Anti-Freedom Ideology Flags in WWIII will Fight Freedom Flags

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Feature Image: Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping at 2015 Military Parade.

We are all Duty Bound to strive to stop another World War which would create a ‘Nuclear Winter’ and destroy all ‘Homo Sapiens’ Civilization.

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Anti-Freedom Ideology Flags in WWIII will Fight Freedom Flags

As to who will win is currently blowing in the wind…


Sep 3, 2015

1,000 foreign troops participate in China’s military parade.

You will notice that all of the Foreign Troops Marching in this 2015 Presentation are Allies of ‘Communist China’ potential enemies of the ‘Free World Nations’.

16 countries which marched in the parade are…

Afghanistan – Cambodia – Cuba – Egypt – Fiji – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Laos – Mexico – Mongolia – Pakistan – Serbia – Tajikistan – Vanuatu – Venezuela – Russia.

Given the anti-freedom ideology of ‘Communist Beijing’ it is not surprising to view the anti-freedom ideology countries joining with ally enthusiasm, except Vanuatu and Fiji, which seems like they are too afraid to stand for freedom. All of the other countries are either Communist Socialist Marxism, Socialist Marxism, or ‘Sharia Law’ anti-freedom countries. Everyone of these countries in a World War of Communist China versus Freedom would serve geographically as a springing board for China to attack other nearby free countries.

We must stay alert.

The thing that slapped my face more to attention was the date of this parade was September 3, 2015. Xi Jinping has been planning this March Strategy to win Nations to support his Communist Global Takeover Bid as a Superpower since 2012. When we that are alert study his strategy to rule Earth and Space, we come to recognize that Xi Jinping is a very clever and dangerous man, he could in the end even conquer ‘Putin Russia’ and Americans need to wakeup and lift their game just like Australians and New Zealanders need to wake up.

These are the flags of countries capable of joining military forces with ‘Communist Beijing’ fighting against ‘Freedom Values’. Indonesia not at the 2015 parade might now support Communism as well. Stay Alert and Watch.

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The ‘Free World’ needs to lift its game in Military Strength, Self-Sufficiency, and in Education, including the Calm Art of effective Common-Sense Communication. The ‘Communist Chinese’ are clever and are becoming more disciplined than the now too often undisciplined West.

To live ‘Free’ requires persistent ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, Codes of Honour and Courage, the practice of Manners i.e., Respect and Consideration for others and responsible care in the process of Communication. Without tough ‘Willpower’ to Win, the West will fail to live ‘Free’ and anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialist Communist Beijing will rule the World.

The young ones in the West need an immediate upgrade in discipline and education to teach them to always reject Marxist Socialist Communist Ideology. If they do not reject it, they will be ruled by it and then they will be complaining but it will be too late they lost the fight due to their undisciplined apathy.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

To be continued…

Now for a moment of old-time humour from 1970…

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