Allan Ivarsson comments… Previously as a ‘Hardcase’ writer, I have deliberately attacked Xi Jinping and his anti-freedom ideology polices with good reason. He must be made clearly aware that his aggressive forceful anti-freedom objectives is not only wrong but must not ever be tolerated by a decent freedom loving world.

There is no place for tyranny, slavery, oppression in any form in the world. Freedom is an eternal human right and must always be defended and protected- no exceptions.

With this understanding on the table in absolute terms, now we look at Xi Jinping’s current policy attitude and how American Policy and President Joe Biden is handling this potentially dangerous threat.

I am not afraid to put the truth on the table in absolute terms. Without truth, society is paralyzed and oppressed.

We read previously as I recorded in… that Australia was threatened with Armageddon. Now to be continued…

This treatise is the sequel to the previous below report…

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American Two-Face Biden Dumps Taiwan.

This paper includes the Question…

USA: Is Biden Two-Faced on Taiwan?


Is he simply weak in Communication Skills?



What did the Carter American Government do in 1979 that unjustly failed to recognize Taiwan as an Independent Free Nation and did partially protect Taiwan’s right to protect itself in military defence? And now leaves Biden with an ambiguous decision process if Xi Jinping decides to attack and invade Taiwan.

This 1979 USA decision explains why Australia years ago, weakly copied USA legislation in its failure to recognize Taiwan as an Independent Free Nation.

It also explains the current understandable global apprehension and the deep concern of all countries in the South Pacific Region about the aggressive attitude of Xi Jinping Communist Beijing and what will be the final consequence for the entire region if Beijing attacks Taiwan. WWIII? This scenario reminds me of Hitler’s actions in Europe and the subsequent bloody conflict from 1939 to 1945. Millions of People died.

This important treatise ventures into the thinking of the ‘One China Policy’ and the USA ‘Taiwan Relations Act’, including its contradictions in its law.

To understand reality and how it significantly impacts on our right to live free from war, read this treatise report.

By using illogical hypocritical statements Joe Biden fails to give Taiwan recognition as an Independent Free Democratic Nation. He chose this path so as to not offended Gangster Xi Jinping who wants to rule the World and Space and oppress every person on this planet, to turn everyone into workers and soldier slaves, void of their right to live free.

Think it is not true… think again the danger is expanding.

A Communist World where security vanishes with loss of freedom is spreading.

This treatise is an essential in-depth paper to reveal the dangers we all face as Xi Jinping strives to rule the world and space. We must all defend Taiwan’s right to live free and we are duty bound by code of honour and ‘Moral Law’ to demand that all of the Chinese people be freed from the unjust tyranny of ‘Communism’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021


BBC News published a news report on the 22nd, October 2021 titled, ‘Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks’. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… I do not trust Biden, what he says and what he will do, may be two sides of a coin, looking away from each other. ‘Two-Faced Biden’? A high probability.

I hope my opinion is wrong for the sake of Taiwan’s right to live free and independent of the dictatorship of anti-freedom ideology ‘Communist Beijing’.

“President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position.” (i)

A.I. comments… it is the original 1979 US foreign policy pertaining to Taiwan [three years after Mao’s death] we need to view and identify, when this policy was put in place, why? Was this U.S. policy correct? Or just political escapism to avoid facing a potential conflict problem with Mao Zedong’s (1893-1976) organized political policy Communist China followers.

“But a White House spokesman later told some US media outlets that his remarks did not signify a change policy.” (i)

A.I. comments… Is this the point of Biden’s two-faced statement saying one thing on one side of the coin and refusing to comment on the other side of the coin, which by US past foreign policy may negate what Biden said and put egg on his face for not being truthful about what he will do?

“The US has a law which requires it to help Taiwan defend itself. But it pursues a policy of “strategic ambiguity,” where it is deliberately vague about what it would actually do if China were to attack Taiwan.” (i)

A.I. comments It is this ambiguity, a deliberate vague USA policy, that Biden has failed to identify as to what he intends to do. This window of opposite sides policy is being deliberately ignored by Biden, as he says one thing to the global public, with the intention of making an opposite two-faced decision, when he is cornered by Xi Jinping Beijing in a crisis conflict.

Biden should have been more open in public about his inevitable decision, if Xi Jinping invades Taiwan.

“At a CNN town hall event, a participant referred to recent reports that China had tested a hypersonic missile. He asked Mr. Biden if he could “vow to protect Taiwan”, and what he would do to keep up with China’s military development.” (i)

“Mr. Biden responded: “Yes and yes.” He added there was no need to “worry about whether they’re going to be more powerful”, because “China, Russia and the rest of the world knows we’re the most powerful military in the history of the world”. (i)

A.I. comments… Biden’s shoot from the hip answer underestimated the strength and growth of ‘Communist Chinese skills and resources. It was a foolish answer and Biden failed to identify the danger Americans and everyone in the South Pacific and Southern Asia faced if Xi Jinping foolishly attacks Taiwan.

It does not matter whether USA is more powerful or not. If Russia and North Korea unite with China, USA military will be overwhelmed with combat huge losses, millions of people on both sides will perish. The cost of lives and destruction will run-out-of-control.

Ancient Rome once believed it would exist forever. And look what happened. Apathy, Vanity, Corruption, Greed and Cowardice destroys societies within. Around the world for the last ten thousand years in several continents, civilizations have risen and fallen.

Only naïve people think their society is invincible.

“He was then queried a second time by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper if the US would come to Taiwan’s defence in the event of an attack by China. Mr. Biden replied: “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” (i)

A.I. comments… Notice Biden made this statement in October 2021. We will see whether he was telling the truth or just delivering a lie to keep others happy. After his next meeting with Xi Jinping, we may learn more about Biden’s real intentions about the China/Taiwan/ South Pacific Crisis started by Communist Xi Jinping Beijing China.

The constant question in my mind. Is Joe Biden Two-Faced? Or is he truthful? We will learn more in due course.

A White House spokesman later appeared to walk back Mr. Biden’s comments, telling US media outlets that the US was “not announcing any change in our policy and there is no change in our policy”. (i)

This is not the first time this has happened. In August, Mr. Biden appeared to suggest the same stance on Taiwan in an interview with ABC News. The White House had also said then that US policy on Taiwan had not changed. (i)

A.I. comments… I do not know how curious American’s are about this American Policy that seems to make Biden two-faced by his statements that is, not truthful, but as an Australian, I have a serious concern about the past American Policy that still seems to rule USA and makes Biden’s statement hypocritical, being two-faced statements. Soon we shall learn about that reality.

This two-faced situation puts a big question mark in many Aussies minds, can we trust Joe Biden to backup Australia if Xi Jinping decides to gore Taiwan and after he gets away with it in 2027 then comes to gore us in 2034?

Who will back us up if USA sacrifices Taiwan? Are we next to be sacrificed by America?

I am beginning to sense that the ‘Road Runner’ is Xi Jinping in todays Politics. And Joe Biden is the Coyote. And we know how that turned out.

“The US has no official diplomatic ties with Taiwan but sells arms to it as part of its Taiwan Relations Act, which states that the US must provide the island with the means to defend itself.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Act gives the US Gun Runners a legal right to make money for Americans by selling arms to a small island Nation that will be wiped out within 24 hours when Xi Jinping invades, regardless of how many weapons, planes and boats Taiwan have, Taiwan is no match standing alone against the Communist People’s Liberation Army, Navy, Airforce.

With this understanding it appears that the ‘Taiwan Relations Act’, opened the gate for American Gun Merchants to make millions of dollars knowing full well that no matter how well armed Taiwan is that in a war Taiwan had no chance of defeating Communist Beijing.

It is starting to look like the original American Policy about Taiwan and China does have an ambiguous look encouraging two-faced scenarios whenever USA gets politically snookered. And Australia like a puppy has followed suit.

“It [USA] has formal ties with China, and also diplomatically acknowledges China’s position that there is only one Chinese government.” (i)

A.I. comments… this is where Paul Keating identified his stand in November 2021, based upon Australia following America in a Taiwan China Policy decades ago.

The problem I have is that there is only one Chinese Government (1912-1949) the true democratic freedom government that unity which Taiwan belongs to. But the Communist Chinese Government is not one Justice Government. Communist Beijing is an oppressive government, over eighty million people including one million Tibetans have been murdered since 1949. And thousands of non-violent Chinese Students were massacred in 1989 Tiananmen Square and surrounding territory. And USA and copycat Australian government only recognize one Communist Government? What about the rights of millions of Chinese people that want to live free and are oppressed by the Gangster People’s Liberation Army? Their voice is oppressed and the coward political leaders in Australia and America year after year, say nothing about their moral right to defence from oppression and persecution.

“Taiwan’s presidential office has said it would neither give in to pressure nor “rashly advance” when it gets support.” (i)

A.I. comments… Of course, the Taiwanese will not rush into war. They are not stupid. They will fight to the death for their right to live free only if they are attacked by Communist Beijing. They will not give up their freedom peacefully. Why should they? What sort of people are we if we do not have the guts to fight for ourselves and every other persons right to live free.

“Taiwan will show a firm determination to defend itself,” said presidential spokesperson Xavier Cheng, who also went on to acknowledge the Biden administrations continued show of “rock-solid” support for Taiwan.” (i)

A.I. comments… I hope Taiwan’s confidence in Biden is not betrayed. Based upon American original policy, I do not share their confidence; some hypocritical American Policies need to be sorted out and resolved to identify accurately the American Governments real intent in dealing with China and Taiwan. We will see more about that in due course.

“China has not yet responded. But earlier on Thursday… China’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun accused the US of “taking dangerous actions, leading the situation in the Taiwan Strait into a dangerous direction.” (i)

A.I. comments… All of the puppet mouthpieces of Xi Jinping are all warning and threatening all Free World nations that offends their gangster style anti-freedom policies. There is only one way to deal with all of these Jinping Puppets, be rude, direct and tell them to pull their head in, we are not listening to their bully warning threats. If they cross the line and cause conflict the rules of war are simple, we will take them out by whatever degree of force. We shall not ever surrender to the dictatorship of Communist Beijing.

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This common-sense analysis slide below should be read by everyone in America, Australia and the South Pacific. The source of the post is (i) link as above.


Newsweek came out in the open more to report Biden’s latest statement by Justin Klawans on the 16th, November 2021. The subject revelation article, titled ‘Following Xi Summit, Biden Clarifies: U.S. Does Not Endorse Taiwan’s Independence From China’ put more insight onto the table. (ii)

A.I. comments… Since October 2021 Biden has completed a shifty move, leaving one statement impression in October and now changing face leaving a different impression in November. Now let’s follow this trail of hypocrisy and see where it is going.

“President Joe Biden stated Tuesday that the United States would not endorse Taiwan’s independence from China.” (ii)

“The message comes one day after Biden reiterated this stance during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Previously in October 2021 “President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked.” Now in November 2021, Biden is saying… the United States would not endorse Taiwan’s independence from China.”

Why would Biden defend Taiwan if he refuses to recognize its independence from China? The first statement is in conflict with the second statement by Biden.

Previously I said… I do not trust Biden, what he says and what he will do, may be two sides of a coin, looking away from each other. ‘Two-Faced Biden’? A high probability.

I also said previously…. I hope Taiwan’s confidence in Biden is not betrayed. Based upon American original policy, I do not share their confidence; some hypocritical American Policies need to be sorted out and resolved to identify accurately the American Governments real intent in dealing with China and Taiwan. We will see more about that in due course.

“Speaking to reporters in New Hampshire, where he was promoting the recently signed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the president said that “nothing” would be altered in regards to… American Policy on Taiwan.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Here we go again, the yo-yo statement reference to the old American Policy on Taiwan. Now added are the two-sided coin statements about Taiwan. Which is it to be? We will find out about that.

I wonder how many Americans are smart enough to investigate what the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is about. If I was an American, I would want to know what he is signing and why.

“Nothing happens. We’re not going to change our policy at all,” Biden told reporters. When asked to clarify the United States’ position on Taiwan, the president added that independence was not something his administration was backing. (ii)

A.I. comments… Something was said between him and Xi Jinping in their meeting to motivate Biden to swing openly to refuse to defend Taiwan’s right to independence.

It is common-sense and sense of honour and decency that the right of Taiwan to Independence as a ‘Free Nation’ must be recognised; yet USA, Biden and Australia Morrison have failed to recognize and respect Taiwan’s independence which has existed since 1949, when evil Communist Mao Zedong failed to conquer Taiwan.

The USA and Australia have never officially recognised Taiwan as a Sovereign State in their laws process. I have a problem with this limited mind thinking at political level ‘Big Time’. It seems, one political leader after another, Presidents and Prime Ministers foolishly failed to give Taiwan recognition as a Sovereign State and now the gate in the South Pacific is wide open to allow ‘Communist Beijing’ the right to invade Taiwan and destroy another people’s right to live free. After Taiwan has been conquered, who is the next target of Invasion and the answer is simultaneously, Australia, PNG, New Zealand and the Philippines and all Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

“The island nation, backed by the US and Japan, broke away from the mainland in 1949 after the civil war.” (iii)


This is reality… US and Japan helped Taiwan free itself from the violent claws of aggressive anti-freedom Marxist Communist ideology and then USA failed to recognize Taiwan as an independent free sovereign state country. And then idiot Australian Politicians copied USA stance and failed to use their their own common-sense intelligence and give Taiwan respect and encouragement as a free Nation. As I have posted previously Australian ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating is still fine with this wrong thinking point of view.

Now the original hypocrisy American Policy about Taiwan and China, is starting to reveal itself.

Is there any yanks out there that have bothered to look at this hypocritical USA Policy? I have not seen any evidence that any yank in the past has been concerned about this American Government double-standard towards Taiwan. Certainly, Australians put it in the too hard basket, a nonsense attitude.

“I [Biden] said that they have to decide, ‘they,’ Taiwan. Not us. And we are not encouraging independence, we’re encouraging that they do exactly what the Taiwan Act requires,” Biden continued. “That’s what we’re doing. Let them make up their mind. Period.” (ii)

“It’s independent. It makes its own decisions,” the president added. (ii)

Joe Biden has displaced illogical shifting in his statement, tabling a two-faced statement view to the public. He said, “We are not encouraging independence”, [Because after his recent meeting with Xi Jinping he does not want to upset Communist Beijing’s political anti-freedom strategy.] “Let them [Taiwan] make up their mind”, Biden said.

Biden is either a dummy or deliberately deceitful in his thinking and subsequent statements. Taiwan has for years been saying they are a “Free Democratic Nation and that they are an Independent Nation.” And for decades American and copycat Australia has refused to give Taiwan honest recognition of that proven path truth, because both the US Government and the Australian government are afraid to offend dictatorship ‘Communist Beijing’.

Political cowardice in both USA and Australia is the real reason why both Nations have refused to give Taiwan respect and recognition of its ‘Independent Democratic Freedom Status’.

After all of this obvious awareness by Taiwanese conviction about their freedom and independence, Biden still refuses to recognize Taiwan’s Independence, because he is afraid to offend Gangster Xi Jinping. And any person that deliberately denies people the right to live free and independent in peace IS A GANGSTER.

I began to study the dangers of ‘Chinese Communist China’ on November 26, 2019, increasing my efforts to learn more, posting on my website much of what I learned thereafter. It was Sky News Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt that increased my alert study of the threat of China. It was during this period that other Australians also began to wake up to the danger of ‘Communist China’.

As I followed all of the threats by Xi Jinping since, I began reviewing the danger Taiwan faced on March 20, 2021. I am not impressed by Joe Bidens attitude towards Taiwan nor am I impressed by Scott Morrison’s attitude towards Taiwan and I am disgusted by Paul Keating’s commitment in bed with Communist China, rejecting Taiwan’s eternal right to live free and independent of the dictatorship of Gangster Communist Beijing.

Remember Paul Keating’s Pro-China remarks in this below Video… Yes, this was said earlier than recently when Keating in support of Communist China opposed support of Taiwan’s right to live free and independent.

“Biden told the press that he and Xi spoke for three and a half hours on a wide variety of issues and made it clear to the Chinese leader that “[the United States is] going to abide by the rules of the road.” (ii))

A.I. comments… In other words, the United States will abide by rules of agreement between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden [whatever those secret agreements were] so as to not deny ‘Communist Beijing’s right to expand its political power and control to become a Superpower Ruler of Earth and Space past Biden’s shift and to continue with its commitment to gain control of Taiwan.

This explains why suddenly Joe Biden publicly refuses to recognize Taiwan as an independent country. In other words, when push comes to shove, under Biden Presidency, no one will stop Xi Jinping from invading Taiwan, destroying the peoples love of freedom to become oppressed victims of anti-freedom ideology Communist Tyranny.

It seems now that I am superior in thinking to the current President of the United States, Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison. Why can I make such a claim? Because I am not afraid to persistently launch criticism and rejection of anti-freedom ideology Communist Beijing Policy and I am not afraid to criticize and reject the dictatorship of Gangster Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades.

Furthermore, unlike weak-minded Joe Biden and Scott Morrison, I stand strong in support of Taiwan’s right to live free, independent of the dictatorship of Communism. Why? Because it is the right and honourable thing to do. If we the people of the ‘Free World’ do not have the courage to defend every person’s right to live free on earth, then we are not worth a damn as a human being.

Those people who encourage the existence of anti-freedom ideologies are creeps in every sense of the word. And shall be held accountable in the dimension of eternity.

“A senior White House official also backed up the position of non-independence during another gaggle with reporters. Additionally, a readout of the Biden-Xi meeting [truthful or not?] stated that the U.S. “strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.” (ii)

A.I. comments… This suggests that Biden gained agreement by Xi Jinping to allow peaceful movement of shipping through the Taiwan Strait provided that USA does not recognize Taiwan’s right to independence of China. In other words, Xi Jinping is allowed to continue with his efforts to gain ownership control of Taiwan and oppress its people into submission of Communism and elimination of their right to live free, without firing a shot.

Remember previously in October 2021… “President Joe Biden said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position.” (i)

A.I. comments… Will Biden come to Taiwan’s support if attacked? Not likely, besides Xi Jinping is currently displaying the patience of an oyster with Taiwan until 2027. By then Biden will not be President and it will be another Presidents decision, be they a good or bad president.

After Biden’s Presidency has ended, what ever pacifist agreement between Biden and Jinping that existed will vanish.

“The president was seemingly referring to legislation that calls for providing weaponry and arms to Taiwan during a Chinese [Communist] attack but does not commit to sending soldiers to its shores.” (ii)

And yet, previously two-faced Biden said… “The US would defend Taiwan if China attacked in an apparent departure from a long-held US foreign policy position.” (i)

“But a White House spokesman later told some US media outlets that his remarks did not signify a change policy.” (i)

A.I. comments… How can we trust Biden when he makes so many yo-yo statements that conflict with each other in opposition? Original America Policy is still a question mark. Hence, we the people, Australians and Americans, cannot trust if Biden will defend Taiwan’s right to live independently free. And that also means we cannot trust Morrison. He has a history of being weak-minded loaded with shifting political spin to cover his arse so that he can be re-elected.

The hypocrisy of American Political thinking jumps out more in the following reported statement…

“Despite this, it was reported early in October that there were covert American soldiers stationed on the island, who were there to help train Taiwanese soldiers against a potential invasion by China.” (ii)

A.I. comments… If Xi Jinping attacks Taiwan whilst American soldiers are there that would spark a flashpoint war with USA. The more we look at this problem the more unstable is the so-called agreement between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

If Australian Politicians are not pushing aggressively to upgrade Australian Military Defence and Australian Self-Sufficiency in Food, Manufacturing all products, Energy and Communication they are not very intelligent or strong as leaders and should be sacked by the people.

“This caused increasing tensions between the United States and China, especially in the aftermath of a number of Chinese military planes being spotted off the Taiwanese coast. These tensions were reportedly a significant part of Monday’s discussion between Biden and Xi(ii)

A.I. comments… Really? Tensions were a significant part of Monday’s discussion between Biden and Xi. So where is Biden’s report about the discussions he had with Xi Jinping? Oh, I see no such report was tabled in writing for public view. So, we Australians and Americans are still hanging out there with a strong sense of uncertainty as to what XI Jinping and Joe Biden agreed to and to what is the fate of the South Pacific over the next ten years.

According to the White House report (iv) the statements made by both Joe Biden and Xi Jinping were just generalized statements with commitment to ‘Climate Change’ management and encouragement of peace and stability in the world.


I still have not found the specific details of subject conservations between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. Being a Virtual Meeting conversation, the conversation should be on public record. So where is it?

This view of information is not recorded in the above White House generalized statement that table overview comments void of direct focus on issues.

Hence, I turned to another link to see what was found…


Important extracts…

Taiwan issues:

Joe Biden: Pledged to adhere to the principles “One China Policy” such as the United States always hold on but opposes unilateral attempts to change the status quo including undermining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. (v)

A.I. comments… we have read previously about his stand on this subject and more. But we still have not answered the question of the “One China Policy” founded in USA several years ago.

Xi Jinping: “The Chinese government is patient and sincerely striving for peaceful reunification. But if Taiwan shows provocative actions or try to cross the line that has been drawn, the Chinese government will immediately take resolute measures.” (v)

A.I. comments… Taiwan will not cross a line to start a war with China, but it does have the right to defend itself if Communist Beijing attacks Taiwan. And Xi Jinping does not have the right to invade Taiwan. Xi Jinping’s demand that Taiwan gives up its freedom and submit to ‘Communist Dictatorship’ is not an acceptable demand. And Taiwan does have the ‘Moral Right’ to refuse to become a part of a ‘One Communist China.’

Human Rights Violations issues:

Joe Biden: The US leader has expressed frank concerns with President Xi Jinping over human rights violations. Whether they are Uighurs or Muslims in China, including the security laws that have been enforced in Hong Kong. (v)

Xi Jinping: “We do not agree with interfering in the internal affairs of other countries by citing human rights issues.” (v)

A.I. comments… Well, those two important subjects went well, we are still back where we were before the Biden Jinping discussion, nothing in the establishment of justice for human beings has changed. Xi Jinping did not give an inch. And Biden’s political communication failed.

The other discussions on ‘Trade’ and ‘Climate Change’ were a separate concern compared to the serious threat of war. For another lower priority review down the track, but I know Biden did not achieve much progress on these subjects either.

The next directory (vi) just reported the same information in (v) though its presentation was better.


Other reports did not say much. In short Bidens’ talk with Jinping on subject of Human Rights concerns and Taiwan failed. Nothing changed. The only thing they agreed upon is ‘Climate Change’ but even that subject is a long-term commitment by China they still need more Coal Power Plants out to 2060.

So now we are back where we started with Joe Biden’s two-faced statements still floating out there with no clear understanding of what Biden will do if Jinping invades Taiwan. And where will that leave Australians if war breaks out between Communist Beijing and USA?

“… the president did refer to the meeting as “positive”(ii)

A.I. comments… I saw nothing positive in the discussions that were briefly tabled. The only thing positive about this discussion was that it was positive the discussion did not make any change progress… Xi Jinping held his previous position which we already knew about. Biden failed.

Biden… “assured Xi that the U.S. would “stay outside of their territorial waters” for the time being, but “would not be intimidated.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Really? And does that include Taiwan’s territorial waters which Communist Beijing claims to own? The answer to that question was not tabled.

“We talked about that, and it was… there was no argumentation, just a matter of fact,” Biden said in regards to American travel patterns through the South China Sea.” (ii)

The South China Sea does not belong to China, it has interface link to other Countries and other Nations shipping pass through this region. What did Biden agree to? Nothing firm it seems, just another wishy-washy statement.

“The United States and Taiwan have long enjoyed a significant informal ties, and the island nation continues to be a significant trading partner for the U.S.” (ii)

A.I. comments… The USA enjoys the profit from trade with Taiwan including running gun sales since 1949 when Japan and USA helped protect Taiwan against the Mao attempted invasion of Taiwan. All this time passed and American Policy failed to recognize Taiwan as an independent free democratic Nation. And true to Bidens lack of courage lest he offends Xi Jinping, Biden still refuses to officially recognize Taiwan as an Independent Nation. Thus, the unjust attitude of the American Government persists to use Taiwan for making money but refuses to give them public official recognition as a ‘Free Independent Nation’ which ‘Communist Beijing’ does not have any right to claim in ownership.

Injustice still thrives in the way USA and Australia treat Taiwan.

Previously I tabled… “The US has no official diplomatic ties with Taiwan but sells arms to it as part of its Taiwan Relations Act, which states that the US must provide the island with the means to defend itself.” (i)

Well now finally we return to the ‘One China Policy’ recognition status and the origin of the “Taiwan Relations Act” which has harpooned Joe Biden who does not have the skills to fix a negligent unjust decision, about Taiwan that should have been corrected over three decades ago. President Jimmy Carter 39th President (1977-1981) was involved in establishing Foreign Policy about China and Taiwan during his Presidency. No doubt Jimmy Carter was a good man, a dedicated Christian now 97 years of age, but times have advanced further forward as ‘Communist Beijing’ grew stronger and more powerful in its persistent objective to become a Superpower of Earth and Space. It is time for American Presidency to aggressively lift its game or ‘Communist Beijing’ will down-the-track conquer USA.

The ‘Taiwan Relations Act’ was created… “to help maintain peace, security, and stability in the Western Pacific and to promote the foreign policy of the United States by authorizing the continuation of commercial, cultural, and other relations between the people of the United States and the people in Taiwan, and for other purposes.” (vii)


A.I. comments… the major flaw in the Act is that it did not give Taiwan independent recognition as a Free Democratic Nation’, void of any need to be part of an anti-freedom ideology Communist Regime in China.

The Act was passed by both chambers of the United States Congress and signed by President Jimmy Carter in 1979 after the breaking of relations between the United States and the Republic of China on Taiwan. The Carter Administration signed the Taiwan Relations Act to maintain commercial, cultural, and other relations through the unofficial relations in the form of a nonprofit corporation under the law of the District of Columbia – the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) – without official government representation and without formal diplomatic relations. The Act entered retroactively into force, effective January 1, 1979.” (vii)

The act does not recognize the terminology of ‘Republic of China’ after 1st January 1979 but uses the terminology of “governing authorities on Taiwan”. (vii)

A.I. comments… this was an error in the Act which should have recognised the independent status of Taiwan as a free island country. This error in status terminology has been automatically recognised unjustly by every American Politician since 1979 and has now blown up in the face of Americans and Australians, as Xi Jinping now claims unjustly ownership of Taiwan.

The problem lies in the USA failure to understand Taiwan’s use of the name (ROC) the Republic of China 1912-1949.

The ROC 1912-1949 stood for a ‘Free Democratic China’.

Taiwan Flag same as ‘Republic of China’ Flag 1912-1949 relocated to Taiwan when Mao Armed Communists seized control of mainland China in 1949.


The PRC (Peoples’ Republic of China) is an illegitimate anti-freedom ideology government and must be opposed until the people are given back their freedom to become part of the legitimate true Government of China the ROC to merge with Taiwan as one free ‘True Chinese’ Government.

The problem with the USA 1979 ‘Taiwan Relations Act’, it failed to recognize Taiwan as the true representative Chinese Government of a ‘Freedom Valued Society, still loyal to its Freedom Based Heritage (1912-1949) heritage.

All Nations around the globe have failed to recognize that the ‘Communist People’s Republic of China’ is a false named country. Communism is not a ‘Republic’ a word which stands for ‘Freedom’ I have written about this previously, refer…


“The political and legal statuses of Taiwan are contentious issues. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) claims that the Republic of China government is illegitimate, referring to it as the “Taiwan Authority”. (vii)

A.I. comments… The Communist Beijing government calling themselves “The People’s Republic of China (PRC) lied. They are not the true government of China. It is the Communists now ruling Mainland China who are definitely an illegitimate government.

These evil people gained controlled of China through killer Mao Zedong (1893-1976) by murdering over 80 million unarmed Chinese people, including one million Tibetans. Mao is a war criminal in much the same way as killer Adolf Hitler (1889-1945).

As I have said previously… Communism is not a ‘Republic’. Marxist Communism is an oppressive unjust Bully Dictatorship Government. Communist Beijing is truthfully an illegitimate government. And that fact stands true for all eternal history.

Anyone who denies that truth is a liar.

Taiwan the last Island of the once great Nation of Free China (1912-1949) is the representative of the ‘True Chinese Government’. (1912-2021– to be continued). And shall become greater when all of the Chinese mainland people are freed from the unjust oppression of ‘Communist Beijing’ an illegitimate government.

The (ROC) the ‘Republic of China’, shall one day rule China again, the only legitimate government where all of the Chinese people live free.

The United States and Australia and the United Nations failed to recognize that Taiwan is the legitimate government of China and that ‘Communist Beijing’ is the illegitimate government of China. And that for history, is the truth… fact.

For that reason,

Taiwan has not formally renounced its claim to the mainland… and I trust the successive governments will always have the courage to link to their mainland freedom-based history.

The ROC ‘Republic of China’ was a 1945 founding member of the United Nations, and through Taiwan, should still be recognised as a founding member and not discounted pushed aside, because of the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist Beijing’.

The failure of the United Nations to recognize the independent Taiwan ‘walking feet character’ of the ROC as a founding member of the UN, is a serious flaw in the strength and character of the United Nations.

The USA ‘Taiwan Relations Act’… “provides for Taiwan to be treated under U.S. laws the same as “foreign countries, nations, states, governments, or similar entities”, thus treating Taiwan as a sub-sovereign foreign state equivalent. The act provides that for most practical purposes of the U.S. government, the absence of diplomatic relations and recognition will have no effect.” (vii)

A.I. comments… This American ‘Taiwan Relations Act’ is a disgraceful decision process by American Congress. Taiwan was pushed down in status recognition and denied recognition as a Sovereign Nation. The Americans used trade with Taiwan and subsequent arms provision support to support their greed for making more profit from trading with Taiwan. To support their business opportunities naturally they gave Taiwan protection against the aggressive threat of the illegitimate ‘Communist Chinese Government’ that unjustly conquered the 1.4 billion unarmed Chinese People on the Mainland that once lived free before the attack of Mao Zedong.

The Taiwan Relations Act does not guarantee the U.S. will intervene militarily if the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) attacks or invades Taiwan nor does it relinquish it.” (vii)

“It’s primary purpose is to ensure the US’s Taiwan policy will not be changed unilaterally by the president and ensure any decision to defend Taiwan will be made with the consent of Congress” (vii)

A.I. comments… this part of the act is the right thing to do. Dealing with war conflict should be approved by Congress when American lives are endangered.

“The act states that “the United States will make available to Taiwan such defense articles and defense services in such quantity as may be necessary to enable Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capabilities.” (vii)

A.I. comments… These supply of defence articles may have been good enough before 2,000 C.E. But the technology of ‘Communist China’ and Military Strength’ of Beijing Forces’ is so advanced now… the island of Taiwan cannot survive an attack by ‘Communist Beijing’. Whatever retaliation response is launched by USA will be too late.

The real concern is that attack on Taiwan will be the first step of Communist Beijing’s bid to gain control of the entire South Pacific Region, including the unjust murder of millions of the Taiwanese people, men, women, children and babies.

If Xi Jinping Beijing attacks Taiwan there must be a ‘Global Outrage’ towards ‘Communist Beijing’.

We the people of the ‘Free World’ must not ever tolerate an anti-freedom ideology country attacking a free country, and that includes Taiwan.

“The decision about the nature and quantity of defenses services that America will provide to Taiwan is to be determined by the President and Congress.” (vii)

A.I. comments… Seems reasonable… The American People have the right to also be protected from the tragedy of war.

“America’s policy has been called “strategic ambiguity”, and it is designed to dissuade Taiwan from a unilateral declaration of independence, and to dissuade the PRC from unilaterally unifying Taiwan with the PRC.” (vii)

A.I. comments… This ‘wishy-washy’ American vision got it wrong. Taiwan has the legitimate right to identify itself as ‘Independent’ and has as a dedicated Nation to protect its right to live free in a Democracy, void of the oppressive tyranny of ‘Communist Beijing’.

And the PRC has already unilaterally identified it ambition/mission to claim Taiwan as part of ‘One China’. And Xi Jinping Communist Beijing refuses to let go of the invasive oppressive target. On this point the USA Taiwan Relations Act, has already failed. Xi Jinping refuses to back down from his plan by 2027 to invade Taiwan.

What then WWIII? Or unjust sacrifice of 25 million people?

If we allow Communist Beijing to wipe out 25 million people… what next? Who will Xi Jinping Communist Beijing want to gore next?

Australia? New Zealand? PNG? Philippines? Japan? All the rest of the Pacific Islands?

The act further stipulates that the United States will “consider any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means, including by boycotts or embargoes, a threat to the peace and security of the Western Pacific area and of grave concern to the United States”. (vii)

A.I. comments… Why would congress go into such variable choices of action in an act? Why complicate the act with such choices? Why not wait until a problem occurs and then unilaterally decide by the President with Congress as to the right process action?

Besides of which boycotts and embargoes will not deter Xi Jinping from his committed agenda objectives.

“The act requires the United States to have a policy “to provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character”, and “to maintain the capacity of the United States to resist any resort to force or other forms of coercion that would jeopardize the security, or the social or economic system, of the people on Taiwan.” (vii)

A.I. comments… This Taiwan Relations Act is excessively over complicated with negativity that fails to recognize that any conflict with Taiwan will be launched by ‘Communist Beijing’ and that the ‘President with Congress’ must then decide what they want to do. They do not need variable choices in an act signed off in 1979 that is now out-of-date with the aggressive objectives of Xi Jinping who is not backing down.

The USA ‘One China Policy’ differs from the PRC One China Policy. The obvious is that Xi Jinping Communist Beijing demands that the One China Policy includes Taiwan.

The ‘Three Joint Communiques’ related to the past… I shall explore that another time to determine if it has any valid relevancy to current crisis situation as Xi Jinping increases his pressure objectives against the ‘Free World’. The three decisions need review. They have question marks against them by me, with good reason.

So far, the U.S. policy has not recognised Communist Beijing’s sovereignty over Taiwan. Thus, American ‘One China Policy’ does not include Taiwan.

Whilst since the 1990’s the United States Congress still believes in the importance of the TRA, which has greater weight over the ‘Three Joint Communiques’ nevertheless, Xi Jinping Communist Beijing, still rejects the TRA and considers it to be an unwarranted intrusion into the internal affairs of China.

Xi Jinping refuses to recognize the injustice of his dictatorship plan to conquer and oppress Taiwan.

Again in 2016 USA still reaffirmed the importance of the Taiwan Relations Act. This includes American commitment that all issues regarding the island’ future must be resolved peacefully, through dialogue and be agreeable to the people of Taiwan. And we know from other previous reports that I have tabled… Taiwan refuses to give up its Independence and it right to live free in a democracy. And Taiwan knows only too well the injustices and abolition of ‘Freedom of the Press’ which Hong Kong has experienced by enforced Communist Police State Aggressive Oppression including unjust imprisonment of many talented people whose only crime was using ‘Freedom of Speech’.

The TRA will give the USA guidance of choice to justify helping Taiwan Defend itself if China violates peaceful process. Hence, despite some valid criticism of the ambiguity of the Taiwan Relations Act, and its excessively over complex wording it does serve as a guide instruction to all Presidents, caught with the increasing threat of Communist Beijing’s ambition to conquer Taiwan and rule others in the world.

“As a loyal friend of America, Taiwan has merited our strong support, including free trade agreement status, the timely sale of defensive arms including technology to build diesel submarines.” (vii)

A.I. comments… even though Joe Biden has made in public seemingly two-faced statements, nevertheless he has made a truthful commitment to obey the guidance of the TRA (Taiwan Relations Act), which means if Taiwan refuses to peacefully give up its freedom to merge with ‘Communist China’ then USA is duty bound to defend Taiwan’s right to live free, and this reality is further enforced by USA’s commitment to supply defense military arms to Taiwan and guidance on how to build other military needs including diesel submarines.

The public display of the ROC flag is opposed in ‘Communist China’ banned; many have been arrested for flying the flag. In addition, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia announced that the ROC flag is banned in Cambodia to support the One-China policy. Thus, this Prime Minister has demonstrated that in WWIII when ‘Freedom’ fights against ‘Communist China’…. Cambodia will also be an enemy of allies for ‘Freedom’ in much the same way Indonesia recently enjoyed ‘War Games’ with China with the objective to threaten Australia.

The USA needs to change its ‘One China Policy’ and recognize officially that Taiwan has its Independence as a ‘Free Democratic Nation’ and has no intention of giving up its freedom by submitting to ‘Communist Beijing’ in peace. And thus, the TRA needs review by Congress to give recognition to Taiwan’s Independence and eliminate ambiguity and let Xi Jinping Beijing know that violence against Taiwan will not be tolerated by the USA.

The Final Question…

The TRA gives the President the guidelines to stand up strong against the aggressiveness of Xi Jinping and his Mission to invade Taiwan.

The Question that hits the table again and again…

Does Joe Biden have the Strength of Character to stand up strong against Xi Jinping Beijing?

The Communication he had with Xi Jinping recently jumped back at me. Biden walked soft in communication and Xi Jinping held his ground refusing to change his agenda. Biden did not win anything in the communication and Xi Jinping won by not changing his stance. The gameplan by Communist Xi Jinping is still on the global table progressing as Xi Jinping plans.

To be continued…

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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