America: The Great BNI Celebrated Tenth Anniversary 2018

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BNI’s latest current header created in 2017. For the progressive history of headers and when they were first created and replaced by upgrade… see end of this brief historical treatise, tabling the truth.

America: The Great BNI

Celebrated Tenth Anniversary 2018

In 2018 author Allan Ivarsson has reviewed BNI and given this website a Five Star Rating of Excellence in its contribution service to the world to significantly increase needed global awareness about the true dark nature and character of the Islamic Belief System.


Amongst all the Global Umbrella’s of Information about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam’ I have rated BNI ‘Bare Naked Islam’ website as the best collector coordinator of worldwide information about the dangerous thinking and activity of ‘Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam’.

High Quality BNI has worked persistently, identifying great writers and speakers, who around the world have worked hard to inform people about the clear and present danger of Islam’s mission to conquer and rule all Nations on Planet Earth.


BNI has many vindictive enemies apposing her, striving to silence her efforts to table the truth about treacherous Islamic Doctrine and its 7th Century Belief System life threatening behaviour, against all non-Muslims, not only in the West, but throughout every region in the world.

The two nastiest enemies that have over the last ten years caused BNI trouble is CAIR & SPLC. Refer Author’s Notes below for more expanded overview insight on these two aggressive bully organisations that have demonstrated by their behaviour that they are nothing more than hoodlum organisations, would-be gangsters, if they ever succeed to increase their power stranglehold over the American people. See below the Gaia Definition of Hoodlum.

BNI started the important website, writing about the expansion of Islam seven years after the ‘Jihad Attack’ on 9/11 2001. She founded the website to share insight into the dark nature of the Islamic Belief System, to reveal the ugly dangerous truths about anti-freedom Islam’s mission and focused expansion goals to invade the West and takeover every Nation in the West.

During her first ten years she faced constant challenges, real struggles to get her website established and maintained. Pro-Islam anti-freedom organisations worked hard to force her to close her website. True to her courage of convictions, focused on tabling and delivering the terrible truth about Islam’s goals and persistent ambitions, she persistently stood strong 24/7 determined not to submit to the bullying tactics which Socialists and Jihad Muslims used to try and force her to close-down her important very informative website about global events that Mainstream Media refuses to publish. Only a few brave and truthful journalists and speakers around the globe have continued incessantly to publish information about the Dark Reality of the Islamic Invasion and ‘Jihad Muslim’ intentions.

Three webhosts in turn rejected supporting her global work, because of false knowledge allegations and pressure imposed upon her by pro-Islam organisations. Many keen writers and speakers against Islam have over the years vanished because of the bully bloody-mindedness of anti-freedom of speech organisations and political parties in different countries that refuse to allow freedom of speech to table the dark truth about Islamic Doctrine and its intentions.

I will not name all those anti-freedom groups that attacked BNI using false knowledge allegations and deceitful tactics. They are being dealt with gradually, in a different ahimsa way by ‘Cosmicism’.

Several hackers attacked the BNI website, and it does not take much intelligence to figure out who was behind some of these attacks. Hacking is not for amateurs, it is done by highly paid professionals and the only organisations who can afford to finance such attacks with commitment are those political anti-freedom Socialist and anti-freedom Islamic Groups hell-bent on silencing all opposition to give them the freedom to continue their anti-freedom agenda conquest of the West in every Nation. And that conquest is not just about opening the gates to Islamic Invasion, it is also about Socialist Agenda to weaken and tear down freedom values striving to pave the way for the foundations of Communist takeover. The problem with the evil process of hackers is that they are difficult to identify, as the criminal instigators of such vicious harassment and even when identified as the culprits, it is very difficult to prove their nasty complicity in such insidious hacker attacks. And coward hackers wrapped up in their own vanity know this and keep striving to take people down. The truth is that whilst Socialism and Islam are working together to topple Western Freedom both are also motivated by different agendas and are only temporary political friends until one or the other, Socialism versus Islam gains the population numbers to take control of Western Nations. If Democracy and ‘Freedom Values’ are destroyed internally, the fight in the end will be between Communism and Islam as to who gains control of what territory. Hence, to stop this dangerous activity, it is imperative that many great ‘Freedom Resistance’ groups like BNI in every Western Nation continue to fight for the protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’ in every Western Nation, using ahimsa methods.

Allan Ivarsson 2018

Author’s Notes:

The SPLC ‘Southern Poverty Law Centre’ is a ‘Hate Speech’ site that pretends to be against hate speech. They play the Socialist game of striving to take down all opposition against Islamic Doctrine. They work within the framework of ‘Freedom of Speech’ but have demonstrated by their attacks against others that they are against those in opposition who also have the right to freedom of speech. It is not their disagreement opposition that is the problem, it is their persistent efforts to file Lawsuits against others when they can finance it. Anyone with intelligence knows that Lawsuits against Freedom of Speech, which includes defamation lawsuits, is an anti-freedom of speech action, focused on closing-down the human right to freedom of speech. Such anti-Liberty behaviour must not ever be tolerated.

Allegations suggested by other comments out there in Internet World is that SPLC is a money-making business founded upon making income from bullying and harassing others. And that income donations have allowed SPLC to accumulate at least $350 million, in benefit. But of course, I don’t think anyone has done their homework well to sort out emotional speculation and allegations, which separates accurately truth from false knowledge gossip, i.e. fake news ideas. Anyway, I am not convinced it is worth the investigation effort, except by the American Government IRS ‘Internal Revenue Service’.

Certainly, over the years I have observed on the Internet the rise and decline of names on the SPLC hate list deemed to be groups that must be sued and closed-down. Dealing with dangerous hate groups that threaten to commit acts of violence against Americans is the job of Police and FBI and is not the job of greedy groups like the SPLC.

The SPLC Hate List is a list of people and organisations which the SPLC hates. Yes, this is the hypocrisy of the SPLC they promote hate to stop hate. How smart is that? You are right readers, using hate to stop hate is stupid.

‘Cosmicism’ using ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ that is, those who are ‘True Cosmicists’, will never create ‘Hate Lists’. The way of ‘Cosmicism’ is simply focused on opposing wrong ideas and behaviour, as required to protect ‘Freedom Values’ and only ‘Blacklists’ those persons and organisations that reject ‘Liberty Values’ and do support a form of ‘Totalitarianism’. This method is not about going after people and organisations that hate, it is about stopping dictators from denying people the eternal human right to live free.

On the 18th July 2018 I saw the SPLC advertise that 954 hate groups existed in USA. Of which only 114 were Anti-Muslim hate groups. Those alleged numbers were vastly inaccurate and incomplete in the list of associated names on the page. I remember seeing larger lists back in 2013, including BNI being alleged as being a hate group. But that idea is a lie. BNI has constantly worked to ban excessive hate speech by people making wrong comments on her website.

Common-sense must prevail, if society allows comment lines, no one can stop the publication of hate speech comments, especially when the people make those comments hiding behind pen names refusing to publish their real identity. We cannot stop hate speech, the use of hate speech is allowed in a 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ society and if anti-freedom of speech laws do ban hate speech, then the Qur’an should be banned for all the hate speech in its pages. But in a 100% Freedom of Speech world, the Qur’an cannot be banned, but it can be criticised and rejected for its wrong thinking ideas.

SPLC is beyond a shadow of doubt a money-making business front, using hate speech and persecution of others, pretending to be against hate speech. SPLC as stated earlier, uses bully lawsuits to make money, but at the same time has lost money when being sued for falsely posting people and organisation names as being guilty of promoting hate.

The SPLC still publishes on its Internet site a phony for everchanging Hate Map. To subtly incite naïve fools into a call for activism against such hate organisations.

SPLC falsely accuses Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America and even Hirsi Ali of Hate Speech. Robert Spencer Jihad Watch is also falsely accused. The only thing these people are guilty of is openly and truthfully telling the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. They are not attacking genuine Muslims that want to live in peace. They are simply identifying the dangers of Islamic Doctrine and the dangers of toleration of ‘Jihad Muslims’. Really think about it, how can people tell the difference between a nice Muslim and a dangerous one? Naturally all Muslims are immediately distrusted by non-Muslims. Why? Because it is survival common sense. How can non-Muslims trust Muslims that revere an anti-assimilation Hate Speech book like the Qur’an and like the Hadiths?

SPLC 001

The American Government should ‘Blacklist’ the SPLC as a dangerous bully organisation that specialises in harassing people and subtly incites naïve stupid thinking people to become activists causing trouble on the streets. The American Government should also ban the SPLC from filing lawsuits against people because their tactics are typically founded on corrupt misuse of law for their own gain, which includes falsely building a phony image that they are good guys and gals fighting against hate speech. This is as I have indicated previously, a lie, because the SPLC uses hate speech to stop hate speech. And that fact proves the SPLC are deceitful hypocrites without honour and not worth a damn in the hallways of decency.

The SPLC tactics of filing lawsuits for defamation against freedom of speech, clearly rejecting the right of free speech to criticise, dislike, hate and reject ideas, identifies why the SPLC is ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ as an enemy of ‘Liberty Values’ and thus is an enemy of God, decency, children, humanity, and freedom of Americans.

Liberty Values does not give a person or organisation the right to use standover tactics and bully others. It does give a person the right to self-defence against oppressive persons that seek to dictate to others what they can say and do that is not harming anyone. Freedom of Speech gives us the right to criticise and reject ideas. It does not give people the right to harass and stalk others. Nor does it give people the right to bully demonstrate against others using physical harassment and threats. There is a big difference between a peaceful march, a peaceful protest to a bully threatening abusing protest. Know the difference.

100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ does not give people the right to sue others for their freedom of speech comments, nor does it give people the right to sue for defamation when someone wrongly says something which is true or not true. This understanding true to codes of decency and honour is a common-sense ‘Cosmic Law’.

It is up to the courage of the American Government to take down the SPLC by I.R investigation and by stopping their lawsuit bully tactics. The question is on the table… “Does American Congress Democrats and Republicans have the guts to take down the SPLC? For now, the answer is blowing in the wind.

CAIR ‘The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ is even worse than SPLC. CAIR openly supports the ‘Islamization of America’ and the replacement of the ‘Liberty Valued American Constitution’ with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. The very fact that CAIR supports this seditious objective proves that CAIR is the number one enemy of all Americans and is also the number one enemy of the entire Western World. If Congress both Democrats & Republications had true courage they would pass a special bill permanently expelling all leaders of CAIR from America and close CAIR down. CAIR specialises in using treacherous lawsuits to oppress the human right to freedom of speech and no doubt like the SPLC, CAIR has harassed BNI many times in the past with vicious intent to try and force BNI to close-down its website of information, which tells the truth of what is happening around the world in different countries.

CAIR has the right to the use of ‘Freedom of Speech’, but they don’t have the right to teach sedition and overthrow of the American Constitution. The very fact that CAIR supports ‘Islamization of America’ and the enforcement of anti-freedom apartheid Sharia Law, proves that CAIR has seditious intentions and is therefore a Universal Enemy of the American People. And thus, must be expelled and closed-down.

Gaia Dictionary:

Hoodlum… A would-be gangster, a focused destroyer of decency and freedom values. A hoodlum is not necessarily a person on the streets. It can be any person, promoting totalitarian ideas and demanding reduction of freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of equality human rights.

One of the most oppressed countries in the ‘Western World’ is now sadly, Britain. The Conservative Party and the Labour Party in Britain have enforced the destruction of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the acceptance of ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Sharia Law Courts’ an estimated 100 at present. Hence, British Freedom is in decline and Theresa May, who opposes freedom of speech, has proven herself by her constant remarks and bad decisions to be the worst Prime Minister Britain has experienced, since the beginning of the 20th Century. I didn’t think it was possible that anyone could outperform the stupidity of Angela Merkel in Germany. But true to her foolishness, Theresa May has better skills than Angela Merkel in the art of stupidity.

I pray the rest of the Western World wakes up and does not follow the idiotic thinking of British Politics in this early 21st Century.

Three Cheers for BNI for having the courage to stand up for the protection and preservation of ‘Freedom Values’.

Best Wishes BNI,



BNI smiling in appreciation of all the people around the world that support her work to table the truth about anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine. Only those who opposes 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ are not smiling.


BNI supporters do rate BNI Website as an excellent source of information, fast-tracked to informed freedom lovers of the dangers threating the eternal human right to live free in peace.

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