. According to one article I’ve read, China operates the largest submarine force in Asia.” (iv)

A.I. comments… There is no justice in life when being forced to fight for your eternal right to live free against authoritarian forces that do not care about anyone else except themselves.

Whilst it is the right of every Nation including China to defend itself against attack, it is not right when their political belief system is founded upon oppression of others, including their own people.

It is understandable that different Nations are claiming ownership of the Spratly Islands, but there is a big difference between freedom loving countries seeking interface with the Islands and oppressive dictatorship of Beijing Communist China wanting complete ownership of all of the Islands. We can justly blame Beijing for wanting to rule all the Islands by rules of anti-freedom oppression. Beijing’s greed behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

Beijing demands that Hainan Province has the right to claim ownership of all of the Spratly Islands that idea is a lie.

“The [Communist] Chinese is clear of its mission – get rid of all claimants, especially the assertive Philippines. The Kalayaan group of islands is within the Philippine 200-mile zone, and yet here is China (which is about 600 miles away) aggressively claiming it.” (iv)

A.I. comments… This geographical fact proves that these Islands belong to the Philippines and not to ‘Communist China’ and that Beijing is a vicious ruthless government and cannot ever be trusted in trade or diplomatic negotiations of any kind. Beijing has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ as enemies of ‘Freedom Values’. Never trust a Communist, not now, not ever.

Strength in military power does not morally give nations the right to invade and conquer other countries and deny them their cultural freedom to enjoy their inherited lifestyle. This is a truth fact of life that ‘Communists’ will never comprehend. Their greed for money and power control over others is their selfish driving force and their focus on oppression of others proves all Communists are evil.

The logistics of military power sits out there, but that does not give countries the right to oppress others because their military strength is not as strong. For this reason, all ‘Free Nations’ are duty bound to stand united and if Beijing attacks and invades other free countries then it is the duty of every free country to automatically come to the support of the nation being attacked by Beijing and destroy Beijing and all Communist forces, void of hesitation. To defeat ruthless anti-freedom enemies those who stand for the protection and preservation of freedom values must be even more aggressive and ruthless because that is the only language despot countries understand.

Military Logistics over the years and decades keeps changing and for that reason it is the patriotic duty of every person in their country to stay alert and work persistently towards supporting the upgrade of their Military Strength and Self-Sufficiency to ensure their Nation survives the oppressive attacks from evil tyrants.

The people of the Philippines want to live free in peace but Communist Beijing wants to invade and oppress the people. Just like Beijing is planning to invade free Taiwan and free Australia.

Communist Beijing must be stopped and must free the Chinese people and allow them the eternal right to enjoy liberty in speech, choice, and equality under the Constitutional leadership of a Presidential Democratic Government. There is no place for Marxist Communism in a ‘Free World’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.