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Orlando Massacre Why, How, When


Human Response, Naivety and the Truth


Humanitarian Caring Love does not reconcile with Hard Core Truthful Reality

CAIR’s Game Plan

What about the words ‘Terrorist’ & ‘Islamist’?

Why are they misleading words?

By Allan Peter Ivarsson, 15th June 2016

The ‘How and When’ is already written into history, but the ‘Why’ is the most important concern, which is dividing global thinking, especially in America.

As a consequence of the Massacre in the Orlando Club in Florida… People are calling for lawmakers to curb gun violence, and even CAIR is condemning the attack against Gays.

Question is… “What is the real truth? Can you think outside the square? Can you see the Big Picture?”

Orlando June 2016… 50 people dead… 53 injured… it is alleged the attack was due to ‘homophobia’ “Really?” The same killer was at first looking at attacking visitors and workers at Disneyland, which includes children, when he decided he could kill more in a club quicker than in the open spaces of Disneyland. “Homophobia?” Yes, Islam hate Gays, just like many Christians and Jews hate Gays. But I don’t believe this ‘Jihad Muslim’ specifically attacked this ‘Gay Club’ because he only hated Gays. On the contrary, he attacked the club, because he believed it was an easy target in which he could optimize the Jihad killing results of eliminating as many non-Muslims as possible, gay or not.

The global very popular website BNI… correctly stated… “No, the Orlando massacre isn’t a hate crime carried out by a mentally-disturbed individual as Muslims and their useful idiots in the media and government are trying to spin it. It’s ‘Islamic Jihad’ against unbelievers. And it’s what they were commanded to do by the prophet Mohammed. Period.”


On one hand, we have caring people speaking up and doing good things. On the other hand, we have ignorance ignoring the startling truth behind this massacre.

Allan Ivarsson comments in ways that will offend immature thinking people, but Allan believes facing reality is wiser, than living in dreams of ideality that refuses to recognise reality, the ‘Big Picture Truth’.

A person’s belief system is the reason for their thinking and behaviour, guns are just a tool like other tools that can also kill. Even as Americans are demanding tighter gun laws, we in Australia already have tight gun laws and some of our citizens have still been killed by ‘Jihad Muslims’, thus it is clear the illegal guns, underground black market, is still operational, even in Australia. Many naïve Americans are blaming this massacre on ‘guns’ never mind that the ‘Jihad Muslim’ behind this attack, killed with a gun, not because he loves guns, he killed with a gun, which is just a tool, like a knife, because he truly believes in the deceased example of Muhammad his deemed ‘Great Prophet’, he killed, because he believes in the claimed ‘Infallible Qur’an’ with over one hundred ‘Hate Speech’ texts, which is backed by many Hadiths that support and approve of such recorded hate and killing of all non-Muslims and those Muslims not deemed Muslim enough.

Steve Williams on June 13, 2016 wrote an interesting brief article, published on “Care2” titled… 5 Signs of Hope in the wake of the Orlando Tragedy. #

# Read more…

A large percentage of people will naively think… “Oh how wonderful caring people are, truly humanitarian in thinking and doing. People are flooding to donate blood to help the wounded that survived the attack. Sadly, this does not help the fifty that are dead, murdered by what fools call a ‘terrorist’ when in fact he was a ‘Jihad Muslim’ brain wrecked by the ‘Islamic Belief System’. A man sings a ‘Sonnet of Love’ in memory of the tragedy. The beautiful song does not help the victims, it just inspires the living to accept the tragedy with grace and live confident that love is eternal and cannot be defeated.

What the song does not tell us, is that ‘Islamic Jihad’ attacks (not terrorism, it is Jihad) will continue, because the ‘Islamic Belief System’ founded by Muhammad, instructed all Muslims that ‘Jihad’ must continue until the entire world is ‘Islamized’ and every person has submitted to Islam i.e. they are either a converted Muslim, or have been killed. And that is the absolute truth, which fools refuse to recognise. Of course, the stupid part about Muhammad’s goal, is he did not know that Australia, Canada, the entire Pacific, and the America’s even existed, as he believed the earth was flat and that the world, which was his territory, north and south, east and west, of his position, was not as large as we now know. Outside of his world, Muhammad knew almost nothing about India and Asia, Russia, Britain and northern Europe, hell he did not even travel that far. Any glimmer of knowledge he gained about faraway places, he would have heard through travel trade stories that is all. Muhammad was too busy fighting local ‘Jihad Wars’ expansion of Islam and collecting wives and slaves to satisfy his sexual obsessions, to travel to faraway lands to learn more about reality.

My published 2014 treatise on ‘Flat Earth’, revealed historical reality.

It was falsely claimed that the ‘Islamic State’ is responsible for the attack. I.S. did not organise this Orlando attack, they knew nothing about it until after the massacre event. The Islamic State claimed responsibility simply to sell fear to the world that they are everywhere. But the truth is the ‘Jihad Muslim Murderer’ actioned this on his own, simply inspired by the ‘Hate Speech’ teachings in the Qur’an and by the example of his prophet Muhammad and he tagged himself to I.S. his guiding light, acting like an inspired sleeper, to make himself look greater and more heroic as a true martyr for Islam. The ‘Islamic State’, is insane, just like the ‘Islamic Belief System’ is insane, just like the Qur’an teachings are insane. Allah did not write the Qur’an, Muhammad wrote the Qur’an and falsely claimed that they are Allah’s message. It is truly easy to prove that Allah did not write the Qur’an, but then if you have not the intelligent ability to think outside the square, you will not recognise such evidence. This reality puts a lot of naïve Muslims and naïve non-Muslims all in the same box.

I am not publishing the name of the Muslim Murderer, because I refuse to give him historical recognition, his evil deeds are remembered as a warning to us all to wake up and recognise the Dark Truth about the Qur’an and the Islamic Belief System, but this Muslim murderer’s name must be eternally forgotten, he does not deserve memory of his name.

Ah yes and it is so important, as reported through to ‘Time’ the historical international magazine, the Care2 title… “The Islamic Community extends its solidarity to the Orlando victims” … reveals that it was reported in comment to ‘Time’ by CAIR, to give an ‘Islamic Marketing’ advantage to CAIR, making them out to be good caring guys. Wow, the Islamic Community leaders speak publicly out against the ‘Jihad Murder’ attack against ‘Gays’. Yes, it is absolutely true, as Williams wrote…

“Following the news of the massacre, Hassan Shibly director of the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) spent time with the Orlando community and grieving families at the local Hampton Inn. He told Time:

“I think what’s important is they, we stand united we offer the support for the victims that we can and don’t let the terrorists divide us and turn us against each other. Our concern right now is just supporting the victims and their families that’s the most important thing. We need to stand united and we have our work cut out for us to provide unity and not allow hate to divide us.”

Williams concluded… “This show of care has echoed from many corners of the national Islamic community. You can see those impassioned speeches below:”

Allan continues to comment… the use of the word ‘terrorist’ is like the use of the word ‘Islamist’ it sends a wrong message. Even activists against Islam, foolishly use these two words. These two words constantly imply there are two Islam’s. It encourages people Muslim and non-Muslim, to naively believe that two Islam’s definitely exists, a moderate Islam and a radical violent Islam. That Islamic split personality is not true.

Islam is not suffering from Schizophrenia. In fact, Schizophrenia is not about split personality or multiple personality disorder. Schizophrenia is false beliefs, hearing voices, and confused thinking often unclear, as revealed by abrogation variances in the Qur’an. It is emotional anxiety disorders that lacks emotional intelligence and encourages overreaction like when Muhammad went into a rage wanting to kill people that rejected his insane thinking. Muhammad clearly suffered from mental disorder, when he heard voices telling him that all unbelievers that refuse to submit to his teachings must be killed. Muhammad no doubt suffered from Schizophrenia, but his Muslim follows are not suffering from Schizophrenia, just because they are following Muhammad and the Qur’an.

Muslims are suffering, simply from ‘Blind Belief’ in an insane belief system, without question. They are simply naïve about Islam. Knowing Islam and understanding the truth about its illogical insanity are two different things. There is only one Islam and it is absolutely radical, there is no such thing as a moderate peaceful Islam, because Muhammad is absolutely, not moderate and neither are the teachings in the Qur’an.

Don’t use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘Islamist’ when talking about Muslims. Do simply call them ‘Jihad Muslims’ and ‘True Muslims’. ‘Jihad Muslims’ action the Jihad ‘Hate Speech’ Qur’an teachings, whilst ‘True Muslims’ support the teachings and all ‘Jihad’ action against non-Muslims.

On a brief 1:24 minutes speech YouTube video, Nihad Awad Executive Director and co-founder of CAIR condemns the attacks, because it only divides us and turns us against each other. He exactly said… “We will not give into hate and we will not give into fear”. Awad called ‘Islamic State’ an outlaw [of Islam]. And said to ISIS, “You do not speak for us, you do not represent us.”

Other small Islamic groups also spoke against the attack against Gays.

All CAIR members from every branch chapter rehearsed this brief united response, against the Orlando attack, to sell a good image of CAIR to all naïve thinking people.

So, what is missing in CAIR’s criticism of the ‘Jihad Killing Attack’? So many naïve people like inferior thinking ‘Hillary Clinton’ think CAIR is wonderful for standing with non-Muslims against the attack. Where is the voice of the Christian and Jewish leaders? Why does CAIR gain more recognition than the Christian and Jewish community?

CAIR and other Islamic Organisations, never reject or condemn all the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an & Hadiths.

CAIR never condemns anti-freedom apartheid ‘Sharia Law’, in fact CAIR approves of ‘Sharia Law’ replacing the American Constitution and approves of ‘Blasphemy Law’ eliminating the first Amendment ‘Freedom of Speech’ in the Constitution.

CAIR lied, using Taqiyya, when it suggested that they stand united with all Christians and Jews and unbelievers. How do I know CAIR lied? CAIR lied because they believe in the complete words of the Qur’an and the Qur’an states clearly, “Do not make friends with Christians, Jews and Kafir (us non-Muslims).

CAIR pretends to be united with non-Muslims and that is an absolute statement of deceit. CAIR was right in condemning the ‘Jihad Massacre’ because from their cunning point of view, the timing of the attack is all wrong. Such an attack as CAIR wisely recognised, hurts CAIR’s mission to ‘Islamize America’ and replace ‘Liberty Values’ with ‘Sharia Law’.

CAIR recognises that millions of Americans are naïve about Islam and these fools are the ones CAIR needs to strengthen CAIR’s ambitions for takeover of America.

CAIR pretends to want to be friends with Gays. But CAIR never condemns Saudi Arabia or Iran for killing all Gays usually by hanging, sometimes by throwing them off a tall building or beheading them. When these reports come in about such killings, CAIR is silent and so are most people, except for the global activists that oppose Islam. Even the dumb thinking Gays are not uniting as activists, condemning the constant murder of their fellow Gays in Islamic Countries.

Islam is anti-Semitic, but you will never see CAIR denounce anti-Semitism, to do so, would be to denounce the Qur’an and Islam and that would be ‘Blasphemy’ punishable by death under Islamic Sharia Law. Trust CAIR? No way! Trust any Islamic Organisation? No Way!

Many Christians are concerned about this terrible tragedy, but there are also a large number of Christian Bible Bashers that claim the gays, these ‘heathens’ got what they deserved… mmm…kind a makes you think about the question… “How nice is Christianity? I mean really?

Of course, even Christians that reject this evil massacre, do believe that homosexuality is a sin and are quite comfortable in persecuting Gays by their variance behaviour. The ‘Old Testament’ inspired by the ‘Torah’ even authorises the execution of Gays and Muhammad followed that same belief, which is why Islam executes Gays. Modern Christians and Jews, don’t authorise execution of Gays, but they still condemn them.

Williams identifies… “Donations for the Orlando victims and their families amount to millions.”

“A GoFundMe page set up by Equality Florida and overseen by legal professionals and violence support charities has quickly surpassed the 2-million-dollar mark and continues to gather funds.”

“The effort is intended to cover all funeral costs, as well as medical bills. Any extra money will support those families and local communities”

“Care2 stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community in Orlando, and against all forms of violence and discrimination.”

[A.I. comments… “Does this mean Care2 opposes rejection of anti-freedom apartheid Islam, because they deem it as being discrimination?” Cosmicism will be watching Care2 to see when their thinking becomes naïve and backward and goes astray wandering away from reality. If Care2 starts thinking in a brain-wrecked way, the value of their cause will fall apart at the seams, just as the once upon a time, good intentions that lost its way, Amnesty International and the Greens, are floundering in backward thinking.]

“Tell the FDA to fully lift the ban on gay men donating blood and tell Congress to ban assault weapons immediately.”

A.I. continues to comment… sounds reasonable… but how good are the HIV/Aids checks? There is a danger factor here… but then the danger also exists with bi-sexuals and heterosexuals. As for banning assault weapons, what is the true definition of an assault weapon? ‘Jihad Muslims’ in Australia have killed non-Muslims with guns. When does a single shot pistol or a single shot rifle cease to become an assault weapon? During the eighteenth century that’s all an assault weapon was… a single shot. Wake up, if you are going to talk about banning weapons don’t use generalised words like ‘assault weapons’, focus on a specific weapon type, identify its specific power capabilities, I mean get it right before you demand.

This later message by Care2 and Williams reads great. I wonder which government outsider is scrutineering where all these donations are really going, how much actually reaches the victims as opposed to covering salary and expenses by the professionals organizing this charity fund enthusiasm? I doubt we will ever know the truth as government scrutineering is not that good, when it comes to studying how charity funds are managed and used.

Society needs to change the way it thinks if it wants to survive. Our politicians and do-gooders, including Psychologists, Christians, Jews, Atheists and all other ‘Belief Systems’ opened the gates and allowed Islam to invade the Western World. I don’t include India in this stupid behaviour, because the Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and Hindus already know reality about the violent cruel abuse of ‘Jihad Muslims’ attacking them over hundreds of years. India was a victim of forced invasion by Islam, and the idiot West did not learn from the tragedy of Indian history. We can and must stop Muslim immigration, but Islam is now amongst us and its dangerous insane thinking is not going to go away.

We must stop the acceptance of more ‘True Muslims’ and ‘Jihad Muslims’ we must close the immigration gates and allow in only ex-Muslims and ‘True non-Muslims’. Then over three hundred years, we must work towards closing down the ‘Islamic Belief System’ in the West by strengthening ‘Freedom Values’ over ‘anti-freedom apartheid Islamic Values’.

To win, apartheid beliefs must be outlawed, ‘Anti-Freedom of Speech Blasphemy Law’ must be outlawed and ‘Anti-Liberty Sharia Law’ must be outlawed. This is just the first step in phasing out Islam.

Don’t wait for most Christians, Jews, Atheists, New Agers, Feminists and Gays and other belief systems to act, opposing Islam, that will never happen, until there is a major societal shift in thinking.

For those that identify valiant Christians and Jews standing against Islam, remember this reality, around the entire Western World, less than one quarter of one percent of people are front line activists in the ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ opposing ‘Islamization of the West’. The very small number of people opposing Islam in the West, are a small percentage mixture of Atheists, Christians, and Jews, Agnostics, Irreligious and others, including the first ‘Cosmicist’. True, more don’t like Islam, but most are silent and fifty percent, are still either naïve, apathetic, intellectually lazy or just too greedy to care about opposing Islam.

Only the irreligious and the agnostics that believe in secular democracy and the reality of evolution, and the economic importance of capitalism can save the day, until today’s societal thinking wakes up and pragmatically and wisely changes.

Learn the way of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of new open mind thinking, outside the square of traditional thinking, as a companion to science, this is the only way, the world can continue to live free.

Cosmicism is not like any other belief system on planet earth.

Learn ‘Cosmicism’ it is your only hope to live free. The majority of all other belief systems are running the other way, refusing to oppose ‘Islamization of the World’. That is easy to discern by their groups belief system, lack of positive corrective action to stop Islam.

Author’s note: This special ‘Orlando’ article is not copyrighted by the author, Allan Ivarsson, and may be published unabridged, if thou desire. Simply, identify the author’s name and date written

Author’s Note: ‘Orlando Massacre Why, How, When’ was first published in pdf format on e-mail to global friends on 16th June 2016.

Source: Book ‘Flat Earth’