Australian Referendum Challenged… White Creeps Abuse ‘Great Aboriginal’ Leader Warren Mundine

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Australian Referendum Challenged… White Creeps Abuse ‘Great Aboriginal’ Leader Warren Mundine

Nic White for Daily Mail Australia posted on the 17th of August 2022, a ‘Controversial Emotional Explosion’ titled, “EXCLUSIVE: How prominent Aboriginal leader is being bombarded by more racist abuse NOW than in his entire career COMBINDEDand it’s from WHITE Aussies fuming he doesn’t support the Voice to Parliament.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Before I start reviewing this report, I am going to cut through the wrong thinking of those creeps who are trying to destroy our ‘Australian Constitution’ by sewing into it a ‘Division Statement’ focused on splitting Australians down the Centre forcing us into ‘Secession Civil War Action’.

Those fighting to divide Australia include our idiot new Prime Minister Labor Anthony Albanese, who no doubt loves Australia, but is naïve and does not have the competent intelligence to manage Australia and lead us correctly as one Nation. I did not vote in Albanese, but other ignorant fools did.

Anthony Albanese was only voted in because of the Corruption of the Australian Election System called ‘Preference Voting System’.

To add to the disaster the ‘Greens Party’ enemies of a ‘Healthy Reliable Energy System’ have gained more power to economically destroy Australian Industry, and Job Opportunities by encouraging the destruction of ‘Australian Self-Sufficiency’. The idiot Greens reject the use of CO2 ‘Clean Energy Technology’ for Engines to replace the use of Petroleum and Diesel, which is a far cheaper change than using ‘Electric Vehicles’ which are serious drain on ‘Energy Supplies’ needed for Homes and Industries.

It must be reminded that the use of flammable Lithium Batteries with ‘Electric Vehicles’ is a dangerous fire hazard approved by the idiot inferior thinking ‘Greens Party’. These Batteries are also dangerous for Solar Power use.

The ‘Greens Party’ also focus on destruction of Environment and Wildlife on Land and in the Sea by use of ‘Renewable Energy’ clearing and oppressive activity making it difficult and impossible for Wildlife Corridors to thrive in Australia.

One of the enemies of ‘Environment and Wildlife’ are ‘Wind Farms’ on Land and Sea. But only the ignorant do not understand this Environmental Destruction.

The ‘Greens’ are also cowards afraid to challenge Xi Jinping Communist Beijing for refusing to close down all Fossil Fuel Plants. They are also afraid to demand that all of India closes down all ‘Fossil Fuel Plants’.

The truth is… whilst Communist China and India continue to use ‘Fossil Fuel Power Plants’ everything Australia does working towards ‘Wishlist Dream Net Zero Target’ expensive accomplishments is negated by Communist China and India ‘Fossil Fuel Plants’. This hypocritical Greens authoritarian obsession will serve to economically weaken Australia more and make Australians poorer. If we do not change our ways and return to survival strength, which we once possessed before the 1990’s, Australia will become a ‘Third World’ poor Nation.

The stupidity of our ‘Renewable Energy’ expensive system is that we shall still mine our coal and ship it as export to overseas consumers including ‘Communist Chinese ‘Fossil Fuel Plants’. But ‘Greens’ are okay with that mining export business provided we Australians the ‘Great Pretenders’ are ‘Net Zero Focused’ even if we must become poorer and in sufferance, just to satisfy the ‘Greed’ of the ‘Greens’ to rule Australia and oppress us with their authoritarian dictatorship demands. There is only one way to treat a ‘Green’ walk over them like we do ‘Green Lawn’.

The White Aussies Fuming are Marxist Socialists supporters of Communist Chinese Invasion takeover of Australia. They want to weaken Australian Society and Government and Economy, so that Xi Jinping Communist Beijing can take control of us without firing a shot. Xi Jinping wants us to dump alliance with USA and submit to the demands of ‘Communist Party’ China in much the same way as Solomon Islands and PNG has weakly submitted.

Many wiser Aborigines want to be ‘True Blue’ Australians who are wisely proud of their 70,000 year pre-history Native Culture. And they appreciate the benefits and privileges they enjoy, which most non-Native Australians are not allowed to enjoy. These Aboriginal Descendants don’t need a ‘Voice in Parliament’ because their voice of concern is always accepted in much the same way as the voice of all wise Australians are recognised and accepted as part of the eternal right to ‘Freedom of Speech’.

In every culture there is always wise common-sense thinking people and unwise stupid thinking people.

The ‘Power Hungry’ troublemakers throwing a tantrum spitting out their dummies, like spoilt brats, are those white creeps and some misguided part-aborigines who have a Marxist Socialist Authoritarian mentality and are by their emotional rants clearly enemies of all ‘True Blue’ Aussies that reject this crazy mission by Anthony Albanese to create ‘One Voice in Parliament’ by dividing Australia through reckless changes to our Australian Constitution.

The demand for ‘One Voice in Parliament’ for Aborigines which denies the right of ‘One Voice in Parliament’ for all non-Aborigines is a deliberate act of ‘Prejudice’ against all non-Aboriginal Australians. And for that reason such a change in the ‘Australian Constitution’ will divide Australia and force us into ‘Civil War’ Action.

Warren Mundine and Senator Jacinta Price are two ‘Great Aboriginal People’ and I say, “Three Cheers” for both of them.

And now to move forward to review the reason for my passed forward post about the unjust abuse Warren Mundine has been receiving for his courage of convictions stance against approving ‘The Voice in Parliament’ for Aborigines’, signed off by Anthony Albanese’s planned change in the ‘Australian Constitution’, which will corrupt ‘Australian Heritage’ and divided us into ‘Civil War’ Groups.

Aboriginal leader Warren Mundine is being bombarded with hundreds of racial threats and abusive messages every day for opposing the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.” (i)

A.I. comments… Our irresponsible Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is directly responsible for all the abuse and threats being posted against Aborigines… Mundine and Price. This persistent emotional bomb of abuse and threats proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our new Prime Minister Albanese is directly accountable for launching all of this abuse, by inciting Marxist Socialists to create an atmosphere of abuse that will lead us into ‘Civil War’. Anthony Albanese needs to be immediately sacked from the position of Prime Minister. But will the Governor-General have the courage to get rid of him, like idiot Whitlam was removed from office in 1975?

“The former Labor Party president turned one-time Liberal candidate admitted he’d long been a divisive figure but the abuse he copped in a day recently was more than the past 20 years combined.” (i)

“I’ve had more racial abuse and threats in the past two weeks than my entire life,” he told Daily Mail Australia, adding that most of the abuse was coming from white Australians.” (i)

A.I. comments…. As I said previously above, there is no doubt that the ‘White Australians’ abusing and threatening Aboriginal Mundine, are anti-freedom ideology Marxist Socialists locked into Authoritarian dictatorship mentality. Such is their abusive low-life anti-freedom of speech oppressive thinking founded upon bully ‘Woke Politically Correct’ Socialist tactics. These ‘White’ abusers attacking Mundine are not decent ‘True Blue’ Australians. They are divisive thinking people supporting the ignorant thinking of an already incompetent Prime Minister Albanese.

Nyunggai Warren Stephen Mundine AO was the National President of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). He quit the Labor Party in 2012. And was appointed chairman of the Coalition government’s Indigenous Advisory Council by then-Prime Minister, Tony Abbot.” (ii)


Mundine said, “It’s coming from people who aren’t ignorant or uneducated, they just disagree with my stance.” (i) [A.I. comments… Mundine is too nice in his remarks.]

“If a person is ignorant or racist you can turn them around, I’ve done it before.” (i)

“But when it’s coming from educated people who are using racial attacks on you because they don’t agree with you, that’s dangerous.(i)

A.I. comments… Agree to disagree in peace is what I was taught by a Lesbian in 1972. I have always agreed with that common-sense wisdom. But Marxist Socialists believe that threats and abuse bully methods are justified to oppress people. These gangster style Marxist thinkers, claiming to be ‘educated’, reject ‘Freedom of Speech’ -Agree to Disagree in Peace Privilege. People who abuse and threaten others have an Authoritarian/Totalitarian mentality, as as Mundine correctly said, “That’s Dangerous”.

Mundine said,Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who is pushing to have the Voice enshrined in the constitution, needed to call out its supporters who abuse critics.” (i)

A.I. comments… I doubt that Albanese is tough enough with a strong conscience to publicly reprimand all the so-called University Educated ‘Ratbags’ that are abusing and threating Mundine and Price and others for rejecting the objective of a ‘Referendum’ to change the Australian Constitution’ to force the imposition of an ‘Aboriginal Voice in Parliament’ which denies the ‘Equality’ of a Non-Aboriginal Voice in Parliament.

We have Democratic elected MP’s to be the voices in Parliament in the House of Representatives and the Senate. We do not need another layer of Voices to increase conflict confusion in Parliament. What next? LGBTQ Voice in Parliament? Guns Voice in Parliament? For and Against. Abortion Voice in Parliament? For and Against. The list of ideas of a second layer of ‘Voices’ can increase confusion and conflict to an out-of-control situation. Anthony Albanese lacks common-sense and should be removed from the position of Prime Minister. Albanese will not publicly reprimand all the abusive, threatening ‘Ratbags’ with their incompetent University Degree Mentality, because he is afraid that he will lose the ‘Ratbag’ Vote.

Mundine, “shared screenshots of several people on Twitter calling him racist names like ‘Uncle Tom’ (a black person accused of betraying their race) and ‘coconut’ (black on the outside but white on the inside) – but these were just the tip of the iceberg.” (i)

A.I. comments… Constantly the world in the ‘Free West’ keeps reprimanding ‘Racist Mentality Abuse and Threats’ from Gang Wars on the ‘Streets of America’ to unjust written abuse of other people and races. The Whites by history have proven they are just as stupid as many Blacks, Asians and Latinos in their obsession with ‘Race Hatred’. Yet, the ignorant stupidity continues. And now inferior thinking ‘Whites’ are abusing and threatening Mundine.

Fortunately around the world we have Good Asians, Blacks, Whites and Latinos that reject Supremacist Mentality Groups, be they Fanatical Asians, Blacks, Whites or Latinos. Ratbags in any Race educated or not, are inferior thinking human beings and when they become abusive and threatening, they prove by their wrong thinking behaviour that they are capable of becoming dangerous ‘Criminal Cowards’ and are enemies of a wholesome decent peaceful freedom of speech privilege society, where equality and justice must thrive, sharing understanding and points of view.

For a more detailed review read the Nic White for Daily Mail Australia News Report.

You can read ‘Ratbag’ comments in the Nic White report proving so called ‘University’ Educated people have rubber stamp education but lack a sense of decency and pragmatic common-sense. They certainly do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Universities need to lift their game and start teaching common-sense values of decency in all their courses. The Best Universities will be even smarter than average education. They will wisely teach the most advanced intelligence in the Universe. It is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

“Some two-thirds of Australians are in favour of enshrining an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the constitution via a referendum.” (i)

A.I. comments… That Statement passed down by Media thinking is a lie. There is no such evidence of that majority belief. I don’t believe two-thirds of Australians are that stupid. The ‘Baby Boomers’ my generation, and my Parents Generation and my Grandparents Generation would never support such an anti-Australian fractured anti-unity idea. Remember our Parents and Grandparents were involving in fighting for ‘Freedom’ during World War II and they did not fight these battles just to give away freedom to anti-freedom ideology groups like idiot Anthony Albanese and his ‘Ratbag’ Fanatic followers. If our Children and Grandchildren are that stupid to support such a negative divisive objective, then they all deserve to be conquered by my enemy Xi Jinping Communist Beijing, because they have agreed to ‘Divide Australia’ into two permanent opposing conflicts, threatening Secession and Civil War.

“However, almost none of them yet know the details of exactly what they would be voting for in a poll likely sometime in the next 10 to 18 months.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I have written in past years many times, I do not trust Polls they are sample ideas, often to promote wrong ideas as being popular and do not reflect majority thinking. Polls are often used to manipulate people and incite false knowledge ‘Populism’ a deceit tactic. The naïve and gullible are the victims of ‘Poll Manipulation’.

I have dealt with Albanese deceitful strategy in previous reports as referenced again by Nic White.

Obviously, all the ‘Ratbags’ abusing and threating Warren Mundine are idiots. They don’t need know the secret wording PM ‘Anthony Albanese’ is planning to insert in the ‘Australian Constitution’ he has admitted he is afraid to tell the Australian people the exact planned words, because he does not want his agenda defeated.

“Now we shall explore the ‘Reckless Mission’ by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to change our ‘Australian Constitution’ using a deceitful Referendum focused on being a promotion of a ‘Blank Cheque’ giving the Aboriginals, many not being full-blood Aborigines, the ‘Authoritarian Right’ to overrule and oppress all non-Aboriginal Australians, stripping them of their cherished ‘Freedom Rights’, which all current Aborigines also enjoy in equality of rights, with certain privileges, which at times are questionable special rights.” (iii)


This enemy of ‘Australian Freedom’ planning to divide Australia into a generation after generation conflict is revealed behind the lines, in the secret plans of PM Albanese which he is afraid to tell the public. And ‘Ratbags’ abusing and threatening ‘Warren Mundine’ support blind changes to the ‘Australian Constitution’ which they don’t even know what those planned changes are. How Stupid is that? You are right. The so-called University Degree Qualified Ratbags are not just ignorant stupid. They are ‘Nuts’ that is… ‘Insane’.

Nic White wrote… “Prime Minster Anthony Albanese, who went to the election promising to hold the referendum, said when he announced it that the details would be ironed out afterwards.” (i)

“But four days later he reversed this position after concerns voters could be signing up to an expensive, ill-defined new bureaucracy.” (i)

“The proposed question for the referendum is just 17 words and by nature basic, vague, and lacking any detail.” (i)

The Question…

Do you support an alteration to the Constitution that establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice?” (i)

“Only three lines [A Blank Cheque.] would be added to the ‘Australian Constitution’ if the vote succeeded: creating the advisory body; stating it may ‘make representations to parliament’ on issues concerning indigenous Australians; and that Parliament may legislate on how it works.” (i)

A.I. comments… This idea is the ‘Blank Cheque’ that Albanese wants Australians to blindly sign, which ‘Ratbag’ threatening abusers, support true to their ignorance and lack of common-sense logic.

Allan Ivarsson Prophesy 21st August 2022

During this generation the ‘Aboriginal Voice to Parliament’ might start walking soft to ‘con’ naïve people into acceptance. But as seats of the voice change, it is sadly human nature to become corrupted by the lust for power and to increase the ‘Authoritarian Power of the Voice’, buying under the table, corrupt MP seats, to change the Power Status of the ‘A’ Voice to rule all non-Aboriginal People in an increased dictatorship tactic.

This increased dictatorship by the ‘Aboriginal Community Voice’ will cause calls for Secession and the Foundation of ‘Civil War’ by the non-Aboriginal Community and thus Australia will be ‘Divided Down the Fractured Centre’ into a major conflict, which will weaken Australia and open the gate for ‘Communist Beijing’ to invade Australia and wipe out all ‘Aboriginal Native Title’ rights and permanently oppress both sides of the ‘Civil War’ conflict by the forced rule of ‘Marxist Socialist Communist China’.

History will laugh at the stupidity of Australians for signing off a ‘Blank Cheque’ change in the ‘Australian Constitution’. And history will record Anthony Albanese as being a bigger idiot than 1975 Whitlam. And the Governor General who failed to terminate Anthony Albanese will go down in history as the weak link that allowed ‘Civil Strife’ to escalate which opened the gate to the invasion of Communist China.

If you want to read more of the debate ideas click onto Nic White’s report above. (i)

I shall return when more illogical insight hits the table to sell the idea of ‘Dividing Australia’ by a wrong thinking change to the ‘Australian Constitution’ that will permanently ‘Divide Australia’ and encourage ‘Communist Beijing’ to invade us.

A.I. comments… Don’t worry. Be Happy! The ignorant abusive threatening ‘Ratbag’s will ‘Rant & Rave’ spitting out their emotional dummies true to their tantrum mentality. And the battle with the common-sense ‘Australian Citizens’ against stupid Anthony Albanese thinking, will reveal that in the end ‘Australian History’ will recognize the danger of PM Albanese serious wrong thinking and behaviour. As for the ‘Ratbags’ their tantrums will vanish into forgotten history as do all rants and raves vanish by the next generation.

To be continued…

Allan Ivarsson PhD P.I. 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Ps. There are far too many people in life that think they have the right to dictate by force how other peaceful honourable decent people must live. Authoritarianism is not acceptable behaviour. Every person has the right to live free, in speech, choice and equality provided they do not abuse their ‘Freedom Privilege’ by denying others the same right to live free.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a wholesome good decent society.

This Treatise of Serious Concern was researched and written by Allan Ivarsson during his painful stress of suffering from COVID. He continued his work to fight for people’s right to live Free, because he deems it is his duty as instructed to him by Spiritual ‘God of Creation’ to fight for the eternal right of all humans to live free from the oppression of all anti-freedom ideologies. Allan lives tough, no matter how much pain he has to suffer. There is no place for anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and anti-freedom ‘Fascism’ and anti-freedom ‘Marxist Socialist Communism’ in a decent wholesome society. ‘Lest We Forget’.

Tony Abbott 2nd August 2022 states reality…

“Voice to Parliament is ‘Wrong in Principle’ and Bad in Practice.”

Summary Statement

“The proposed constitutionally entrenched Voice to Parliament is wrong in principle and will work out badly in practice,” former prime minister Tony Abbott says. I don’t believe that we need a constitutional change if we are to have a voice and certainly, I don’t think there’s any lack of consultation already,” Mr. Abbott told Sky News host Peta Credlin. “If anything, I think the problem is consultation paralysis when it comes to policy. “And the biggest issue in Indigenous affairs is the fact that all too often we’re unwilling to apply the same standards to Indigenous people and to expect the same responsibility … that’s applied and expected more generally in the Australian community.”

But the ‘Ratbags’ that bully abused and threatened ‘Warren Mundine’ will not attack Tony Abbott like they unjustly harassed Mundine. They will hide true to their keyboard warrior mentality away from being traced and identified. That is what anonymous writers do, who are afraid to post their Full Name, State and Country. It is easy to be anonymous in Pen Name, it takes courage of conviction to put your global name out there.

Only Stupidity and Indecency makes ‘Death Threats’ because they can’t emotionally handle difference of opinion.

Allan Ivarsson 21st August 2022