The Age of Drone Wars, Hypersonic Missile Wars and Nuclear War-Heads is now Threatening Extinction of the Human Race… Do you Care?

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Feature Image: Drone at Sunset… Friend or Enemy?

Drones are a great technological invention when used as a tool of life. But like all tools many are used for violence and consequently prove humans are not very smart. And though they may be clever in technology skills it is obvious that they have limited decent intelligence when they choose to use drones as weapons of war.

Thus, Drone Attacks become ‘War Crimes’. Such behaviour must be ‘Outlawed’ by International Law. Question is… “How many Political Humans have the persistent courage to fight to stop the use of Drones in War. Time will tell us the answer to that question.

Allan Ivarsson 10th June 2022.

Birds staying alert avoiding Drones.

Flying Drone Photography… Friend or Espionage?

How much can we trust each other, to do the right thing?

There are numerous usage Drone choices for aiding agriculture. Lifesavers and Rescue Operations can help save lives using drones. Good use is almost countless but then when people cross the line to use drones for acts of violence that dark thinking of humans comes out in the open and deceit and tragedy often sadly follows.

The Age of Drone Wars, Hypersonic Missile Wars and Nuclear War-Heads is now Threatening Extinction of the Human Race… Do you Care?


Allan Ivarsson comments…

Flashing back to November 22, 2021 ‘National Interest’ posted an important concern, titled… “Drones Hunting Drones: Russia’s Plans for an ‘Aerial Minefield’, by Sebastien Roblin. (i)

Sebastian Roblin holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and served as a university instructor for the Peace Corps in China. He has also worked in education, editing, and refugee resettlement in France and the United States. He currently writes on security and military history.

I thank my Engineer friend in Australia Lew Carmichael for bringing this important report to my attention.

Here’s What You Need to Remember: It’s too soon to tell which counter-drone tactics and technologies will prove most effective but using drones to hunt drones has the appeal of using a platform that’s potentially as cost-efficient as the threat it’s trying to counter.” (i)

A.I. comments… The concept of “Kamikaze Drones” is tabled in this must read report. But Society must understand the ‘Kamikaze Japanese Pilots’ in WWII only sacrificed their life for selected Military Targets. Whereas “Kamikaze Drones” will at random mass kill citizens using holocaust elimination tactics.

As for the economic factor of using Drones, Governments will spend excess Taxpayers Funds just to fight the enemy. There is no economic logic on both sides of the fence in war.

Anti-Freedom Ideology Countries thrive on the violent use of drones to kill masses of people, thus it follows that ‘Freedom Nations’ will use Drones to counter-fight drones and other military weapons and transport.

Artificial Intelligence Drones and Missiles have no Conscience. And when anti-freedom military countries use Drones and Missiles it is not in the first instance being used for self-defence. These mass people drone killers are being used to conquer that country to oppress the region and take ownership control of that country by being ruthlessly focused on mass killing all the people, in much the same way as Vladimir Putin Russia has been doing to the Ukrainian Nation. Xi Jinping is also willing to attack Taiwan using Drones and Missiles. I pray Jinping is wiser than Putin and does not attack Taiwan or the South Pacific Nations in a bid to rule all the Nations in the Region. If Jinping copy’s Putin MAD aggression World War III will be the tragic consequence.

Politicians in Western Nations are too much talk and walk too soft failing to strengthen their Nation in Self-Sufficiency and Military Strength; it is now mandatory that people stand for ‘Freedom’ against all ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ by Openly standing United against Marxist Communism and ‘Sharia Law’.

As my readers know, I have openly demanded that Xi Jinping release the Chinese People from the oppression of Communism in China. And I have criticised every person, Politician and CEO and Board of Directors that has supported imports to Australia from China. In fact, I have insisted that all exports to China must cease until Xi Jinping gives the Chinese People their eternal right to live free in a Democracy, in much the same way of Taiwan has lived free since 1912.

We are intellectually backward if we say nothing and fail to oppose all ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ and we are irresponsible if we fail to denounce the use of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ and ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ and “Kamikaze Drones”. The ‘Habit of War’ must be stopped! If we fail to act, I guarantee that the entire ‘Human Race’ shall become extinct.

Forget about the Coward Climate Change Panic Activists that are so ignorant they cannot comprehend that the real danger is what I have tabled here and previously in other reports. Only vanity and crazy lack of logic naively thinks they can control ‘Climate Change’ which has been happening for over three billion years on Planet Gaia/Earth. Many around the world know that the Greens lack commonsense. I have posted many reports with the truth about ‘Climate Change’ and what is the right thing to do. But ‘Climate Change’ Panic Activists’ are so yellow-belly afraid, they cannot handle reading my Mentor Reports. These fools are just not smart enough to understand the truth.

Click Here to Readthis important detailed report about ‘Drone Overview History’. There is more information out there we must read and learn, motivated by one commitment to challenge and stop the use of these weapons of war and other weapons of ‘Mass Destruction’.

Every person that says “No” to the use of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ and ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ and “Kamikaze Drones” can make a difference and determine whether the human race becomes extinct or not.

There are volumes of information about Drones use in War in Fiction and Games but so far, except brief history, the advance of Drone Warfare is still in the early stages of evolution. But that tragically will rapidly change. And that is societies most serious problem, we must fight to stop this insane misuse of Drone Technology to kill people.

Drone Attacks become ‘War Crimes’.

Such behaviour must be ‘Outlawed’ by International Law.

Artificial Intelligence Drones and Missiles have no Conscience.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Transcript of Slide Comments by A.I.

The Age of Drone Wars and Missile Wars is now existent. And the additional elimination is the mass murder of thousands of people.

It is time for the people to unite and oppose ‘Nuclear War-Heads, Drone Wars & Missile Battles. The Victim is always the innocent citizens, where men, women, children & babies are killed… a holocaust that wipes out complete families.

The Despots must be hunted and targeted ruthlessly for elimination to stop ‘The Habit of War’. The Age of Anti-Freedom Ideology must be Terminated.

Apathy makes us a potential victim.

‘Silence is Approval’.

“Ignorance is Evil. Why? Because Ignorance allows evil to exist.”

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