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Even the women are armed in celebration of Communist Mao’s destruction of Chinese Freedom in 1949.

Communist China Military

‘Communist Beijing’ wants to Rule the World and Space as a Superpower.

Xi Jinping since 2012 has been planning and pushing that agenda objective. Do not underestimate him, he is clever but not smart because he supports anti-freedom ideology instead of freedom ideology.

If ‘Beijing’ used the wisdom of Confucius, Buddha and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ it could still free the people and enforce tougher rules and be smarter than the West.

The West is internally too soft hence too much societal chaos.

The ‘Harder Philosophical Rules’ taught in ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ using ‘Cosmic Law’ would help people live free and at the same time be controlled by harder laws against ‘Social Violence’ and ‘Bully Demonstrations’ and could still be enforced, without destroying ‘Freedom of Speech’ eternal human rights.

To use ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege in a P.I. Society people must be educated though schools on the art of calm well written ‘professional writing’. If they are too lazy to learn how to speak correctly in communication higher standards then they must be denied the privilege of freedom of speech.

‘Freedom of Speech’ must carry responsibility with it, the right to calmly agree to disagree and treat all ideas good and bad, right and wrong, true and false, for or against, just or unjust in a fair diplomatic presentation for discussion exchange.

No one wins a debate but if debate exists it must be calm and reasonable void of emotional mocking people for what others say. The wiser just exchange ideas in peaceful understanding of all ideas with a dynamic open mind sharing insight. This is how good Science works and this is how good ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ must work. And history must be truthful about good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust.

All laugh remarks on FB should be deleted until people can calmly communicate and demonstrate the difference between mocking and genuine good humour. People in every Nation need a huge upgrade in the ‘Art of Good Communication’.

We the people do not need to be experts in Grammar in order to write well. The young people in the West are too often immature in written communication skills.

The leaders in all ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology Nations’ are too afraid to allow good communication ‘Freedom of Speech’, free of punishment, when written, void of coarse language and pornographic conversation and void of threats and mockery.

The Privilege of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is essential to make good quality of life progress achievable. Too many of the young ones in the West need to be educated to act responsibly in ‘Freedom of the Press’ and ‘Freedom of Speech’ in home and in public. Without decent manners and good values, a society is not worthy of the right to live free and deserves to be oppressed.

Education is the key to improving the quality of society in good thinking and behaviour. Without good ‘Belief System’ values a society has nothing but chaos, including inside forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ which often thrives recklessly in the West.

Manners is respect of others and the privilege of ‘Freedom of Speech’ must always be courteous, considerate, kind and use goodwill fair exchange of ideas to help others. Those that cannot comprehend this presentation of important values do not deserve the privilege of ‘Freedom of Speech’ which is an important responsibility.

Xi Jinping will only become smarter as a great man when he learns and uses ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ which is the most advanced evolving intelligence in the Universe.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Communist Beijing shows Military Strength in a Parade.

Oct 1, 2019

Tiananmen Square

I will not deny the amazing expansion of ‘Communist Beijing’ technological and scientific growth over the last 70 years. Nor will I deny the prosperity growth for millions of ‘Communist Chinese’ people – 95 million members in 2021.

Beijing claims that they have reduced poverty of 850 million people out of 1.4 billion. But I do not trust that claim and just for the record being out of poverty does not mean people are living well in prosperity.

Only Middle-Class people in any society can say they are living comfortably well for life. There are no doubt millions of Chinese people who are not Communists that are still living in poverty and are unjustly oppressed. These People simply want to live free. The oppressive cruel Communist history, cost of the murder of over 80 million people since 1949, including the cruel execution of over one million people in Tibet that were denied their right to live true to their peaceful ‘Buddhist Philosophy’ is not acceptable behaviour enforced by Communists.

The same great progress of China could have been also achieved void of the massacre of the people, through Pro-Freedom, Pro-Democracy achievement. There is nothing great about the achievement of murdering millions of people so that anti-freedom ‘Communism’ can prove how great it is in military strength.

Communist Beijing seeks to hide the evil 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in which thousands of Ahimsa protesting Chinese people who stood up in protest for Pro-freedom and Pro-Democracy in the Square and surrounding country, were cruelly killed, with vicious intent by ‘Communist Chinese Military Forces’. And Xi Jinping reveres this greatness and refuses to talk about the evil history of Communist Murder of over 80 million people- probably more since 1949.

After the massacre, the mothers and relatives of the murdered Pro-Freedom Students were denied the right to attend their funeral by ‘Communist Beijing Government’.

Now the ‘Communist Military Parades’ march over the same ground where the military murdered hundreds of students by shooting them and running them over with Tanks again and again over their bodies until they were just slabs of meat that were later cleared in clean-up process.

I do not recognize the greatness of ‘Communist Military Strength’ when ‘Communist Beijing’ including Xi Jinping President of China, refuses to admit to the anti-freedom cruel actions of their past military violence against Chinese people and Tibetans whose only falsely called crime, was to want to live ‘Free’ in Speech, Choice and Equality.

The oppressive cruel enforcement of ‘Communist China’s Military Force looks ‘Great’ but in reality, it is simply a very strong display of ‘Oppressive Force’ designed to make their People and other Nations fear their intended ‘Bully Dictatorship’ to squash and destroy all persons that have the courage to stand up and be counted for the ‘Eternal Human Right to Live Free’.

Even now Xi Jinping keeps bully threatening Taiwan a ‘Free State’ Country planning to bomb and invade the small Nation. Xi Jinping is willing to murder over 40% of the Taiwanese people, men, women, children and babies in order to gain control of the Island.

Xi Jinping keeps threatening Australia since early 2020 sending its Navy close to our Island determined to frighten us into submission of its oppressive military force.

All these ‘Military Parades’ simply teach me that ‘Communist Beijing’ as a demonstration of military strength, did not need to achieve and demonstrate such disciplined strength by their claimed motive to protect and preserve the right of all people around the world to live in stability.

‘Communist Beijing’s Mission’ using their rapid growth in ‘Dictatorship Military Strength’ is to frighten every Nation into submission of ‘Communist Chinese Laws’ and that will in the end included submission by all other ‘Communist Countries’ including ‘Putin Russia’.

Xi Jinping claims that the display of the Military is to create ‘Peace and Stability’ around the world, but that idea is a lie, a Nation like ‘Free Australia’ fights for ‘Peace and Stability’ and has not needed the creation of a ‘Huge Military Force’ to protect itself and help other Nations in need, until now, when ‘Communist Beijing’ began deliberately threatening us since early 2020.

Xi Jinping’s ‘Communist Beijing’ focus is on building a ‘Military Might’ to oppress the world, to force everyone to submit to the anti-freedom dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’. If Xi Jinping had been truthfully concerned with building ‘Global Peace and Stability’, he would not have oppressed the people of Hong Kong and destroyed ‘Freedom of the Press’ in Hong Kong and he would not be threatening Taiwan, Australia and other countries. And he would work towards giving Tibet its right to live free. If Xi Jinping was truly caring, he would have a plan in place, to gradually one by one, ‘Free all the Provinces’ giving them the right to Pro-Democracy and ‘Freedom of Speech’ reporting to a good Federal Government in Beijing. Such a correct goal will not happen until the ideology of Communism’ is replaced by a ‘True Free Republic’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

70Th Anniversary Communist 1949-2019 Military Parade


Mao Zedong’s Violent Communist Conquest


The ‘Free Republic of China’ (1912-1949)

Over 80 million Chinese People have been murdered since 1949 by ‘Communists’ to create this Parades Show of Military Strength in a deliberate attempt to frighten people and send a message that ‘Communist Beijing’ shall rule the World during the centuries ahead.

Many of the young descendants, male and female, in this ‘Armed Force Military Parade’ do not realise that they are the great great plus grandchildren of great great plus grandparents who were cruelly oppressed by Mao’s communist army, many of whom were murdered, leaving children behind to struggle for survival.

A.I. 2021

Oct 1, 2019

Women’s Troops Communist China

Published Jun 26, 2021

The Women’s Troops Parade is Oct 1, 2019

Notice the women are all armed for combat.

This means ‘Communist Beijing’ is willing to sacrifice all women to oppress people in war.

Flashback 2015

The Year Australia in 2015 signed a ‘Free Trade Agreement’ which backfired in 2020.

Xi Jinping Reneged on the ‘Australian Trade Agreement’ with ‘Communist Beijing’.

Thus, true to his vanity and lust for power to rule Australia, Xi Jinping began his threatening dictatorship of Australia and Taiwan.

Vladimir Putin at 2015 Military Parade.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping at 2015 Military Parade.

Sep 3, 2015

1,000 foreign troops participate in China’s military parade.

You will notice that all of the Foreign Troops Marching in this 2015 Presentation are Allies of ‘Communist China’ potential enemies of the ‘Free World Nations’.

Those 16 countries which marched in the parade are…

Afghanistan – Cambodia – Cuba – Egypt – Fiji – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Laos – Mexico – Mongolia – Pakistan – Serbia – Tajikistan – Vanuatu – Venezuela – Russia.

Given the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Communist Beijing’ it is not surprising to view the anti-freedom ideology countries joining with ally enthusiasm, except Vanuatu and Fiji, which seems like they are too afraid to stand for freedom. All of the other countries are either Communist Socialist Marxism, Socialist Marxism, or ‘Sharia Law’ anti-freedom countries. Everyone of these countries in a World War of Communist China versus Freedom would serve geographically as a springing board for China to attack other nearby free countries.

We must stay alert.

The thing that slapped my face more to attention was the date of this parade was September 3, 2015. Xi Jinping has been planning this March Strategy to win Nations to support his Communist Global Takeover Bid as a Superpower since 2012. When we that are alert study his strategy to rule Earth and Space, we come to recognize that Xi Jinping is a very clever and dangerous man, he could in the end even conquer ‘Putin Russia’ and Americans need to wakeup and lift their game just like Australians and New Zealanders need to wake up.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

To be continued…

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