LGBTQ Now Rules the UK – British Submit to LGBTQ Dictatorship.

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Men correctly not allowed in female space shopping dress rooms.

Which includes men who claim to be female.


LGBTQ Now Rules the UK – British Submit to LGBTQ…


Men allowed in Female Change Rooms when they say they are female.

Important… LGBTQ problem in UK, identified by Max Aitchison and Michael Powell posted on the 12th of December 2021. Subject title, ‘Bearded 6ft reporter was told he can use the female changing rooms in Selfridges, Matalan, Uniqlo and [lingerie brand] Agent Provocateur [in Harrods] after telling staff he identifies as a woman.’

Allan Ivarsson comments… Max Aitchison who did a brave investigation, did not cross the threshold of any of the female changing rooms. But he did to test the social new attitude LGBTQ system, asked staff in different stores for permission to use female changing rooms and many stores gave him permission when he identified himself as female. His beard was accepted as female.

“High street retailers [in UK] are allowing men to use their female changing rooms – so long as they say they identify as women.” (i)

“An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has found that shops, including luxury retailers, will welcome men into traditional female spaces if they do so.” (i)

“In each instance, the reporter, who was wearing a COVID face mask, made his excuses and left without crossing the threshold.” (i)

A.I. comments… The test opened the door of understanding that acceptance of LGBTQ dictatorship in society is now out of control. It seems ridiculous that we now need laws to stop deviant demands by men crossing the line entering into female change rooms. What happened to common-sense decent values that once existed in society where female and male space was respected by each other?

Does this mean that now women need male or female bodyguards to protect them from male deviants? Society is now thanks to LGBTQ mentality losing its self-respect.

There has been instances where women in a female changing room have discovered men standing in the room, whilst they are undressing.

What next? Are we as a society moving towards a society that gives up on changing rooms and everybody just undresses in from of each, accepting nudity in front of each other as normal way of existence?

Is ‘Gender Neutral’ in toilets going to expand into clothes shops undressing in front of each other? Will this open habit expand into public places like on beaches, in parks and on the street near cars, where everyone just strips down when they want to change clothes?

Where is our sense of decency or lack thereof going? One step too far in the wrong direction?

The LGBTQ demands in society have gone too far. Accepting people’s free right to choose alternative sexual orientation preferences, must not give them the right to demand that we stop recognising and respecting the natural biological process of society, he/she, boy/girl, man/woman, male/female. Respect for opposite sex space is essential for the wholesome wellbeing of a society and demands by LGBTQ must not ever be allowed to tear down those common-sense traditional values.

LGBTQ you have gone too far in your demandsEnough is Enough!

“It comes as women’s rights campaigners embarked on a mass leafleting campaign on high streets across the country to highlight how ‘women and girls are losing their rights to single-sex spaces’. Heather Binning, of the Women’s rights Network, who is organising the campaign, said this newspaper’s findings were ‘truly disturbing’ and showed that ‘common sense has gone out of the window’. (i)

“While we believe everyone can identify however, they wish, shops should not be letting men who say they are women go into female changing rooms,” she said. (i)

“It might be well-meaning and shops do not want to be accused of discriminating against anyone but it is utterly wrong that the wishes of a tiny minority are being allowed to trump the safety and dignity of women and young girls who are getting undressed.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Hear Hear… Well said Heather Binning, agreed 100 percent. #

The thing is… retailers are not discriminating against men by denying them the right to enter into female change rooms. We the people must have the courage and sense of decency to say “No” to men wanting to enter into female change rooms.

It is not the duty of women or men to figure out whether a man is male or female. Trust is earned not given and no man that calls himself female should be trusted. It should be a crime to call yourself a female if you have not had a sex change operation.

It is sad that people now need to protest against lack of common-sense and waste money and time and effort to stop wrong thinking behaviour and unjust ideas.

Politicians with common-sense intelligence… where are they?

# Did you know… the use of “Hear, Hear’ is correct and the use of “Here, Here” is incorrect.

And yet a website poll revealed that 153,000 people chose the wrong use of ‘Here, Here’ instead of ‘Hear, Hear’. And 42,000 chose the correct use of “Hear, Hear”. The message is clear, through artificial intelligence analysis that we the people need to upgrade our communication skills and sense of instinctive accuracy.

“The investigation came after this newspaper’s Charlotte Griffiths wrote last week about how she was shocked to find two men in women’s changing rooms at Zara as she undressed.” (i)

“Her experience prompted a deluge of responses, with many condemning the store for not protecting single-sex spaces for women. (i) [A.I. comments… These criticism comments are correct.]

“Others suggested it was transphobic to question other people’s gender and that they should use the fitting room they felt most comfortable in.” (i) [A.I. comments… Transphobic? The people who made this statement are liars. Probably LGBTQ folk or Deviants that want the opportunity as ‘Peeping Toms’ to perve on women undressing.]

A.I. comments… My rule is simple. If I found out that a man went into a female change room, where my wife was changing, I would without hesitation bash the man up with fists and I would not give a damn about what the law says. And if LGBTQ people object it is simple… challenge them to a fight in the boxing ring using ‘Marquis of Queensbury Rules’. It is time to send a message to creeps that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

“The group Fair Play For Women actively campaigns against the loss of female-only spaces, such as toilets and changing rooms.” (i)

“They have said service providers have relied on ‘simplistic and incomplete trans-inclusion guidance’ and ‘elevating the needs of one protected group over another.’

Dr. Nicola Williams of ‘Fair Play For Women’ added: ‘This is the whole problem with allowing people to self-identify their sex. It means you don’t have to look transgender or actually be transgender to be allowed into what should be a women’s only space.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dr. Nicola Williams is accurately correct and women’s only space must be protected as a right for all eternity. No exceptions.

A man must be a Gentleman First… if he is not, he is not worth much. And the first rule, treat every woman as a Lady, even when some do not behave like one.

Read the report for more details the problem is widespread in UK.

One thing is true… Every store needs to display its policy on ‘Dress Change Rooms’ and be prepared to lose business if it is not a female private dressing room standard. Men don’t care much about privacy, but women do deserve the right to feel safe and free in their own private space and for that reason ‘Gender Neutral’ toilets and change rooms must be outlawed.

As for those that object to giving women private space for their sex in toilets and change rooms, it is simple, give these people no quarter using ahimsa methods for their irresponsible, inconsiderate, indecent thinking. And if they choose to push it further, challenge them to a fight in the ‘Political Boxing Ring’ in a fair fight using ‘Marquis of Queensbury Rules’.

It is time to send a message to society that LGBTQ rights is only to not harass them for their sexual orientation choices as the minority group in every society. But LGBTQ must be told in absolute truth that the majority of the people in the world are naturally heterosexual that is, “Boy Girl, Man Woman, Male Female, He She” and no one has the right to deny either of these two sexes to their own private space.

We must put this fact down hard on the Political Table and the LGBTQ people must accept this reality. If LGBTQ refuses to accept this fact, then we must fight them head-on, for it is an ‘Act of War’ to deny the ‘Freedom Rights of the Heterosexual People’ to live their natural rights as “Boy Girl, Man Woman, Male Female.” Such tyranny by the LGBTQ community must be stopped!

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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Every Person on this planet is born because of two heterosexuals interaction and that includes every LGBTQ – Lest We Forget.

Respect for Heterosexual Space between Man and Woman is a Natural Eternal Right.

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