Human Time is Running Out

We with Open Mind must dynamically change to survive free and well in Quality of Life.

If we Refuse to Educate Ourselves and Reject Anti-Freedom Ideology Fixed Dogma Belief Systems we will be destroyed by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Killer Robots.

Laws must exist banning the manufacture of autonomous weapons.

When wisely used, the science of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can serve society well. But… There is no justified place for using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Weapons of War.

There is no place for Greed and Lust for Power.

‘Moral Law’ must always by ‘Codes of Honour’ be our ‘Societal Guide.’

Manufactured Killer Robots

The Evolving Age of Killer Robots – Dangerous Technology which must be Stopped.


The reason the United Nations has now become toothless is because the UN is a mixed bag of conflict… ‘Free Nations’ being challenged and opposed by anti-freedom ideology Nations. How can global peace be established when the ‘Habit of War’ shall continue because of people that reject ‘Freedom Values’?

Putin Russia mates with anti-freedom ideology Communist Jinping China are currently investing in Artificial Intelligence Technology. So, to… USA a Freedom Valued Nation is also investing in A.I. Technology.

The problem is that it only takes one crazy person to misuse ‘A.I.’ and ‘Killer Robots’ can wipe out the human race.

Forget about ‘Climate Change’ the most dangerous threat to our Destruction is ‘Nuclear Winter’ and ‘Killer Robots’. End Result Extinction of all Human Life.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Al Jazeera and News Agencies posted the following subject news report on the 18th of December 2021 titled, ‘UN talks fail to open negotiations on ‘killer robots’. (i)

“Manufacturing countries including Russia and the US are opposing negotiations on the use of autonomous weapons that may result in new international treaties.” (i)

“Country officials and campaigners have expressed disappointment after United Nations talks on autonomous weapons systems – known as “killer robots” – stopped short of launching negotiations into an international treaty to govern their use following opposition from manufacturing states.” (i)

“Unlike existing semi-autonomous weapons such as drones, fully-autonomous weapons have no human-operated “kill switch” and instead leave decisions over life and death to sensors, software and machine processes.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This misuse of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ technology is the most dangerous invention humans have ever focused on creating. ‘Nuclear Weapons’ are a serious high-level danger threatening the extinction of the ‘Human Race’ by creation of a ‘Nuclear Winter’. The use of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ is a suicidal mentality.

Imagine if autonomous weapons can make the decisions and choose to use ‘Nuclear Weapons’ by sensors, software and machine processes, without human control, going completely haywire easily as a ‘Mad Killer Robot’… such machines could wipe out our Planet.

The idea of creating a ‘Killer Robot’ might be clever… but it is definitely not smart.

The fact that Manufacturing States refuse to enter into negotiation with the United Nations, suggests in the name of greed for big money that these manufacturing groups are focused with determination to create these highly dangerous “Killer Robots” and are not concerned by conscience that creation of such an evil dangerous weapon system is capable not only of unjustly killing millions of innocent people, but also capable of accidently wiping out Planet Earth in total.

The United Nations should be creating ‘Global Legislation Outlawing the Creation of Fully-Autonomous Weapons.’ There is no justification, not now, not ever for creation of “Killer Robots.”

It is my hardcase opinion that any person or group of persons who creates autonomous weapons systems – known as “killer robots” should be arrested and executed. The Charge Should Be High-Treason against God, Decency, Children, Humanity and the World.

However, today’s society is not as calmly tough as me. So, society needs to figure out its punishment rules.

Global Society in every Nation must have a Zero Tolerance towards the Manufacture of Fully-Autonomous Weapons.

“The regulation of the industry has taken on new urgency since a UN panel report in March said the first autonomous drone attack may have occurred in Libya.” (i)

“This week, Un Secretary-General Antonio Guterres encouraged the 125 parties to the Convention on ‘Certain Conventional Weapons’ (CCW) to come up with an “ambitious plan” on new rules.” (i)

“But on Friday, the Sixth Review Conference of the CCW failed to schedule further talks around the development and use of the Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems, or Laws.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is incomprehensible that so many ‘Degree Qualified’ people cannot easily establish ‘Common-Sense Global Survival Laws’.

For more detailed insight read the report I referenced. Click Here. (i)

It seems that discussions have been pursuant for eight years around the globe. I suspect the floundering of disagreement is linked by failing to focus on one critical subject at a time.

The subject issue of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ and ‘Fully-Autonomous Weapons’ are Priority One.

Priority Two is dealing with semi-autonomous weapons like drones and missiles.

Richard Moyes, coordinator at Stop Killer Robots, said governments “need to draw a moral and legal line for humanity against the killing of people by machines.” (i)

“A clear majority of states see the need to ensure meaningful human control over the use of force. It’s time now for them to lead in order to prevent the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of killer robots,” Moyes said. (i)

A.I. comments… ‘Communist Beijing is not mentioned in this report. But I know President Xi Jinping of Communist China is striving for China to become the leading Superpower of the World and wants complete control of Earth and Space.

Consequently, Xi Jinping will not respect any United Nations agreements and will commit to the manufacture of both Fully-Autonomous Weapons including ‘Killer Robots’ and will commit to the creation of Semi-autonomous weapons like drones and missiles.

Global Society is heading down a road towards the ‘Age of Destruction’ and only the global use of the most advanced intelligence in the world called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can stop this threatened dangerous insanity.

But all this is only true if the majority of people around the globe have the open mind courage to dump all other ‘Belief Systems’ on our planet and are not afraid to think dynamically and learn the way of Ahimsa ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. Listen to this song again a different image version and think, we cannot all sit back and leave it to someone else. Demonstrations do not work; we need to become smarter than that. The path is the way ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The Evolving Age of Killer Robots – Dangerous Technology which must be Stopped.

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