Down Under… Scott Morrison PM Lied About His Achievements…

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Down Under… Scott Morrison PM Lied About His Achievements…


On the 18th of February 2022, Political Reporter for Daily Mail Australia, Charlie Moore, wrote a subject titled, ‘Scott Morrison says Anthony Albanese is ‘the most left-wing leader.’

His report unfolds… I have recorded extracts, for more… read the link…

Scott Morrison has accused Anthony Albanese of being the ‘most left-wing Labor leader since Gough Whitlam in a scathing attack over national security.” (i)

“The Prime Minister said Mr. Albanese’s position in the Left faction of the Labor Party means he will automatically be weak on foreign policy.” (i)

“This Labor Party under the most left-leaning Labor leader that we have seen since Gough Whitlam, that is not good form to be strong on national security,’ he told a press conference in Alice Springs on Friday.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… As I said in my above slide… “I don’t believe in the use of the political words ‘left’ & ‘right’- it is an inaccurate way to describe peoples ‘Belief Systems’.”

“A persons ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour, when you know their ‘Belief System’, you know their thinking and reasons for their behaviour, in other words, you know their philosophy.”

“If the use of the word ‘left’ is true then Scott Morrison is also ‘left’ and that is easy to prove. It is wiser to identify people’s ideas and why they are right or wrong.”

I do not trust Anthony Albanese with the leadership of Australia for the same reason I have said in my past records… including source as follows…

It is time to clean up the Politics of Australia and get rid of the ‘Greens’ and allow the use of ‘Fossil Fuel’ to strengthen our Nation to what once existed before 1975. (ii)

The Labour Party needs to divorce the Greens & Marxist Socialists and become once more a ‘Workers Party’ and the Liberals need to toss out Corruption and Socialism and become once more a pre-1970 strong party. (ii)

As for weakling Scott Morrison PM the Liberals need to remove this ‘Spin Doctor’ politician, who is not a leader but is a specialist in submitting to ‘Green’ demand and saying like children often do, what he thinks people want to hear to save his seat, rather than lead with courage and wisdom. (ii)

We need leaders not weak-minded cowards like Scott Morrison. (ii)

“He [Gough Whitlam] was in the Right faction but is seen as left-wing.” (i) This observation reveals that use of the words ‘left’ & ‘right’ are inaccurate ways to describe people’s thinking. It is far wiser to identify their ideas and then decide if we agree or disagree with those ideas, and if ‘yes’ or ‘no’ why?

If people including ‘Degree Qualified Politicians & Journalists cannot comprehend why my remarks are philosophically correct then their degrees are not worth a damn and belong in the garbage bin. Using the words ‘left’ & ‘right’ is incompetent thinking and this fact proves that ‘Spin Doctor’ Morrison is equally as incompetent as Albanese.

The real solution to protecting Australia’s ‘Freedom Values’ is by sacking Scott Morrison as PM and replace him with another better Liberal Party PM. Voting Labour will be a survival disaster. We do need to put the boot hard into the Liberal Party to lift their game and stop the incompetent spin tactics of second-rate politicians like Scott Morrison.

Gough Whitlam PM (1972-1975) ideas were good in somethings. He was right to establish ‘Medicare’ and to create ‘Free University’. His ideas are not about wrong words ‘left or right’ they are about ideas… “are they right or wrong, true or false, just or unjust, acceptable or not?”

Whitlam was wrong in supporting the ‘Lima Declaration’ deal which encouraged the gradual destruction of Australian Self-Sufficiency’ and Whitlam was wrong when he weakened the Australian Defence System by… refer (iii)

“We had a better defence leadership before Whitlam (Labor) dismantled our earlier strength.” (iii)

“The titles of Ministers for the Army, the Navy, and the Air, was foolishly abolished by the Whitlam Government on November 30th, 1973. Thus, the specialist skills of each Defence Force were meshed, and their skills ability was slowed down discouraging advanced development of a team of stronger technology defence.” (iii)

“The pressure for better military equipment for our Military Defence began to stagnate and became neglected by our Prime Ministers, Labor and Liberal thereafter, decade after decade. Australia should have become a stronger Military Coordinated Team of Army, Navy and Air. We failed because the incentive to become stronger and smarter was taken away from the Military by the lack of leadership, denied by the elimination of Ministers of each military force by idiot Whitlam.” (iii) Read the entire paper below if you want to survive against the high risk invasion by Communist China Beijing… We Aussies need to demand a survival return to military growth strategy before Whitlam started the destruction of our Military Strength.

Thus, it is clear the use of the political words ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ is wrong and inaccurate… focus on ideas for support or rejection or solution adjustment.



The use of the words ‘Left & Right’ is a copout tactic and that is exactly what Scott Morrison did… he used ‘Spin Doctor’ escapism instead of dealing with specific ideas tabled by Albanese.

See how confusing and contradictory people get when they use words ‘Left & Right’

“Former labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard was in the Left faction but regarded as being close the Right.” (i) This remark was another incompetent statement which said nothing about her ideas, right or wrong. The point is… deal with ideas and not ‘spin’ allegations of misinformation which says nothing about a persons ideas, good or bad.

Hello ‘Degree Qualified’ people wake up or throw your degrees into the garbage bin.

The rest of the paper reveals ‘Tit for Tat’ arguments and says nothing about what is Party Policies. Such allegations that say nothing is incompetent communication on both sides. And ASIO is right to denounce ‘picking a fight on national security’ which is wrong thinking foolish mentality that only helps ‘Communist China’ become advantaged.

Morrison lied when he claimed he stopped the invasion of the boats of Muslims. It was stopped by Tony Abbott and not by Morrison. I hate liars.

Tony Abbot in 2013 introduced legislation into Parliament and commenced ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’, a coalition policy to stop the maritime arrival of asylum seekers, which received strong public support. Thus, Morrison lied when he said

“Now my reputation on this is on record, everything from stopping the boats, standing up to coercion, funding our defence forces, backing our intelligence services, increasing our border protection, and establishing the Australian Border Force,’ he said.” (i)

ASIO is not impressed with Scott Morrisons spin comments. The upgrade of the defence forces is an incompetent mess caused by a team of past Prime Ministers since 1975 including Scott Morrison who is all mouth, no competent action. Australian Defence is still weak.

“Mr. Morrison said he has a strong record on handling national security issues.” (i) “Liar Liar Pants on Fire.”

Where is Scott Morrisons proven path list of Objectives and Achievements? Proof in Resumes (Curriculum vitae) is how people qualify in job applications. Politicians get to hold seats with no track record evidence and that is why they are not true high executive caliber in performance and cannot be trusted.

In Policy the Liberals and the Nationals as a Coalition do have a caring concern for protection and preservation of National Security but like the Labor Party they do not have a good enough performance in delivery of wise tough security protection in both ‘Military Defence’ and ‘Australian Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing, Primary Industry, Energy and Communication support and that is what I Allan Ivarsson am fighting foran upgrade of all ‘Australia Essential Services’ which includes the elimination of the idiotic Treasonous Greens.

Battleline has been drawn… to be continued…

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Transcript of A.I. above slide comments.

I don’t believe in the use of the political words ‘left’ & ‘right’- it is an inaccurate way to describe peoples ‘Belief Systems’.

A persons ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour, when you know their ‘Belief System’, you know their thinking and reasons for their behaviour, in other words, you know their philosophy.

If the use of the word ‘left’ is true then Scott Morrison is also ‘left’ and that is easy to prove. It is wiser to identify people’s ideas and why they are right or wrong.

Scott Morrisons ideas about the objective of ‘Net Zero Target’ is wrong and Anthony Albanese has the same Target and he is wrong and the Dictator Greens have the same destructive target and they are wrong.

It is easy to prove they are all wrong and that their ‘Belief System’ is harmful to the wellbeing of Australians. I have already tabled much evidence proving those ideas are stupid and dangerous to the wholesome wellbeing of Australians. But if you have not read my collective reports then you are part of the problem of why Australia is living in a state of deteriorating decline which has opened the gate for Communist Xi Jinping Beijing China to invade Australia without firing a bullet.

Are one of the Bats Scott Morrison?

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