Jehovah’s Witnesses Rejected by ‘Cosmicism’

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The light of false knowledge religion shall eventually burnout and extinguish itself.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Rejected by ‘Cosmicism’

Science versus the Bible


(Revision 1:2015)

By Author

Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to my door several times over the years, have said to me they will not stand up in opposition against ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ in other words, they refuse to fight for ‘Liberty’. The Jehovah’s Witness will not in any public way, speak against Islam. I have explained to them that Islam’s mission is to wipe out all of Christianity, including Jehovah’s Witnesses. And that once JW is eliminated, whom shall teach the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Of course, that challenge went straight over their heads, they did not want to deal with the question.

This refusal by JW to oppose ‘Anti-Freedom Islam’ proved to me that JW conviction is weak and is not worth a damn. Hence, ‘Cosmicism’ has thrown the entire JW ‘Belief System’ into the false knowledge garbage bin. Any ‘Belief System’ that does not have the courage to unite as one ‘Freedom Resistance’ group against ‘Totalitarianism’ does not deserve the right to support by the ‘Freedom Resistance’. Hence, if Islam destroyed JW churches, I would not defend JW ‘Liberty Rights’. I will not fight for people that don’t have the courage to fight for themselves. I will fight against ‘Anti-Freedom Islam’ alongside those ‘Belief Systems’ that are united standing against Islamic tyranny.

However, if ‘Apartheid Islam’ tries to convert JW churches to Mosques or Islamic administration buildings, I would automatically oppose such Jihad intentions. Destruction of churches by ‘Jihad Muslims’ and conversion to Mosques is a frequent event, wherever Islam has a majority population.

It should be noted that many Christians claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not Christians, but that is not true, like so many different Christian sects, JW do believe in Jesus Christ.

Many other Christians don’t like Jehovah Witnesses…so much for brotherly love.

Different Christian sects have a wide range of tactical methods striving to sell different ideas. Some Christian groups strive to discredit science; whilst other Christian groups strive to make Science and the Bible compatible with each other; decade after decade around the world…an academic battle rages between religion, science and philosophy. Countless thousands of reams of false knowledge are tabled by a large percentage of different ‘Belief System’ writers. And the best false knowledge writers are Marxists, Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists and ‘New Age’. There are many others of course, but the above mentioned ‘Belief Systems’ overwhelm the world with false knowledge literature. Christians are very adept at quoting verses from the Bible to prove their point of view. Far too many of these chosen verses do not indicate any form of compatibility with science. Science has evolved at a far more advanced thinking level than many of the archaic thinking ideas tabled in the Bible. It’s easy to discern Bible statements which are not the word of God. For all science facts, discoveries and proven path knowledge was given to humans by God of Creation through channelling process. God is a lot smarter than some of the erroneous thinking in the Bible. And it is a provable fact that ‘Satanic Verses’ do exist in the Bible and Torah. Even though in reality, the most dangerous insidious ‘Satanic Verses’ are in the Koran –the worst most evil book ever written.

If Christians and Jews are offended by my comments, I am not concerned, the majority are refusing to unite as one ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ against ‘Apartheid Islam’ even though Islam as instructed in the Koran, is committed to forcing them all to submit to Islam, enforced by the rule of ‘Sharia Law’, backed by ‘Blasphemy Law’, which includes the ‘Death Penalty’ against those persons that reject ‘Anti-Freedom Islam’.

“Science does much to help us understand the natural world, revealing a level of order, precision, and sophistication that points, in the eyes of many, to a God of infinite intelligence and power. In their view, science reveals not just details of the natural world but also facets of the mind of God.” (i)

(i) Jehovah’s Witnesses Awake! Magazine February 2011

I agree with the above ‘JW’ statement; as a standalone statement, it is true. But Jehovah’s Witness think of God as a Creator, when I recognise God as of the Creation. To understand what this nameless force is, one needs to learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’.

That point of view finds abundant support in the Bible. Says Romans 1:20 “[God’s] invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and Godship.”  (i)

(i) Jehovah’s Witnesses Awake! Magazine February 2011 Romans: 1:20 Verified in New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures 1984 Watchtower Bible (This translation does not literally claim God as a Creator).

This second selection, can be a valid statement for recognising a God of Creation, even though Jehovah Witnesses were thinking in their writing about a God Creator. To understand the logic behind this, one needs to learn ‘Cosmicism’. But what do the Bible translations really say as opposed to JW’s interpretation. Let’s look at some…

“Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made…” (a)

(a) Romans: 1:20 Revised Standard Edition 1952 Holy Bible (This translation does not claim God as a Creator).

“Ever since God created the world his everlasting power and deity- however invisible- have been there for the mind to see in the things he has made….” (b)

(b) Romans: 1:20 The Jerusalem Bible 1968 (This translation does claim God as a Creator).

“His invisible attributes, that is to say his everlasting power and deity, have been visible, ever since the world began, to the eye of reason, in the things he has made…” (c)

(c) Romans: 1:20 The New English Bible 1972 (This translation does claim God as a Creator).

Not one of these translations supports science by a literal commitment.

Jehovah’s Witnesses invented the claim that science is compatible with the Bible to sell their religion to the naive. Which translation is actually God’s word? Not one of them is literally in exact agreement with each other. It seems translators make it up as they go. For hundreds of years Christian Fundamentalists have been persecuting scientists and their proven path discoveries. If science was compatible with the Bible, why have so many scientists been persecuted by Christians?

I have had several Christians tell me that ‘Genesis Creation’ in the Bible is correct and that the earth is only seven thousand years old. They claim that scientists who have identified the earth age as being four and a half billion years old is a lie. So much for Jehovah’s Witnesses claims that the Bible is compatible with science. When will Christians stop spreading false knowledge lies? When will Christians wake-up and recognise the valid truths discovered by science? How can Christians be so dense?

That point of view finds abundant support in the Bible. Says Romans 1:20 ditto as above… the paragraph continues… “Likewise, Psalm 19:1-2 states: “The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling. One day after another day causes speech to bubble forth, and one night after another shows forth knowledge.” (This Watchtower Bible translation does claim God as a Creator) (i)

(i) Jehovah’s Witnesses Awake! Magazine February 2011

The origin of the Psalms comes from Judaism, taken aboard by Christianity. 

Speech bubbles forth? If God created ‘speech’ he surely was a mischievous rascal to create so many different languages to divide and confuse people and thus knowingly encourage conflict through misunderstanding in communication. Yes true, language evolved with early man, as mankind migrated around the globe, starting from the continent region now known as Africa. God did not create language, man created communication methods.

Shows forth knowledge? Knowledge evolved gradually; adults over millions of years are like children, they learned by trial and error experience. If they were fed too much knowledge too quickly they would have been overwhelmed and confused. It was fixed dogma religion that slowed down our learning process, as history reveals how knowledge was destroyed and blocked by religious ignorant fanatics that revered false knowledge holy book statements.

Psalm: 19:1-2 Revised Standard Edition 1952 Holy Bible says… “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge.” (This translation does claim God as a Creator)

Psalm: 19:1-2 The Jerusalem Bible 1968 says… “The heavens declare the glory of God, the vault of heaven proclaims his handiwork; day discourses of it today, night to night hands on the knowledge.” (This translation does claim God as a Creator)

Psalm: 19:1-2 The New English Bible 1972 says… “The heavens tell out the glory of God, the vault of heaven reveals his handiwork. One day speaks to another, night with night shares its knowledge…” (This translation does claim God as a Creator)

Every one of the above Psalm translations using different words teach the idea that God is the Creator. In the absence of proven path science, once upon a time… belief in the existence of a God Creator was a reasonable idea, which originally through philosophical questions about why, when and how, was the first unproven science answer. The belief in this answer as being true was taken on faith. Thousands of years later during the latter part of the 20th Century, proven path science tabled so much evidence, which collectively as part of the big picture, revealed that a God Creator does not exist. But only those with advanced intelligence can recognise this truth.

Jehovah’s Witnesses then starts to continue writing dishonest statements to trick the naive inferior thinkers into believing that Science and the Bible are completely compatible. Of course, the educated know this is a lie. Jehovah’s Witnesses Awake! Magazine February 2011 states… “Despite all its wonders, however, the natural world reveals only some aspects of our Creator.” Under a new subject title: ‘Where Science is Limited’ J W’s continue to weave deceit saying… “Many truths about God are beyond the scope of science.” First JW suggests that “Science finds abundant support in the Bible using Romans 1:20 and Psalm 19:1-2, which proved to be a lie. Then they proceed to manipulate a redirection of thinking by suggesting that science is limited.

When I was eighteen years of age in early 1967, a Seventh-Day Adventist lady told me that man would never land on the moon, because God would not allow it. In 1969 Armstrong walked upon the moon. Typical of religious people they think they are smarter than proven path science; when in fact religious people are dumber, because they are locked into fixed dogma limited thinking mindsets.

[It does not seem to occur to most Christians, Muslims etc. that the reason for expanding knowledge by mankind including science and evolution process is because God of Creation is quietly teaching us science and wisdom through channelled mind communication.]

Seventh-Day Adventists, a Protestant Christian group, separated itself from ‘Adventists’ in preparation for the ‘Second Coming of Christ’. They expected Christ to return in 1844. (Their Sabbath is Saturday not Sunday. Religions cannot even agree on which day the true Sabbath is… the true answer is that not one of them are right.) They still naively believe that Christ’s return coming is imminent. Several times over the last two thousand years’ Christian groups were expecting the return of Christ, and he failed to arrive. Ten thousand years from now the last few Christians, if any exists, will still be waiting for ‘Christ’s Second Coming’.

Fact:  Jesus is not coming back.

Jesus was a great philosopher and teacher- Jesus was not the ‘Son of God’ and did not claim to be God’s son; this false knowledge idea was invented by humans.

Fact: Science does not claim to know all the answers. Science discoveries are constantly evolving- new information is being researched and developed linked to proven path new findings. All truths about the world are within the scope of science discovery. It will take countless thousands of years to learn what the ‘Mind of God’ knows. Gradually God will teach scientists on a need to know basis. God has already taught scientists through discoveries. God taught humans how to land on the moon. If all the knowledge of the Universe was tabled right now, even the cleverest persons would feel overwhelmed. Our knowledge banks must evolve and grow at a pace we can manage. God knows this fact. Religious people for the last two thousand years have a history of constantly trying to block the expansion of science knowledge. These religious people are evil by their dogmatic ignorant rejection of scientific truth, and for that reason, are enemies of God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World’.

Islam is so fanatical, they are obsessed with destroying anything that is not Islam. In short… ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islamic Doctrine’ is insane.

Jehovah’s Witnesses lied they claimed that “Many truths about God are beyond the scope of science.” In reality… it is the opposite… “Many truths about God are within the scope of science.”

And when humans learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’ they will understand this truth. God is not the Creator. Unlearn such misconception. God is of the Creation. God and science are united as one. Understand this difference, and you shall begin to elevate your insight past current perception.

God’s words are scattered throughout thousands of books around the Universe. To learn how to separate false knowledge from truth, we must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and work for further evolution of ‘Cosmicism’.

God teaches truth and rejects false knowledge. The so-called holy books do contain some of Gods words, which can be identified as common-sense wisdom. But these same books also contain satanic verses and large volumes of false knowledge. Do not let religious people or cult leaders trick you into believing their reams of false knowledge statements. Religion has evolved into becoming the greatest scam deceiver of mankind. And only fools believe in ‘fixed dogma inflexible belief systems’ which cannot adapt or change as new discoveries evolve. ‘Science and Cosmic Philosophy’ shall evolve together- knowing no limits.

I am of the understanding that some religions including Jehovah’s Witnesses expect members to contribute a ten percent tithe from their net annual income. What a great business, religion has engineered! Huge profits are claimed tax free. And most of this money is wasted on useless Church buildings and paying wages to religious leaders that teach false knowledge. The marketing of deception as a business venture is the most dishonest business process ever devised. And religion sells this false knowledge deception as the truth. To make matters worse, religions constantly disagree with each other, claiming they are the ones who are correct and all the others are wrong. Religion has a dark history of creating conflict driven by false knowledge.

When ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is used in a secular government, one policy will be enforced… “All religions must pay taxes equal to the same tax rules as any other business.”

It is a disgrace that religion has been getting away with tax exemptions.

“Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.”

# Matthew 16:28

And he said to them, “Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power.”

# Mark 9:1

“But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”

# Luke 9:27

#        THE HOLY BIBLE- Revised Standard Version Publisher… Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. for ‘The British and Foreign Bible Society.’ Printed in Great Britain… ‘The Revised Standard Version is a revision of the 1901 American Standard Version, which was a revision of the 1611 King James Version.

“…according to the Bible, Jesus made it very clear that he would return within the lifetime of those who were living at the time!” ##

Brian Baker 2012

## Source: Kindle Electronic Book Amazon USA, “Nonsense From The Bible” by Brian Baker 2012.

Brian Baker was a once upon a time, Christian Pastor for 17 years whom resigned from the church in 1989, when he stopped believing that the Bible was the ‘Word of God’. The more questions he asked himself, the more he realised that Christianity was incorrect in its beliefs.

I recommend reading his excellent insight, being knowledgeable about the Bible backed by good experience, his book is a good review of reality.

The above Bible texts indicates why there shall not be a ‘Second Coming of Christ’ because it was stated that it would happen when the Disciples of Christ were alive… That Jesus said he was coming back before he died. At least that is what Matthew, Mark and Luke claimed in the New Testament compiled by the early Roman Church.

Someone ‘got’ it wrong; truth is…I believe Jesus the great teacher and philosopher that saw wrong in Jewish and Roman law, which he tried to correct, by teaching the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ …never claimed to be the ‘Son of God’ and never said he would return in a ‘Second Coming’. That is why Jesus never came back, as the Bible said he would…that is why he did not come back in 1844 as many Christians believed he would and that is why Jesus is not coming back, not now, not ever.

Christians can wait for ten thousand years… Jesus is not coming back!

The end of Christianity is coming… this creed is now in a state of decline in educated nations that appreciate the discoveries of science and the wisdom identified by philosophy. Christianity shall only survive longer in uneducated third world countries, until they evolve into a wiser educated societal Nation.

Christianity has never been united as one team. Conflict between Catholicism and Protestantism has raged for centuries…so much for Christian Brotherly love.

Even now the majority of Christians refuse to unite as one ‘Freedom Resistance’ Group against ‘Islamization of the World’ that is evident by all the Christians that want to be friends with Muslims even though the Koran clearly rejects such friendship, except for purposes of deceit [Taqiyya] to trick Christians into submission unto Islam.

Yes, I know a few valiant courageous Christians are opposing Islam, but they are a minority group, the majority do nothing, in fact most Christians have not even bothered to read the Koran to understand what is being taught by Islam against them. Now that intellectual laziness by Christians is truly stupid.

No wonder ‘Islamization of the West’ is successfully happening, when Christian resistance against Islam is so weak.

Authors Note: This ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses Rejected by ‘Cosmicism’ – ‘Science versus the Bible’ essay was released by e-mail to global friends as a pdf document on the 1st June 2015.

Author’s late postscript… The following comment was sent to me and others, on e-mail on the 13th December 2015 from Julie a good 63-year-old, Aussie ‘Activist Christian’ opposing Islam, whom has valiantly marched twice this 2015 year, in the ‘Reclaim Australia’ movement, rejecting ‘Islamization of Australia’. The below remark was above a photo of furniture containers discovered by authorities on the border of Greece which was being sent to a refugee camp in Greece. Most of the phony refugees in Europe are all young healthy ‘Muslim Males’ of combat age, loyal to ‘Jihad Islam’ dressed in disguise as civilians, not military uniform. The falsely labelled 14 x Furniture 40-foot double Containers had in it instead of furniture, 52 tons of guns and ammunition to support the refugees planned armed invasion process. Meanwhile, a large percentage of naïve people, the apathetic and the inferior thinking left, continue to believe that all the young male Muslim refugees invading Europe, wearing good clothes, with money in their pockets and mobile/cell phones, are all victims of the ‘Islamic State’ invasion in the Middle East. It never occurs to fools that the clever Muslim European Invasion, is a set-up conquest strategy.

Even Christians going to Church, refuse to listen to other Christians tabling the ‘Dark Truth’ about ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’… this is what Aussie Julie a valiant ‘True Christian’ wrote…

Hi all,

“Yet some people still prefer to disbelieve what we say. I tried again at church today. I had a mixed reaction; some rejected me and my message. Fortunately, I ended up speaking to a new couple who seem to know it’s true. At least the husband was clued-up. What a relief!! I look forward to more chats with them.”


Source: book ‘Flat Earth’ by Allan Ivarsson published in both Kindle & Paperback, in colour.

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