Danger from within… Australian Billionaire Ryan Stokes Talks ‘High Treason’.

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This is Why.

Danger from within… Australian Billionaire Ryan Stokes Talks

‘High Treason’.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Ryan Stokes, Traitor in bed with ‘Communist China’ demands Australia and Anti-Freedom Communist Beijing must preserve an economic relationship to keep Australia prosperous.

“Seven Group CEO Ryan Stokes says Australia and China having a positive relationship is “critical to our economic prosperity”. (i)

“They are our largest trading partner, the Australian economy benefits when the Chinese economy is growing,” Mr Stokes told Sky News Australia.” (i)

“Those benefits play through in multiple aspects within our economy, we’d like to see a strong collaborative relationship with China.” (i)’

“Ultimately, from a trade perspective it is increasingly important to Australia.” (i)

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/australia-maintaining-a-positive-relationship-with-china-is-critical-to-our-economic-prosperity/ar-AANROW5?

Allan Ivarsson responds… No, it’s not… it is just the opposite.

Xi Jinping President of ‘Communist China’ has one objective to through economic strategy to gain ownership control of Australia over the next fifty years.

Greedy Politicians and Wealthy Business CEO’s and others, would be entrepreneurs, will grab opportunities to deal with ‘Communist China’ to make money. They will be giving greed first priority, and contrary to what they claim they are not doing it for Australia, they are motivated by their own greed.

Any Australian Politician that does not strive to cancel all trade with ‘Communist Beijing’ is an incompetent idiot and is a traitor to all Australians that value the right to live ‘Free in Speech, Choice and Equality’.

We as decent human beings are duty bound by moral ethics to refuse to trade with ‘Communist China’ until all the Chinese people including in Tibet and Hong Kong and all Mainland Provinces are free to live in a ‘Pro-Freedom Democracy’ void of the persistent violent oppressive persecution by anti-freedom Communists.

It is our duty by ‘Code of Honour’ to Boycott all trade with ‘Communist China’ until the Chinese people are freed from the bully tyranny of oppressive Marxist Socialist Communism.

A quote by Allan Ivarsson to a friend on 30th August 2021…

A.I. comments… ‘Communist Beijing’ became our largest trading partner since 2015 because of the high-level incompetence of our Australian Politicians who sacrificed our ‘Self-Sufficiency’ including all of our critical path Manufacturing employment by idiotic decisions. Now Beijing is demanding we dump USA as an ally and submit to the evil dictatorship of Xi. Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

The Internet says that… “Ryan Stokes joined the Boral Board in September 2020 and became Chairman in July 2021. Mr Stokes is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Seven Group Holdings Limited (SGH). He has been an executive director of SGH since February 2010 and CEO since 2015.”

Stokes is another Degree Qualified person who is more focused on a life of ‘Greed’ than on protecting the eternal right of people to live ‘free’.

Ryan Stokes holds a Commerce Degree from Curtin University.

Since the 1970’s to my Retirement from the Executive World in 2005, first as a young executive and later a Senior Executive and Consultant, as an expert in Class ‘A’ Logistics and ‘World Class Manufacturing’ in several industries, including Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Cable and Building Industries. Electronics included Poker Machines, Road and Traffic, Aerospace, Deep Space Antennas and Radar, and Radio Communications, I learned human nature in depth.

I was there as a Purchasing Officer in the mid-seventies and later in early eighties as a Production Control Planning Manager using MRPII, producing famous Panadol Products and a large range of other pharmaceuticals. Later, in late eighties I entered the electronics world as a Materials Manager with Company Car, with a team of 34 people reporting to me, including Purchasing Manager, Production Control Planning Manager and Warehouse Supervisor. Later I became a Consultant. I retired early in 2005 from Manufacturing to focus on design and development of the most advanced intelligence in the world, which I coined in name in 2007 as ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

This knowledge was backed by my younger years’ experience as a Door-to-Door Salesman to Girls and Housewives and Husband and Wife Teams, Paid Escort for Women by parents and their daughters, and Ballroom Dancing since the age of 12 years, which included self-training in the smooth peaceful art of ‘Street Approaches’. Later I added ‘Blue Collar World’ skills in Heavy Vehicle Driving including Semi-Trailers and Oil Tankers plus other loads, including Home Delivery. I also did Boxing and Street Fighting against Hoodlums in Sydney and many other sports, recorded in my Profile. I did not go looking for trouble but I never ran.

Through my career adventure I specialized in hands on and management process in Warehousing, Purchasing, Production Control Planning and Sales and Operations Planning and Business Planning.

I also have several years of interfaced ‘Retail Management’ skills, in Record Bar, Toys, Gifts, Hi-Fi equipment, Stamp Dealing and Retail Education Bookstore. I never rejected opportunity and a challenge.

I am also a professional philosopher and writer as a mentor, which I have always passed forward for free. It is called ‘Social Capital’ the practice of caring to help others.

After a bad accident in 1975 at the age of 26 years, I lived with pain 24/7 for the rest of my life first in my shattered ankle held together by three metal cross screws, progressing in intensity up my leg, until by the age of 71 years I was crippled in my left side from my ankle, through my knee to my left hip. My Brilliant Medical Cancer Specialist, who helped me go into cancer remission, and understood the excruciating pain I endured, recently said to me, I was a brave man, but the truth is I am sick of being brave, but I have no choice, we must live tough without complaint, I built a successful life living on pain 24/7 and I chose to smile and rarely told anyone about my struggle except occasionally to very close friends.

I have never suffered from Depression, because no matter how tough the challenge is, I walk with a ‘Million Dollar Walk’ even when I was financially broke, and out of work. I have used ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ since 1969, backed by using ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and being the ‘Eye of Calm in a Storm’. I never panic, even when I feel fear and face danger. This skill has saved my life a few times. I do not use the negatives of ‘Hope’ and ‘Optimism’. PMA has always worked, which is why ‘Depression’ never succeeds in getting me. I believe in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ with eternal strong conviction.

To avoid being corrupted, I do not ever seek ‘Donations’. Thus, I am not caught in the trap of owing a person an advantage their way. I have already recorded this policy, which those who read my collected works would have read.

I have cleared acres of land over twenty years, Australian dense bush so thick that Wallabies cannot easily pass through, using only 19th Century methods of axe, handsaws, mattock, pick, hoe and spade. I could not afford a tractor or other equipment and because of my bad leg when I have lost my balance on occasions after the 1990’s, falling down, sometimes hitting my face hard on rock, I could throw an axe away from me, but the use of a chainsaw was too dangerous, I could not throw it safely away as I was falling. So, I chose on a painful leg to work tough 19th Century way. Street fighting and boxing was easier than working hard on the land.

The point of this tabled deliverance of some more of my dynamic profile, which goes way past the above tabled skills level, is that I observed that ‘Degree Qualifications’ in Business and Commerce, whatever the Universities title it, is not worth a damn.

We can identify a person’s real ability not by ‘University Degrees’ but by their genuine talent which does not need a ‘Degree’. Over the years, I have had ‘Degree Qualified’ People reporting to me, with Economics and Business and Marketing Sales Degrees and their real performance good and bad can be measured by their annual performance rating, if they survive in the seat, some did not. Furthermore, I have been the catalyst for the sacking of some of my bosses, including an incompetent Manufacturing Manager, a General Manager and an Industrial Engineer who had a higher IQ than me, but could not communicate well and manage human nature, good and bad.

It is no coincidence that during my career as a Senior executive that I was given names in different companies, like ‘The Tiger’, ‘The Grim Reaper’, The ‘Terminator’ and was once called by my last boss after I chose to retire, ‘A Legend’.

There is more in my dynamic profile but you can read that in my profile records. For now I put my business overview profile on the table to let people know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can defeat even Billionaires and Famous People in academic battle if they do not have the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, which I coined in 2007 and designed in ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ between 1984 to 2024, which is my final end of year target for completion of this advanced ‘Belief System’; Ryan Stokes and Xi Jinping and numerous others cannot defeat me in academic battle. Not Brag. Fact!

It is easy to prove, write to me on my Chatline and see if you can defeat me in academic battle. I can tell you now that Xi Jinping is currently afraid to communicate with me in writing.

Now back to dealing with the incompetent dangerous objectives of Ryan Stokes plan to go to bed with ‘Communist Beijing’ as a trading partner.

Boral Industry is in foundation an Australian Company and if they go off the rails choosing ‘Greed Deals’ with Xi Jinping Communist Beijing they will be reprimanded by me head-on.

Our Priority Duty is to build Economic Self-Sufficiency Strength for Australia, void of dependance of any anti-freedom ideology country.

Because of Ryan Stokes wrong dangerous thinking statement, we are now duty bound to watch that Boral stays Australian.

I am determined to leave a ‘Freedom Legacy’ in ‘Spirit’, a gift not of money, but of something more important in security for all Australians and to do that we must reject all Trade, Import and Export Deals with ‘Communist Beijing’ until they Free all the Chinese People. The Word ‘Republic means freedom as exists in Taiwan. The use of the word ‘Republic’ by Communists is an act of deceit and that is a fact.

As a mentor, I am willing to help any person of any Nation but my first obvious Duty is to Fight to Protect the ‘Freedom of Australians’. And I am doing that to the best of my ability as a highly skilled professional now giving as ‘Social Capital’.

If Ryan Stokes does not listen to my message and refuses to change his attitude, I will walk over the top of him and smash his credibility. That is a fact for the history books.

Remember, I started broke and lost money through two previous marriages and rebuilt from a broke status at the age of forty years to a status with my third wife Jan who also had no money through two previous marriages when we met and united. I am like many people a true ‘Aussie Battler, and by retirement my wife, also very talented in her past years in a variety of skills, and I, own our own house.

What did Ryan Stokes achieve on his own, other than being born with a silver spoon in his mouth? My amazing cousin Gerry Harvey started broke and became a billionaire after founding Retail Norman Ross Discounts and later Harvey Norman. I am loyal to all my cousins, we all made it on our own without help from each other.

What has Ryan Stokes achieved starting broke? Now he wants to support his greed by doing trade with an anti-freedom ideology like Communist China. This means he lacks ethics and caring concern for protecting the rights of Australians to live free.

Ryan Stokes commitment is pushing Australia to become a ‘Communist Nation’ which means that Australians who oppose the imposition of ‘Communism’ will be imprisoned or executed as now happens to many pro-freedom Chinese people in ‘Communist China’.

He will deny this objective implication but his motive planned objective, whether he recognises it or not, is submission to the gradual takeover of Australia by ‘Communist Beijing’. And that position is not acceptable and for that reason I shall not give Ryan Stokes any ahimsa quarter. He is not tough enough to go against me. And if he does, he will lose. He will never collect the skills level I have. He has money, I am just an Aussie Battler, but I can still beat him in academic battle. All he has to do is write to me on my website Chatline. An opportunity I have given Xi Jinping and he is afraid to communicate regularly with me. And he is far tougher, like I am, than Ryan Stokes.

My constant response, is… “Don’t Believe Me? Challenge Me and see what happens.”

I do not need lawyers and would never hire one. I can defend myself in court and always will win. You see, I fight different to any person on this planet, when I was young on the streets, in the executive world and in the academic writing world. I follow the wisdom path of Jesus and Buddha and I reject organised religion, and many verses in all so-called ‘Holy Books’. And I do not have a University Degree, I do not need one to beat people who do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. And if they do have genuine P.I. we will not be in conflict, we will be in harmony working on the same ‘Sheet of Music’ which thinks and lives dynamic with calm ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ backed by persistent tough willpower. This is a strength that Xi Jinping has, but he is on the wrong side of the fence void of P.I. and that is his mistake.

Allan Ivarsson response… Crap, Bullshit, wake up Ryan Stokes lest you self-destruct in loss of credibility.

I shall be watching the decision making of Boral whether the new Board of Directors is still loyal to Australia or not. Australia is priority one. There is no place for trade with ‘Totalitarian’ Countries.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

A.I. comments… The dangerous threat is invasion by ‘Communist Beijing’ to rule our Nation and the entire South Pacific region.

Inferior thinking idiot Billionaire Ryan Stokes is okay with this threat, he is more concerned with his own greed to establish anti-freedom Communist Beijing as a ‘Trading Partner’.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/we-are-worried-about-the-situation-in-the-indo-pacific-currently-dutton/ar-AAO0xvi?

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