Allegations of Unjust Forceful Vaccination of Native Original People.

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Allegations of Unjust Forceful Vaccination of Native Original People

Vaccination must not ever be Mandatory.

I suspect that some of the calm emotional comments by the Native People are not completely accurate and need more close investigation, to identify what is true and not true. But nevertheless, if Government law and order representatives are unjustly harassing the Native People as I believe they are… striving to bully the people to accept forced vaccination, then that action must be heavily criticised and outlawed. ‘Freedom of Choice’ is essential for every human being on our planet and in space.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

The Native People need to be aware that if Xi Jinping ‘Communist Beijing’ invades Australia which he wants to do… Then every Australian Native or not, will if not killed be enslaved by Chinese Communist and no one in Australia will have any rights ever again. We must defend the right of the Taiwanese to live free and we must defend the right of every person around the globe to live free.

Every person must have the ‘Freedom of Choice’ to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not. Whilst Vaccinations are wise decision, there are many people that cannot for allergy reasons safely be vaccinated. Double Emphasis: Every person must have the ‘Free Right’ to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not.

Life is about living with risk, in work, sports, adventures, visiting dangerous cultures, to help other people or save animal species, or foolishly for reasons of curiosity; each one of us has the right to decide what risks we take and what risks we avoid. No one has the right to stop us living with risk. It is our choice, our life and our right to decide. No Government has the right to force us into submission of their demand by law when our behaviour is not risking the life of others.

We may want to drive fast in a car, but laws must stop us because speeding does not just kill us, it can maim and kill others. Many safety protection laws exist for that reason to protect the right of others to live in peace void of harassment from the irresponsible dangerous behaviour of others, by criminal intent to recklessly harm others, or by incompetent negligent thinking, risking the lives of others.

The problem with the COVID Vaccination Process is like the FLU Vaccination process; there is risk on both sides of the fence. We can be allergic to the Vaccination or not.

In 2021 there is still no vaccine for ‘Scarlet Fever’. The mortality rate for ‘Scarlet Fever’ was high in the 19th century and previous centuries, going as far back as known medical history in 400 B.C.E. timeframe. I believe in the ‘Western Free World; Scarlet Fever risk has reduced because of our cleaner wash hands self-disciplines. But we are still vulnerable to any disease no matter how strict our cleanliness, there is always someone out there that does not clean their hands, both males and females, after they use the toilet or before they prepare food.

I became allergic to morphine and iodine contrast in 2005, including dust mites and some grasses because of an extreme form of ‘Scarlet Fever’. I contracted this because I made the mistake of listening to the medical advice on the Media to get a skin check for cancer. I went to a ‘Skin Clinic’ Cancer check Medical Centre in Grafton. They told me I had no problems; my skin was perfect. [I was not allergic to Morphine or Contrast in 1975 after a bad accident.]

A few days later I came down with Scarlet Fever, I went onto Antibiotics, after the second week it became clear I was experiencing an extreme form of ‘Fever’ pertaining to my skin irritation problems. I knew my only contact with people was with the Skin Cancer Clinic. I had not had any contact with anyone else, I was working on the land in isolation. I was glad to hear a few months later that the ‘Skin Cancer Clinic’ was closed down.

I suffered with throat and mouth problems for a few days, mostly eating soup and baked beans in a bowl. And ice-cream. But the worst part of my 5-week experience was rash, reddened, itchy skin irritation spread over the body on the chest, stomach and back and arms and legs and feet.

I used Pinetarsol baths & warm showers 4 to 6 times per day & night to fight skin irritation. I was often for four weeks woken up every three hours and had to make myself a warm bath with Pinetarsol. Since then, stop/start I have used Pinetarsol whenever I have had skin allergic reactions to bites like mosquitos and biting midges. After being bitten I always use methylated spirits on the bites. After 6 to 24 hours, the bites stop itching, except midges. They need extra effort; first metho use followed by frequent washing using Pinetarsol for several days.

But then since the age of thirty years I have always used metho on all my wounds, cuts and calluses on hands, consequently I have never suffered an infection even when I have savagely cut my arm or scrapped back my skin two inches square in a fall on gravel or cement. Pouring metho on it always works. Stings but when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

My wife Jan was working in Sydney whilst 710 kilometres away, I was working up North when I contracted the disease. She wanted to come up and look after me, I said “No” I did not want her to contact the disease. I chose to live in Isolation for five weeks until I was cured.

During the last week my skin irritation slowly vanished, but during the last four days the skin around my feet became so hard, like leather wrapped tight around I struggled to walk in pain. Then during the last 24 hours the skin cracked open and flaked out everywhere, leaving me with a big mess to vacuum up. My fight with an extreme form of ‘Scarlet Fever’ was over.

The point of this story one of thousands of different allergic reactions, which people suffer, tells us that it is wrong to force people to have a compulsory vaccination. Each person must have the right to choose whether they are vaccinated or not. If they die because they rejected the vaccination that is their choice.

Personally, my wife and I chose to have the jab. We believed the risk was too high not to have the jab but that was our choice. We chose the vaccine “AstraZeneca” and had two jabs with no side effects.

I do not believe any vaccine gives us 100% protection from virus and other forms of risk, but it does reduce the dangerous risk and hence many of us choose the wiser path of reducing the risk.

Governments may correctly warn us and advise us not to smoke, not to gamble, not to use use drugs and may encourage us to be vaccinated against COVID but it is wrong to use force imposed upon us to be vaccinated.

‘Freedom of Choice’ is a human right, decent societies are ‘Free Societies’ there is no place for ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ in those Nations like ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’.

People are not stopped from smoking and that is a killer health reduction process. Passive smoking caused when people are surrounded by smokers, can and does create mini-strokes which can kill people who have never smoked in their entire life. Mini-strokes can even strike suddenly a person driving a car, like the danger of heart attack behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Forced Dictatorship of Mandatory Vaccination is a ‘Marxist Socialist Communist’ tactic and ‘Marxist Dictatorship’ must be outlawed throughout the Universe, no exceptions.

The right to decide Vaccination or Not… is an Eternal Human Right. It is a criminal offence to inject people by force with any vaccination process. This is the start of ‘Transhumanism’ when it is imposed without the approval of the individual. It is like injecting people on ‘Death Row’ by force with a lethal injection after the individual lost their freedom entitlement to life because they denied someone else the right to live free in peace void of abuse violent harassment.

The difference is that the people that reject vaccination have not deliberately hurt anyone else. They do have a right by ‘Freedom Choice’ to say, “No Vaccination” that freedom of choice by the ‘Moral Law of Equality and Justice’ for all, includes every person of every creed, race and philosophy, including all Native Original Persons of this earth.

Here is the truth… if Vaccinated People had the Vaccination to eliminate getting a disease including COVID, then why are they still afraid of the unvaccinated? It is the unvaccinated that are living with the risk of death. The Vaccinated have nothing to fear. That is true if the Vaccination works.

Or are the Vaccinated still afraid that the Vaccination does not work? Well, if that proved to be true, then all of the Pharmaceuticals Laboratories in the world would be guilty of the biggest scam operation in the world, motivated by greed to deceive the people.

I do not believe that is true. I believe the altruistic caring nature of ninety percent of the people will not deliberately strive to hurt and oppress people; it is the ten percent of creeps in every generation that strives to oppress us by anti-freedom ideology tactics, including criminals and scam greedy scumbags and Marxists.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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