Dream Big Aussies oppose ‘Communist Beijing’ to Live Free

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Dream Big Aussies oppose ‘Communist Beijing’ to Live Free


Australian Military Defence Reveals Personnel Weakness to ‘Communist Beijing’.

“Enjoy the Humour that is all we have in Countdown.”

No Submarine in Sight… not yet… but they are coming.

Still Coming…

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/defence-staff-offered-counselling-for-stress-and-uncertainty-after-french-sub-deal-scrapped/ar-AAOOX7q?

Defence correspondent Andrew Greene, posted a brief report on the 26th, September 2021, titled ‘Defence staff offered counselling for ‘stress and uncertainty’ after French sub deal scrapped.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Why would Australian Media table such a report for public view which ‘Communist Beijing Intelligence’ reads? It is too late now the information ideas thinking is out there. We as a ‘Free Society’ need to become smarter and stop telegraphing to ‘Anti-Freedom Ideology Nations’ about our internal military management process.

This information about our military personnel needing counselling sends a message to Xi Jinping and all Military Leaders that Australia Military Personnel are soft because they need counselling. The tough Chinese trained military do not need counselling. They are highly disciplined and have no respect for weakness. A smile of self-confidence ripples across the faces of Chinese military personnel when they know their enemy is too soft.

“As Australia switches to a nuclear-powered fleet, military personnel and Defence Department staff who are feeling distressed by the scrapping of the $90 billion French submarine program are being offered professional support as well as assurances their positions will be kept.” (i)

A.I. comments… the new submarines will not be received until 2054. We are at risk of being invaded by ‘Communist Chinese’ a decade before we receive the subs. We would have received new French submarines through the 2030’s but the technology of these submarines would not have been good enough in defence action. Because we lost five years by incompetent Turnbull decisions, we now have to wait longer for better submarines, not expected until 2054 and thereafter. Our submarine technology is inferior to Communist Chinese submarines. The only real defence we have is USA that is if they are here in time before Communist invasion.

Submarines? … “Still Waiting”

Malcom Turnbull has a lot to answer for his history of betrayal of Australians.

Submarines? … “Still Searching”

“Not in Here”, a fish replied.

“What’s this?”, not Australian.

2054 “In Your Dreams.”

“Hey Xi Jinping stop smiling.”

The real solution to immediately protecting our country is the establishment of several missile air-to air bases in every State protecting our cities. And we need several long-range missile bases in our Northern States focused on Beijing and critical path Communist Chinese Naval Bases and Missile Bases. The problem is that our Politicians in Federal and State Governments including Opposition do not feel any sense of urgency. They are more interested in spending billions of taxpayers’ dollars on Net Zero Targets to eliminate CO2 an essential gas to this planet like oxygen. All of our politicians are intellectual weaklings. If they had any common-sense intelligence, they would urgently recognize that we need to spend billions on upgrading our Military Strength including training our young ones for war.

We also need to spend billions on establishing Self-Sufficiency in Primary Industry and Manufacturing to help us survive during a war. All the Politicians in Australia true to their coward weak mentality are not doing anything to protect Australia’s survival in war. I have no respect for intellectual weaklings and cowards.

“We are Trying.”

“Ah Missile Progress”

“Well, it’s a Start… What did you expect? Missile Wonderland in Australia?

When the Communist Chinese succeed in invading Australia simply tell them, “We could not defend ourselves, because we were too busy spending billions on ‘Net Zero Targets’ instead of striving to protect our Nation and make it more secure and stronger.

And tell them that a son of a copper, Scott Morrison decided spending billions on ‘Net Zero Targets’ was more important than to spend billions on ‘Making Australia Strong Again’.

After invasion… All of our politicians past and present, will automatically be guilty of ‘High Treason’ for deliberate negligence in failing to build a strong Nation from within since 1975.

Defence Chief General Angus Campbell and the departmental Secretary Greg Moriarty talked to staff late last week about the decision by our Government to reject the $90 billion French Sub Project and instead choose to use better British and US Submarine Technology.

You can read the message to staff… Click Here

The thing that bothered me is that this ‘Military Message’ to staff should never have been released to the public. The message that this may cause some stress and uncertainty is between leaders and their staff to resolve alone calmly quietly and should not be passed to the public for ‘Communist China’ to read. The idea that military personnel need support mechanism assistance to manage emotionally a change in government military decisions, reflects the insight that many military personnel do not have the strength of character to manage change when it happens. That realization is a disturbing awareness.

It openly suggests that the tough highly disciplined ‘Communist Chinese Military Personnel’ are distinctly tougher than ‘Australian Military Personal’. And that societal status is not acceptable in ‘Australian Military Standards’.

Assuring people still have a job is an internal operative function and such a message belongs inside the framework of military personnel and not for insight to the Australian Public which by news allows the enemy to know our strengths and weaknesses. We should not ever telegraph our strengths and weakness for our potential enemies to observe.

Our Military must change and keep their decisions outside of the need to table public information for reasons of security, survival and protection of our country. Such inside information must not ever be passed forward to our potential enemies.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

My Boomerang Won’t Come Back

Neither will French Submarines

The Ancient Aborigines have a 70,000-year history of being smarter than all of the Australian Politicians that we have had since 1975. Our Military Strength has been deliberately neglected by inferior thinking greedy politicians more focused on enjoying a good lifestyle than protecting the wholesome wellbeing of Australian Society. To add to the problem idiot politicians rushed in to sacrifice our ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing after 2,000 C.E. and signed away our survival by doing a ‘Free Trade Deal’ with ‘Communist Beijing’ which Xi Jinping reneged on in early 2020, thereafter bully threatening all Australians to submit to the dictatorship demands of Gangster Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

Now instead of changing their attitude all Politicians have chosen to spend billions of dollars fighting ‘Climate Change’ against an essential survival gas called CO2 which is equally as important as Oxygen for the Survival of all life.

This idiotic decision of spending billions to fight ‘Climate Change’ is demanded to make happy all the panic stricken ‘Climate Change Activist Cowards’ that would rather submit to the invasion of ‘Communist China’ and thereby sacrifice their freedom choosing the slavery of oppressive ‘Communism’ in order to survive the imaginary danger of ‘Global Warming’. It never occurs to these peanut brain ‘Climate Change’ crazies that the danger of ‘Global Freezing’ is a more serious concern and that the worst danger we face now is the extinction of the human race caused by a ‘Nuclear Winter’ caused by anti-freedom Ideologies like Marxist Communism.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Transcript of above Slide.

Hey Xi Jinping, do you offer psychological counselling to your military team when some become disappointed by decision changes?

I bet you don’t. Your Team of Chinese Military are expected to be ‘Loyal to their Flag and Country’ and accept change without complaint. And they are expected to live ‘Tough’.

Psychology is turning Australians into wimps.

Anyone that needs counselling over submarine decision changes by our incompetent Government, will never have the courage needed to fight the tougher more disciplined ‘Chinese Military Personnel’ who are being persistently trained for war against us and others.

What has happened to our tough thinking military that fought with courage in spirit during WWII?

Is our Military now ruled by gentle intellectually backward thinking Psychology?

Seems like it when decision changes require counselling for personnel distressed by changes. How are they going to cope with real combat against a tough enemy where real stress exists in just striving to survive?

Surf Sound

The Way We Were when I was a Teenager and Young Adult in the 1960’s.

Now it is Time…

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