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Prophesy & Reality




“Will Robots Inherit the Earth? Yes, they will be our children.”

Marvin Lee Minsky (1927-2016)

American ‘Cognitive Scientist’ Specializing in field of                Artificial Intelligence

A step further past Transhuman Technology.


Transhumanism is an evolutionary transformation of human biology through the additive enhancement of technology interface, which strengthens and improves the human biological body and mind. Its progressive aim is to upgrade the human body and mind capabilities, influencing thoughts and actions of individuals, using new technological advances. Transhumanism is becoming a science political movement that offers great advantages and many very serious disadvantages, which must be tabled by pragmatic common-sense as real concerns.

A New Form of Totalitarianism?

I would not call Transhumanism sophisticated technology as some have called it; it is exploration technology capable of achieving great success and delivering very serious totalitarian dangers. Transhumanism is not refinement, good taste or wisdom per se, albeit, it is in direct conflict with human nature individuality, and does offer technical vulgarity, subtly not crude in technology, but nevertheless potentially dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of humanity, if it is not wisely managed and controlled.

Thus, the vulgarity of such infusion of ideas with control of mind and body, denies transhumanism being called sophisticated technology. The complexity of such technology does not interface with fashionable culture, except in the field of stupidity that naively chooses to sacrifice freedom for vanity. Transhumanism may seem fashionable in sophistication to some intellectually backward people, but the lurking dangers of such technology use is very real. And the wise will walk carefully in their decisions and choices about use of such technology. For making decisions about the dos and don’ts of use of transhuman technology, is indeed a walk along a path of eggshells that can resound crunch after crunch, in constant reverberation. The control of the human mind, which eliminates the human natural ability to think and decide by ‘Free Will’ is a totalitarian technological method.

The best way to understand this transhuman danger is in the early 21st Century, vanity obsession in the use of Botox and Cosmic Surgery, which has too often done damage to the human body, creating serious disappointment that weakens the positive confidence of mind.


The obsession with the use of Smartphones and Internet Social Media activity is an early transition stage of becoming Transhuman. The more we become dependent upon technology to survive, the more we are leaning towards becoming in evolutionary technological development, automated transhuman, being at higher risk of losing our individuality, as ‘Borg Mentality’ collectivism threatens to control us as one ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ where the individual becomes restricted in creativity, which does not fit in with collective technology demands.

Cosmic Law states… “Thou shalt not allow children to take Smartphones to School in Primary or High School level.”

Why does Cosmic Law make this pragmatic common-sense rule?

The reason:

Grade performance at schools, will quickly improve, when the distraction of Smartphone activities does not exist, including amongst the over 15-year-olds to 18-year-old students. Children need to reduce screen time use of their eyes. Whether it be computers, electronic games or electronic books, phones, calculators or television, too much screen time is harmful to the human eyes. Hence, screen time at school, needs to be reduced substantially to minimum use time only. Students who need special attention classes, will also benefit by such screen use restrictions. If we cannot cope with manual focus, we are disadvantaging our true potential as individuals.

Bullying has always existed in every society, for thousands of years, on the streets and in school education places. It occurs even in Universities, where young adults are supposed to be wiser, but too often suffer from brain-wrecked false knowledge ideas, founded upon wrong thinking belief systems, and from peer pressure # collective tactics, designed like any form of totalitarian hoodlum mentality, to oppress the individual, forcing them into submission. This lack of emotional intelligence tactic from bully to victim, swings like a pendulum hitting any person caught in its path of automated aggression. Cyber Bullying is a cowardly extension of past methods of manual bullying process and can be dramatically reduced by banning the use of ‘Smartphones’ in schools. Only stupid parents and inferior thinking idiot authorities would oppose the banning of Smartphone use in schools.

# Peer Pressure is a form of collective ‘Political Correctness’, when a person is bully pushed into conforming to the dictates of the group, regardless of whether the group is logical or not, in its belief system.

The phony argument that children need emergency phone call connection, is often used to justify why children should always carry a Smartphone. For hundreds of years children, made their way to and from school, back home, without electronic technology of any kind. And in the rare event of a genuine emergency, parents can ring School Secretaries to pass forward urgent messages.

The distraction of children involved with Smartphones, waiting for that rare emergency call, is not justified. I remember during my school years back in Primary in the 1950’s and High School in the 1960’s, I never once faced the concern of having to deal with an emergency message. And neither did any of my several school mates. Our manual world relationship of parent and child and schoolteacher was a lot simpler, and smarter in discipline process and character. A bully was someone we fought with fists. It took courage to fight with fists. Cyber Bullies are cowards, no exceptions.

Using technology as an extension of ourselves has some drawbacks. Do we draw the line in the sand and say no by choosing wisely to stay down to earth in pragmatic logic wisdom and common-sense decent values? Sacrificing our individual character, which allows technology a tool, to control us is stupid.

Technology used wisely is just a useful tool. Used unwisely, technology is a weapon against us that behaves like any oppressive force, and converts our character into becoming a puppet, being manipulated by strings of technological dictatorship. Allowing our freedom to be restricted by technology is not only stupid, it is insane. Once we become a zombie obedient to technology, we are lost, and become controlled prey for others to manipulate.

Biology in this 21st Century is now at an evolutionary stage at a crossroad of choices, good and bad, right and wrong, decent and indecent, true or false, just or unjust. Our decision, our choice, will decide whether we live free or oppressed. We must learn to think wisely from a young age. The more mistakes we make in choices, the harder our life shall be lived. We are what we decide to be.

Human biology is in danger of becoming a limiting factor, as technology exponentially jumps in leaps and bounds, almost void of boundaries, rising rapidly, higher at a pace where control of individual self-awareness becomes a daunting almost onerous task. Greed, lust and vanity become our destructive threats, which existed in the previous manual world of life, before technology thrived, but is now a greater threat, in a fast-moving progressive technology world, because the fixed dogma of technology obsession can blind our minds, our emotions, and trick our thinking into believing in fantasy obsessions, like Pinocchio dreamed of just having fun, only to discover the hard truth about self-deceit and beliefs in illusions.

‘Freedom of Religion’ will perish as technology conquers individuality, robbing the mind of freedom of choice. This advance in oppressive technology is not atheism taking over, because atheism as an idea ceases to exist, when theism vanishes from the minds of a technological transhuman society, evolving towards becoming artificial intelligence robots.

“The Smartphone has more computer power than all of NASA in 1969 when it sent two astronauts to the moon.”

Jason Sosa 2014

Early 21st Century Children are becoming so tuned into reliance on technology that they are becoming known as “Digital Natives”. The downside is… far too many children, are not comfortable with living in a manual world, void of computer technology.

Obesity on the rise is not just about eating too much fast food and junk food, that is part of the problem, but not enough daily exercise, adds to the physical growth in obesity. Too much screen time is equally as harmful as not enough education time. A golden balance must be established, between not only eating and drinking the right foods, but ensuring sufficient exercise and education is in balance with technology training, which does require screen time attention. There is a time and place for everything in work or play. Wisdom learns to know the difference, between good and bad, right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy, just and unjust, true and false, and time management, using the golden middleway rule in all things and activities, is an essential learning curve principle.

Technology continuous upgrade offers humanity great opportunities which will improve quality of life for people in a wholesome way, but that benefit will only be of value if we use pragmatic common sense and don’t become greedy or obsessed with vanity and immortality.

Whilst technology will pave the way to the creation of ‘Designer Babies’, do we really want to go down this road and start playing the role of an imaginary God Creator, which can unhinge our enjoyment of natural evolution process, and impose upon our lives an artificial intelligence factor, which reduces the natural love and thrill of just being born unplanned, true to natures gift? How far do we go, before we lose control of our own sense of individuality and reality?

Choosing designer babies for our selected children, is like going to a shopping mall and selecting a play toy designed baby doll and is a trip into vanity and greed for perfection.

And as I posted previously ‘Perfection is Stagnation’. These are not my words but were wisely written on a ‘Blackboard’ by an unknown author, which I adopted into ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as a valid understanding of higher truth.

Designer Babies is like acceptance of cloning and artificial intelligence, it becomes a dangerous evolutionary form of ‘Totalitarianism’, which threatens to destroy our individuality, and force us into a controlled existence, where we just become clones, drones, zombies of the collective, in much the same way as the ‘Borg’ in the later 20th Century Science Fiction Television Series called ‘Star Trek’, created by the great Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991).

We must draw a common-sense line in the sand to stop totalitarian technological control of our minds and bodies. Don’t rely on early 21st Century Politicians to get the logic right, they are not smart enough. Their University Degrees are not worth a damn. As I wrote previously in my book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the mind and the soul are synonyms. The spirit is something higher again and must not ever be denied the right to live free for all eternity. Religion is not smart enough to comprehend what I am talking about, and most Atheists are not ready for a leap into Cosmic higher understanding. New Age thinkers are too far removed from reality. And Psychology has wandered too far off course away from common-sense logic and needs to reinvent itself to become focused on logical common-sense philosophical intelligence.

Where does love, goodness and freedom start and end? That is the challenge we must face and answer, calmly and logically, void of vanity and greed, during our decision-making process. We humans have a long way to go, before we calmly walk away from the insanity of greed and the insanity of vanity. And that ‘Tortoise Pace’ in evolving self-realisation, may become our downfall, because technology is expanding exponentially too fast, and our intellectually laziness in society, is not adapting and reinventing its individual understanding fast enough; thus, we face a clear and present danger of being conquered, and controlled by totalitarian technology. Couch Potatoes will lose their freedom, only the persistent pragmatic strong in individual character, can survive in such a persistent past moving rapid changing dynamic technology world, capable of helping us improve quality of life; but such technology can also quickly oppress us. Which is it to be? To survive we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Can we create a better future? Certainly, we humans over a million years, have learned to be cleverer. But being smarter is another thing again. Enlightenment is not enough. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, we humans will not ascend to a higher level of existence, to avoid extinction of humanity.

Existing in human form as a clone, drone, zombie, artificial intelligence or even a controlled transhuman, is not survival of humanity. Once we lose individuality and freedom of mind, body and spirit, as a collective and as individuals, humanity becomes extinct. And when human biology exists interfaced with technology, just as a symbiotic robot state that inevitably becomes void of feeling, Transhumans’ will evolve towards self-annihilation, chasing perfection leading to its own stagnation and self-elimination.

Ethical Dilemma’s using ‘Reality Based Ethics’ will hound us into debates, disagreements and conflicts, meanwhile technology will rapidly keep advancing, while the political and scientific human race, procrastinates in ethical decisions. The idea of morality has already been lost as cultures, religions and philosophies cannot agree on what is true morality. It is wiser to throw morality into the garbage bin, and focus on society reinventing itself, using reality-based ethics.

I thank Dr. Elsa Schieder in Canada for giving me this additive insight, which I included in ‘Cosmic Understanding’, because Schieder coined the words ‘Reality Based Ethics’ in 2012, to help establish a foundation concept for the evolution of human logic, using wisdom, and pragmatic common-sense decency, to guide our society towards wholesome good choices, founded upon ethical decisions.

It has been said that the future does not belong to the fainthearted, it belongs to the brave. Sadly, that is true, but the brave to win must be emotionally calm, wise and ethically caring free of vanity and greed. Otherwise in the end, they will fall with the fainthearted.

We return to the question, where do we draw the line in technology takeover of humanity? How do we continue to live free from the takeover of totalitarianism? How do we retain our individuality in a world ruled by technology? Certainly, fixed dogma religion will not survive in this brave new world. But will technology evolve to become another form of totalitarian fixed dogma? And the answer is yes, if we do not have the courage to reinvent ourselves using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Replacing fixed dogma religion, with fixed dogma technology, only serves to transfer humanity from one brain-wrecked state to another brain-wrecked state. For without ‘Freedom’ we are brain-wrecked like slaves, into submission and that is the danger we face. To survive we must become wiser, and without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ we will not make it.

We must control technology, not let technology control us.

Do we want to evolve to become this?


The following concerns and more not included, are coming. The questions and answers to every one of these issues cannot be resolved by lumping them all together, that will only cause confusion, indecision and mistakes. We must separate each issue, like a jigsaw piece, and identify the concerns and corrective action decisions that are needed to make the ideas safely operative and protective of humanity and the freedom of our species. The jigsaw puzzle pieces can then be clicked together, as a societal foundation, after the right common-sense decisions have been made which protects and preserves freedom and equality values.

It has been reported, “Many early 21st Century young people have said in a survey, that security is more important than freedom”, that naïve idea is founded upon ignorance, for without freedom and equality, security shall never exist. There is no reliable security in a ‘Totalitarian Society’ ruled by dictators.

Think Tank concerns we humans must face…

It sounds great… but…

Transhuman Technology both exciting and disturbing?

Advantages and Disadvantages?

Proselytic Bionic Limbs, Brain Implants, Artificial Eyes so the Blind can see. Eyes with Zoom Capabilities, and infrared sensors, and night vision abilities. We humans will be able to wear and ingest technology like ‘Smart Pills’ that when swallowed can monitor individual health.

If Humanity wants to live free, ‘Cosmicism’ must continuously deal with these concerns and far more remarkable advances, over the next 5,000 years plus. But remember this, ‘Cosmicism’ is only a guidance philosophical tool, it must not ever become a political party or an organisation. Far too many evil people are born into every generation that would corrupt a ‘Cosmicism’ organisation or a ‘Cosmicist’ political party. For that reason, ‘Cosmic Law’ states…

  1. Thou shalt not create a ‘Cosmicist Organisation’ or a ‘Cosmicist’ Political Party’.
  2. Thou shalt remember that ‘Cosmicism’ is a guiding light philosophy, not a dictatorship.
  3. Thou may create ‘Blue Light Social Clubs’ to share philosophical understanding that is all that is useful, which can be automatically closed, when all members leave or pass away.

Beware of the dangers, of greed, vanity and obsession with immortalization goals.

The battle for protection of freedom against totalitarianism includes the following concerns…

The Eternal Human Spirit versus Enslaved by Technology.

Control of Humans using Political Totalitarian Technology.

Transhuman era expanding from good potential to dangerous forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Designer Babies.

Uploading Minds to Internet Connection.

Interfacing every room in home to Internet Manipulation, with Big Brother controlling families.

As it stands right now in 2017. searches on Google, Bing etc. are often restricted by their censorship controls. In Totalitarian Nations like China, North Korea, and Islamic Nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan etc. the people will be controlled by Internet Censorship and injected ‘Artificial Intelligence Dictatorship’. Is that the Big Brother technology takeover we want? Heck no! Only an insane idiot would be enthusiastic about such controlling technology.

Sense implants in human skin.

Computer Chips Implanted in our Brains, to alter our thinking and control our responses.

Alterations of memories by implants memory added and memory extracted.

Memories altered without changing other memories. Who controls that decision in operation? Certainly not the individual target for changeover.

This may cure dementia, but is the alternative of becoming a mind creation by someone else any better? Individuality is still lost.

Brain Net extension that goes way past Internet Power interface, where individuality can be lost in the interface of collective drone creation.

These are just a few of the countless creative discoveries and inventions now evolving to help and control human mind, body and spirit. Endless more concepts are coming after my death, for thousands of years.


The worse transition is Transhuman evolution to become ‘Artificial Intelligence’ leading to final extinction of humankind, being replaced by an insensitive biological interface with metallic logic, capable of reinventing itself, evolving into a machine of creative conscious thinking that no longer needs the interface of the biology of humans, and can travel anywhere in the universe, without the need anymore to be called human. Just existing as machines for the collective. Religion perished centuries earlier, during the early stages of transhuman evolution.

‘Cosmicism’ must stop transhuman evolution from losing its humanity and individuality, and from losing its freedom of speech, its freedom of choice and its privilege freedom of equality.

Only by calm intervention by ‘Cosmicism’, against all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’, can ‘Artificial Intelligence’ be stopped and defeated.

Intelligent Science must be encouraged, but insane mad science must be stopped!

Did you know that Allan Ivarsson since near death in November 1975, uses Channelling ‘Automatic Writing’ in everything he records? Where do all ideas come from? Read ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to understand more the essence of that question.

Allan has never suffered from depression or writers block. There is a reason for this reality.

The ‘Last Epitaph’ recorded in 1975, was A.I.’s first channelled record. First Published in 2003, and again published in ‘Combat Women’ 2017.

Author’s Note: “Transhumanism” was first published on e-mail to global friends on 9th November 2017. Republished on blog on 29th January 2018.




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Prophesy & Reality

Poster - The Last Epitaph 1975 by Allan Ivarsson

Prophesy - The Last Dream 1984

Prophesy - 1984 Big Question extract 001

In 2020 China released a biological weapon, Corona Virus not created in a laboratory but created by bad eating behaviour of some primitive thinking Chinese feeding on Wildlife, believing the body parts give then special powers.

The Chinese Communist Government took advantage of this inadvertently created virus and let it flow into the entire world without any warning to the world. The consequence was great suffering and emotional fear delivered to millions of people around the globe. Thousands died. And the economies of every Nation except China was weakened, causing billions of dollar losses, increasing unemployment and poverty levels making many more people poorer.

The man responsible for this negligent deliberate biological attack was the President of China Xi Jinping who betrayed the world. 

Deliberate? Yes because Medical Doctors and Scientists who tried to warn the world were killed, some just disappeared. In prison? No one knows what happened to them and Communist China was silent.

Muslims like all non-Muslims were seriously harmed by this Corona Virus. 

75% of Muslims are good peaceful people but it is the other 25% of Muslims who are radical and dangerous.

We must always oppose every form of ‘Totalitarianism’. Many forms of Street Demonstrations are ‘Totalitarian’ abusing ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege to impose their dictatorship rant belief system upon the people.

Allan Ivarsson 2020


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