The NSW Government lied… ‘Freedom Day’ 11th, October 2021 never happened. The people are still not living ‘Free’.

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The NSW Government lied… ‘Freedom Day’ 11th, October 2021 never happened. The people are still not living ‘Free’.

On the 11th, October 2011, my son who has not been double vaccinated went to enter into the Large Superstore ‘Big W’ Grafton a rural store in Northern Rivers NSW and he was stopped by a young man working in the store. The retail worker, doing what he was instructed to do said, “Are you Double Vaccinated?” And my son replied, “No” and thus he was told he could not enter the store.

I am an elderly person now since February 2021 trapped into having to use a ‘Walker for the Rest of my Life’ at the age of 72 years because of my left crippled leg. I do not use ‘Smart Phone’ technology hence I sign in when I go to stores and medical locations. I have been double vaccinated, but I cannot prove it, because I will not use a ‘Smart Phone’ at my age. Those phones are expensive items for young people who are poor and for elderly people on a pension. And the technology is often too difficult for the elderly. I am not going to spend money on finding a place that can give me a copy of a A4 document that has a list of all of my vaccination history just to prove I am double vaccinated. And I am not going to carry a folded note in my pocket everywhere I go just to access entry into a store.

Nor am I going to bust my boiler learning a ‘Smart Phone’ technology that in old age, I do not need. That technology is important for job workers, we in old age do not need it.

If the government wants to post me a credit card size card Citizens ‘Vaccination Passport’ card, I will carry one in reasonable support of such a wrong thinking taxpayer money wasting idea. I am not chasing the government to prove I am vaccinated. That is their job to automatically give me a passport card. It is not my job to hold their hand because they are too intellectually lazy to get their thinking right.

I do not believe that ‘Vaccination Passports’ should be used inside a citizens’ country just to cover their right to freely travel around their own country. ‘Citizens Vaccination Passports’ is an anti-freedom ideology idea.

I deem the enforcement of ‘Citizens Vaccination Passports’ is an act of ‘High Treason’ against Citizens in their own country.

Vaccination Passports for overseas travel is a different independent subject and has nothing to do with a citizens right to travel free around their own Nation, State to State, Province to Province.

The NSW Government lied… “We Aussies are not yet living ‘Free’!

Why should people have to prove they have been vaccinated? No one in a ‘Free World’ has ever been asked to prove that they have had their ‘Flu Vaccination’. And Flu’s can kill and do.

In a ‘Free World’ no parent or child has ever been asked that they must prove all children and family members have had their other important vaccinations against a range of other disease dangers that can physically maim people like for example ‘Polio’ and others which can kill. People must have the right to learn to do the right thing by use of common-sense thinking and advice.

The common-sense rule of life is… “Think Safety, Think Survive” which I teach my family.

Society must live free on trust and accept risk that is how ‘Freedom Works’. Without Risk we are not living ‘Free’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


Louis Pasteur once said that “it is within the power of man to eradicate infection from the earth”. That power has so far eradicated two infectious diseases: smallpox and rinderpest. We are also getting closer to eradicating polio and Guinea worm disease. But can we eradicate all infection from the world? #

For a disease eradication to be feasible and an option worth considering it needs to meet certain criteria. Below we highlight some of these criteria. Notably, these criteria are not set in stone. Eradication of diseases is an ongoing process, as we learn more about diseases and find new ways to treat them, we may find that some of these criteria become obsolete or that disease that were once considered not to fulfill any of these requirements begin to tick all the boxes. #

# Source:

My Australian mother Elsie Ivarsson contracted Polio as a child in the 1930’s. She was lucky she recovered and lived a healthy life and died at the age of 82 years in 2011. She died of Post-Polio which hit her again three years earlier.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Transcript of Above Slide Presentation.

A.I. comments… We are Born Free. The advice being given to governments by ‘Health’ is deceitfully not being published for public review; consequently, reckless decisions are being made by politicians, which has become authoritarian decisions using anti-freedom ideology. People are being denied ‘Freedom of Choice’ and their of ‘Freedom of Speech’ is being ignored.

I oppose ‘Street Demonstrations’ because they abuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ by forcing anti-freedom ideology upon the people that disagree and people are being physically denied the right of peaceful movement on the streets, in parks and other public locations. I have no compassion for those that use violence, they deserve to be treated like the vandal criminals they are.

There are better smarter methods of fighting wrong thinking behaviour than using emotionally foolish demonstrations that have a history of always failing decade after decade to pass forward good intelligent statements. Banners being waved around with emotional messages that lack common-sense do not achieve anything.

Back to common-sense intelligence… fight calmly smarter using excellent communication skills void of ‘Coarse Language’, void of coward ‘Death Threats’, void of emotional abuse.

The NSW Government lied… ‘Freedom Day’ 11th, October 2021 never happened. The people are still not living ‘Free’.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says the view that somehow the public service makes decisions on behalf of the elected officials is “completely false”. (i)

“You can’t hide behind advice,” he told Sky News host Alan Jones. (i)

“Ultimately the buck stops with me as premier … it’s important that we do listen to the health advice, and we do do that.” (i)

“We listen to the economic advice, and the mental health advice.” (i)

“The role of the public service is to provide fearless and frank advice to its elected officials, and it’s the role of the elected officials to consider that advice and make the best decisions they believe are in the interest of the people of New South Wales or their constituents.” (i)

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Hey Politicians, I am a professional writer and in my crippled state that is all I can physically do now. I am grounded but I can still outperform any ‘Degree Qualified’ academic person, including Politicians and Journalists and CEO’s and Professor of Universities that do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Don’t believe… it is simple go against me and see what happens. Write to me on my Chatline.

I do not need to be put into ‘Lockdown’ because of my crippled leg, I live in ‘Lockdown’ and I never suffer from ‘Depression’ or ‘Writer’s Block, because at the age of 22 years in 1970 I Mastered ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and ‘How to Walk with a Million Dollar Walk in the Face of Defeat’ and how to ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’ and never Panic, the latter, I mastered at the age of 18 years in 1967 when I was caught in a rip being pulled out to sea with no lifesaver to help me. Read Ivarsson Profile VIII.

I never ‘Hope’, I make it happen, I have always since 1961 at the age of 12 years, been a ‘Can Do Person’. I do not believe in ‘Optimism’… Optimists are dreamers they wish things to happen. My life is about making things to happen. In 1975 in November, I was given three hours to live at 3am in the morning. I rejected the ‘Death Sentence’ caused by ‘Blood Clots’ on both of my lungs weeks after a bad accident in a fall. I survived using PMA because I said, “Like Hell”. I prayed to my God for strength and fought to survive. I refused to go to sleep.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Someone said to me… “You did not say whether you Survived or Not.” I replied, I didn’t… I am Casper your Friendly Ghost.” Smile you are allowed to…

I will survive.

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