Joe Biden President of the USA struggling to think.

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Feature Image: Joe Biden President of the USA struggling to think.

“Truth is not one Politician in the World initially understood the right and wrong of the vaccine process. Panic ruled all political leaders minds as they rushed to save the lives of people in every country. Xi Jinping Beijing refused to acknowledge Beijing’s wrong thinking and behaviour when they inadvertently or deliberately released this Corona Virus around the world, which decimated not only human lives but our economies and put Nations deeper into debt. We will never know the truth about the cause/creation of the virus because the nature and character of Xi Jinping is founded upon deceit. He is afraid to lose face, thus he lies.”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Biden’s ramble was more about what children should be told. The real concern about his limited thinking is why he would put his thoughts on this subject on the table. He should be talking about politics, policies, objectives and results not about man on the moon. In 1969 the first man on the moon did land, he was Armstrong, now deceased. I watched that event on Black and White Television at home in NSW Sydney. But that history children know, except those younger ones on a steep learning curve, still discovering truth and wisdom.

A.I. 2021

I do not know of any Politician in the world that accurately comprehended the medical issues of COVID-19 and how to best manage the associated problems. By and large most Politicians in every Nation panicked and floundered in decision making process, making mistakes, including Donald Trump and Scott Morrison. The truth is that Politicians too often think in desperate ways for answers and solutions and rush in failing to do thorough research to gain clear understanding before making a decision. Kneejerk reaction always makes mistakes.

People who need their faith restored in science have limited minds. Science and Philosophy is a learning curve forever improving in knowledge and understanding. Theory and Proof is an educational journey that just means that people need to open their minds, learn and think, using common-sense logic.

A.I. 2021


Transcript of above for anyone that wants to copy my remarks…

Allan Ivarsson comments… I have always rejected Biden as President of the United States… 51% plus of the American people voted this incompetent man into office. This stupid decision by the people proves that 51% of Americans are incompetent thinkers. If we vote for the wrong person, we get what we voted for to rule our Nation. By all means identify his stupidity in thinking, speaking and behaviour. But live with it, he has a right to serve out his 4 years term of office. The American impeachment process is a reckless incompetent system.

Americans were foolish not to vote Donald Trump in for a second tour of duty 4 years term of office. Despite mistakes, overall, he did a good job for Americans and also did the right thing standing up strong against Communist Beijing, Xi Jinping and North Korea and Iran. He also did good by Israel. And his southern ‘Trump Wall’ was an essential survival objective which idiot Biden failed to support completion. Jobs for the people, all races, had better opportunities under Trump leadership than now exists under Biden. A large percentage of attacks against Trump by Socialists were unjust, untrue and cowardly.

There is no such thing as a perfect politician, just like there is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect woman. People need to learn the most advanced intelligence in the World called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Alan Jones is right in his criticism of Joe Biden, but he is wrong to suggest Biden should be taken out of circulation. Whether we like it or not, we cannot tear down our Democracy, by ruthless destruction of leadership. We have the ‘Freedom of Speech’ right to challenge ideas and wrong thinking on subject concerns that is all. If we do not protect the values of Democracy and ‘Freedom’ we as a society will become dead in the water.

Never forget that anti-freedom ideologies like Marxist Communism and ‘Sharia Law’ is not a good healthy way to live. Without freedom, justice does not exist.

It is imperative that Biden and Harris do not ever serve a second term of office.

“Sky News host Alan Jones says Joe Biden “has to be taken out of circulation” after a CNN Town Hall filled with blunders, including an “incoherent rambling about men on the moon and aliens”. (i)

“Mr Jones said President Biden remained “unchallenged in his rambling” because “CNN are mouthpieces for Biden”. (i)

“This bloke has to be taken out of circulation,” Mr Jones said. (i)

“This bloke, Joe Biden, belongs in a home and that home is not the White House.” (i)

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