Gangster Xi Jinping Communist Beijing Threatens Australia with Armageddon…

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Communist Xi Jinping is not listening. He does not care who he cruelly kills to get what he wants to own and control. He will, true to his cowardice use ‘Bombs’ to kill men, women & children, including babies. It is easy to prove Xi Jinping is a coward.

Men on Fire.

Gangster Xi Jinping Communist Beijing Threatens Australia with Armageddon


A Daily Mail Australia report by Levi Parsons, dated 15th November 2021, delivers a serious survival concern for all Aussies. The article sends a dark message, ‘Chinese threatens Australia with ARMAGEDDON over Taiwan’. (i)

“A former Chinese official has threatened Australia and the US with ‘Armageddon’ if the democratic allies move to protect Taiwan in a military conflict.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The mouthpiece of Communist Beijing only says what Xi Jinping has instructed them to say. By all means name and counter criticize these creeps but focus primarily upon Xi Jinping, he is the culprit making all the evil threats. Evil? Yes, because Xi Jinping’s threats are more than just death threats. His mission is to kill every Man, Woman & Child that refuses to obey his instructions. This man has proven by the way he treated the people in Hong Kong and the way he is planning to treat the Taiwanese people and the way he is threatening Australians and Americans that he is ruthlessly determined to outperform the evil of Mao Zedong who launched the cruel murder of over eighty million Mainland Chinese people including one million Tibetans.

Victor Gao, who was once communist leader Deng Xiaoping’s translator and now serves as a mouthpiece for the government, warned western powers to stay out of China’s quest to annex the disputed territory, 180km off its coast.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping lied… Taiwan does not belong to Communist Beijing because Taiwan has been an independent free Nation since 1949. Xi Jinping’s mission to destroy Taiwan’s democratic mission is beyond all doubt an evil mission, and if I had the physical power, I would authorize Xi Jinping’s assassination for planning such a brutal unjust attack on Taiwan. The Taiwanese will have no choice but fight to the death for their right to live free.

Xi Jinping true to his criminal cowardice will murder every Man, Woman & Child that refuses to surrender to the Dictatorship of Xi Jinping’s military command. Twenty-five million Taiwanese people live at high risk of being murdered by Xi Jinping in 2027.

Weak thinking men like Australian Paul Keating think this population massacre is not his concern.

“The island nation, backed by the US and Japan, broke away from the mainland in 1949 after the civil war.” (i)

“It has democratically-elected leaders and fiercely opposes reunification and the totalitarian rule of Beijing.” (i)

A.I. comments… Americans and Australians, ask yourself this question, put yourself in the position of being threatened directly by ‘Communist Oppression’. Would you surrender to bully tyranny or would you fight back? Exactly right, every person with courage and common-sense intelligence would fight for their right to live free… they would fight to the death, rejecting surrender. With that understanding we are all duty bound by ‘Moral Law’ and by Codes of Decency and Ethics to support the right of the Taiwanese to live free and thus we must by order of our conscience openly, publicly denounce Xi Jinping Beijing and his 95 million Communist Member Comrades, with the justified contempt they deserve, void of exceptions.

As recorded in my Facebook slide…

“President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stated he plans to take over Taiwan by 2027 as part of the ‘great rejuvenation of China’ using military force if necessary.” (i)

“US President Joe Biden last month vowed American troops will stand in China’s way if any attempt is made to conquer the island.” (i)

“On Friday defence minister Peter Dutton made similar remarks saying it would be ‘inconceivable that Australian troops wouldn’t back up the US if such a scenario played out in the region.” (i)

“The pushback has made China’s tough-talking Wolf Warrior diplomats furious.” (i)

Those who want to block unification will be doomed to fail,” Mr. Gao told 60 Minutes.” (i)

A.I. comments… “No… blocking unification and being overruled by military force is not failure, in truth and vision of essential moral law justice. The real truth is evil violent oppressive violence might win as it did when the great man Jesus faced the aggressive Ancient Romans, but the truth still rules for all eternity, and those that use oppressive violent force to oppress others will eventually be recognised for their evil in history and will at the point of their death lose their right to eternal life and shall find their dark spirit trapped in the flow of eternal death, as their spirit, vanity, greed and all flows towards a ‘Black Hole’ for final disintegration.

Tyrants do not underestimate Allan Ivarsson, he reports to a higher authority and has been trained persistently by this authority since he was 12 years of age in March 1961.

You will know the truth, when you study, his completed collected written works including his Profile records. That is… if you have the ability to keep up with him.

“If Australia goes to fight together with US soldiers in China’s drive for reunification between China’s mainland and China’s Taiwan, then you are talking about the worst thing you could dream of – a war between China and the United States.” (i)

“That would soon escalate out of control and that will be Armageddon, Armageddon, and Armageddon.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping is desperate to frighten all Australians and Americans into submission. They talk big with their threats as did throughout history other tyrants. Remember this… every one of us is an individual, we can only die once by natural causes, by accident or by unjust diseases and earth movement disasters or by war. We cannot and must not ever let ‘Armageddon’ threats stop us from doing the right thing. There is no place for any form of anti-freedom ideology in a good decent world.

A society void of freedom is a society of walking dead, puppets of existence. Living like ants as workers and soldiers is not living, it is just existing with nothing to look forward to but just monotonous repetition and oppression for the collective. Death is just an escape to rest in peace. Suicides are common in Communist countries.

If Xi Jinping releases Nuclear Weapons, he will become an automatic target for destruction. A ‘Nuclear Winter’ will destroy us all when ‘Nuclear Missile’s start attacking each other. Even Xi Jinping and his Beijing Communist Comrades will perish in a ‘Nuclear Winter’ all because he became power hungry wrapped up in his own vanity and greed to own control of independent free Taiwan.

If Xi Jinping invades and slaughters the Taiwanese then that means Communist Beijing will attack Australia next. The fall of Taiwan without our interference only means that within seven years later after 2027 that Communist China will attack us Australians. It would be better for us to fight and die over fighting to save Taiwan than to wait to die in seven years down the track when Chinese military is even stronger.

“The vice president for the Centre for China and Globalisation think tank went on to say Australia’s recent deal with the UK and US to attain nuclear-powered subs would make the nation a target for a weapon of mass destruction by Beijing.” (i)

A.I. comments… This statement by the Chinese Vice President is a huge ‘con’ a bluff to trick us into submission by fear of China, just like coward Paul Keating has done.

Xi Jinping knows we will not start to receive any submarines before 2050, because of the incompetence of several of our previous Prime Ministers, including Paul Keating over the last thirty plus years. Furthermore, at this point of time these nuclear-powered submarines will not have advanced nuclear-powered weapons.

2050 is too late for our Submarines; Xi Jinping plans to attack, invade Taiwan by 2027 and Australia by 2034. We will not have the subs when Communist Beijing attacks us, and Xi Jinping is not stupid, he knows that fact.

Xi Jinping claims because we have ordered nuclear-powered submarines not arriving before 2050 that Australia will be a target by weapons of mass destruction by Beijing. Anyone with intelligence knows that Xi Jinping is committed to building more Aircraft Carriers, more missile bases and more control of Satellite’s in space to control our communication by 2050. His aggressive policy is committed to beat the achievements of evil Mao Zedong. Xi Jinping wants image glory in history in the form of memorials that will not help him after death, such is his vanity. He is willing to murder millions of people to gain that glory.

Do not be bluffed by Xi Jinping, he is only a gangster and he is a coward; he hides behind the protection of the military, he will never risk his life facing a high risk of death in war on the front line; he will in hiding behind the lines, simply sacrifice his military personnel and just proudly cheer them on unto their death in battle, pretending that he cares about them, to fulfil his own ruthless ambition.

The AUKUS deal will have one big consequence for Australia as it will no longer enjoy the benefit and the very rare privilege of not being targeted with nuclear weapons going forward,” Mr. Gao said. (i)

A.I. comments… The AUKUS alliance is a trilateral security treaty between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. This common-sense alliance is linked to a history of the UK and Australia dating back to the ‘First Fleet’ landing in 1788. Australia has been an ally with USA since WWI 1914-1918. The anti-freedom Communists did not gain control of Mainland China until 1949. And now Xi Jinping using mouthpiece puppet Gao is threatening us, with attack by use of nuclear weapons.

That is like telling every Australian to walk away from all their friends and family if they are not approved by Xi Jinping and his puppet instructors. Xi Jinping can go to hell. Do not pass go… you are going down boy if you persist with your threats. As for yellow-belly Gao, he is only pretend tough when he is backed by military force. Without military backing he would run and hide like the coward he is.

“Gao said, “This is what I hope the Australian people will come to realise, that you need to deal with China with respect, as much as you give to the United States.”

A.I. comments… The respect that exists between the United States and Australia is founded upon loyalty and friendship. Our two Nations do not threaten each other with punishment if we do not always agree with each other. We both Nations respect each other’s right to ‘Free Speech’ and the right to agree to disagree in peace, void of threats.

My reply to Xi Jinping & Puppet Gao, “You think that by threatening us, we must respect you? You bully threaten constantly all of the Chinese people 1.4 billion to respect you by silence of criticism and disagreement. You get away with it because like cowards afraid of ‘Free Speech’ you use military force to oppress your people and when you face courageous dissent by the people your constant solution has been to kill all opposition and cruelly imprison many for life. The Chinese Peoples history reeks with misery and suffering and cruel death since 1949 started by evil Mao Zedong.

Respect you Xi Jinping/Gao? Why should we respect coward leaders that hide behind the protection of the military. Both of you would run yellow scared if you had to fight Aussies in a fair fight in the Boxing Ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

Xi Jinping has lost face with ‘True Blue’ Aussies because he constantly threatens us. He openly plans to invade Taiwan in 2027. Jinping plans to invade Australia in 2034 regardless of whether we support Taiwan or not.

Gao said… “You [all Aussies] need to deal with China with respect”. It does not matter how many times Xi Jinping threatens and bullies us… we Aussies are expected to respect Xi Jinping President of China and his every command obeying him like he is God Almighty or something.

Respect Communist Chinese Dictatorship? Not now, not ever. If they want a WWIII bring it on… for ‘Freedom we shall fight to death and remember an insane Nuclear Weapons War will create a ‘Nuclear Winter’ we may perish but so will Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades. At least in such a war in our death, we will take out Communist Xi Jinping and his Comrades and all memorials of Mao Zedong.

If we must die, then we must take our enemies with us. Remember the Australian Kokoda Trail. Remember ‘The Alamo’. Remember The 300 Spartans. Remember all the courageous who died in WWII around the globe fighting for our right to live free.

Respect Xi Jinping? Never… not until he frees all the Chinese people and gives them the right to live free again.

Puppet Gao’s next comments made me laugh. I’ll bet Xi Jinping is not laughing.

“Moment’s after threatening Australia in his bizarre TV interview, Mr. Gao then went on to say, “China at its heart is a country of pandas”. (i)

“Do you think a kangaroo will fear a panda? Probably not. A panda probably will run away in front of a leg-kicking kangaroo.” (i)

“Big Deal Gao.”

“I am free… why should I respect Xi Jinping?”

A.I. comments… as I said previously… Respect you Xi Jinping/Gao?

Why should we respect coward leaders that hide behind the protection of the military. Both of you would run yellow scared if you had to fight Aussies in a fair fight in the Boxing Ring under Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

“Xi Jinping wake up don’t underestimate us Aussies.”

“Okay I am going.”

What is a Wolf Warrior Diplomat? (i)

“Chinese diplomats around the globe have made headlines in recent years by making aggressive public statements against democratic nations – often into the contrary of all available evidence.” (i)

A.I. comments… These aggressive statements are made by so-called Chinese Diplomats as instructed by Gangster Xi Jinping.

A ‘Diplomat’ is an official person appointed to represent their country in other Nations. A ‘Diplomat’ is an ambassador, emissary, consul, envoy, who has the skills in communication to deal with others in other countries in a sensitive and tactful way. In other words, they are peacemakers, reconcilers, negotiators, middlepersons between two countries.

Chinese ambassadors have proven by their constant threats that they do not have sensitive and tactful communication skills and that their function sent by Xi Jinping is to threaten and bully all Politicians in all Nations to submission of the dictatorship demands of the President of Communist Beijing China, namely Gangster Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping thinks that by threatening us he will earn our respect. His thinking in his obsession for respect, that is, not losing face, reveals how vain he is as a human being. Conceited is a good summary of his character mentality. Excessively proud of his own self.

“Political observers say such statements are made to impress Communist Party bosses back home in Beijing so they get noticed.” (i)

A.I. comments… Such Political observer comments are wrong and naïve. All aggressive comments tabled by Communist Chinese so-called diplomats, are words of instruction by Xi Jinping telling other Nations what they must do or else there will be consequences imposed by Despot Xi Jinping.

Wolf Warrior is a fiction character in Chinese action films. The plot of the Chinese action films is about a patriotic anti-freedom ideology Communist Chinese soldier who fights enemies from all over the world, a Chinese super style character who is fearless in the face of danger. His fictional mission is to make Communism a hero ideology. He is not like American Superman who defends the right of people to live free.

“2015 Wolf Warrior and its sequel, Wolf Warrior 2, are the namesake of China’s aggressive ‘wolf warrior diplomacy’ under Xi Jinping‘s administration #

Plot… In 2008, a combined task group of People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Forces and Chinese police raid a drug smuggling operation in an abandoned chemical facility in southern China.

# Source: Click Here to Read.

Even their Chinese fictional films oppose ‘Freedom Values’ promoting anti-freedom Marxism Socialism Communism.

Xi Jinping supports a very twisted dark wrong thinking ideology. He must always be opposed until all of the Chinese people are free to live in a democratic Nation.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


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