Space: Imaginary God Creator Experiments that Went Wrong.

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Feature Image: Space Galaxy

What is out there? Scientists are gradually learning the answers.

Space: Imaginary God Creator Experiments that Went Wrong.


Imaginary God Creator creates another failed experiment. The Sun collapsed and the Star is now dead moving closer to become a Supernova explosion that will destroy all material caught in its path and will kill all life caught in its exploding expanding pathway.

When the Sun-star that once gave life to nearby planets collapsed, all of God Creator life experiments perished. God Creator has a history throughout the Universe of failing in experiments. He/ She is not good in creating life and protecting its right to live free and safe. His/her life species are all in the end killed, wiped out and denied the right to live.

Over 6 billion religious’ people on Earth are afraid to hold ‘Imaginary God Creator’ accountable for all of his/her incompetent experiments that keep failing, inevitably through the process of time, exploding and killing all innocent life, inadvertently caught in its decaying exploding path. God Creator should be held accountable by worshippers for his/her constant high failure rate. But all worshippers lack the courage to hold ‘Imaginary God Creator’ accountable for his/her persistent delivery of mistakes that deliver unkind, unjust consequences to life forms that just wanted the right to live free, void of threatening destruction.

Instead of Creating a Star which lives forever, giving life to all within the light it passes forward, God Creator produced a Star that dies and, in its death, all life within its reach is unjustly killed, denied the right to enjoy existence and denied the right to share and enjoy its pro-creation ability. A creative skill, of creation that millions of Homo Sapiens have persistently worked hard to protect and preserve the right of a variety of species to survive, avoiding their own extinction. It is clear that many Homos Sapiens care more about doing the right thing by species, than God does about his/her own creation. Why is that? Are we species all types and forms just toys to this imaginary God Creator? Or more to the truth … a God Creator does not exist and that all existence in the universe, including matter, energy and biological life are just eternal forms of existence forever evolving, forever changing in the Evolution Process caught inside Chaos Process (Order within Disorder).

If people are game enough to believe that an ‘Imaginary God Creator’ has always existed, then why do not these same people have the courage to recognize that the Universe and all of its compositions in Physical and Spiritual have always existed, all part of the eternal order of change within existence, and thus chaos moves us, all life forms forward, as we strive to fit in this strange universe that can be frightening and yet reaching into our curiosity, leave us with a sense of mystery and wonder upon the why of it all.

Not in one religious creed has the why been answered correctly. The why is beyond the grasp of our limited minds and the fear of death leads us towards sharing ‘make believe’ so that we do not have to face our fear that there is no meaning and purpose to our existence, except that which we create for ourselves.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. I have no respect for Lazy Intellectuals that are afraid to live with ‘dynamic open mind’. The path of truth can only be found by the courage of open mind that is dynamic and versatile in ‘Quest for Truth’ and understanding. To succeed we must not reject proven path wisdom and we must have the persistent courage and effort to wade through volumes of false knowledge until the truth proves its own existence. If people cannot learn the most advanced intelligence in the universe, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, which is easy to comprehend, it is because they are too lazy to try.

In a Science Alert article, July 2nd, 2021, Michelle Starr posted an interesting science subject titled, ‘Astronomers Just Found The Smallest Yet Most Massive Dead Star Ever Discovered.’ (i)

“A dead star the size of the Moon is the smallest of its kind we’ve ever seen.” (i)

“It’s a white dwarf star, the ultra-dense collapsed core of a star in the mass range of the Sun, but it’s just 4,280 kilometres (2,660 miles) across. It’s also the most massive white dwarf star we’ve ever seen, clocking in at around 1.35 times the mass of the Sun. (i)

Just take a second to wrap you head around that – a tad over our Sun’s mass packed into a sphere only slightly larger than the size of our Moon. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Yes, I agree it is incredible because that challenges our past centuries ideas about mass and size in relation to weight. Bigger was originally heavier but science has revealed a truthful new way to think about weight, size and gravity.

But the thing that increasingly bothered me is why would an ‘Imaginary God Creator’ create such an evolving self-destructing star that over time destroys all life wanting to survive, a God which people have claimed for thousands of years is perfect and not fallible and not capable of mistakes in its experimental creation decisions. Through ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we learn that science has a superior performance, to discovering science evidence than so-called ‘God Creator’, which proves, religion has been wrong in its past beliefs about the nature and character of existence. This does not mean that ‘Atheism’ is right. On the contrary ‘Atheism’ like ‘Theism’ has a history of incompetence founded upon wrong ideas.

“And the white dwarf, named ZTF J1901 + 1458 and located around 130 light-years away, really is incredible. Its dense and mass place it right on the verge of the Chandrasekhar limit – the maximum mass a white dwarf can be before it becomes so unstable that it blows up in a spectacular supernova.” (i)

White dwarfs are the smallest class of dead star on the dead star continuum. They are formed from the collapsed cores of stars up to eight times the mass of the Sun; when these stars end their main-sequence (nuclear fusion) lifespans, they blow off their outer material, and the remaining core, no longer supported by the outward pressure of fusion, collapses into an ultra-dense object.” (i)

A.I. comments… Click Here to Read the overview Science Alert report.

Science is still exploring Space and Earth striving to learn the truth about the nature and character of existence in all of its forms. To succeed Scientists and Philosophers must work together and part of that process of calm PMA, needs ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. There is no place for negativity, fixed dogma and anti-freedom ideologies. Six Billion people need to step outside their Cocoon ‘Belief Systems’ and learn to think dynamic with open mind.

Understanding ‘White Dwarf Stars’ and ‘Neutron Stars’ is still a to be continued research science objective. Inevitably science will solve their questions. We ‘Homo Sapiens’ have already made amazing progress increasing our understanding of the Universe. The past centuries of incompetent roadblocks imposed by religious fanatics with limited minds, has made the advance of truthful knowledge and exploratory theory difficult at times but we are gradually succeeding by increasing our knowledge about existence.

Sadly, Theist Religions and Atheist Marxism is denying people the right to live free in speech, choice and equality in peace, health and prosperity. This ignorant self-centred roadblock will be pulled down as we that stand for freedom overthrow such tyranny.

To Free the World, we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ there is no other dynamic open mind path that works.

The most advanced intelligence in the world is ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I am sadly sorry, if you cannot keep up with me, it is because you are not trying. I have never suffered from depression and if you read my ‘Profile History’ and my complete works you will understand why. And just to set the record straight I have often in my life walked through pain and suffering but the difference is using calm ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, despite difficulties, I always defeated all objections and roadblocks. Moving like Science progressively forward, I keep learning more about the truthful character and nature of existence. And I am not afraid to learn more. That is what makes me different to those that are afraid to try and learn more using dynamic open mind.

God of Creation has helped me over a lifetime, giving me wisdom guidance. ‘God Creator’ has done nothing to help me or anyone else in trouble. Learn the difference between ‘God of Creation’ and imaginary ‘God Creator’.

Like many ‘Satanic Verses’ in so-called ‘Holy Books’, wrong thinking, wrong ‘Belief Systems’ lead the misguided naïve believers down the self-destructive path. Kablooey! Truth vanishes in the heated explosion of erroneous emotion and lack of logic, abruptly causing ruin.

Read more of my complete works to learn how to truly live free in mind and inner peace, strengthened by the courage of not being afraid to learn more wisdom.

Allan Ivarsson 2021


‘verily so it be.’

‘truthfully, it is so.’

‘certainly, the right path to follow’.

To be continued…

We are all watching, including wolves.

A White Dwarf Living on the Edge – W.M. Keck Observatory.

Type Ia supernova.

Remember this Fun Trilogy?

Back to the Future

Marty McFly

Don’t worry Xi Jinping Beijing cannot comprehend the value of fun imagination movies like this. He is not smart enough. He is too obsessed with his vanity and his aggressive agenda to oppress every person and deny them the right to live free.

Xi Jinping and I are enemies.

I stand for ‘Freedom’. He stands for ‘Totalitarianism’.

A.I. signing out for now.

The End.

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