Andrew Bolt: “China is a Country Run by Gangsters”

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Feature Image: Andrew Bolt Sky News

Allan Ivarsson comments… my regular readers know that I have often called Xi Jinping a Gangster in many previous critical opinion records by me, backed by facts. It is good to finally see a person other than me, correctly call ‘Communists’ gangsters.

It is time more people that value their right to live free to toughen up and oppose Xi Jinping Beijing and his ‘Communist Comrades’ head-on.

Xi Jinping do not make the mistake of underestimating the will of people to live ‘Free & Survive’.


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A.I. comments… Hostage Politics has been raging for years. I have posted about this in the past about Iran doing this.

Now ‘Communist China’ uses it. And they can reach into over fifty countries where people travel to using deal exchanges of visitors, just to get all critics in opposition to ‘Communists’.

The system? Extradition Treaties.

I for one would not be safe in any country because of my constant criticism of China. Why? Because too many countries are weak and submissive to ‘Communist Beijing’ and they freely without resistant handover visitors to their country sending them to China accused as ‘Spies’ a common ‘Totalitarian’ war cry used by ‘Authoritarian’ countries like Iran and ‘Communist China’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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“Never Give Up Fighting for Your Right to Live Free”

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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