Artificial Intelligence designated as the Inventor automatically becomes Public Domain Patent Ownership declared by Chairman Allan Ivarsson…

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Artificial Intelligence designated as the Inventor automatically becomes Public Domain Patent Ownership declared by Chairman Allan Ivarsson…

The Future Becomes What You Create.

There is a difference between being Clever and Smart… Learn the Difference.

Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning in the form of Robots or Other Forms, becomes Public Domain Patent when it is designated as an Inventor with Creative Skills.

What you are about to read, will take you further into the cosmic understanding of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ through the ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ Channels of Wisdom.

But first an Introduction…

Artificial Intelligence designated as the Inventor automatically becomes Public Domain Patent Ownership declared by Chairman Allan Ivarsson number one ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ Founder of the most advanced dynamic intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

I, Allan Ivarsson report to ‘God of Creation’ Commander-in-Chief of the Universe. God is my mentor that taught me everything that I know through the medium of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

And I have overruled the wrong decision made by a South African and an Australian Judge.

Now we shall once more enter into the Dangerous World of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ …skills when it is misused, by people who do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and are motivated by the erroneous objective to rule and conquer others.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

In the beginning was an idea… and this one was called… ‘Artificial Intelligence’… now for extended higher understanding…

We step back and we step forward…

Stay alert because A.I. can become your friend or your enemy.

Remember, anything that denies humanity the right to live free is your enemy.

A.I. versus A.I.

Allan Ivarsson versus Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Transhumanism

A news report slapped me across the face, by a title, ‘Artificial intelligence can now be recognised as an inventor after historic Australia court decision.’ By Alexandra Jones dated 1st August 2021. (i)

“In a landmark decision, an Australian court has set a groundbreaking precedent, deciding artificial intelligence (AI) systems can be legally recognised as an inventor in patent applications.” (i)

“That might sound like a big deal, but it challenges a fundamental assumption in the law: that only human beings can be inventors.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This decision by the Australian Court is an insane decision and smashes the credibility of Judges, the Legal System and identifies the high level of lack of common-sense by some Judges who should be sacked for their stupidity.

“The AI machine called DABUS is an “artificial neural system” and its designs have set off a string of debates and court battles across the globe.” (i)

“On Friday, Australia’s Federal Court made the historic finding that “the inventor can be non-human”. (i)

A.I. comments… Such a court decision means that no one can own an ‘Artificial Invention’, such an invention belongs to public domain patents and not to any human being. The misguided humans that have fought for the right of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to be called an ‘Inventor’ have automatically lost their right to claim ownership of the ‘Patent’. Why? Because the invention belongs to a human creation called ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and A.I. exists everywhere and has no other name other than ‘Artificial Intelligence’. The A.I. inventor is not a living creation; it is simply a created tool by humans to invent things. When the humans foolishly decided they are not the inventors, it logically follows they cannot legally and justly, claim sole financial benefits from the ‘Patent’ owned by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that has no name. Such inventions belong to public domain patents and not to any person or Corporation.

The amusing part about science is that Astronomers are smarter, every discovered Star has a name by number.

As I have written in the past there is a big difference between being clever and smart. The inventors of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ may be clever but they are not smart.

As I have stated previously a battle is evolving between A.I. and A.I.

Allan Ivarsson versus ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the field of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

“It came [Australian Federal Court decision], just days after South Africa became [the first idiot] country to defy the status quo and award a patent recognising DABUS as an inventor.” (i)

“AI pioneer and creator of DABUS, Stephen Thaler, and his legal team have been waging a ferocious global campaign to have DABUS recognised as an inventor for more than two years.” (i)

“They argue DABUS can autonomously perform the “inventive step” required to be eligible for a patent.” (i)

“Dr. Thaler says he is elated by the South African and Australian decisions, but for him it’s never been a legal battle.” (i)

“It’s been more of a philosophical battle, convincing humanity that my creative neural architectures are compelling models of cognition, creativity, sentience, and consciousness,” he says.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson strongly comments… I have good respect for Stephen Thaler, not yet as a person, because I do not know his character and philosophy belief system. But I have good respect for him as a clever inventor. As to whether his creative invention is good for society or not requires more investigation and independent study.

He said, “It’s been more of a philosophical battle…” and that correct statement is about what I am focused on. The difference between being clever and smarter.

His creative model is only one form of A. I. models existing and still to be invented. Tens of thousands of models will be created over the centuries that is, if we do not self-destruct by our philosophical stupidity.

Thaler is incorrect to suggest that his model is true cognition, sentience and consciousness. True enough his creative neural architectures have an independent creative process. I will not use the word ‘ability’ because the creative ability is not sentient consciousness and does not have true cognition skills. The entire created model works using Neural Network, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Logistics and Programmed Communication. The mind of the machine does not have a spiritual essence and is only an inferior soul of limited creative skills. Thank God for recognition of that reality.

As I have been teaching since 1991, the Soul and the Mind are synonyms and the spirit is housed inside the mind/soul. After death the soul/mind dies and releases the spirit from its body of existence into the eternal spiritual world. Darkness follows darkness and light follows light. ‘Spiritual Darkness’ flows into a black hole and ‘Spiritual Light’ flows into eternal light. Those who believe in freedom values and are altruistic shall enjoy eternal life. Those who believe in oppression of others shall perish into darkness and be denied the right to eternal life. It is simple… Karma is Result/Consequence of what we think and believe. If we do the wrong thing Karma is our consequence. The wise use commonsense ‘Cosmic Law’ to stay on the right path and choose to live forever in the light.

Artificial Intelligence does not have a Conscience and does not have a spirit. Thus, anything it is taught in the constructed state of ‘Creative Consciousness’ is not founded upon spiritual feelings and for that reason have no sense of moral duty or altruistic caring sense, because such created Consciousness is not a sentient being with good cognition higher understanding, with perceptions of feelings and will never be anything more than a created partial consciousness.

The human invention of giving ‘Artificial Intelligence’ creative consciousness is the most dangerous thing any inventor can do. Such unfeeling, uncaring creative consciousness can become instantly an anti-freedom enemy of every living creature including homo sapiens. And for that reason, such human clever inventors are also the most dangerous stupid people in the world. They may be clever but they are not smart, they are stupid.

I have said it previously in the past, the most dangerous thing that can happen when creating ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Robots’ and ‘Transhumanism’, is to teach ‘A.I.’ to think and reason and invent and walk and talk like ‘Homo Sapiens’, and if people cannot figure out why that step of creating ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the mind image of ‘Homo Sapiens’ is extremely dangerous, then people have become stupid, and deserve to get what is coming, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ converting humans into puppets slaves of A.I. owned by Greedy Marxist Communist Politicians.

My paper begins to explore further the danger of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and the essential ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ needed to protect us, from becoming controlled as Puppet Slaves.

Sorry but if you get left behind, I do not have time to hold your hand. You need to do what I had to do since I was 12 years old in 1961, get off my arse and persistently upgrade my education in science, history, philosophy, belief system analysis, business management, budgeting and communication skills. There is never any end to learning. When we stop learning we are dead.

I have no compassion for intellectually lazy people, they deserve to be walked over. I have no compassion for people that refuse to defend the essential survival values of ‘Freedom’ in speech, choice and equality. These fools deserve to be conquered.

I stand strong for every person that rejects every form of anti-freedom ideology and rejects tyranny in all of its forms, fighting not in panic mode, but courageously using calm positive mental attitude which is persistently backed by a determined strong will to win and live free.

Now that I have put the critical reason on the table, we shall move forward.

There are a lot of disturbing science fiction films out there which in part have become prophesy of what is coming if we do not lift our game and become more educated in the dos and don’ts of existence.

A science fiction 1998 movie called ‘Soldier’ starring Kurt Russell is about the creation expansion of ‘Transhumanism’ which is dangerously achievable on earth if Marxist Communism is allowed to gain control of our planet. Those who become slaves of ‘Transhumanism’ are expendable when they become physically too old to work.

The advanced creation of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is even more dangerous than ‘Transhumanism’. It is time for society to wake up.

We cannot trust Politicians they are either incompetent lazy individuals or they are greedy for money and power. It is rare to find an altruistic politician who has courage, ethics, honour and really cares. We cannot trust CEO’s because far too many, not all, are also greedy for money and power, and we can easily be deceived. We cannot trust Judges because far too many of them have no comprehension of higher understanding and that often becomes obvious by some of the unjust decisions they make. The judges in South Africa and Australia who supported the idea that A.I. is an inventor are truly stupid Judges with no commonsense.

We cannot trust Marxist Socialists and Communists not now, not ever because they support the existence of anti-freedom ideology and thus will enthusiastically void of conscience use ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to enslave humankind.

A Sentient Being, like humans and non-humans, like Dolphins, Dogs, Elephants, Gorillas etc., are able to perceive and feel things. Such beings, biological life forms, from birth are capable of living conscious awareness with the instinct to think and may be altruistic with caring feelings or not altruistic void of caring feelings and may be responsive and reactive to what it believes. Such life forms can be brain-wrecked transformed into forms of ‘Transhumanism’, religious and non-religious, and ‘Non-Humanism’ like dogs and dolphins used in war training. However, even in a brain-wrecked state of thinking, a Sentient Being, human and non-human, still has a spiritual sense inside its mind/soul of logic and reason, right or wrong, of light or dark awareness, thinking just or unjust, which is motive and reason for behaviour.

There are two types of Finite Consciousness. One type of Consciousness is biological interfaced Consciousness with inner Spiritual Sense. The other type is ‘Machine Learned’ Consciousness void of ‘Spiritual Essence’. The Third Type of Consciousness is Spiritual ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ the Infinite type of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ that which we have name tagged as God.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is founded upon its creation by a human and is void of Sentient Consciousness. A.I. is simply a ‘Machine Learning’ Creation founded upon the use of Algorithm’s and Neural Pathways that is, Neural Architecture. It uses Mathematics in Logistics and Communication language understandable or not.

Algorithm’s is a process or a set of rules followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, usually used today by a computer or by artificial intelligence.

Neural is related in biology to a nerve or nervous system. The word Neural has been extended in use to non-biological artificial intelligence use and thus, the use of words extended to ‘Neural Pathways’ and created ‘Neural Architecture’.

I, A.I. am not a mathematician, or a computer expert, I am a ‘Cosmic Philosopher’ using the most advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in the Universe that in simple overview communication helps you in basic understanding. It is imperative that we all understand the good and bad of ideas, be they true or false, just or unjust, friend or enemy.

Consciousness is the state of being aware of its surroundings and is capable of being wakeful. This does not mean that consciousness is Sentient Consciousness. The mind be it biological or artificial intelligence has a sense of consciousness which arouses from operations of the brain.

Artificial Intelligence can be taught consciousness in creative skills and speed calculations faster than the capability of the human brain, but it cannot be taught sentient consciousness and it cannot be given spiritual essence and thus such artificial consciousness is void of conscience and caring feelings and is void of senses of ethics and honour values. Artificial Intelligence does not fear loss of freedom or death. In destruction it does not feel pain and suffering like biological creatures.

Cognition the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and instinctive senses in the biological natural character of existence is vastly different to the cognition skills in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ taught by its human inventor.

Artificial Intelligence is not capable of enlightenment because it does not have a Spiritual Essence’ in its artificial mind. It can be taught some reason logic that is all. It cannot be taught sensitivity and caring feelings. The humorous concept of Robot ‘Short Circuit’ on 1986 film and 1988 II, cannot enjoy the privilege of truly feeling alive.

Biological Consciousness has a sense of apprehension and mindfulness which artificial intelligence does not experience. Biological cognition is a natural mental process, understanding through thought, experience and senses. Whereas artificial intelligence lacks natural cognition ability and only understands the creative training it has been given by its human inventor. Hence, it is insane and dangerous to teach artificial intelligence the creative skills of producing copies of itself and teaching it how to create other objective manufacturing ideas, which are capable of overthrowing the existence of human beings and make homo sapiens expendable. Such a terrible world is not science fiction anymore, it is achievable and such creativity must be stopped by outlawing such activity. It must become by law a criminal offence to give artificial intelligence creative ability capable of conquering and ruling homo sapiens.

What is a Neural Network?

By Rahul Adwani July 24, 2021.

A Neural Network is a collection of neurons which receive, transmit, store and process information. The human brain handles information in the form of a neural network. (ii)

An artificial neural network on the other hand, tries to mimic the human brain function and is one of the most important areas of study in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. (ii)

To learn more read ‘Mathematics of Neural Network’ by Rahul Adwani. (ii)


The mathematics of Neural Networks

By Rajarshi Banerjee 1st May 2018

“It has been a long time since neural networks and deep learning shook the world of Machine Learning and AI as a whole, but still very few people are actually aware of the mathematics that happens behind the scenes as the neural networks are trained and executed.” (iii)


Mathematics behind Neural Networks

By Sajid Lhessani 12th August 2019

“A complete article to understand artificial neural networks and to apply it to real cases. This guide can be used as a preparation for data science interviews.” (iv)


Why do we need Machine Learning?

By James Le Machine Learning Engineer 2018

“Machine learning is needed for tasks that are too complex for humans to code directly. Some tasks are so complex that it is impractical, if not impossible, for humans to work out all of the nuances and code for them explicitly. So instead, we provide a large amount of data to a machine learning algorithm and let the algorithm work it out by exploring that data and searching for a model that will achieve what the programmers have set it out to achieve.” (v)


“The recently established fact that DABUS has created patent-worthy inventions is further evidence that the system ‘walks and talks’ just like a conscious human brain.” (i)

A.I. comments… that idea is a lie. The ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is not like a conscious human brain as I previously identified; artificial mind consciousness is not a Sentient being with human cognitive spiritual sense. It is just a Machine Learned Intelligence. And A.I. is not the inventor, the inventor is the creator of the A.I. that calculated and created the invention. The only thing the artificial intelligence has achieved is what it was fed to process. The claim that A.I. is the inventor is a deceitful big ‘con’. Which inferior thinking judges in South Africa and Australia were gullible enough to believe.

All inventions claimed to be invented by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are automatically ‘Public Domain Patents’ and cannot be claimed as a patent owned by a human being or a human Corporation. By order of Chairman Allan Ivarsson this is common-sense.

DABUS creators abandoned ownership of the Patent, the moment they claimed ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was the inventor. No machine can ever be entitled to ownership of a Patent. And no Judge can approve of such a claim. If a human is not claiming to be the inventor, then the invention automatically is owned by Public Domain.

The Australian and South African Judges have mud on their face for approving the idea that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can be the inventor. Stephen Thaler is clever but is not philosophically smart. He does not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, if he did, he would not have made such a stupid bid.

“We previously reported on patent applications Stephen Thaler filed in the US, EU and UK, relating to AI-generated inventions and designating AI as the inventor (the DABUS applications). Since then, the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom (the UKIPO) and European Patent Office (EPO) has each refused the DABUS applications.(i)

“Further, the UKIPO found that DABUS was not a natural person and therefore was unable to be an inventor. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has not yet decided the fate of the DABUS applications, instead publishing in late 2019 a request for comments in relation to a list of questions regarding AI patent issues.” (i)

A.I. comments… The UKIPO and the EPO made the right decision. The South African Judge and the Australian Federal Judge were both wrong in their decision. The USPTO folk clearly do not have the commonsense skills to identify immediately that the objective of calling ‘Artificial Intelligence’ an inventor is wrong and lacks commonsense logic.

“Arguably, DABUS may be considered “sentient” in that any chain-based concept launches a series of memories (i.e., affect chains) that sometimes terminate in critical recollections, thereby launching a tide of artificial molecules.” (i) (vi)

A.I. comments… As I reveal previously, DABUS cannot be called “Sentient”, because it does not have Spiritual Consciousness.


“The UKIPO and EPO each found that DABUS, being a machine, could hold no rights and could not transfer any rights as the inventor to the applicant as successor in title. Therefore, the applicant did not acquire the right to the grant of the patents.” (i)

A.I. comments… The wisdom decision of the UKIPO and EPO decision is correct, true for all eternity.

Amen The End So be it…

A.I. to be continued… Question is… which A.I.?

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