Stop Being Afraid of Economic Coercion by Communist Beijing.

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Introduction – Who is A.I.?


Allan Ivarsson selectively does his own treatise research and review and does his own editing. He does not need others to guide him in his project management skills. Allan is the number one ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ in the world and is self-taught as guided by his mentor ‘God of Creation’, ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of the Universe.

Allan gives all of his time and work as ‘Social Capital’ and works for free in his journalistic treatises and philosophical guidance to help people around the globe to live free.

Allan is the designer developer of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’.

He began his part-time work ‘Quest for Truth’ in 1970-71, starting the development of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ in 1984, and the foundation of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in 2007. He first identified the existence of ‘Cosmic Law’ in 1981. And identified the difference between ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Natural Law’.

Allan Ivarsson is very dynamic, tough in skills, self-educated training and versatile in both the Blue-Collar World and the White-Collar World. He served as a Senior Consultant teaching hands-on Class ‘A’ World Class Logistics Manufacturing in Production Control Planning, Purchasing, Warehousing, Sales and Operations Planning and Business Planning.

Allan is also highly skilled in Retail Management and Sales Marketing with several years of experience in this field. And has strong advanced expertise in his understanding of human nature.

Allan is a self-taught professional author and writer and is more interested during his elderly retired years in helping people for free, by working as a consultant mentor. That which is donation of ‘Social Capital’ to strengthen the eternal human right to live free in peace.

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My God

My Mission Statement


Why Allan Ivarsson cannot be corrupted.

Before you read my profiles above, focus on learning about the danger of anti-freedom invasion as recorded below… your right to live free is more important than your knowledge about me.

Like the Kookaburra stand strong for freedom and reject all forms of coercion.

I, Allan Ivarsson, would never use the Australian Flag as a Facemask. I have a high respect for the Australian International Flag.

Stop Being Afraid of Economic Coercion by Communist Beijing.

Fight back calmly using pragmatic common-sense.

Never submit to anti-freedom ideologies.

It is a waste of time and effort to appeal to the WTO for support to stop economic coercion of ‘Communist Beijing’ which is focused on conquering and controlling Australia and the entire South Pacific.

Such an appeal with the slow moving and thus incompetent WTO will take years, meanwhile Beijing will continue to work towards invading and conquering Australia and the South Pacific.

The wisest move is to ban all trade with ‘Communist China’ until Beijing begins to free the Chinese people from the dictatorship of Marxist Communism and allows the creation of Democratic pro-freedom to evolve within the Chinese Nation. The people must be freed.

And we must support Taiwan’s right to continue to live as a free Democratic Nation, void of bully harassment by Communist Beijing.

Protection of our right to live free is more important than chasing income from ‘Communist China’. We must learn to be self-sufficient and focus only on trading with free countries void of ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

We Aussies need to toughen up and upgrade our strength to stand up against ‘Authoritarian Communist Beijing.’


A brief news report by Colin Packham jumped off the page into Allan’s eyes on the 9th, June 2021 titled ‘Australian PM to call for WTO as tensions with China mount.’ (i)

“Canberra (Reuters) – The World Trade Organization must have a binding dispute settlement system to address the growing use of economic coercion, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison will say on Wednesday, as Canberra moves to win the support of G7 nations in its dispute with China’.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Whilst we are aware of the G7 Nations (formed in 1975) as being currently, United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Italy, Japan and Germany, which are collectively known as the world’s largest industrialized freedom based economies, the “Group of Seven”, it must not be forgotten that the aggressive ambition of ‘Communist Beijing’ is to establish ‘Communist China’ as the number one ‘Superpower’ and the strongest industrialized economy in the world ruled by despot leadership, not by freedom based leadership.

“In 1998, after urging from leaders including U.S. President Bill Clinton, Russia was added to the G-7 as a full member, creating a formal Group of Eight, or G-8.” #

“The G-8 ended up being short-lived. In 2014, Russia was suspended from the group after the annexation of Crimea and tensions in Ukraine. That remains the case today.” #


In 1999 a group of 20 Nations was created, including all the members of G7 plus additional countries, including ‘Communist China’.

Along with the members of the G-7, 12 other nations currently comprise the G-20: Russia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, and Turkey.” ##


Policies of these countries are in conflict with each other, which negates the usefulness of G-20. The entire idea of groups of nations being grouped together as G-20 is equally as pointless as the United Nations which includes both ‘Freedom Nations’ and ‘Totalitarian Nations’ in conflict with each other.

There is nothing United between Authoritarianism and ‘Freedom Values’ in conflict with each other. Philosophy of Belief System analysis tells us the reason for the thinking and behaviour of people. Conflicts and human attitude has never been about psychology, it is about ideas and belief systems.

‘Putin Russia’ supports dictatorship control of Crimea and Ukraine. People of the ‘Free World’ cannot ever trust ‘Authoritarian Nations’ that reject ‘Freedom Values’ and ‘Democratic Process’.

“The ‘Totalitarian’ Nations inside the United Nations have chosen to oppress ‘Freedom Values’ and now we must fight to stop their evil insanity. There is no place for ‘Totalitarianism’ on this planet these radical anti-freedom despots must be stopped.” (ii)

The dictatorship attitude of Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades is to ignore the WTO and the G7 Nations and continue with it expanding ambition to control the economies of all nations around the globe and to eliminate the right of all people to live free in a democracy.

Economic Coercion is like Blackmail and Terrorist Demands we must not ever submit to such dictatorship tactics. The smartest thing a person or nation can do is refuse to trade with countries that use ‘Economic Coercion’ to force people to submit to their despot mentality demands.

Rule of life… never sell your soul and your right to live free for the greed of economic advantage. Without freedom, you do not have security and can be easily controlled like a puppet by despot gangsters.

Authoritarianism is a giant scam.

“Australia has said it will not bow to Chinese pressure and has launched an appeal to the WTO over China’s imposition of tariffs totalling more than 80% that has effectively stopped a billion-dollar trade in its tracks.” (i)

“But with the appeal likely to take years, Morrison will call on G7 countries to endorse reform of the WTO ahead its ministerial conference in November.” (i)

A.I. comments… It reads good, “Australia has said it will not bow to Chinese pressure.” But G7 and WTO will never get it together quickly enough to make a difference. Results must be now, not five to ten years later. As I said earlier, Beijing will ignore all complaints. The Chinese Communists will drive their ambition forward to rule the world and to slow them down, every free nation must ban all trade with ‘Communist China’, including all imports and exports. Australia must have the strength of character and courage to set the leadership example of outlawing all Australian trade with ‘Communist China’. This must include immediate cancellation of all import deals made by State Premiers and all Corporation CEO’s.

Our Australian Nation must lift their game and become self-sufficient in Manufacturing once again and must become a dynamic self-sufficient industrial nation and advanced in technology growth. In addition, our food supplies, water supplies and energy resources and communication skills must be Australian not offshore when in the case of war, we can be cut-off by Beijing.

It must be remembered that G7 is not an official reliable formal entity and does not have any international legislative authoritative power to enforce recommended policies and wishful plans. Even if all seven nations agree, ‘Communist Beijing’ is not going to do anything to change their despot thinking. Beijing wants to be the world’s number one ‘Superpower’ to rule the world. And all Politicians in the free world that cannot comprehend this fact is not worth a damn as a leader and is an inferior thinking person.

“The most practical way to address economic coercion is the restoration of the global trading body’s binding dispute settlement system,” Morrison is expected to say on Wednesday, according to speech extracts seen by Reuters.” (i)

“Where there are no consequences for coercive behaviour, there is little incentive for restraint.” (i)

“Morrison will say many world leaders have expressed support for Australia’s stance, but like-minded countries must now strengthen cooperation.” (i)

“Liberal democracies will always be most persuasive based on the power of their example, not their pitch or their preaching.” (i)

Thus ends (i) the report by Colin Packham, edited by Bernadette Baum, tabling Scott Morrison’s intended speech, according to Reuters.

A.I. comments… I am not going to waste time to find out whether these ideas were tabled by Morrison in a Wednesday speech. I shall simply focus on the ideas in question.

The “Restoration of the Global Trading body’s dispute settlement system” may work fine for disagreements between ‘Free Nations’ trading with each other, but it will not work when dealing with anti-freedom ideology Nations like ‘Communist China’ led by despot Beijing.

I have to wonder how Reuters got a copy of Morrison’s speech in advance before delivery. That makes me question the seemingly lack of security government disciplines in place. As a professional I have never told anyone the contents of my speech during my business career until it was delivered. To me the element of surprise in delivery is equally as important as the speech.

Morrison, I agree with your statement… “like-minded countries must now strengthen cooperation” … it is important that all like-minded Nations do unite as one as allies. But if there is agreement it will not change the attitude of despot Communist Beijing who is committed to rule the world and force every person in every Nation to submit to their dictatorship.

Living by example in doing the right thing is common-sense ethical decency. But Despot Beijing is not listening and does not care; Beijing wants to rule Earth and Space and the only way to stop their bully dictatorship is to ban all trade imports and exports with ‘Communist China’ no exceptions.

Every free nation must make an accelerated effort to become stronger in self-sufficiency and in Military Strength to stop Beijing’s aggressive mission.

Scott Morrison is the son of a copper and I Allan Ivarsson are the son of a copper. I Allan am a lot more dynamic in lifestyle and tougher than Morrison. His skills are better in Australian politics than mine. I am better in ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and the use of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ than Morrison.

Scott Morrison believes he was elected to do God Creators work. Whereas I Allan Ivarsson know I was appointed as a ‘Cosmic Messenger of Time’ by my mentor ‘God of Creation’ to deliver the truth and lay down the ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ foundations of eternal freedom for all ahimsa life. Look at my history, the evidence is out there for anyone who does thorough careful homework. My profiles tell a story and my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ tells a stronger story. Believe what you want to believe, but in academic combat, I can defeat any degree qualified person that does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. It is the ability in writing that counts not in speaking. And if people cannot comprehend this fact their skills are not very alert.

“We that want to live free must ‘boycott’ ‘Free Trade’ with all ‘Totalitarian’ Nations. There is no place for ‘Authoritarian Governments’ in a ‘Free World’.” (ii)

“The days of living free in peace are over. The ‘Habit of War’ shall continue its insane objective to deny people the right to live free. When we look at the Nations in this despicable group of ‘Authoritarian Political Mentality’ remember that there are many people oppressed in these Nations that want to live free in a pro-democracy capitalist world of free trade.” (ii)

The World is now divided in two… “Freedom versus Totalitarianism”. Who will win? The answer is that ‘Totalitarianism’ will impose bloody cruel violent carnage upon the unprepared free people who have taken their freedom too much for granted. (ii)

“The original historical goal for establishing global peace by the United Nations has been terminated by this political group of Nations that want to oppress the world and destroy freedom values.” (ii)

Who am I writing about? Which Nations are now enemies of Freedom? For the answer read my March 17th, 2021, report (ii) titled…

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Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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