Gel Batteries Better and Safer than Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Gel Batteries Better and Safer than Lithium-Ion Batteries

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RideApart News reports by Dustin Wheelen 8th March 2022, subject titled, ‘Gelion Claims Zinc-Bromine Gel Batteries Will Replace Lithium-ion.’ (i)

Gel Batteries… Cheaper and more durable than Lithium-ion batteries.

Battery technologies are evolving at a rapid pace– and for good reasons. With the automotive world moving toward electrification, companies need to find solutions for producing electric vehicles on a massive scale. While lithium-ion battery technology rules the roost today, that isn’t stopping firms from developing the next big leap forward.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… the fact that Lithium Batteries are inflammable and dangerous is a good reason to close down the use of Lithium Batteries. And Lithium itself is dangerous even during mining process, an activity which needs to be banned.

As for Electrification of Motor Vehicles, using Lithium Batteries is equally as dangerous as using Lithium Batteries in Solar Power and other appliances.

In the event of war, Electrical Vehicles can be rapidly shut down and not operational. In a magnetic storm electrical vehicles can be shut down faster than petroleum vehicles that do not use computer parts.

The future of engines is in using smarter CO2 Clean Energy not Petroleum and not Electrical Charging, but Politicians around the West are all asleep, dopy politicians that cannot visualize reality.

CO2 Clean Energy is the wiser future to fly planes, run Vehicles, Boats and all types of Engines. The entire world needs to wake up.

Any business owner that sells out to Communist China in the name of greed giving them ownership control, is a traitor to the ‘Free World’. And should serve life imprisonment.

The reason so many Politicians are incompetent is because they do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. Part of advanced P.I. skills includes excellent Communication Skills and Excellent ‘Project Management Skills’ as well as being able in overview to work not only with the evolution of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ but also with the essential companions of Science and History, including not only Modern History but also Ancient History of all cultures. An understanding of ‘Pre-History’ and ‘Cosmology’ and ‘Gaia existence’ Evolution and Chaos Process is also essential overview knowledge. People do not need to be detailed professionals in all these subjects, but they do need a basic foundation overview big picture understanding of all these subjects in harmony with the essential values of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. All of these subjects should be mandatory education through ‘High School’.

The subject of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ should be a mandatory companion subject in every subject course in High School and Universities. P.I. is the essential Future of better ‘Quality of Life’ for all of society in every Nation. The evolutionary development of ‘Gaia Language’ is important to the process of ‘Globalisation in Communication, ‘Free Trade’ and the elimination of all ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies, replaced by pro-democracy ‘Liberty Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. Until all anti-freedom ideologies are phased out, in other words, eliminated, the tragedy of the ‘Habit of War’ will not end. To stop the ‘Habit of War’ we must eliminate all anti-freedom ideologies.

Today’s Society does not yet have the ability to keep up with my advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence Vision’ but through evolution process society will become wiser and smarter past being clever by mastering the skills of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. I am the Einstein of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’. When you study my logic you will learn why, and also you will learn how I and Einstein have so much in common in ‘Philosophical Vision’ and understanding.

Albert Einstein (1879- 1955) died (age 76) when I, Allan Ivarsson, was six years of age and his philosophy evolved with me after my 35th year in 1984. I discovered during my research studies over the years that in philosophy beliefs he and I were thinking in the same dimension of convictions. I was surprised to learn that he foresaw in a light overview prophesy of just a few words the evolution of my ‘Philosophical Vision’.

But now having tabled that philosophical understanding, we shall return to the subject of Batteries Technology.

“From solid-state power units to structural batteries to sci-fi-worthy quantum batteries, there’s no shortage of ideas and concepts. However, the Australian company Gelion Technologies believes it found a more affordable and durable approach with its zinc-bromide gel battery. Unlike lithium-ion units, the material found in Gelion’s design isn’t rare, expensive, or potentially flammable.(i)

“While zinc-bromide has been used for large flow batteries in the past, the company has downsized the design to suit vehicular applications. Each Gelion battery consists of negatively-charged zinc plates and positive bromine ions partitioned by an internal membrane. As a result, the firm’s proprietary gel avoids the risk of ignition.” (i)

“Gelion also claims that the specially-formulated gel allows engineers to control the battery’s discharge rate by tweaking the gel’s viscosity. Additionally, the zinc-bromine battery composition is also more stable, with Gelion reporting that its gel withstands temperatures as low as 5 degrees (F) [-15 C] and as high as 122 degrees (F) [50 C]. That temperature resistance not only helps while the battery is in use but is also beneficial during continuous rapid charging cycles.” (i)

“With zinc nine times more abundant than lithium and much cheaper, the new battery certainly poses a new alternative to current technologies.” (i)

The Australian company will continue developing its battery until 2023, when it plans to release its first zinc-bromine model, the Endure. Gelion will test its units in electric cars until then, and we can’t wait to see how the tech influences the ever-growing EV market in years to come.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is exciting potential safer future. We need safer batteries not flammable for ‘Solar Renewable Energy’ support. Lithium is too dangerous and needs to be traded out of existence, including the cessation of ‘Lithium Mining’.

Internet Comment Summaries

17th March 2022

Company Description: GELION TECHNOLOGIES LTD is located in Eveleigh, New South Wales, Australia and is part of the Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing Industry. GELION TECHNOLOGIES Pty Ltd has 200 total employees across all of its locations and generates $7.21 million in sales (USD). [Obviously the latter logistics are variable forever changing numbers.]

Even so, there’s no doubt Gelion is an exciting start up. Its flagship zinc-bromide battery was developed by Professor Thomas Maschmeyer and will now be manufactured at Battery Energy’s Sydney factory in Fairfield. These new batteries can reportedly deliver power more efficiently and safely than a standard Lithium-ion one.

The partnership represents the next stage of commercialization for Gelion and Battery Energy, demonstrating their commitment to supplying competitive Australian designed and manufactured energy storage products to the local market.

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