Don’t Worry Xi Jinping, I have not finished with dealing with you and your coward threats. I shall be back with more reports about ‘Communist Beijing’. But first, I must also deal with the incompetent leaders in the West. You Jinping will hear from me soon. Your anti-freedom ideology shall continue to be challenged by me. Remember ‘Tokyo Rose’ WWII who immigrated to ‘Free America’ after the war. Well, I am independent of politics in my great ‘Australian Country’. I am committed as a ‘Patriot’ to protect my Nations right to live free of your threatening bullying tyranny. You are in my sights until you free the people of China in Mainland, Hong Kong & Tibet and cease threatening Taiwan. Do not underestimate me, you and I shall fight. And the World will watch. – Allan Ivarsson, far more skilled than you could ever imagine.

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Xi Jinping the courageous history and spirit of Winston S Churchill stills stands true for all eternity in Britain and Australia; and we ‘True Blue’ Aussies shall never surrender to your bully threatening tyranny.

I shall walk over the top of Scott Morrison if he does not wake up. He and I are sons of coppers. The first three generations of Ivarsson’s are tougher than the Morrisons.

Xi Jinping it is I not Morrison you have to face, and we will fight.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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