History: Russian Freedom Resistance Against Putin Invasion of Ukraine IV

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Feature Image: Ukraine Flag Fights Invasion of ‘Putin Russian’ Communist Flag.

Ukraine: Men and Women United now supported in Spirit by Russian Men and Women who oppose Vladimir Putin’s War Invasion of Ukraine.

Russian Mother and Daughter with Rowan Plant Love Peace not War.

Russian Women Love Peace not War.

Russian Man wants Peace not War.

Russian Carriage Culture wants Peace not War.

“Z” the Common Enemy of all ‘Freedom Resistance’ Ukrainians and Russians.

History: Russian Freedom Resistance Against Putin Invasion of Ukraine IV

aka… Putin divides families… Russian Parents falsely accuse their children of betrayal of their Country

“My Mother Says, I am Betraying Russia”

“I have to Change Her Mind. To Show Her what was really going on.”

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/my-mother-says-i-am-betraying-russia-putin-s-invasion-divides-the-generations/ar-AAUZL4s?

A.I. comments… This exposed understanding proves that though millions of people are denied ‘Freedom of Speech’ in Communist Countries, that the majority of people do want to live free of the tyranny of Marxist Communism.

It is the job of humanitarian nature to overthrow all Communists and help the people free themselves from the oppression of Gangster Guns ruling them.

Pjotr Sauer of The Guardian posted on the 13th of March 2022, the following important information titled, “My mother says I am betraying Russia”: Putin’s invasion divides the generations. (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Before I table more of this important philosophical attitude history in Russia, I am going to talk briefly about why I started this important brief presentation titled by me, History: Russian Freedom Resistance Against Putin Invasion of Ukraine I, II, III, and now IV’ is being posted by me.

I am doing all the research hard work for no income pay, doing it for free, as ‘Social Capital’ to help younger people around the globe gain the education they need to protect and preserve their right to live free in their own country. If we do not have the education of history, politics, economics and philosophy and attitude as well as overview science and technology understanding, how in the hell can we continue to live free when there are so many evil anti-freedom ideology people focused on ‘Insanity of Greed’ in every country striving to oppress us? Reading is the easy part… the hard work is in doing the cross-check research.

If people are too intellectually lazy to read and upgrade their education they deserve to be conquered and wiped out by all evil people that use anti-freedom ideology to trample others into the dust. I have no sympathy for cowards and traitors that do nothing but whinge when they suffer from the bully oppression of others. I detest intellectual weaklings that refuse to read and learn.

Freedom needs to be protected and preserved by every generation forever. The day people take ‘Freedom for Granted’ is the day they will lose it, by becoming victims of tyranny, abused, bullied, enslaved, imprisoned and killed. Wake up people, the only way we can stop ‘Bully Oppression’ is by education, a constant persistent process every day of our life. We cannot learn everything, but we can learn good overview common-sense survival knowledge and help each other by sharing our individual skills with each other.

As I have recorded previously thousands of Russians oppose Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This is another important point of view.

On day three of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Victoria Gogh realised her mother was slipping away from her.” (i)

“I noticed on the phone that mum was starting to parrot the government’s narrative about this war – that this was all the fault of NATO, that Russia had no choice but to defend itself,” said Gogh, 28, a fashion consultant originally from a small town in Siberia who moved to Moscow.” (i)

“It became my mission to change her mind, to show her what was really going on,” said Gogh, who has strongly opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on her social media channels.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is a good thing when a family member has the common-sense courage to stand up and table the truth to family and others. For the Truth must be told, and Deceit must be exposed. I hope Gogh succeeds in waking her mother up to open her eyes to what is really happening.

“Vladimir Putin’s decision to start a war with Russia’s neighbour has seen many Ukrainian families torn apart, as their adult men are forced to stay behind and fight while other members of the family flee the violence.” (i)

A.I. comments… Every day, I read more about the tragedy of war in Ukraine, I become disgusted with 100% Hate of Vladimir Putin. Now past 40 days of cruel murder invasion by Russian Military, hundreds of Ukrainian Civilians, Men, Women and Children of all ages have been brutally murdered. And ‘War Criminal’ Putin is guilty beyond a shadow of doubt of these vicious crimes against innocent Ukrainian people who simply wanted to live their lives happily in peace, living free of anti-freedom ideology like evil Marxist Communism.

The ‘Emotional Conflict’ is not just in Ukraine, though they are experiencing the worst. Many good young Russian people oppose the evil invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. Caring Decency of Russian people thrives with strength of character.

“But Russia has also been experiencing its own family rifts – between those who back the war and those who oppose it. Often, that divide runs along generational lines.” (i)

“In broad terms, younger Russians are less likely to have anti-Ukrainian sentiments. We have seen that the anti-war protests have also largely involved younger people,” said Andrei Kolesnikov of the Carnegie Moscow Centre.” A lot of how you perceive the war depends on where you get your news,” he said. “If you watch television, you are simply more likely to toe the official line. And older people tend to watch more TV.” (i)

A.I. comments… I am now an elderly person but since the invention of VHS tapes and later DVD’s and now ‘Streaming’, I rarely watch a movie or TV show on Television. As for news I can get more selective knowledge of what is happening on the Internet in a variety of opinions and facts on the same subject which gives me better understanding than the sensationalized brief news presentations.

“In the past, polling has found that television remains the biggest news source for Russians, with more than 60% of the population relying on it for information. Russians over 65 are 51% more likely to watch television than under 25s.” (i)

A.I. comments… I do not trust polling because samples of information logistics is not an accurate reflection of truth. However, as natural trend, I suspect that in most countries where freedom exists, the over 26’s are more likely to watch television more regularly than the under 25’s. I remember, even though I worked during the day as a young man, my nights in Sydney, often were active socially in wine bars, pubs, hotels, city class or suburban class standards. And some of these places, including clubs had dancing. I met hundreds of interesting people, men and women, we became social friends for the evening and then I moved on like a ship in the night, meeting others in different locations at night. I enjoyed the freedom to circulate. So, Television did not hold my attention.

But the danger of Television in Communist Countries is that the people watching the news are fed propaganda deceitful claims covering up the truth and that is what evil Putin did delivering untrue statements, such is Putin’s cowardice and deliberate deceit. And the ignorant and naïve people in Communist Nations that have not read Karl Marx ‘Communist Manifesto’ which I read in 1984, will have no idea about constant deceit of Communist Party Leader treachery.

“The full force of Russian state media has been mobilized to portray the war as a “special military operation” aimed at liberating Ukraine and protecting citizens in Donbas from Ukrainian “genocide”. Videos of Russian bombs hitting cities have been described as staged by the Ukrainian side.” (i)

A.I. comments… Vladimir Putin instructed these lies to be posted on Television, which proved that Marxist Communist Despots like Putin and Xi Jinping cannot ever be trusted to tell the truth. Telling lies is the foundation of their deceitful cowardly greedy nature.

The Ukrainians were not planning any ‘Genocide’. Putin Lied. The bombing attacking Ukrainians was not launched by Ukrainians. The entire war was started by Putin as instructions to the Russian Military and he was the one that encouraged the use of ‘Z’ to con Russians to cheer the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin demanded the violent action of cruelly dropping bombs to wipe out Ukrainian ‘Freedom Resistance’ who fought in defence against Russian brutal invasion. The Massacre of Ukrainian Civilians, men, women, and children was ordered by Vladimir Putin and approved by Xi Jinping Communist Beijing China. These creeps both engineered this invasion of Ukraine to test the global resistance, because Jinping is planning to invade Taiwan in much the same way as Ukraine was invaded and Jinping wants to invade Australia and take ownership control of the entire South Pacific Region.

Putin and Jinping often shook hands in agreement of friendship unity, in their agenda plans to gradually conquer all of the world North and South. They shook hands in agreement to invade first Ukraine and then Taiwan and then more expansion claims by use of war.

This is why Xi Jinping refused to denounce the invasion of Ukraine because he is planning to invade Taiwan.

“We see that a majority of Russians appear to support the country’s actions, at least the way these actions are presented to them by the media”, Kolesnikov said. (i) [Andrei Kolesnikov of the Carnegie Moscow Centre]

“He said it was unsurprising, given the sensitivity of the topic, that the war had created tensions between families and friends: “It is very hard for people to accept that their side are actually the bad guys.” (i)

A.I. comments… This tragedy of human nature erroneous thinking reminds me of all ‘Civil Wars’ including the sad American Civil War between the Confederates and the Union. Brother fought Brother, Sons and Fathers fought each other. Nephews fought Uncles; Cousins fought Cousins; such is the sadness of war.

Victoria Gogh, who decided to leave the country [Russia] last week after being detained for joining an anti-war protest in Moscow, said she eventually managed to convince her mother, Svetlana, of her country’s “devastating role” in the war. “But now I have to persuade my older cousins and uncles. I have got a whole list,” she joked. Her “mission” is likely to become even harder.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Sad to be alone in a divided family during War.”

This incident like so many others we will never know, is the foundation of sadness, when a son told his parents the truth and they turned against him, foolishly believing that Putin was the good guy and that their son was wrong and a traitor. But it is the parents who were wrong not the son. This is what was said…

“For others, like Dmitry, a tech consultant in Moscow, the war has already had disastrous consequences for his relationship with his family.” (i)

“After the invasion, I wanted to move in with my parents to try to tell them what is really happening,” Dmitry said.” (i)

“During the first week of the war, he went through a daily ritual of showing his parents video clips of Russian shelling of Ukrainian cities and critical reports by independent bloggers and media outlets.” (i)

“But none of it had any impact. It actually only made them more convinced that they were right. After a week, I moved back out of the house, and my mother has since texted that I am betraying my country.” (i)

The final straw came last Thursday, when his father sent him a news clip that claimed that Wednesday’ bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol had been staged by the Ukrainian authorities, with actors posing as injured mothers. This conspiracy theory has also been promoted by Russian officials.” (i)

“It made me so angry. I am not sure we will ever be able to sit at the same table again,” Dmitry said, shrugging. “I think they have been zombified by state propaganda, and they truly see me as an enemy of the state. I have given up.” (i)

A.I. comments… Such tragic divisions in family are common in times of war. The foolish and ignorant naïve versus alert common-sense and recognition of open mind truth. In this case his parents betrayed him and turned their back on him, their own son, when he told them the truth. Putin true to his evil nature, lied again and again, destroying Russian families who could not comprehend that Vladimir Putin is a liar, a traitor and a despot gangster.

“On Friday, Russia announced a block on Instagram, days after doing the same to Facebook and Twitter. The crackdown on social media – and Russia’s, few remaining independent media outlets – will further restrict access to outside information on the war and boost the influence of state media.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I have written for the last two years, this is not ‘Russia’ the words are ‘Putin Russia’. True Russians are not ‘Marxist Communists’ like Vladimir Putin.True Russians’ love ‘Freedom Values’ and reject with contempt the Anti-Freedom Ideology of Marxist Communism.

Putin like Jinping are cowards. They fear ‘Freedom of Speech’. They fear the people disagreeing with their laws and dictatorships. Hence, they ‘Communists’ deliver propaganda lies on TV and in rigged newspapers, determined to manipulate naïve ignorant Russians and Chinese by persistent use of lies. We know a person is a coward when they constantly lie again and again, afraid to tell the truth.

Putin banned Social Media to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’. Putin copied Jinping’s banning of ‘Social Media’ to stop ‘Freedom of Speech’. Mark my words, beyond a shadow of a doubt, both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping who have often shaken hands as friends, are both afraid of ‘Freedom of Speech’ which proves they are cowards.

The betrayal in families is so tragic and hard to comprehend that during all wars, there are always those naïve ignorant types that refuse to believe the truth.

For some, even their own experiences of being shelled have not been enough to convince their loved ones about Russia’s real activities.” (i)

“The BBC and the New York Times have spoken to Ukrainians who said that their relatives in Russia simply would not believe that their cities were being bombarded.” (i)

A.I. comments… In other words, naïve apathic ignorant people exist in every country that do not have the courage to think with dynamic open mind by striving to learn the truth.

“Sad to be alone in a divided family during War.”

My parents understand that some military action is happening here. But they say: “Russians came to liberate you. They won’t ruin anything. They won’t touch you. They’re only targeting military bases,” said Oleksandra from Kyiv, describing to the BBC her attempts to explain to her parents that the Ukrainian capital was under Russian attack.” (i)

A.I. comments… Far too many Russian parents believe ‘Putin’s deliberate lies’. By the time these parents wake up, it will be too late. They will have lost their children because they trusted Putin and failed to think, “maybe the children are telling the truth and we need to have an open mind and seek to learn more.”

Fools are Blind Believers. The Alert stay open in mind. Those parents who betrayed their children by not striving to understand their opinion point of view will live the curse of misery unto death.

Ilya Krasilshchik, a popular Russian blogger and former tech executive, asked his 110,000 followers on Instagram to send him their own stories of family infighting.” (i)

“Krasilshchik said he soon received “hundreds of screenshots” from young Russians, showing heated and emotional exchanges with their parents. He decided to post some of those conversations to show young Russians that they weren’t alone.” (i)

“Clearly, this war has been a very traumatic experience for many families in this country.” (i)

A.I. comments… “Sad to be alone in a divided family during War.”

Putin true to his evil nature, lied again and again, destroying Russian families who could not comprehend that Vladimir Putin is a liar, a traitor and a despot gangster.

Destroying families by lies and use of violence is an evil act. Destroying the lives of thousands to millions, is a genocide act of ‘War Crimes’ against those who were victims of cruel violence. And unto those who were emotional victims of divided families caused by deliberate propaganda deceit, Putin is guilty of ‘High Treason’ against his own people.

And Xi Jinping is guilty as being an accessory of Putin’s crimes because he chose the allied path with Putin, using the process of ‘Silence is Approval’.

People around the world must hold Xi Jinping accountable for approving of Vladimir Putin’s cruel invasion of Ukraine.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

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