America and Australia: The Danger of Lithium Meltdown and Fire

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Feature Image: Lithium-ion Battery

Moss Landing Power Plant California USA

America and Australia: The Danger of Lithium Meltdown and Fire


Allan Ivarsson comments…

I have been talking about the danger of Lithium Mining & Batteries overheating for the last few weeks.

Never buy an electric car and avoid use of Lithium Batteries for Solar and never use any appliance in your home that uses Lithium Batteries. They have many times started fires.

First, we look at an incident in USA… and then we slide slightly backwards in date to look at incidents in Australia.

Meltdown Incident at Moss Landing Power Plant California USA


Science subject under the umbrella of ‘Interesting Engineering’ posted important report information by Loukia Papadopoulos on the 19th of February 2022 titled, ‘Lithium-ion battery goes offline due to overheating, for the second time.’ (i)

“It’s bad news for the world’s largest lithium-ion battery.” (i)

“An energy storage facility owned by Vistra Energy in Moss Landing; California houses the largest lithium-ion battery in the world. The only problem is the battery packs keep on melting. (i)

“Last weekend on February 13, [2022] the facility experienced another meltdown, the second in five months, according to local broadcaster KSBW.” (i)

“What could be going wrong?” (i)

A.I. comments… A good question. Does this mean that Lithium cannot be trusted as a safe product? So far, I have not seen good evidence that Lithium is a safe trustworthy product which ‘Green Energy’ fanatics are obsessed with using to support the creation of ‘Renewable Energy’ systems.

We shall proceed to review more…

Battery packs melted.

“It all began when four fire trucks responded to a fire alarm at the energy company’s site. When they arrived, the fire had been subdued by the facility’s fire suppression system.” (i)

“There were no flames but ten lithium-ion battery packs had been melted.” (i)

A.I. comments… “There were no flames? But that is not true. The fire had been subdued.”

“Fire Fire on the wall who is the hottest of them all?”

“I am, Lithium is my fairest name.”

“I shall infiltrate society coming from the bowels of the earth, to cause havoc and oppression that is my mission that ‘Greens’ cannot comprehend. Natural Coal fossil fuel is my enemy. I Lithium can hurt the planet more than vegetable-based coal can. It is my duty to hurt homo sapiens.”

Vistra then released the following statement on February 15. (i)

“Late on February 13, the early detection safety system activated in the 100-megawatt Phase II building at our Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility. As is our protocol at all of our facilities, we contacted off-site emergency response out of an abundance of caution. The building’s systems contained the event without the need for outside assistance. There are no injuries to personnel.” (i)

A.I. comments… Vistra did the right thing in process to deal with this dangerous incident. But the problem is that if meltdown and fire threat can happen more than once, twice so far, it means it can happen again. And loss of life can be a serious consequence. The whole technology of using Lithium for batteries needs to be put on the table for safety investigation. So far, it is not a good product in mining process or in creation of battery and home and industrial use.

“The previous fire had occurred in September [2021] and had set off sprinklers that damaged around 7,000 batteries. The incidents illustrate how fragile battery storage systems are.” (i)

“Lithium-ion batteries not only ignite easily but also produce fires that are difficult to contain because water does not put them out. Vistra added that it was now looking further into the new incident.” (i)

A.I. comments… Now you know why I started more Lithium investigation after I heard about fire incidents in Australia… a subject to follow…

Remember anything that denies us the right to safely live free is a form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and that includes high risk hazardous fires caused by Lithium Batteries.

An investigation is underway to determine what caused the safety system to activate. While this is in its very early stages, what we know is the water-based suppression system released water that contacted some batteries. There is early evidence that water hoses leaked and that some batteries shorted, creating smoke in the building, similar to what we observed with the September [2021] incident at our 300-MW Phase I facility next door,” added the company in its statement. (i)

A.I. comments… The use of Lithium Batteries is rapidly proving to not be a safe Engineering Technology. This suggests to me that ‘Green Mentality’ rushed in to use ‘Renewal Energy’ without thinking about the harmful consequence to life and environment and that includes ‘Wind Turbine Farms.’

“In the meantime, the facility remains offline to avoid any future fire incidents while the problem is worked out.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Greens Methods are not as good as they claim to be.”

Vistra Completes Expansion of Battery Energy Storage System at its Flagship California Facility.

World’s largest battery facility just got bigger with additional 100 MW / 400 MWh now operational, helping bolster grid reliability this summer (ii)

MOSS LANDING, Calif., Aug. 19, 2021 (ii)

… construction starting in September 2020 (ii)

…how batteries can support intermittent renewables to help create a reliable grid of the future.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Lithium batteries that dangerously caught fire.

Vistra is a market-leader in battery energy storage and in 2020 announced it would spend approximately $5 billion by 2030 in renewable and battery energy storage…

A.I. comments… yes invest $5 billion to finance the higher dangerous risk of more Lithium Fires. How smart is that renewable energy target?

Read dream report… (ii)


8 Sept 2021
20 Aug 2021

Internet Overview Facts…

The Moss Landing Power Plant is natural gas powered electricity generation plant located in Moss Landing, California, at the midpoint of Monterey Bay. The plant’s large stacks are landmarks, visible throughout the Monterey Bay Area.

When the Moss Landing project is completed, it will double the energy storage available in California.

The Moss Landing battery storage project is a massive battery energy storage facility built at the retired Moss Landing power plant site in California, US. At 400MW/1,600MWh capacity, it is currently the world’s biggest battery storage facility.

In fact, Vistra’s Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility is the largest battery storage facility of its kind in the world and is providing a tremendous amount of reliable, clean energy. Vistra continues to be an outstanding community partner and reliable steward of the historic Moss Landing Power Plant.”

Vistra has announced the completion of construction on the second phase of its Moss Landing energy storage facility in California, US. Under the phase 2, the company has added 100MW capacity to expand the facility’s total capacity to 400MW/1,600MWh.

The project is located at the retired Moss Landing gas-fired power plant, which was built by PG&E near Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey County, California, US. The Vistra BESS project is one of the four battery energy storage projects that PG&E had selected for development within the South Bay-Moss Landing local sub-area.

The Moss Landing battery storage project is a massive battery energy storage facility built at the retired Moss Landing power plant site in California, US. At 400MW/1,600MWh capacity, it is currently the world’s biggest battery storage facility.

In addition, Vistra is a large purchaser of wind power. The company owns and operates a 400-MW/1,600-MWh battery energy storage system in Moss Landing, California, the largest of its kind in the world.

End of Internet Statement.



ABC News report dated 13th February 2022, titled ‘Warning about maintaining solar panel batteries after Adelaide house badly damaged in fire.’ (iii)

A.I. comments… this brief report is well written in summary… there is no need for me to comment, the report says it all and is an informative must read… stay alert and read it…

“A fire that started in a solar panel battery has badly damaged a house in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, in what the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) says is a growing problem involving lithium-ion batteries across Australia.” (iii)

“Burton resident Graham Burke woke up at 3am after hearing a smoke alarm and then bangs coming from his roof.” (iii)

“He alerted his wife and a friend staying over after seeing his house was on fire.” (iii)

“As much as it hurts, the important thing is our lives and our pets were saved,” he said. (iii)

“What’s behind me is not much left of what we had, but we can rebuild that and move forward.” (iii)

The MFS estimated the damage at $200,000.” (iii)

“MFS northern operations commander Stuart Dawes said the fire started in a home battery storage system in the garage of the property.” (iii)

Mr. Dawes said battery fires required “copious amounts of water” to fully control.” (iii)

“Lithium-ion storage systems are becoming more of an emerging hazard to fire services around the nation,” he said. (iii)

“Fire services are developing policy and procedure to deal with the rise in these types of incidents.” (iii)

“He said it was important batteries were safely stored and maintained.” (iii)

“These batteries, in general, if they become pierced or exposed to radiant heat or fire, a thermal runaway process may commence whereby the cells of the battery become heated and may cause fire,” he said. (iii)

“This can lead to an explosive or volatile toxic situation which may result in a fire in a home, as it has in this case.” (iii)

“Investigators are still piecing together how the battery caught alight, including if a fault in the product was to blame.” (iii)

“The batteries store solar energy generated during the day for use at night, during cloudy periods and when there is a blackout.” (iii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Personally, I refuse to use Lithium-ion Batteries. I believe better batteries are out there. And mining of Lithium is also poisonous for environment. Trust Lithium-ion Batteries? No Way!

Dangerous? So is Lithium-ion Batteries.

Never make friends with unstable people,


with unreliable products like Lithium-ion Batteries.

Lithium Investigation to be continued…

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