Australia: Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk Authorizes the Destruction of Environment Reducing Oxygen Creation, Replaced by ‘Wind Farms’.

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Wind Turbine Destruction of Planet Earth.


Australia: Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk Authorizes the Destruction of Environment Reducing Oxygen Creation, Replaced by ‘Wind Farms’

This allegation by me against ‘Palaszczuk’ decision is true, even though the oversimplification of plant photosynthesis is incorrect. Nevertheless, Plants are producers of oxygen. Read these extracts and then read more detail in the link below the quote extracts. (ii)

“Much of the popular press describes photosynthesis in very simple terms and says that plants convert CO2 into O2. This simplification is incorrect.’ (ii)

CO2 Carbone Dioxide O2 Oxygen

“Since photosynthesis requires light, it is only active during the day. Plants don’t use CO2 or make food energy in the dark.” (ii)

“Most of this oxygen is then expelled from the plant, making it available to animals. The oxygen in the air and the oxygen which we breathe comes from water, not CO2.” (ii)

“Most gardeners understand that plants produce O2. What many don’t know is that plants also use oxygen, just like animals. (ii)

“Photosynthesis produces about 10 times more oxygen than respiration consumes. On balance, plants are net producers of oxygen.” (ii)


“Difference Between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide” By Madhu, dated July 17, 2011

DIFFERENCE Series Information.

It is recorded that all current ‘Wind Farm’ proposals will involve clearing 13,332 hectares of remnant vegetation statewide, Queensland.

Allan Ivarsson comments… This investigation story by Mayeta Clark about ‘Wind Farms’ is so excellent in presentation that there were moments that emotionally moved me. I do not have the ability to cry anymore if I did it would have brought tears to my eyes.

It was in my sense of caring concern, a sad story of biodiversity tragedy for the ecosystem of life and wildlife and plant life, essential to the survival of our planet, including all of us.

I find it difficult to comprehend that we have so many incompetent, irresponsible ‘Political Leaders’ behind the ruthless destruction of natural environment in the misguided name of creating renewable ‘Wind Farm’ energy to feed the needs of society when there are other better far wiser solutions.

In one move these so-called ‘Climate Change’ Activists have moved our ‘Gaia Planet’ closer to extinction of life and complete destruction of all life on our planet.

The building of ‘Wind Farms’ and the destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems is a crime of treason against all homo sapiens and against the wholesome wellbeing of planet earth.

It is unbelievable that we have so many stupid people including politicians that cannot comprehend that their destructive actions is in fact evil actions and goes against the moral laws of existence and caring altruistic concern for the protection of life to survive, as best as we can protect, for all existence.

What Climate Change Activists and Renewable Energy fanatics cannot comprehend is that by destroying biodiversity and plant life, clearing hectares of land, they are reducing the supply of oxygen and increasing the supply of CO2 killing the cycle balance of life.

We need to start using the Clean Energy of CO2 for fuel and phase out Petroleum Products. We also need to eliminate Electric Cars and stop the excessive mining of the toxic material ‘Lithium’ needed to support the operation of charging Electric Cars and Solar Panels. Lithium is a critical mineral to ensure electric cars operate. Without Lithium Electric Cars cannot work. Switching to Electric Cars will rapidly multiply Lithium Mining to one hundred times more volume. Probably in the end five hundred times more current volume.

Lithium mining destroys water supply, pollutes the earth and local wells and destroys the landscape and environment. We need to reduce Lithium mining by eliminating electric cars.

CO2 Clean Energy for Fuel is the urgent essential technology we need to operate all engines. We have the technology it is time for Politicians, Investors and CEO’s to wake up and become focused on the research and development of that technology.

Lithium Batteries are better and more expensive than lead deep cycle batteries. But reduction in Lithium Mining is wiser again. We cannot continue to destroy our planet, by clearing biodiversity and all vegetation, trees etc. Such destruction means reduction in oxygen, no oxygen, homo sapiens shall become extinct.

Forget about the panic fools afraid of global warmingfocus on the more important ‘Gaia Objective’ of saving our planet by stopping mass clearing of bio-diversity, plants, forests and oxygen supplies. It is time to focus on elimination of pollution, in the air, on land and sea.

Traditional past and present Lead-Acid Batteries, their manufacturing and associated mining sources, landscape and environment impacts needs a separate investigation. They may not be as good in performance as Lithium Batteries, but we need to look at environment impacts. This needs a separate research study paper homework project.

Back to the need to cease building Wind Farms and rebuilding of Forests and bio-diversity before it is too late.

I recommend that you read this important report and I trust it will be available for years to come as an historical evidence document of the wrong thinking and behaviour which is happening to our planet.

Click Here to Read.

From here to end… I shall just record my concerned comments, which I believe are significant issues plus noting some relevant remarks by others.

“In the ranges behind Cairns, bushland is being cleared in the name of climate action. It’s pitting eco warriors against green energy projects.” (i)

A.I. comments… as revealed the Mount Emerald wind farm was opened in winter 2019. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was there to support Queensland’s commitment to clean, green energy future. There was no concern by those that encouraged this ‘Wind Farm’ creation about the destruction of biodiversity or ecosystem or the slaughter of birds in the decades to come. Nor was there any concern about the future landfill of blades that would be buried in the land in the decades to come.

Steve Nowakowski a wilderness photographer and environmental campaigner was there.

Steve… “had been commissioned by the energy company building the wind farm to photograph the completed project.” (i)

“We know we need a very quick transition to renewables and this was a part of a solution,” he [Steve] says.

A.I. comments… That is the problem with ‘Climate Change’ activists, they overreact and pushed the wrong thinking objective into operation. And have not ever thought about impact upon environment and life.

The ‘Wind Farm’ project is wrong and should not have ever been launched anywhere on planet earth on land or sea.

This so-called quick transition to renewables has done the opposite it has increased the danger of ‘Climate Change’ becoming an enemy of life.

“Steve had bushwalked through Mt Emerald’s native scrub years earlier and knew the landscape well.” (i)… “it was an untouched wilderness… Now, … he was shocked at what he saw. …large clearings at the base of over 50 towering wind turbines.” (i)

“I [Steve] thought, ‘Geeze, there’s a lot of destruction here. They’ve transformed what was a really great, pristine area … into a really industrial area’. That landscape will never come back. It’s now basically a quarry site.” (i)

[Steve] “… had no idea at the time that Mt Emerald would become just one of many wind and solar projects proposed, or already under construction, in this part of Queensland, some on significant tracts of unspoilt wilderness.” (i)

“It’s really out of control,” Steve says. “And no one knows about it.” (i)

A.I. comments… Steve Nowakowski is committed to renewable energy even though he is also an environmental campaigner.

I support protection of environment, wildlife, biodiversity, ecosystem and renewable energy using common-sense methods. But I do not support the use of ‘Wind Farms’ on land or sea. And I do not support the creation of ‘Solar Farms’ on land or sea which is also destructive of environment.

I support the installation of ‘Solar Panels’ on every house and building throughout civilization to interface renewable energy with electrical energy.

Though I think society needs to investigate the battery support impacts upon environment Lithium and lead deep cycle batteries. I believe decision making is too focused on greed for money and not enough on environmental protection.

We have through the expansion of civilization destroyed too much environment. And I oppose pollution of air, land and sea. This corrective action fix is a number one priority.

I support the elimination of Petroleum Products to be replaced by CO2 ‘Clean Energy Fuel’.

I do not support the use of Electrical Cars which creates the increased need of ‘Lithium’ and manufacture of more environment hazardous batteries. The increased use of Electric Cars increasing the use of electricity, is counter-productive to the objectives of renewable energy.

I do not have any respect for ‘Climate Change’ Activists because their panic overreactive tactics is destroying environment, harming the planet, increasing the danger of ‘Climate Change’ impact.

People who panic are self-destructive negligent people. I do not respect such people.

The good news is that community backlash is increasing from those who wisely care about protection of environment.

It is recorded that all current ‘Wind Farm’ proposals will involve clearing 13,332 hectares of remnant vegetation statewide. And it is indicated that 90 per cent of the land clearing will be in North Queensland. Authorized by Socialist Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who is in my opinion, an incompetent irresponsible thinking person, as I have observed in the past by her decisions in COVID management, ‘Wind Farm’ creation of environmental destruction and allowing ‘Communist Beijing’ to gain lease control of islands in the Barrier Reef. She does not have my respect.

Many of the projects traverse the Coral Sea coast, which in the event ‘Communist Beijing’ attacks Australia via the Coral Sea, will give the ‘Communist Chinese’ an easy opportunity to wipe out all of the ‘Wind Farm Turbines’ in rapid succession.

“According to James Cook University adjunct professor and evolutionary biologist, Dr. Tim Nevard, Far North Queensland is one of Australia’s most biodiverse regions and many of the sites chosen for wind farms are “wholly inappropriate.” (i)

Biodiversity is the buffer at the end of the tracks that stops the runaway train of climate change from bursting through,” Dr. Nevard says.” (i)

Destroying biodiversity in order to have greater amounts of wind energy is a complete oxymoron. It’s ridiculous. So, we shouldn’t be doing it.” (i)

A.I. comments… Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has no sense of caring conscience. ‘Silence is Approval’. Her career is founded upon her need for money and power over others. She should be sacked, but clearly the people who voted her in are equally responsible for destruction of the biodiversity ecosystem land; they approved of all of her irresponsible incompetent decisions. Let the buyer beware.

It is reported that another place called Kaban 48 km south of Mt Emerald, is being built with a ‘Wind Farm’ by French energy company Neoen. The area is 1,300 hectares and plans to produce enough energy to power 96,000 Queensland homes a year in 2023… of course, that is only true when the wind blows. Threatened species habitat to great gliders and magnificent broodfrogs, is targeted. If any gliders survive, they will inevitably be killed by wind turbine blades. Most of the Kaban site is grassy woodlands and open forest.

Local Residents were distraught by what was happeningclearly, they were not informed of the planned destruction of environment. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk did not have the decency to inform locals about what she planned to do… that she approved destruction of environment.

Flora and Fauna were victims of the Premiers incompetence.

Steve Nowakowski down-the-track became very alarmed, deeply concerned by what he saw, the destruction of environment, he became justifiably worried about the destruction of threatened species but Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was not concerned it was her approved project. ‘Silence is Approval’.

Palaszczuk cares more about building ‘Wind Farms’ than she does about the disgraceful destruction of environment, bio-diversity and the reduction of Oxygen creation.

If I was a Queenslander, I would be fighting to have Palaszczuk sacked. Her actions to me is an ‘Act of Treason’ against not only Queenslanders and all Australians but also against all of Humanity. You see there are no ownership boundaries for CO2 & O2, these gases are owned by the world.

Read the detail of what Steve Saw… Click on Here.

“Neoen, the company behind the Kaban wind farm, told Background Briefing in a statement that they went through an extensive approval process and were minimizing potential impact on species and habitat in the project area.” (i)

A.I. comments… That statement by Neoen is nonsense. They wanted the job for reasons of profit, greed not because they cared about environment. The project was approved by the Premier using her typical incompetent rubberstamp tactics.

“However, Dr Tim Nevard calls the ecological survey work and government guidelines that allowed Kaban to be approved “pathetic”, in light of the biodiversity in the area.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Pathetic” is the right word.

The impact on ‘Native Title’ rights is another story in itself. Read the (i) link for more insight.

I oppose the building of ‘Wind Farms’ anywhere on Planet Earth and shall continue to oppose these destructive renewable energy strategies. There are other better solutions.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Video Footage of Exploding Falling Dangerous Wind Turbines.

The List of Danger is Endless.

Stay Alive, Think Safety, Think Survive, refuse to live near ‘Wind Turbines’ and Refuse to drive down roads lined with ‘Wind Turbines’ and refuse to walk by them. As for the Politicians that approved the building of ‘Wind Farms’; know that every one of these politicians are enemies of ‘Planet Earth’.

Inevitably, Australian Wind Turbines will be destroyed by the forces of Nature and if one Person is Maimed or Killed by a Crashing Turbine, the Premier who authorized the construction of these ‘Wind Farms’ will automatically be guilty of encouraging the creation of dangerous anti-environment ‘Wind Turbines’.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Say “No” to ‘Wind Turbines’ there are better solutions.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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