Malaysia: Fundamentalist Islam strives to enforce Bikini Ban.

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Malaysia: Fundamentalist Islam strives to enforce Bikini Ban.

Every person of every Nation must oppose the Islamic Dictatorship Threat to Ban the Bikini and control the dress standards of Society in every country. Always say “No” to Islamic Bully Demands.

The ‘Bikini Factor’ is now a serious ‘Challenge to the Free World’ as hardcore Muslims strive to completely ban this attire and drive our clothing standards back past three hundred years to old oppressive ideas.

This is why the ‘Bikini’ is now a mandatory concern that must be put to bed with ‘Freedom value laws’ refusing to allow Islam to ever ban its decent dress standard.

In May 2002, a 21st day CABI Leisure Tourism report titled ‘Bikini ban threatens Malaysian tourist industry’… aroused questions in its opening statement… “The tourist industry in Malaysia has begun to suffer after one state banned holidaymakers from wearing bikinis and segregates men from women at swimming pools and in hotels.” (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments…

In the Middle East, the origin of ‘True Islam’ the wearing of the bikini in public is forbidden subject to severe punishment under ‘Sharia Law’ if disobeyed. In some Islamic Nations rules are sometimes relaxed when compared to strict ‘True Islam’ rules.

Tourists are very foolish to think they can travel safely to any Islamic Country because at any time without warning, Islamic laws can change, and tourists can be punished. Islam has proven it is an unstable lack of logic belief system. It varies constantly throughout the 1400-year history of Islam dependent upon local Muslim attitudes at the time of existence. New Muslim fanatics in every generation over a century can cause unjust abuse and death of naïve victims.

In May 2002…

The Terengganu state government has introduced many restrictions since becoming under the control of the fundamentalist Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party in 1999. Laws have included separate check-out queues for men and women in supermarkets and various attempts at restricting alcohol and mixing of sexes. However, the legislation is largely ignored, so officials have now decided to turn their attention to tourists.” (i)

A.I. comments… A visitor of an Islamic country can be there obeying the rules only to learn by surprise the law has suddenly changed and they are now guilty of disobeying a new law. Never Trust Islamic Laws, they change according to the degree of fanaticism that is ruling for the moment. Husbands and Wives cannot even do the shopping together… now how stupid is that? Answer: Completely idiotic but that is how backward 7th Century Islam thinks.

“Malaysia’s tourism minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir says that he is disappointed over the decision by the Islamic state government. He revealed many European tourists had cancelled trips to Malaysia because of the judgement.” (i)

Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir

A.I. comments… Since Fadzir does not want the strict rules of ‘True Islam’ the smartest thing he should do is walk away from Islam and become an ex-Muslim by freedom of choice, following the belief system that he likes. But now it is 2020 and he is not likely to change his mindset beliefs late in life. Born in 1939 he is now 81 years of age.

Fadzir was Minister of Information (1999-2006), Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism (1997-2004), President of Malaysian National Alliance Party assumed office in 2012.

In 2016 the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party, formed an informal ‘Third Force’ political alliances called ‘Gagasan Sejahtera’ on 13th August 2016. This ‘GS’ is an informal coalition of Islamic Political Parties promoting the ideas of peace in Malaysia. The main focus of the ‘GS’ is on the Political Matters of the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party, and uniting Malay Muslims. It upholds Democracy as the best way to govern Malaya. The ideology of the Malaysia Islamic Party is Islamic Fundamentalism.

‘True Democracy’ does not exist when Islamic Fundamentalism rules.

The Malaysia Islamic Party has maintained close ideological ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Their relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood dates back to the 1940’s. The Muslim Brotherhood praises the Malaysia Islamic Party as a successful Islamic Party.

The current Malaysian population 2020 is 32.6 million. An estimated 61% practice Islam. Buddhism 19%. Christianity 9%. Hinduism 6%. The majority of Malaysian Indians follow Hinduism. There are other minor religions/belief system percentages for Taoism, Confucianism, Sikhs, ancestor-worship, animism, and folk religion.

The Malaysian Constitution guarantees religious freedom. Despite the recognition of Islam as the State Religion. Compared to the Middle East Islamic Ideology, Malaysian Islam is not ‘True Islam’, but fanatics do thrive in Malaysia that want to enforce increased oppressive dictatorship Islamic rules.

The very fact that the ideology of the Malaysia Islamic Party is Islamic Fundamentalism means that at anytime in future history the addiction to Middle East ‘Sharia Law’ extremism can become seriously worse. During such a time of extremism the Malaysian Constitution could be rescinded and replaced by banning all other religions and belief systems as exists in Saudi Arabia and Iran. We pray that never happens. But the danger is real.

“The federal government allegedly sees the fundamentalists as a threat to Malaysian stability.” (i)

A.I. comments… that last sentence (i)reflects a natural serious concern in 2002 and the increase of Islamic Fundamentalism around the world, including Islamic Invasion of the West, and the subsequent violence and bully demands by Muslims over the last 18 years since 2002 is a definite warning to the West. The relationship of Islam in the ‘Freedom Valued’ West is not a workable co-existence, not now, not ever.

We must never forget 9/11.

“In a recent interview, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said introducing Islamic law in a country with a 35 per cent non-Muslim minority would cause “a lot of upheaval.” (i)

“Earlier in the year the government urged Malaysians to show tourists friendliness and provide them with good service, even if they are not involved in the tourism industry. Mahathir Mohammad said such hospitality from everyone was important to attract more tourists to the country.” (i)

“If Malaysians are friendly and have good manners, the tourists will return. We do not lose anything by being good to tourists,” he said. (i)

A.I. comments… this is wise good advice to the Malayan people, but with the danger of ‘Islamic Fundamentalism’ striving to increase its dictatorship anti-freedom mentality how can non-Muslims in Malaya and the West ever feel comfortably safe when Islamic Doctrine true to Middle East Mentality is reaching out to increase oppression of citizens and tourists?

The ‘Bikini Factor’ is now a serious ‘Challenge to the Free World’ as hardcore Muslims strive to completely ban this attire and drive our clothing standards back past three hundred years to old oppressive ideas.

This is why the ‘Bikini’ is now a mandatory concern that must be put to bed with ‘Freedom value laws’ refusing to allow Islam to ever ban its decent dress standard.

“Enforcement of the law will be difficult. Malcolm Botha, a South African who runs a water sports business said to the Associated Press, “What are they going to do? Send in the bikini police?” (i)

A.I. comments… That is what they do in many Islamic Nations they enforce punishment of women that are not fully covered correctly. These ‘Sharia Law’ enforcement police are harsh in enforcement of disobedience to Islamic Dictatorship where ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’ does not exist.

The fact that a determined political force exists i.e. the Malaysia Islamic Party, which is supported in encouragement by the Muslim Brotherhood, founded upon a quest to create Islamic Fundamentalism in Malaysia, sends a red warning flashing light to all freedom loving Malaysians and the West including Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America don’t be foolish and trust that tourism in Malaysia will always be safe.

The rise of ‘Islamic Fundamentalism’ in Malaysia is now a very serious threat to the wellbeing of all tourists. The Bikini Factor proves it.

“Terengganu last year (2001) received 1.4 million tourists out of 12.8 million visitors nationwide, and tourism earned Malaysia US$8 billion. The tourist industry fears a bikini ban would drive away visitors and cost jobs.” (i)

A.I. comments… This societal problem maybe in history now 2002, but the constant danger of the expansion of Islamic Fundamentalism still exists just like fanatical Malaysia Islamic Party still exists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“(Terengganu) The state’s tourism minister, Wan Hassan Mohamad Ramli believes that foreigners should respect Islam, and segregated pools would make resorts more appealing to Muslims.” (i)

A.I. comments… More proof that Muslims and non-Muslims are not compatible as reliable trustworthy friends. Islam demands segregated pools because men and women cannot be trusted to enjoy time together in public. Whereas the non-Muslim says that is nonsense, codes of behaviour allows us to swim together, play together and allows men and women to wear shorts and women to wear Bikini’s and G-String. The problem with Islam is it still suffers from a dark 7th Century mentality and it will never grow up to allow freedom to exist amongst men and women.

The smartest thing Malaysians can do is to discourage the Islamic Religion by becoming an ex-Muslim. The future of Malaysia needs the evolutionary fade out of false knowledge Islamic Doctrine, which they foolishly allowed to take over sections of their country in the 12th Century.

In the following Facts and Details of Islamic Law in Malaysia (ii) an important good read for all Western Nations that naively believe Islam is compatible with the ‘Freedom Valued’ West. One clear Fact jumps off the page. That the dual-track legal system does not work well. Civil Courts and Sharia Courts all make different decisions about a societal question of justice. The lines of which court deals with claimed criminal behaviour is often blurred to create more injustice when fundamentalism Sharia Law gains control of the judicial decision.

Idiot inferior thinking Politicians in Britain allowed the creation of a dual-track legal system over ten years ago. Today in Britain over one hundred ‘Sharia Law’ courts exist.

“Malaysia has a duel-track legal system comprised of civil courts running in parallel with Islamic Sharia courts where Muslim Malays can be tried on religious and moral charges. Sharia is imposed only on Muslims and deals with moral and family matters. Non-Muslims are required to follow secular laws that deal with the same matters.” (ii)


A.I. comments… the existence of Civil Courts running in parallel to Islamic Sharia courts proves that the justice process of equality, one system, one law, one punishment does not exist in Malaya. The lack of equality proves that Islam versus Freedom is a dangerous negative Political/Judicial system, and this inequality should be purged. Such an objective can only be successfully achieved by the banning of converting to Islam. And by the banning of ‘Blasphemy Law’. Muslim or Non-Muslim no one should be punished for ‘Blasphemy’ and no one should be punished for wearing a Bikini.

“In March 2002, bikinis were banned in Terengganu and Kelantan, which have a number of beach resorts that are popular with European vacationers. Malaysian tourism officials complained the ban produced a noticeable drop in the number of foreign visitors to Malaysia.” (ii)

A.I. comments… What can a country expect if they are stupid enough to allow ‘Sharia Law’ to rule a State and Federal Government? Oil is the only thing that gave wealth to Muslims and when oil vanishes and it will, Sharia Law, will go downhill towards increased poverty levels. I have no sympathy for all of those fools Muslim and non-Muslim that allow anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ to rule in a Nation.

Only naïve senseless tourists choose to visit an Islamic Country. If they fall foul of Islamic Law, they get Karma. Misery and suffering for being stupid.

“Local assemblies (in Terengganu and Kelantan) have supported instituting hudut (Muslim Law) – in which thieves have their hand amputated and adulterers are stoned to deathbut were unable to implement the law because of opposition from the federal government.” (ii)

A.I. comments… This 7th Century Muslim Law originating in the Middle East as instructed by ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Qur’an is an evil law. It was encouraged to be legislated by the Malaysia Islamic Party. A dangerous anti-freedom party that shall keep striving to have this law approved by the next Federal Government.

“Malaysia has religious police known as the Jawi. They routinely arrest Muslims for drinking alcohol, kissing in public, gambling, insulting Islam, eating in public during Ramadan, practicing homosexuality and not praying enough. The laws only apply to Muslims. The police have the right to enter homes, bars and so forth without a warrant.” (ii)

A.I. comments… More proof that anti-freedom Islam is an enemy of every person that values their right to live free. The smartest thing a Muslim can do is become an ex-Muslim and leave Islam. And the dumbest thing a person can do is convert (revert) to Islam.

Cosmic Law on Conversion to Islam states…

# Never convert to Islam, choose to live free from the tyranny of ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Blasphemy Law’.

# If a Muslim gains the opportunity to become an ex-Muslim grab that chance and live free from the tyranny of Islamic Doctrine.

Kuala Lumpur

Capital of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur… “Islamic department officials already inspect lovers’ haunts and occasionally raid venues like discos. Islamic courts can charge suspects with various offenses that often carry prison terms and fines. Critics say the Islamic officers are overzealous and violate civil rights.” (ii)

A.I. comments… That is what ‘Sharia Law’ does… people are prisoned and fined for enjoying freedom values, a free way of thinking and behaviour which is allowed in ‘Liberty Valued’ societies void of punishment.

As for Islamic officers being overzealous, of course, they are fanatics, they enjoy the power of oppressing others and imposing misery upon their lives- such is the evil of ‘Sharia Law’.

Nick Meo wrote in The Times, “Every state has a religious department with Saudi-style moral enforcers and nowhere are they more active than in Kota Bharu, a city of mosques along a muddy river that bustles during the day but falls silent at nightfall. Unmarried couples found sharing hotel rooms are hunted down by the enforcers. Couple caught sitting too close together on park benches are fined 2,000 ringgit (285 Pounds) in the city’s Shariah Court under a provision called khalwat– loosely translated as ‘close proximity’. Couples have been forced into marriage after being caught together and moral enforcers sometimes pick on foreigners.” [Source: Nick Meo, The Times, August 18, 2007.] (ii)

“In 2003, a woman was fined $1,000 for sitting too close to a man she was not related to. Unrelated men and women caught riding together on a motorcycle have been arrested on similar ‘close proximity’ charges.” (ii) [In other words, boyfriend and girlfriend going out together as we freely do in the West is banned by idiot low intelligence anti-freedom Islamic ‘Sharia Law’… Such is the evil of ‘Sharia Law’.]

A.I. comments… More proof of the Insanity of ‘Sharia Law’. Enforcers will even prey upon foreigners, visitors that were foolish to travel to Malaysia. Islam approves of ‘Forced Marriages’. Such is the evil of ‘Sharia Law’.

The enforcers frequently terrorize people by barging into their homes in the middle of the night. Such is the evil of ‘Sharia Law’.

Many Islamic Fanatics want a law to be enforced executing apostates. Such is the evil of ‘Sharia Law’.

The Malaysia Islamic Party came to power in Terengganu in 1999 and fortunately was tossed out of power in 2004 but their fanatical insanity has not gone away, it just has gone temporarily quiet waiting for another opportunity to once again impose unpopular ‘Sharia Law’.

Malay Mail published a brief post on the 22nd June 2018 by Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin titled, ‘Terengganu says no bikini ban on its islands and beaches.’ (iii)


Kuala Lumpur, – “The PAS government (i.e. Malaysia Islamic Party) in Terengganu stressed that it will not restrict non-Muslims from donning bikini swimwear on the state’s beaches and islands.” (iii)

“… Terengganu Humanity, Preaching and Information committee chairman Mohd Nor Hamzah reported as saying, “the decision gelled with the state government’s stance of being tolerant and maintaining harmony among the state folk.” (iii)

“Furthermore, the decision to dress in bikinis is the right of non-Muslim tourists, and it is also considered common practice at holiday spots.” (iii)

“We also do not plan to implement harsh punishments or restrictions on non-Muslim visitors including those dressed in bikinis,” he was quoted saying in the daily.” (iii)

“However, he conceded that authorities may, from time to time, approach the tourists for “discussions” on the matter, but did not explain what this would entail.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Only naïve people will be excited by this decision and believe they will always live safe as tourists in Malaysia. Mohd Nor Hamzah is a politician from the Malaysia Islamic Party. It only takes once to be arrested by ‘Sharia Law’ Police.

Never forget that the Malaysia Islamic Party is a Fundamentalist Islamic Party and is encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood to enforce ‘True Islamic Dictatorship Doctrine harsh unjust rules.’

Hamzah lied in coverup from tabling the truth. The M.I.P. only backed down because they were outnumbered by resistance against the use of Middle East Sharia Law cruelty towards anyone Muslim or Non-Muslim that failed to obey the insane anti-freedom laws. Under true ‘Sharia Law’ cruelty in punishment is enforced for just one mistake, no second chances. This applies to children, teenagers, and adults, male or female.

Do not forget… In March 2002, bikinis were banned in Terengganu and Kelantan and “Local assemblies (of the Fundamentalist Malaysia Islamic Party. in Terengganu and Kelantan) have supported instituting hudut (Muslim Law) – in which thieves have their hand amputated and adulterers are stoned to death– but were unable to implement the law because of opposition from the federal government.” (ii)

It was the Federal Government and locals that put pressure on the M.I.P. forcing them to back down. But the Malaysia Islamic Party encouraged by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood since the 1940’s will continue to fight to gain more population numbers to go back to their original defeated objectives of enforcing cruel anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

No non-Muslim resident or visitor will ever be able to live safely in peace in Malaysia whilst fanatical political groups like the Malaysia Islamic Party are allowed to exist. It would be a nightmare if politicians from the M.I.P. achieved leadership in the Federal Government.

Finally Hamzah said… authorities may, from time to time, approach the tourists for “discussions” on the matter. In other words, these fundamentalist Muslim fanatics will harass tourists wearing Bikinis whenever they choose. Freedom of Choice? Never in peace, void of harassment. They want tourist money that is the only reason they are walking soft with non-Muslims. But Muslims are not so lucky, if they wear a Bikini punishment will be brutal.

Never forget the incidents of Muslims harassing Aussies for wearing a Bikini in their own home territory. The last recent series of bully activities in Sydney. ‘Jihad Muslims’ wherever they live in the world are committed to the bully oppression of all non-Muslims and all Muslims that are deemed not Muslim enough.

“Around five million visitors were recorded in the state last year, with the local government aiming at achieving 6.5 million visitors by 2025.” (iii)

“The state is among the most overwhelming Malay-Muslim in the country, with around 97 per cent of the population recorded as hailing from the dominant race.” (iii)

A.I. comments… This logistics of the number of Malay Muslims in the state proves that a large percentage of Muslims do not want Fundamentalist Islamic Sharia Law as taught by Muhamad. And encouraged by the fanatical Malaysia Islamic Party. This is why ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be outlawed, rescinded around the world to allow Muslims that want to become ex-Muslims the right to leave the dictatorship of anti-freedom Islam void of persecution.

One thing in deliberate repetition I conclude…

The ‘Bikini Factor’ is now a serious ‘Challenge to the Free World’ as hardcore Muslims strive to completely ban this attire and drive our clothing standards back past three hundred years to old oppressive ideas.

This is why the ‘Bikini’ is now a mandatory concern that must be put to bed with ‘Freedom value laws’ refusing to allow Islam to ever ban its decent dress standard.

Never submit to the tyranny of ‘Sharia Law’.

The right to wear a Bikini is an eternal right for all women in harmony with the freedom rights of life throughout the Universe. For that reason, the Bikini is now a valid weapon supporting freedom values to help topple the credibility of Islamic Doctrine.

The good news is that when Muhammad dictated the Qur’an, he was not smart enough to record in the Qur’an all events that would occur centuries ahead, the limited thinking of Muhammad proved that Muhammad lied, when he claimed that Allah dictated the Qur’an.

Read ‘Flat Earth’ for more evidence that Muhammad lied.

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