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Praying Facing the Wall in Israel

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism


Haredi Judaism




Civil Marriage & Divorce


Cosmic Law… Public Access


Apartheid Segregation

Bikini & mini-skirt

Freedom of Religion

Cosmic Law… Segregation

There are shades of variance meaning in the words, Orthodox Judaism and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. It is not the purpose of this paper, to examine those variations. The focus of this paper is more in overview, about ‘boundaries’ and ‘apartheid segregation’ issues. The Jews can sort themselves out, like Christians and Muslims decide what sect they choose to follow, but what is not acceptable is apartheid totalitarian behaviour inside a ‘Liberty’ based society and that is the overview of this paper. If the thinking between the ideas of ultra-orthodox and orthodox, sometimes seems muddy in what they believe, that is not relevant to the real concern of this paper. Common sense should be able to identify the critical path concern.

It must be noted that some Jews consider the description “Ultra-Orthodox” as being a pejorative expression, but for brief understanding, by non-Jewish persons, it is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as being an appropriate choice of words. And if ‘Haredi Judaism’ is offended by that reality, then it is time for them to toss their childish sensitivities into the trash can and wake up.

Cosmicism has no time for childish thinking people of any belief system that are easily offended. All ideas are on the table for review.

The Jewish Orthodox mentality only accepts someone as being a Jew when they have a Jewish mother, or they have converted to Judaism in accordance with the strict rules of Jewish law. All Abrahamic beliefs are divided- they are not united even amongst themselves. Many Christians worship Jesus and do not even obey the Sermon on the Mount, such is their hypocrisy. All religions want to control the state and the people…such is their determination to impose tyranny. There is only one right road… dump all organized religions and choose the way of learning open-minded ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, with the companionship of Science. That is what smarter people do. Fixed dogma leads to a dead-end, going nowhere.

An Orthodox fanatical Jew assassinated the Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin in November 1995 C.E. This evil Jew was committed to the Torah by his interpretation, as he saw it. Thus, proving that the Torah-Old Testament is riddled with satanic verses. He conveniently ignored the 6th Commandment. No one blamed the false knowledge satanic verses as being the trigger mechanism of this assassination. Without these satanic verses, the assassins’ belief system would have been different, and the murder would not have been launched. The false knowledge in the Torah killed Yitzhak Rabin. All our actions are linked to our belief system. Psychology is total nonsense. Our subconscious is linked to our conscious belief system.

Orthodox Jews in Israel, unjustly and cruelly retain control over the Rabbinical Courts and prevent civil marriage and divorce. These orthodox inferior thinkers behave in the same way as extremist Christians, who reject civil marriage and divorce. One of the interesting aspects of Jewish history is the fact that there are Jews in India whose ancestors migrated to this great nation during biblical timeframe. There is a five-year gap, an unknown period in the life of Jesus. Many of the ideas in the Sermon on the Mount are similar to Buddhism. Did Jesus a Jew, travel to India and return with a different philosophical viewpoint? Did Jesus actually recognise failings with Jewish law? And thus, did Jesus try to soften it by saying… “You have heard it said, but I say this…” Early Christianity before the creation of the Roman Catholic Church welcomed the Gentiles which Jews rejected. Jesus a Jew, fought for change in Jewish thinking.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews almost wiped out by the Nazis are expanding in numbers in Israel much to the dismay of ‘Moderate Jews’ that value ‘Liberty’ in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’. The division is widening between Jews as to just how Jewish does a person want to be? I personally reject the extremist thinking of Orthodox Jews as do many Moderate Jews. Christians and Jews locked into fundamentalist fixed dogma beliefs, are lost adrift in a dark sea of false knowledge and are beyond reach and are beyond comprehension about reality. They live their life wallowing in false knowledge doctrine, drowning in their own ignorant stupidity. They will never be capable of being good ‘truth and justice’ leaders committed to the preservation of equality and freedom of choice for all.

The Ultra-Orthodox Jew, extremism in its heart, began in the 18th Century Eastern Europe started by inferior thinking rabbis that rejected philosophical reason, obsessed with living a strict interpretation of the Torah. True to the same stupidity as Islam and earlier period darker Christian thinking, boys and girls are separated starting with pre-school nursery level. True to the same idiotic mentality as Muslims, men and women sit separated away from each other on buses, obsessed with the phobia idea that men and women sitting together are licentious thinkers unable to control their sex drives. Such is the idiocy of such fanatical creed fixed dogma mentality. On a bus, the ultra-Orthodox women are required to sit in the back of the bus. This reminds us of the Islamic Mentality that women must always sit behind the men. Such dark belief systems are truly Chauvinistic and are by their segregation enforcement nothing more than a disgraceful apartheid system. Reminds us of the evil times in USA when blacks and whites were not allowed to mix, including in diners, and even had to use different water bubblers in public places. This ultra-Orthodox Totalitarian backward mentality is spreading not only in Israel, but also around the world.

A couple of neighbourhood pools in Jerusalem began in 2012 to ban mixed swimming during daylight hours, demanded by ultra-Orthodox Jews in much the same way as Muslims demand segregation of men and women swimming. Such is the extreme stupidity of such fanatical creeds.

Even ‘smart phones’ and surfing of the net is banned by ultra-Orthodox mentality because they wrongly believe that they cannot trust people to behave intelligently. In other words, ultra-Orthodox bans freedom of choice and thus imposes ‘Totalitarian Beliefs’ on people, because they fear an outbreak in promiscuous behaviour. It shall be an absolute disaster if the population numbers of extremists like ultra-Orthodox increases. Their ignorance and backward hermetic lifestyle thinking must be challenged head-on.

For this reason, Ultra-Orthodox Belief System has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ in much the same way as Islamic Belief System has been ‘Blacklisted’ because both ‘Belief Systems’ do reject the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’. The Ultra-Orthodox Jews even persecute ‘Moderate Jews’ in much the same way anti-freedom apartheid Islam persecutes Jews. There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a decent free society.

“In Bet Shemesh, a half-hour outside Jerusalem, ultra-Orthodox men spit on an 8-year-old girl who was on her way to school, calling her a “whore” for her long-sleeved clothes, which were not conservative enough for their standards.” #

# Source: Report titled… ‘The Ultra-Holy City’ by Karl Vick/Jerusalem’ published in Time Magazine August 13, 2012.

I was so disgusted by this ultra-Orthodox Jewish behaviour that my mind instantly flashed back to my young 20’s street fighting years in Sydney 1970’s, when I dealt head-on with hoodlums, trouble makers and despicable men that molested women. I am old now 65 years in early 2014, with a bad left leg, but on my worst day, if I had seen these ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting on a little girl, I would have smashed them all in the face. In my young years, I have stood alone and faced one, two and four men several times; if I am in the right, I don’t give a damn about the odds, I am of Viking blood and I will never tolerate such evil sickening behaviour like that of these inferior thinking low life ultra-Orthodox Jews. Abuse of women and children is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

My rejection of ultra-Orthodox Jews is not anti-Semitism it is simply disgust for fixed dogma belief systems that abuse any person that is not in line with their fixation mentality.

Once standing alone in a car park at 9:30 pm at night in Five Dock, Sydney 1979 late winter, after I closed my ‘Stamp Dealing Shop’, I challenged five men breaking into the boot of a car. I took a risk sure enough, but if they were trying to steal someone’s car, I had no intention of letting them do it. When I spoke to them and asked what they were doing, one said, “I locked my keys in the car, we thought it would be easier to get in through the boot.” I replied, “Show me your registration papers.” He showed me his papers and I said, “Carry on- I just protected your car.”

Ultra-Orthodox Jews are creating ‘No-Go Zones’ in Jerusalem where the strict rules of their extreme creed must be observed and more ‘Moderate Jews’ are not tolerated. This Apartheid mentality of ultra-Orthodox Jews reminds us of the same extremism that exists in ‘Islamic No-Go Zones’. Gangs of ultra-Orthodox Jews acting like Nazi hoodlums have been known to rough up ‘Moderate Jews’ that value ‘Liberty’ in freedom of speech and choice and have thrown them out by force from their cordoned off orthodox territory, sometimes defined by a string of wire around a Jewish town known as a ‘eruv’ –a boundary. The very concept of ‘eruv’ is a ‘Totalitarian Belief System’ and such enforcement is an enemy of ‘Liberty’. It is one thing to believe in something, but it is wrong to force others to submit to its dictatorship. ‘Eruv’ enforcement is a ‘Totalitarian Act’ and for that reason should by legislation be banned in every country.

Extract One… “Theoretically the eruv should be a wall. However, a wall can be a wall even if it has many doorways creating large open spaces. This means that a wall does not have to be solid. Therefore, the eruv enclosure may be created by telephone poles, for example, which act as the vertical part of a door post in a wall, with the existing cables strung between the poles acting as the lintel of the doorframe. As such, the entire “wall” is actually a series of “doorways.” Added to that there may be existing natural boundaries and fences.” ##

A.I. Comments: This subject, interfaces with Jewish law on Shabbat which involves additional research by the reader, outside this brief reference to the subject of ‘Eruv’. An Eruv, whether it be a wall or a string of wire or an imaginary boundary is defined as being a ‘Spiritual Boundary’ by some.

Extract Two… “Part of the fascination in the erection and study of eruv’s lies outside Talmudic and rabbinic literature. It lies in the secular world of law and lawsuits. Numerous lawsuits have arisen in various parts of the world involving eruv’s. These cases usually involve municipal by-laws and regulations.” ##

A.I. Comments: Here we go again, creeds using ‘Bully Lawsuits’ to force their claimed dictatorship rights upon a Nation. Islam specialises in Lawsuits to bully Non-Muslims into submission and it is now clear that ultra-Orthodox Jews have the same bully mentality. And no doubt counter ‘Lawsuits’ are being launched by opposition to ‘Eruv’s. The ‘Lawsuit System’ is insane and out-of-control. The plain fact is this…if you want to live in a ‘Free World’ then leave your garbage Totalitarian fixed dogma behaviour in the dust bin where it belongs. If Muslims don’t like this then go back to live in a Muslim Nation. And if ultra-Orthodox Jews don’t like this then move to Israel. The good Jews must sort out the extremists amongst their creed. Dictatorship of any ‘Belief System’ is not practicing fairly beliefs, when those beliefs demand that others must submit to their ways, and when those beliefs deny others the right to live free in societal movement void of harassment. The World will be a better place when we phase out ‘Faith Worship Systems’. [That does not mean Atheism is the right path for it is just as divided and confused as religions and cults.]

Extract Three“In the city of Outremont in the Canadian Province of Quebec, a number of Orthodox Jews asked their city council for permission to build an eruv. The city council lead by its Jewish mayor refused even though about one quarter of the city’s population was Jewish. A non-Jewish judge overruled the city, noting that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that religion can be practiced openly. Cases have also arisen in the United States and other countries.” ##

A.I. Comments: The Jewish Mayor made the right decision in rejecting the building of an eruv in Outremont. A non-Jewish judge made the wrong decision. In reality, the ‘Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ needs a complete review. The concept of the ‘Eruv’ overrules the values of ‘Liberty for All’ because it imposes a community zone of fixed dogma behaviour that denies others freedom of movement carrying whatever they choose at any time. The creation of ‘Eruv’ is not about the right to freely practice religion openly; it is about the right of Orthodox Jews to enforce ‘Totalitarian’ behaviour which in effect evolves to become a ‘No Go Zone’ for all other unbelievers.

A wholesome society assimilates as one Society. A good society does not create segregated communities within a Nation. Freedom of expression in religion, does not mean that religious practice may step over the line and force its beliefs upon others by creating segregation practices. Any ‘Belief System’ that imposes anti-freedom behaviour, segregation apartheid behaviour, is a false belief system and is an enemy of ‘Liberty’. All apartheid segregation, anti-freedom of speech and anti-freedom of choice behaviour, must automatically be banned by legislated law. For that reason, a Nations laws must ban the existence of ‘Eruv’s’.

Extract Four“Despite these problems, the construction of eruv’s continues in many parts of the world. The Washington D.C. eruv includes the White House. The Strasbourg eruv includes the European Court of Human Rights.” ##

Extract Five… “There are eruv’s (“eruvim” in Hebrew) all the way from Richmond, Virginia to Gibraltar to Toronto to Melbourne, Australia to Tel Aviv.” ##

A.I. comments: The incidents in Israel that involve ultra-Orthodox Jew gangs controlling the ‘Eruv’ district shall evolve in all Western Nations by future habit and practice as population numbers of ultra-Orthodox increases. Such bully behaviour is not acceptable, not now, not ever. The ancient eruv practice does not fit into a progressive free world that needs assimilation with no segregation and no apartheid. Therefore, by pragmatic survival common sense the practice of ‘Eruv’ must be banned.

What is an Eruv? For a detailed explanation, it is outside the window of this philosophical book. To increase your understanding surf the Internet.

## Source: For more detailed insight…Read blog… “What is an Eruv?” By Lorne Rozovsky 2009

It is one thing to give “Freedom of Religion” reasonable tolerance to a religion or cult that simply practices a ‘Belief System’ no matter how corny and stupid it is to us non-believers, but it is entirely another thing, when that ‘Belief System’ takes over society imposing boundaries and dictatorship, such behaviour is not acceptable by any creed. Eruv’s that exist with imaginary lines, i.e. physically non-existent boundaries does no harm, memorized by the players of the game, because it does not act as an intrusive blockade to other members of society. The establishment of poles and wire boundaries to define an ‘Eruv’ region is not acceptable, not now, not ever in an Assimilationism Society. If Orthodox Jews want to create such boundaries, they should move to Israel and get out of the West. Likewise, ‘Muslim Street Prayer’ blocking public access to streets and parks in an assimilation society is not acceptable, not now, not ever. If Muslims want to practice ‘street prayer’ they should get out of the West and move back to an Islamic Nation.

Imagine what Western Society will be like if every section of land becomes divided and splintered into small tracts of ‘Belief System’ lands. The entire Western Nation would gradually be dissolved by creeds, into conflict zones rejecting each other. The Orthodox Jew create their ‘Eruv’ then along comes the ‘Street Prayer Muslims’ blocking off streets, so that the Orthodox Jews cannot carry special objects outside on the Sabbath and holy days. Then fundamentalist Christians demand access to their church, which is being zoned inside Orthodox wire and blocked off by Muslim Prayer Groups in the street. Meanwhile, Buddhist, Baha’i Faith and Mormons demand access to their worship Centre’s. Never mind all of the other ‘Belief Systems’ demanding free access to the same region. Besides wire and poles being an eyesore there is the issue of safety. Work persons for electricity and other utilities along with roadwork, should not have to wade through the problem of wire blockades. Such practices as street prayer and Eruv wire boundaries must be automatically outlawed. It is in fact, a criminal act by Cosmic Law, to establish fixed boundaries for Eruv’s.

Cosmic Law on Public Access states…

  1. Thou shalt not build Eruv physical boundaries in public places.
  2. Thou shalt not block off access to streets and parks in communal prayer.
  3. Thou shalt not create ‘Fixed Dogma Belief System’ boundary zones.

It is not racist to reject wired Eruv’s. It is not racist to reject ‘Street Prayer’. It is prejudiced to deny all persons of every race, free safe access to all public thoroughfares including parks. It is prejudiced to deny people the liberty to walk free and travel free in public defined zones. The following case study news report in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ NSW dealing with a serious incident in Sydney, NSW Australia, highlights the reality…

Residents draw line over Jewish boundary

Date July 3, 2010 by Josephine Tovey

“IS A SPIRITUAL boundary made from wire just one centimetre thick but a planned Jewish eruv around St Ives has divided residents of the upper north shore suburb.

“Jewish residents of St Ives have long tried to create an eruv around the suburb: a zone marked by overhead wire within which orthodox Jews are permitted to carry objects out of doors on their Sabbath and holy days, which would otherwise be forbidden.

“Without an eruv, observant orthodox Jews are unable to carry anything outside, no matter its weight or purpose, or push prams or wheelchairs.

“There are eruv’s in Perth, Melbourne and in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, the third of which includes wire along the promenade at Bondi beach.

“Eighty-five per cent of what is needed to create the eruv in St Ives is already in place in the form of overhead electric cables. Development applications for 24 new poles on private property and wire that would not be electric have been submitted to Ku-ring-gai Council.

“That has prompted a residents’ group, the St Ives Progress Association, to distribute a flyer describing the eruv as a “part-symbolic and part-physical wall … [that] would encapsulate most of St lves” and warning “it is inconsistent with the visual character” of the suburb. The debate has prompted some letters to the local papers that Vic Alhadeff, from the Jewish Board of Deputies, has described as racist.

“It is deeply disappointing that some of the responses to this issue have strayed from a justifiable lack of understanding to blatant bigotry,” Mr Alhadeff said.

“The president of the progress association, Christiane Berlioz, said its objections were not a sign of religious intolerance but an objection to the visual and environmental impact of the poles and wire.

“This is not about them following their beliefs; this is about them imposing structures on the community,” Ms Berlioz said.

“A Jewish St Ives resident, who asked to be known only as Lisa, said the creation of the eruv “would help us to integrate with the rest of the community on a Saturday”.

“There are estimated to be about 3000 Jews living in St Ives, of which about 300 are orthodox.” ###

### Source:

Another report includes the following remarks…

Claims of racism over Sydney councillor’s eruv comments

By Emily Bourke on Thursday, August 30, 2012

“…others say the opposition amounts to outright bigotry.

“A dispute on Sydney’s north shore over plans to build a virtual fence or eruv for Orthodox Jews, has turned ugly with claims of anti-Semitism being levelled at a local councillor.

The local council rejected the proposal last year and has spent tens of thousands of dollars defending its decision against legal appeals being brought by Jewish non-profit groups.” ####

#### Source:

It is not anti-Semitism to reject the building of wire boundaries. Such false allegations are a bully tactic to force others to submit to such demands. It is not racist to reject Islamic street prayer, blocking public passage.

Why should people, councils and governments have to spend thousands of dollars to fight legal appeals by bully religious groups that are hell-bent upon forcing their demands upon unbelieving society?

It is no wonder that so many people around the world are now up in arms rejecting ‘Multiculturalism’ as a failed dream. The original valid ideal of Multiculturalism expects assimilation, not territorial division.

The Multicultural ideal does not include the creation of territorial enclaves designed like Dictatorship Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and Totalitarian Islam, to deny others freedom of movement in public, should be safe zones.

It is now clear that ‘Ultra-Orthodox Jews’ are like ‘True Muslims’ they are hell-bent on creating zoned dictatorship regions, which are focused on creating apartheid segregation of men and women treating women not as equals, but as subordinates. When Ultra-Orthodox Jews spit on little girls because they are not deemed Jewish enough, it proves that Ultra-Orthodox Judaism is equally as evil as ‘Jihad Muslims’ that kill other Muslims, because they are not deemed Muslim enough.

The only solution for the West that seeks to maintain and protect a wholesome ‘Liberty Value’ society is to ban ‘Apartheid Segregation of Men and Women’. If Islam and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, cannot accept this ban, instruct them they have a choice, accept it or permanently leave the country. As for the bikini, and min-skirt these are valid dress standards in a free world society, and any creed which cannot accept such standards, is in fact totalitarian in mentality, and such dictatorship thinking is rejected. ‘Cosmicism’ rejects the false knowledge idea that wearing a bikini, or mini-skirt is immodest.

Men and women in an apartheid thinking segregated religious society that can’t control their sexual urges, by respect for the opposite sex, even when they are scantily dressed, indicates clearly that far too many fanatical religious persons are oppressed in mentality, and are intellectually immature in thinking and attitude, and consequently have no true respect for the opposite sex, and that especially applies to all chauvinist men that are locked into the need to rule women. The segregation of women and the oppression of women in the name of religious belief, is nothing more than a coward excuse for vain self-centred men, to oppress women to satisfy their own insecure ego and lust for power over women. Such dictatorship apartheid segregation beliefs and practices has been outlawed by ‘Cosmicism’.

‘Freedom of Religion’ reasonable tolerance in the name of ‘Liberty’, does not include the acceptance of bully creeds that are totalitarian by nature. When moderate Jews are being bullied by Ultra-Orthodox Jews it is time to expel the Ultra-Orthodox Jews. When Muslims are being bullied by ‘Jihad Muslims’ it is time to expel the ‘Jihad Muslims’.

Cosmic Law on ‘Segregation’ states…

  1. Thou shalt not segregate sexes and races.
  2. Thou shalt not allow ‘Apartheid’ to exist within any ‘Liberty based society’.

“If our religion so commanded us, we would abandon so-called civilization and progress. We would obey without question, because we believe that our religion is the true religion. It is the word of God, and before it every other consideration must yield. The Jew has to judge everything by the unchangeable touchstone of his God given law. Anything that does not pass this test does not exist for him.” #####

Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808- 1888)

Founder of Orthodox movement.

Hirsch proves the point that religion would dump progress. Religion rules in accordance with their holy book that which is the total claimed word of God. But the truth is that God is not a jealous God. And God is not a vain God. For the emotions of jealousy and vanity is a sign of weakness. God is love and nonviolent which proves that many of the passages in the Abrahamic holy books are not the word of God. And so, it is true…Hirsch followed a false ‘God Creator’ that does not exist.

‘God of Creation’ is not impressed by all the false knowledge worship practiced by Jews, Christians and Muslims. God was not impressed by all the other worship sacrifice belief systems throughout history. God is not impressed by the stupidity of humans, for constantly failing millennium after millennium to listen to the true ‘God of Creation’ cosmic messages. Only those persons who learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ shall come to learn the ‘Mind of God’.

“We accept as binding only the moral laws and maintain only such ceremonies as to elevate and sanctify our lives, but we reject all such as are not adapted to the views and habits of modern civilization.” #####

Rabbis of the American Reform movement. The above 1885 principles were established at a conference in Pittsburgh. “These non-Orthodox Jews deemed themselves entitled to adapt, or even reject, certain provisions of Jewish law if they conflict with modern life.” #####

Amy Zavatto 2003

##### Source: The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Judaism by Amy Zavatto. Published by Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Alpha Books, Laurence King Publishing Ltd United States.

Whilst the non-Orthodox Jews are clearly smarter than Ultra-Orthodox Jews, nevertheless it is a typical example of religious doctrine breakdown and variation. The hard reality is that something is true, or it is not. All organised religions are founded upon a mixture of myth, false knowledge, satanic concepts and truth and wisdom. It takes real philosophical courage to walk away from religions and cults and choose the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Whether you are religious or not, if you look closely at the ‘Ten Commandments’ they are founded on basic philosophical pragmatic common sense. The Sixth Commandment… “Thou Shall Not Kill” does automatically negate all Satanic Verses in all so-called ‘Holy Books’ be they located in the Torah, the Old Testament, or the Qur’an. In other words, these ‘Satanic Kill Torture Verses’ were never authorised by God. And the proof of that reality exists in the Sixth Commandment. Verified by the Sermon on the Mount. The writers of all ‘Satanic Verses’ lied, pretending they were dictated by God, to support their own evil goals.

Source: Book ‘Flat Earth’

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