Communist Beijing is childishly Offended by Australians supporting the Right of Taiwan to Live Free.

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Feature Image: Yes, this means you Beijing your Communist Dictatorship will come to an end and all the Chinese people shall gain the right to live free in a Democracy.

Cruel Dictator Mao revered by Marxist Communists on Money, shall one day be purged from promotion of his evil anti-freedom ideology and wrong thinking belief system and history behaviour.

Allan Ivarsson comments… MSN PAGE GONE… MSN has a habit of posting important news history and then purges the history a few weeks ahead. It is a shame because their decision is burying history and people will never catch up on learning the truth of what passed… leading Australia into the ‘Cold War’ crisis it is now experiencing. To know why, means keeping history records tracking, always active.

In this case I got around the problem by looking at SMH.


Communist Beijing is childishly Offended by Australians Supporting the Right of Taiwan to Live Free.

Eryk Bagshaw North Asia correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, posted news on the 28th, May 2021, titled, ‘Provocative actions’: Chinese military says Australia is inciting a confrontation over Taiwan.’ (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Beijing uses the Chinese Defence Ministry to bully threaten us for supporting the right of Taiwan to live independently free. Desperate Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades are striving to frighten Australians into submitting to the anti-freedom dictatorship of Marxist Communist Beijing by instructing us what we have the right to think, write and speak. Coward Beijing bans their own people 1.4 billion from ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the right to have access to the global Internet.

It is easy to prove a leader is a coward when you know the code of honour rules. Beijing Leaders hide behind the protection of their military, we will never see Xi Jinping fighting in the frontline of Combat where he has more than a 50% chance of being killed. Jinping is only brave behind the lines sacrificing his people to fight for him.

Xi Jinping Beijing and his team of Communist leaders have openly admitted that they intend to invade Taiwan and oppress 24 million people and deny them the independent eternal human right to live free in a democratic process. What Beijing is hiding is that they are planning to cruelly kill all Taiwanese that fight for their right to live free. The deceitful treachery of Chinese Communists has a history since 1949 of murdering tens of thousands of Chinese citizens that fought for the right to live free. Including in 1989 at Tiananmen Square and surrounding country.

And now Beijing true to its deceit and planned treachery is hiding the fact that whether Australia supports Taiwan or not, Beijing is planning to invade Australia after they conquer Taiwan and take control of our Nation. Like the Taiwanese, we Aussies have no choice but to stand up strong against the 92 million Communists in China and reject their gangster bullying threats. Despots have no honour and respect for the eternal human right to live free.

Singapore: China’s Defence Ministry has labelled the Australian government’s warnings on the threat of war over Taiwan as irresponsible and accused it of inciting confrontation over the democratic island. The comments from defence ministry spokesman and senior colonel Tan Kefei in Beijing on Thursday are the first official response from the Chinese military to a flurry of concerns from Australian leaders in April and May.” (i)

“We express strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the recent provocative actions on Taiwan related issues by Australia,” said Tan.” (i)

“Recently, Australia has taken a series of provocative actions and some people have even incited confrontation and exaggerated the threat of war on Taiwan-related issues. Such actions are incredibly irresponsible.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Irresponsible?” These Communist leaders are truly two-faced. The most irresponsible thing a person can do is deny others the right to live free. Marxist Communists have a history of denying people the right to live free. In fact, Communists murder every person that stands for pro-Freedom and Pro-democracy. Millions of people have been cruelly murdered by Chinese Communists since 1949. “Irresponsible?” Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist comrades are the ones who are irresponsible for oppressing peoples right to live free. Marxist Communism is nothing more than a gangster anti-freedom ideology.

China views its neighbour as a renegade province. Australia has acknowledged China’s position on Taiwan since diplomatic ties were established with the Chinese Communist Party in 1972 under the “one-China policy” but has not recognized or endorsed China’s claim.” (i)

“The position is consistent with much of the West, which has relied on maintaining this ambiguity to reduce the risk of conflict over the self-governed island, a key liberal enclave and a vital strategic post in the Indo-Pacific.” (i)

“The Chinese Communist Party has maintained that Taiwan must be united with the mainland by 2049, the centenary of its split with the mainland after a civil war.” (i)

“But Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ascendant nationalism and China’s growing military strength have fuelled concerns that the deadline could be accelerated to within the next decade.” (i)

A.I. comments… Communist Beijing led by Xi Jinping lies again and again. The Chinese Civil War in 1949 was not started by the unarmed Pro-Freedom Chinese people. It was violently started by armed Communist Mao Zedong who ruthlessly over the years cruelly murdered millions of Chinese people and Tibetan people. Mao was an evil vicious man, a gangster lowlife that did not care about the eternal right of people Chinese or not to live free of despot tyranny. This is the man, the creep, which Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades revere and idolize as a God. His disgusting image is plastered all around Beijing and China. He is also pictured on money to symbolize the false claim greatness of revered Mao, who was in fact an evil man that deserves only contempt by those who stand strong for freedom values and the right of humans to enjoy peace under the constitution of ‘Liberty Values’ and a political pro-democracy society. There is no place for inhumane despot creeps like Mao, Hitler, Stalin, and others anywhere in this Universe. All Despots must be purged by violent force and that includes Xi Jinping if he attacks Taiwan or any other free Nation.

We of the ‘Free World’ are duty bound to defend the right of Taiwan to live free of the tyranny of anti-freedom Marxist Communism.

If Beijing attacks Taiwan, then Beijing must be destroyed and all Communist leaders must be hunted down as war criminals and swiftly executed.

The false Communist claim of ‘one policy China’ has no right to oppress Taiwan. Communist Mao failed to get control of Taiwan in 1949 during the unjust oppressive civil war of the Chinese mainland and I say, “Three Cheers for the courage of the Taiwanese Chinese people that fought to protect their right to live free from the dictatorship of Communists.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu correctly stated…

Taiwan was a front-line state guarding against the expansion of authoritarianism and that debates about strategic ambiguity needed to be bolstered by concrete military support.” (i)

Wu continued his statement… “I think Beijing has been preparing for war against Taiwan, and that is what we have been seeing. They are preparing for it,” he told US networks PBS.” (i)

“The full picture is that we are seeing the United States getting more and more serious about the situation in this part of the world. We need US support. And the US has shown its support to Taiwan. I think this is much better than getting into the debate of strategic ambiguity or strategic clarity.” (i)

A.I. comments… and as an ally of USA and Taiwan, we Aussies are duty bound to stand strong with our allies against the threatening Communist dictatorship of all free nations, including Taiwan. To do less is an act of betrayal of doing the right honourable thing, which we must do to protect the right of all people to live free.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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