Degree Qualifications are they worth recognition?

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Degree Qualifications are they worth recognition?

Female University Student from Michigan Bullies Store Owner


A YouTube video was published on November 6, 2016 by a friend of a University Student that deliberately posted the video to bully a storeowner even more, after their visit to a store. This is the story of the incident and the response of Allan Ivarsson who sent forward a copy of the video to global friends on the 13th November 2016.

Video subject title: SJW confronts store owner over window sign.”

SJW means ‘Social Justice Warrior’… it is a mindless acronym, because the persons too often claiming to be SJW’s are totalitarian bullies, behaving by their dictatorship methods, as nothing more than hoodlums, be they men or women. Some hide behind the Internet as ‘Keyboard Warriors’, others bully people on the streets, and in stores, as this story reveals, and some can be found making a living in journalism, writing biased unjust articles and posting wrong thinking comments. They often belong to a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ a social circle of misfits in thinking and behaviour that have no sense of reality and truth.

People who fought in history for ‘Social Justice’ were not warriors per se, they were simply courageous people that valued freedom, decency, equality and respect for a person’s right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’, provided their choices did not strive to hurt others in the process.

It is not worth the effort of typing everything this female antagonist said, most of her words was just introduction and conclusion tactics. But the core of her words spoken to the storeowner were as follows…

“If I found something offensive in the front post outside would you take it down?”

“The other sign… you stand with Israel to me is saying it means you stand with genocide, with mass killing of children and women and war crimes. And out of University of Michigan, it is not acceptable.”

“I feel I am offended… what you are saying (by this sign) is that you support hate, war crimes” etc.

I was amazed at the absolute calm of the storeowner, who in response peacefully defended his right to freedom of speech. He clearly spoke nicely using emotional intelligence.

The indignant young woman carefully chose her unjust words pretending to be nice and courteous, but there was nothing nice about her bully untrue allegations. This is the response I wrote and posted to my global friends, with the video, under the above caption….

We correctly defend the ‘Human Right to Freedom of Speech’, but ‘Freedom of Speech’ is constantly around the Western World, now being abused and misused.

When we listen to this woman’s dishonest claims about Israel, we are hearing the voice of a Socialist leftist. Unfortunately, her face is not identified, but her threat is real, she will spread the word, using harassment dictatorship, to treat this Jewish storeowner with contempt, simply because he proudly supports Israel.

Degree Qualifications are supposed to be standards of education that helps create the foundation of great leaders coming out of our Universities in every Western Nation. But in today’s world we can no longer trust ‘Degree Qualifications’.

Far too many students have been indoctrinated by the anti-freedom Socialist left that is focused on destruction of freedom. This woman’s mentality is a dangerous indicator of what will cause more anti-freedom trouble in the years ahead.

This is America, the only country in the Western World now that truly has freedom of speech, and even here it is being abused and misused by bullies that are in fact hoodlums.

The woman threatening this storekeeper working safely inside legal parameters, is in fact behaving like a hoodlum, striving to dictate to others what they are allowed, to think and say.

The demand by this woman that he must take down his sign in his shop window, which says, “I Stand with Israel” is ‘Totalitarianism’ action and thus by her demands, she is absolutely an anti-freedom of speech dictator, and her nasty untrue comments about Israel, proves that she is anti-Semitic, even though she does not have the courage to admit it.

Her claim that a lot of University Students oppose Israel is no doubt true. A lot of people do support anti-freedom apartheid Islam’s right as instructed in the Qur’an, to persecute all Jews and drive them into extinction. Thus, many degree qualified people are supporting Islamic Palestine’s right to destroy Israel, and that thinking, is an absolute disgrace.

Now you know why I am raising the flag and challenging the value of “Degree Qualifications” and the anti-freedom thinking and behaviour now coming out of our Universities. I no longer trust University Education Standards, students are there to learn, not to become political bullies that dictate to others. This woman and students like her that bully others supporting anti-freedom behaviour, should be expelled from University, we do not want this dictatorship mentality as leaders.

By ‘Cosmicism’ standards they are disqualified, because they abuse ‘Freedom of Speech’ privilege by using bully tactics.

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ does not recognise the word “Offensive”, it is a bully word used to intimidate others and force them into submission.

If the word “Offensive” is deemed as being rightful to use by society, then this woman’s dictatorship demands is absolutely “Offensive”.

Source: Book ‘Flat Earth’ ‘Blue Light Defiance’ series… available in Kindle & Paperback in colour at

Degree Qualifications are they worth recognition?


“Depends upon the ‘Belief System’ of the graduate. If they believe in 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ & 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’, then regardless of whether they are religious, atheist or just irreligious by various choices of beliefs, then they should be respected for their degree achievement.

But if they support any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and do use bully tactics to oppress others, they should not ever be respected. And if they are childishly offended, they should be criticised, and their thinking should automatically be rejected.

If in a leadership role a person pro-freedom or not, delivers incompetent results, they must expect criticism and if they continue to underperform and don’t lift their game, then, their degree is not worth anything and belongs in the garbage bin.

A University Degree simply proves that a person has some degree of intelligence and that they can pass exams and courses. It does not prove they are smart, it just proves that they are reasonably clever in a specialist subject study, enough to pass and qualify for degree recognition.

Real delivery performances comes throughout their life, good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust, truthful or deceitful.

Our true character is founded upon our ‘Belief System’ and how we think and behave throughout our life. It is human to make mistakes, only fools make the same mistake twice.

Allan Ivarsson 2016 & 2018

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