Evolution: 200-Million-year-old Dinosaur discovered in Wales UK

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Feature Image: Evolution process is constantly measuring Existence.

Discoveries Never End.

Evolution: 200-Million-year-old Dinosaur discovered in Wales UK

Allan Ivarsson comments…

‘Imaginary God Creator’ has been playing games with life for over three billion years on earth. One of God’s experimental species ‘Homo Sapiens’ was denied the right to live a longer life than many other species that gained more privilege to live longer in good health. During our human career existence of three million years, we have proven to be one of the cruelest of all species and one of the vainest creatures on planet earth.

And to excuse our disgraceful behaviour often evil, we pray to an imaginary God Creator worshipping it, asking for forgiveness so that we can live forever in heaven/paradise. But the truth is that evolution is a cruel process and other animals have proven to be more caring and altruistic than the human species including Elephants and Dolphins.

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/uk-s-oldest-meat-eating-dinosaur-discovered-in-wales/ar-AAPdIyL?

“Fossils found in a quarry in south Wales have been found to belong to an animal the size of a chicken, which lived more than 200 million years ago.” (i)

“A segment of spine and pelvis and part of a thigh bone was found in the quarry, which Natural History Museum Fellow Dr. Stephan Spiekman says is in great condition.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thousands of ignorant religious fanatics do not believe in evolution they believe in ‘Creationism’ and that they will live forever in the next world. Such is their Wishlist, such is their fear of learning the truth.

# Below Extract from book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ published in 2017…

“There’s much more to life than the things we can see…”

John Gabriel 1966

Words extract from Song: El Dorado, Sung by: George Alexander, Music by: Nelson Riddle, Lyric by: John Gabriel. A John Wayne and Robert Mitchum western movie titled ‘El Dorado,’ directed and produced by Howard Hawkes- a Paramount Picture, one of Allan Ivarsson’s favourite westerns. #

When you learn Blue Light- the way of Cosmicism, you shall experience the infinite reality of these words… “There’s much more to life than the things we can see.”

# One of the biggest most serious single dangers we all face is ‘Preconception’. Too often we make judgments and statements of belief with insufficient evidence and draw conclusions, which are wrong. We all are at one time or another, guilty of believing in ‘Preconceived Ideas’, and find ourselves reluctant to let go of these phony false knowledge concepts. It takes a very open objective-thinking mind, strengthened by courage and positive resolution to let go of false knowledge preconceived ideas and preconditioned training, which is incorrect.

Theist people and hardline atheists, and cult fanatics are too often emotionally and pragmatically, the weakest thinkers void of philosophical intelligence. Too many cling, to false knowledge belief systems, afraid to let go of their ‘Thumb sucking security blanket concepts’.

Consequently, when real evidence is tabled, they fight these identified truths head-on, recording volumes of more false knowledge, desperately trying to tear down the truth. Their lack of logic is beyond pragmatic rational belief. Battling constantly, they keep recording their arguments defending their fixed dogma, like a dog with a bone, refusing to let go of their simple-minded backward thoughts. The classic example is Genesis in the Christian Holy Bible, versus proven scientific truth- the way of reality. False Knowledge versus Truth…

My son Daniel Houston told me in 2013 that he had a Christian friend in his early thirties year of age that did not believe in Evolution that God is the Creator [as taught in the Christian Bible, The Torah and the Qur’an]. My son said to him, “How do you explain the existence of Dinosaurs?” His Christian friend replied, “God put the bones there to test the faith of men!” Gong!!! When religious people become so locked into ‘Fixed Dogma False Knowledge Mythical Mentality’ that they cannot see the trees clearly in the forest, because they refuse to explore the range of existent probabilities, they are lost forever in naivety and ignorance, and nothing can save them until they themselves are willing to step outside the square, and look at the big picture of existence, from every degree point of view, inside and out.

This Christian is in for a shock, when he finds out that Pope Francis in late 2014, now supports the existence of ‘Evolution Process’-but subject to that…this natural process was created by God. This conclusion is where Blue Light at the T intersection decision, chooses the right path, whilst Christianity turns left going the other way. And Islam rejecting the existence of ‘Evolution’ is left even further behind, trapped still, in its 7th Century barbaric ‘Belief System’. #

God Visits Facebook

Just went through the drive through…when I got to the speaker-box all I heard was “Oh my God!!”  …I said, “Yes, this is God, and I want four cheeseburgers…” #

Daniel Houston

12th May 2013

Source: Facebook

Without a sense of humour even about religion and philosophy, we are in trouble. People with P.I. know how to laugh at themselves and ideas, right and wrong.

Daniel Houston at Pioneer Bridges Camping Reserve Victoria. April 2021

Through the evolutionary research and development learning process, truth will always remain supreme. The false knowledge enthusiasts will lock into their preconceived thinking and will struggle against and openly defy truth, be it scientific fact or other reality. Inevitably, these fixed dogma mindless small-thinking persons will be defeated by truth, which is forever expanding and knows no limits. Truth is infinite, compounding upon its own evolutionary self-realization- linked with infinite time, the downfall of false knowledge is constantly occurring. When humans discovered fire, false knowledge began its instinctive rise and decline.

Humans who reject proven path scientific truths are trapped in a fixed dogma prison of their own creation. They choose mythical comfort zone thoughts to escape facing reality. Because they are afraid to accept reality- they are cosmic losers. They are lost in a mindless dimension of their own creation, and shall never see the light, nor shall they understand this paragraph. There is nothing you can do for them. Physically they are adults, but their minds think like children who believe in fairy tales.

# End of Extract from book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ published in 2017…

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson 2017

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