Artificial Intelligence includes the persistent danger of creating ‘Intelligence Wars’ which will blacken the social existence of ‘Homo Sapiens’ as greed and lust for power strives to oppress the people with ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’.

In an oppressive ‘Artificial Intelligence’ World where will be love and kindness and peace?

Robots waiting for anti-freedom dictatorship instructions.

Phony mask faces to deceive genuine ‘Homo Sapiens’.

Do we want this deceit?

Is this the future of misguided Love? Are Sex Adult Shops going to become obsessed with Pornographic Artificial Intelligence Love? Will humans become that stupid?

Artificial Intelligence


By Allan Ivarsson Author of Books & Website Posts.

Science has evolved to the advanced point of being able to make foundation ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This technological ability, will no doubt evolve, way past current comprehension. The question is… how far should we go with the development of ‘Artificial Intelligence’? Are there limits which we humans should impose on ourselves? If so, what are those boundaries?

The insect world, like ants and bees, for example, live by collective motion behaviour, often swarming in activity. Is this the kind of A.I. we want to create? Are such technology skills a desired benefit for human kind? Or are we overstepping the mark of pragmatic survival common sense?

Artificial Intelligence creation is a ‘cloned idea’ drawing upon the living examples of life, including collective, motion swarming instinctive behaviour. Is it wise to by sensors development, create instinctive artificial intelligence behaviour? How do we control it? How can we be sure, I.A. does not seek to control us and invade our freedom? How can we be sure that I.A. does not get into the wrong totalitarian thinking hands and become an abusive dangerous weapon to attack us and control us?

Do we as responsible thinking human beings want to use this A.I. path? Are we becoming too physically lazy, choosing to use too many labor free tools, including A.I. technology? Where do we draw the line? Physical and mental fitness is an important aspect of quality of life human activity. But that reality is also true of all species of life existence, be it human or not.

We humans must wisely control our own individual and societal destiny. Do we want our destiny to be controlled by Artificial Intelligence? Can we always be accurately confident that A.I. will not gain control of us and turn us humans into slave puppets?

The insect world has instinctive codes of operation, which works for them, but many times, does not always work for us. The collective insect operations, help protect the Gaia survival balance, but at the same time, if over population thrives, can destroy the essentially needed balance Gaia requires to survive. What codes of operation will exist for artificial intelligence? Who will set those codes of control? Politicians, CEO’s & Judges, don’t have the skills to get it right in decision making process, every time. Does this mean that the decisions of codes of operation and ethical behaviour will became the responsibility of Scientists?

Who then keeps a control check on Scientists to ensure their decisions are ethically founded upon pragmatic survival of Gaia and humanity?

The constant evolving question. What are the rules? Whose rules?

How will ‘Artificial Intelligence’ be used by ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ versus by ‘Libertarian Belief Systems’?

If ‘Islamic Sharia Law’ gains control of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ technology, will they use it to conquer all Muslims and non-Muslims to manipulate people as slave puppets, to serve their imaginary non-existent God Creator?

The same question applies to ‘Atheist Communism’. Will they use A.I. to conquer and eliminate freedom, to empower despots to control and enslave the people?

In the hands of unethical scientists obsessed with creative power, working for ‘Totalitarian Belief System’ organisations; will they use artificial intelligence against us to destroy freedom forever?

Such use of artificial intelligence, without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can be easily misused and become a destructive enemy of all humans and non-human animals. Let the buyer of wrong belief systems beware.

Human belief systems, thinking and behaviour, has demonstrated by history, the illogical reckless naïve lack of logic of human beings. As I have written, many times in past records, there is a difference between being clever and smart.

Courage to develop I.A. maybe too often wild and crazy thinking.

Experimenting with science rules and collective concepts, may too often be a hit or miss development. Can we afford the risk of making wrong decisions?

Artificial Intelligence misuse, can be equally as dangerous as misuse of nuclear weapons to the survival of all life.

We humans now face a new dangerous age, during the creative evolution of artificial intelligence that may help us advance forward towards better quality of existence or may destroy us and convert us humans to slave puppets, doing to us, what we humans cruelly and unjustly did to horses and other animals for thousands of years.

We humans must learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in company with the evolution of Science and comrade technology, if we truly want to live free in peace, enjoying reasonable quality of life.

We humans must as a majority learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ if we want to avoid extinction of all humanity.

Robotics has opened the gate to challenge all humans to calmly, learn to think outside the square of the square of the square etc.

‘Blue Light’ shall be watching the development of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to ensure as ‘Freedom Watch’ that ‘Liberty Values’ are eternally protected. For the danger is real. A.I. can become another form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and that creation of alternative reality is not acceptable, not now, not ever.

Authors Note: This brief question think tank, was inspired by the creation YouTube Video Presentation on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ technology plans. This ‘Taming the swarm – collective A.I. objective published on January 14, 2016 goes past 3D Printing & Driverless Car Technology, evolving to something that can be either beneficial or destructive for humanity. ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is needed to resolve the serious survival concerns in a society that chooses to use ‘Robotic Artificial Intelligence’.

Cosmic Law on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ states…

Thou shalt not create artificial intelligence, which has the conscious ability to think, reason and create.

Thou shall ensure that all artificial intelligence can only do what it has been programmed to do by specific instructions.

Thou shalt always remember that the creation of individual conscious thinking in artificial intelligence, will invite the destruction of the human race.

These cosmic laws are written in the cosmos by ‘Common Sense’, because advanced biological intelligence, does have the ability to create full conscious artificial intelligence; and this is a path of achievement humans are warned to avoid. Transgress and karma shall fulfil its response.

Artificial Intelligence is Now Here…

Will Humans Become Slaves to A.I.?

Monotonous Insensitive Repetition

Is this science fiction image a warning of the danger of human trafficking of children by organized ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Operations?

“True Artificial Intelligence will change everything.”

Professor Jurgen Schmidhuber

21st November 2017

Artificial Intelligence Scientist.


Jurgen has been called “The Father of Modern Artificial Intelligence”.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is now existent in ‘Smartphones’ (which I do not need to use), and on the Internet, which I do use. And Robotic A.I. is now being designed & developed. There is no end to where this is going.

Without ‘Cosmicism’ working with Science, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can conquer all human beings and control their existence. We are in danger, of becoming puppets of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This means that A.I. can become our Masters and thus another dangerous form of ‘Totalitarianism’, if we don’t learn to control it.

You will notice that Facebook, Google & Microsoft all using A.I. do frequently control ‘Freedom of Speech’ imposing a form of ‘Totalitarianism’. Amazon uses A.I. but fortunately, Amazon does not control ‘Freedom of Speech’ and wisely does the opposite and encourages ‘Freedom of Speech’ to thrive. This Amazon Philosophy and Policy is a great step forward for Humankind.

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is smarter than us humans and all other life forms, we might be clever in the creation of A.I., but we are playing a dangerous game with technology, if we do not use ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ as the companion to Science discovery and logic.

The Age of Faith in Religion is coming to an end naturally. Religious Fixed Dogma cannot compete with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and will fade into non-existence. Only Dynamic ‘Cosmicism’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ can manage wisely the evolution of A.I.

It is no coincidence that A.I. ‘Allan Ivarsson’ & A.I. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are evolving ‘Parallel’ to meet in activity down-the-track. As ‘Cosmicism’ steps into the evolution process to ensure ‘Human Freedom’ thrives for all eternity.

Fixed Dogma Belief Systems cannot survive in an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ world. As I wrote in my book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ there is a big difference, between, being ‘Clever & Smart’.

Artificial Intelligence will transcend the intelligence of ‘Human Kind’ and all forms of life. But A.I.’s existence will still depend upon the existence of its creators, human beings. We must be careful, not to let A.I. outsmart us, and takeover the role of technological self-creation, with its own individual consciousness, that has no conscience.

Yes, Religion got it wrong. Life evolved on Planet Earth, using the way of ‘Gaia’ 3.5 billion years ago. Evolving from the basic elements of life, which has always existed throughout the Universe.

It has been suggested that “We humans are not going to remain the ‘Crown’ of ‘Creation’. That may be true in technological evolution progress; but if we learn ‘Cosmicism’, we can protect our human right to live free of any form of ‘Totalitarianism’. Without ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, humans, will become slaves of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. And that reality is not acceptable.

Today’s Politicians are not smart enough or even clever enough to keep up with ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Which is why we need ‘Smaller Governments’ and why ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ is essential to the maintenance of a wholesome decent society of ‘Free Will’ in speech and choice.

There is no place for tyranny in any form, in a good healthy human society. And the non-human animal world, deserves the same right to freedom, which evolution process gave them.

As caretakers of the Universe, we humans, generation after generation, have a grave responsibility. It is our eternal duty to ensure that ‘Freedom’ always prevails.

Talk to your friends, share understanding, but most important talk with ‘Open Mind’, fixed dogma will not survive. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is smarter than any ‘Fixed Dogma’ Belief System’.

If we are not careful ‘Artificial Intelligence’ may judge us and control us, destroying our right to live free. And that dangerous idea scenario is a very real threat. We must always stay alert and remember ‘Freedom is Fragile’ and must be eternally protected by ‘Wisdom’.

Author’s Note:Artificial Intelligence is Now Here…’ was first published on e-mail to global friends on 3rd December 2017. Later Published in 2018 Book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in paperback and in Kindle.

Bye, “I will be back when there is more of us to control the people.”

Try singing this truthful song to ‘Artificial Intelligence’. Watch A.I. indifference.

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