Populism versus Common-Sense

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Populism can turn survival upside down.

Populism versus Common-Sense

‘Freedom versus Totalitarianism’

Incompetence, Greed and Apathy versus ‘Freedom Values’ and Critical Path Commonsense.

The answer to this question hangs upon the skills competence of potential political leaders and the common-sense intelligence of the people voting.

Finding available politicians that can do a good reliable ethical trustworthy job, may be a problem. But intelligent freedom loving people voting correctly is a bigger problem, when they refuse to read and learn and upgrade their education to defend, protect and preserve ‘Liberty Values’.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/australia-s-not-on-its-own-in-standing-up-to-the-chinese-dictatorship/ar-AAL1n8N?

No matter what colour a person is… “Anti-Freedom Ideology will Oppress that person if such insane ‘Belief System’ is allowed to rule. Insane? Yes, because every person that rejects ‘Freedom Values’ is insane. And that includes, Marxist Socialists, Communists and those who support anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

The non-human animal world has more common-sense that many Homo Sapiens. Why? Because every other living creature wants to live free from tyranny. In short… they want to survive in peace. But there is no peace when hunters are constantly striving to kill others.

Previously, I wrote on FB slide…

We cannot rely on G7 getting it right in decision making doing the right thing whilst USA intellectually backward Biden is in power. Biden was voted into power by idiot Americans that failed to comprehend that Donald Trump overall did an excellent job for America and the World.

When Biden came into power Communist Beijing, increased the pressure of threats towards, Taiwan, Australia and the Philippines. Biden is not standing strong up against China whereas Trump did.

Iran pulled its head-in under Trump, now that Biden is in power, Iran is becoming more aggressive to increase its nuclear weapons, and to support Hamas and violent destruction of Israel and later Saudi Arabia.

Economically the people of America are financially worse off under Biden, they prospered better under Trump.

But the real problem of our Western Society is that at least 50% of the people in every country, sometimes more, are motivated to vote by ‘Populism’ rather than by common-sense thinking for “who will fight to protect our eternal human right to live free?”

It is the people who are the idiots for failing to protect their right to live free by voting for the right politician available at the time. Being the best politician in history is not the issue. Being a good politician standing for ‘Freedom’ is the most important concern. And in Australia, Britain and America too many fools are voting for anti-freedom Socialist mentality.

There is no such thing as a perfect, always get it right Politician. But the ones that support the expansion of anti-freedom ideologies, like Marxist, Socialism, Communism and extremist Islam are the dumbest people in the world.

Voting for the best financial benefits is idiotic greed when the Politician supports anti-freedom ideologies. With freedom, problems can be solved. Without freedom nothing can be solved. In China out of a population of 1.4 billion people only 92 million people are Communists. The rest of the Chinese people who are pro-democracy are oppressed by rule of the gun.

“Sky News host Andrew Bolt says there is “good news” in that Australia is “not on its own” in standing up to the Chinese dictatorship.”

“Help is on its way, this time from Britain of all places,” Mr. Bolt said.”

Britain is sending a naval group … to sail around the world and through the South China Sea to our north”.

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